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Rainbow in the Dark: The Complete Saga (Rainbow in the Dark)

Rainbow in the Dark The Complete Saga Rainbow in the Dark None

  • Title: Rainbow in the Dark: The Complete Saga (Rainbow in the Dark)
  • Author: Comfort Love Adam Withers
  • ISBN: 9780989852500
  • Page: 287
  • Format: Paperback
  • None

    • [PDF] Download ↠ Rainbow in the Dark: The Complete Saga (Rainbow in the Dark) | by ☆ Comfort Love Adam Withers
      287 Comfort Love Adam Withers
    • thumbnail Title: [PDF] Download ↠ Rainbow in the Dark: The Complete Saga (Rainbow in the Dark) | by ☆ Comfort Love Adam Withers
      Posted by:Comfort Love Adam Withers
      Published :2019-03-10T23:21:46+00:00

    1 thought on “Rainbow in the Dark: The Complete Saga (Rainbow in the Dark)

    1. Optimistic, exciting, fascinating characters, an engaging plotline, and all in some very good artwork. I agree with Mark Waid's assessment--this is a book I didn't want to end. Even if you're not usually a fan of graphic novels, this is among the best fantasy/sf works I've read in a good while. Also, one of the character's development notes is "He's Jimi Hendrix as a Jedi." How can you NOT love that?

    2. Loved the philosophy of this story, as well as the characters and of course the fashion. And like so few stories out there, it satisfies all the way to the end.

    3. I was fortunate enough to meet Comfort and Adam at C2E2 this year and Comfort helped to make it one of the best vacations I have ever had. After chatting for quite a while and gushing over their art, I decided to setup a commission with her. Almost as an afterthought, I decided to pickup Rainbow in the Dark. After a quick flip through the book, it looked like the art was pretty cool and after a quick synopsis by Comfort, I was sold.I had no idea at the time how fortunate that decision was.Having [...]

    4. This book did exactly what it set out to do- tell a gorgeous story with a high focus on the story. Everything included was all to bring the story to fruition, and I think that is one of the most important things to do. In addition, Comfort and Adam created a wonderful, unique, and diverse group of characters and I couldn't see the story without them. This was an extremely well done comic, and the coloring was heart-stoping. I'm a little in love with this one.

    5. This is a story that desperately wants you to understand that It Has Something Very Important To Say. Often, when confronted by such an obvious message, it's easy to get turned off and feel patronized.In this case, while by no means subtle, the team of Comfort and Adam make their message of hope and love very palatable, indeed. This is some of the best moralizing, and I applaud their work.There are some very good reasons for that. The writing — by their own statement a top priority — is soli [...]

    6. This was a really good series of comics that I impulsively bought. The story was pretty clever and surreal, standing out among other works of distopian fiction. It's essentially about the power of creativity as an agent of hope and change. And while it can be a bit scathing in its assessment of human nature, I believe it is ultimately a story of hope about human potential. I particularly loved how the authors used the presence and absence of color as a story development device. It was unique and [...]

    7. This book was amazing. I picked it up at Anime Expo where I was sold by the amazing artwork and the interesting story synopsis given. The story is unique, fun and uplifting; the designs for everything are awesome and I am especially in love with the character designs. I was immediately invested with the characters, and the struggles they faced. Definitely one of, if not my absolute favorite comic. I meant to draw this read out and instead just ended up reading through the whole book in one sitti [...]

    8. The premise of this book seemed really great to me. But the art, especially among the Free, is way too male-gazey for my liking, especially given the way it seems to conflate "freedom" with "availability to male desire"). The climax felt like a pulled punch, and the very ending undercut pretty much everything the book seemed to stand for. Not the worst thing I've ever read, but definitely not my cup of cocoa.

    9. I loved this graphic novel. Beautiful concept artwork with the black and white and color work that has its own meaning. Very interesting, fast paced story telling, likeable and easy to connect main characters and a very cheesy but still beautiful moral. A very round piece of story telling that made my evening. I also loved the song text reference. One personal question though: Is Comfort Love an artist name, like an alias or is it real? Those parents had some guts.

    10. I liked this book. The story wasn't subtle, but the characters owned it, so the directness felt right. The art was wonderful and the blocking between panels was generally easy to follow.The behind-the-scenes content at the end of a book was a nice touch and let me gradually believe the story was over because I wanted it to keep going.

    11. Great characters, the story is extremely interesting and original, the art is phenomenal (I own several Comfort and Adam prints, including a custom commission) and it has a lot of heart. it's a rare kind of book. with the inundation of grimdark in comics, it's refreshing to see one so colorful and outrageous. loved it!

    12. This is definitely my favorite comic. It has a great story, beautiful art and a great philosophy behind it. Would definitely recommend.

    13. This is juste most beautiful thing.It's timely, too. I feel better for having read it, and wish it could be mandatory reading for the world.

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