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Behind Closed Doors

Behind Closed Doors Detective Sergeant Jessica Daniel has barely left her house in months isolated away from friends and colleagues She may have given up on herself but one man is sure she still has something to offer D

  • Title: Behind Closed Doors
  • Author: Kerry Wilkinson
  • ISBN: 9781447247852
  • Page: 362
  • Format: Paperback
  • Detective Sergeant Jessica Daniel has barely left her house in months, isolated away from friends and colleagues She may have given up on herself but one man is sure she still has something to offer.DCI Jack Cole gives her a chance at redemption An opportunity to help a neighbouring force by discovering what is going on with a reclusive community living in a stately homeDetective Sergeant Jessica Daniel has barely left her house in months, isolated away from friends and colleagues She may have given up on herself but one man is sure she still has something to offer.DCI Jack Cole gives her a chance at redemption An opportunity to help a neighbouring force by discovering what is going on with a reclusive community living in a stately home in the middle of nowhere.People are going missing, turning up dead with only a vague link back to the house But can Jessica beat her own demons in time to find out exactly what s going on behind closed doors

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      362 Kerry Wilkinson
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    1 thought on “Behind Closed Doors

    1. For some reason, I hadn't even read a blurb about this book. So imagine my shock to find how wrong things have gone for Jessica in the 9 months since the last book ended. You are slowly given flashbacks filling you in on what has transpired over the past nine months. In an attempt to get her re-engaged, Cole asks her to help another police force investigate a cult living in a manor house. A young man known to have been living there has turned up dead - beaten and drowned. Struggling as she is wi [...]

    2. This is a different kind of Jessica Daniel book. While she's usually surrounded by characters that we've come to know and love over the series, in this book she's alone. She's suffered immensely lately, and she's pushed everyone away including Adam, not for the first time. She's not working, she's not doing much of anything. Our usually scrappy Jessica is simply existing. In an attempt to bring Jessica back to work, she's asked for help in a very unusual case: a commune that's being investigated [...]

    3. After suffering the loss of her father, and then losing the baby she was carrying, Detective Daniel has been holed up at home for months. She's on leave from work and doesn't even know if she is ever going back. She has chased away the man she loves.Her supervisor approaches her and says he has a job for her that will allow her to put her toes in without working with her entire team. A young man's body has been found badly beaten and strangled. The are working on the assumption that he had some [...]

    4. Another brilliant book from this author. I love this series - it just gets better. I think this is one of my favourite crime series ever! I cannot wait for the next Jessica Daniel book!

    5. It's really 3.5 stars. It was good but I didn't enjoy it as much as the others in the series. Part of what I like in these books are the main characters and the way they interact with each other and I definitely missed it in this one. Honestly there were very few people in this book I actually liked. And I got very frustrated waiting for all the details of what happened to her and her baby. I sort of get why he told the story like he did, but I still got annoyed with it. Even though I could gues [...]

    6. I was not quite ready for this story line after the sort of cliffhanger ending at the conclusion of #6. Detective Sergeant Jessica Daniel is usually heading up her usual team and they are investigating cases in and around Manchester. Something has happened to Jessica, however, and she's broken and depressed. She hasn't been working and has alienated most of her co-workers as well as Adam, who's meant to be her husband. In an attempt to provide Jessica with some sort of lifeline, DCI Jack Cole of [...]

    7. Rating it 2.7. The good - writing was captivating and the weaving of the mystery was easy to comprehend (meaning it did not give me a headache by being overly full of complexities). The bad - not much thrill and the reveal felt loosely connected to the way the story was being told.The reader was sidetracked with the flashbacks, which was necessary to understand the protagonist's mindset but sometimes felt as if it was author's way of increasing the size of the book.Overall, had a quite nice buil [...]

    8. Read all my reviews at: brainfartsandbooks.wordpressAfter reading book number 6 in the Jessica Daniel series, I was certainly glad to have this one waiting for me. Book number 6 leaves us with a bit of a cliffhanger regarding whether or not Jessica is pregnant. What made me laugh is that Kerry knew going into this book that the reader would want to know right away. Did he tell us? No. Of course not. He sloooowly dragged us along chapter by chapter. Of course the parts with Jess on the job were f [...]

    9. Thank you to Netgalley and the publishers for this review copy.This is the 7th book in the Jessica Daniel series. This book can be read as a standalone book, but obviously it would help to have read the previous books in the series first for continuity and understanding of the story.I started this one with some hesitation as I felt the previous book (Thicker than Water) was lacking something and didn’t enjoy it as much as I had the others. Silly me! Jessica is back with a bang!! The last book [...]

    10. I thought it was very good, much better than I remembered the previous Jessica Daniels books. The story of what had happened in the previous months, interposed with that of her in the cult house over a few days worked well. I dont like stories about cults because they become devices for all sorts of abherrant behaviour, this was true here too but despite that the story was tense and you had to keep reading.

    11. This novel is a British police procedural, part of a series about D.S. Jessica Daniels. I found it hard going because of the rather grim and gruesome story line. Jessica is suffering from depression and has to be kicked into action. She goes to help the neighbouring police force with an undercover job involving a sort of cult and people disappearing.Nothing wrong with the writing, this is a well written, tightly plotted novel and part of a popular series. Just not my cup of tea as far as the sto [...]

    12. This book took me a few hours to read as I was so caught up in the parallel stories! It was my favourite Jessica Daniel book so far. I am looking forward to the next - but hoping that Jess gets a happy ending at some point, there can't be much more she can go through and stay sane (ish). Keep them coming Kerry!

    13. A GRIPPING READ!!1. Characters ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Jessica Daniel is a Detective Sergeant.Jack Cole is a Detective Chief Inspector.Adam Compton is Jessica's husband.Jan/Moses and Sofie/Zipporah own a home for runaways.Heather is Jessica's roommate.Glenn works for Moses and Zipporah.2. Plot ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐A young man is being drowned; asking for forgiveness. He was beaten.Jessica is on indefinite leave. She's had a difficult past 9 months. She doesn't want to see anyone, go anywhere. Her boss and frie [...]

    14. Religious cult as the theme of crime cases is totally my type of story, so the plotline is a yes from me. But I think the author can do better than this, like he could focus more on the main character solving the case instead of her own issues and stuff. Maybe it's just me but I do not like when the crime story revolves more around the character solving their emotional issues instead of their cases.

    15. I expected more from this book - the plot looked promising , the main characters seemed to be interesting - in the beginning. Gradually it slipped into a cliché - and some parts of this story were really testing my patience , however I finished it - which says it is not an absolute disaster in my view :) Maybe I made a mistake to pick up this book and jump right into the volume 7, who knows.

    16. Brilliantly writtenNever have I been presented with such a thriller. Having read all this author's works I find that I am still unable predict his endings as I am will most of my favorite authors. There are always some twists and turns only revealed at the very end.

    17. Not the best in the series, but not the worst either.Entertaining and suspenseful. I enjoyed the read, but was not quite ready for the violence. Jessica shouldn't have to take that kind of punishment😥

    18. A Different Physiological Thriller. After a devastating lost Detective Jessica Daniel faces a different type of crime. She is also vulnerable as never before. You will not be prepared for the ending as Jessica faces her lost and a d finds a new side to herself.

    19. This author is very hard on his characters particularly Jessica Daniel. That is especially true in this book. It was difficult to read this book wondering what bad thing would happen next.

    20. Loved itAs the other six I loved it. It was very well written and kept me reading to the end. Can't wait to start the next book.

    21. Fantastic read.Love Jessica, kept me on my toes until the end. Worth a read but then all the books in this series have been so far.

    22. I mistakenly started this book without realising it was part of a series!However, this did not detract from the story and my connection to all the characters.It was a great read and now has me wanting to read the ones prior to this! A new author to add to my ever expanding TBR pile.

    23. This is one of my favourite series on Kindle I have read and enjoyed all of them thus far. Usually with a series book I say that at push it could be read as stand alone, but I personally think that you really shouldn't be doing this with this book, The main story will make sense as it is self contained but really this book is a little different from the rest of the series as it is more about Jessica personally.In fact, when I started this book I wasn't sure that I hadn't missed out on a book or [...]

    24. I should learn I consistently find her books irritating and shallow. Always finish them so there must be something ok about them apart from my obsession of always finishing the books I start

    25. I have thoroughly enjoyed all the books in the Jessica Daniels series so I was looking forward to this one. For some reason I thought that this might be the last of the series but looks like I was wrong and that there is another one (at least) to come.This tale of Jessica is very different to the previous ones. It is set nine months or so after the previous book and Jessica's life is up in the air after several bad things happen to her. She has hit rock bottom and is approached by her senior off [...]

    26. I have just read the first seven Jessica Daniel books one after the other. I like to do this when I find a new author. As the series has progressed the characters have started to to take shape but there are still some gaps. It would be nice to know a bit more about Izzy, Dave and Cole. Together with Adam they do seem to exist solely to contrast with Jess and her dysfunctional personality. KW's style has certainly got stronger as the books have progressed but his use of a plural subject "their" f [...]

    27. I have read all the Jessica Daniels series, and then I realized I hadn't read this one yet, so I got stuck in, In time for the new one coming out in 3 weeks. And i must say after just reading this one, i'm so glad i do not have long to wait for the next one.After hiding away from troubles and worries, Jessica finally faces the world again, by going under cover into a house that recruits well what do they recruit? Jessica is forced to face some of her demons to pull off this undercover mission, a [...]

    28. This entry in the Jessica Daniel series is slightly different from the others which makes it a refreshing break from the slightly more formulaic crime series drama. Jess is dealing with a lot of emotions and working through grief from several different traumas, and uses her situation to infiltrate a cult and find out what sinister secrets they have.The nature of the situation means that Jessica is sealed away from her more usual adventures - rather than rushing around like a tornado and shouting [...]

    29. Unusual for me to give this author 3 stars for a Jessica Daniels book. Love the series and have inadvertently read book nine before 7&8 which is galling but never mind. Jessica goes undercover at the home of a cult. It's not easy as she has her own real demons to face. I can see why the author wrote this book and the story is a good one, its well written but I don't know, somehow I didn't connect with this one. I really like Jessica and hope there will be more books. Having read book 9 I kno [...]

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