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Reaching Retribution

Reaching Retribution Scorching secrets descending darkness and a chance to reach retribution It seems as if everything Ryanne does results badly for her or those around her Her last attempt to save someone s life ended

  • Title: Reaching Retribution
  • Author: Kaitlyn Hoyt
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 412
  • Format: ebook
  • Scorching secrets, descending darkness, and a chance to reach retribution.It seems as if everything Ryanne does results badly for her or those around her Her last attempt to save someone s life ended up killing her Now stuck in limbo with no idea how to get back to her body, Ryanne is in desperate need of some guidance.A mage who left her life too soon appears to help guScorching secrets, descending darkness, and a chance to reach retribution.It seems as if everything Ryanne does results badly for her or those around her Her last attempt to save someone s life ended up killing her Now stuck in limbo with no idea how to get back to her body, Ryanne is in desperate need of some guidance.A mage who left her life too soon appears to help guide Ryanne back to her destined path Not everything is smooth sailing though Ryanne has a lot of things she has to overcome if she wants to get back.Without his soulmate, Colton is lost Everything crashes down around him when he can t heal Ryanne He watched her die again, and now he wants to get revenge on the Gadramick responsible for putting her life in danger in the first place.However, a new threat looms just around the corner, and Dravin may not be the only one they have to worry about Everything is flipped upside down as the prophecy starts unraveling in unforeseen ways.A battle will ensue Lives will be lost A prophecy will unfold before their very eyes Retribution is coming whether anyone is prepared or not.Reaching Retribution is the fourth and final novel in the four part Prophesized Series.

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    1 thought on “Reaching Retribution

    1. When I found the first book in this series free on amazon I read the blurb and downloaded it. I am on a bit of a fantasy kick at the moment and it sounded right up my alley. The series is a YA/NA urban fantasy. The books are full of so much emotion, I cried more than once over the course of them. It is easy to get swept away with the friendships, family that is built and with the love between the main characters. The characters are a group of mages with some really interesting powers. Ryanne's p [...]

    2. Read itloved it!!! I love the last book in a series. You get closure from seeing the future of the characters. Wish it wasn't over though :(. I loved Ryanne and Colton!! Can't wait to see what the next book she writes is about! Definitely a lifelong fan!

    3. The Prophesized Series by Kaitlyn Hoyt​​This series is what I imagine ambrosia to taste like, you know unattainable to mere mortals, addictive, wonderful, magical with upper tones of spice and dashes of sweet, something that will burn going down but leave you begging for more, something so amazing that you will gladly except the fire just to have that silky dreamy feeling spread through your whole body, yes like that but so much more. Ryanne is my freaking hero not because she can be super b [...]

    4. This is my favorite series! I have been addicted to it since the first book. I love all the romances and the storylines. I loved reading about Colton and Ryanne's wedding at the end, it was AMAZING!!!!! The whole series is just magical,reading about the pasts of the characters is very cool. I loved going back and being able to picture and imagine their stories or pasts.I liked the story of Liam's mom in Reaching Retribution. The battles and the problems they had to overcome in each book was grea [...]

    5. This is a review for all four of the books as I read them all one after another in a very close period of time. All the characters are so real. Ryanne's sense of humor is brilliant, especially with David. What a great group they all are. I loved these books so much and I'm so happy to find out there will be a 5th book in everyone's POV. I'm looking forard to Bragden and Larkins POVs, and also Liam too, everyone loves Liam right? I really recommend reading these books and I recommend reading Rede [...]

    6. This was probably my favorite book in the series because it finally resolved the big conflict in the whole series. Throughout the series I thought the conflict and war was kind of avoided but the characters finally had to face it in this final book. I don't know how much I liked the ending or the ending of the war though. The reason why I didn't like it might have just been because it was the ending and I don't like it when it ends.

    7. What a great ending. This series is not lacking in any department. You've got romance, tons--I mean tons of action, and humor.I laughed hysterically with all the movie quotes and impersonations. My favorite is Yodahilarious! A good job you did, Hoyt. Hmmmmmmmmm.I was saddened by some of the loss, too. Hoyt did a great job of keeping the reader engaged. I look forward to reading more from this author.

    8. I give it a two stars because it should have been the 3rd and final book. not the 4th book. and the ending sucked. did I not get a chapter? she dies (again) and then the epilogue has her marrying colton. no explanation on how sheat death. something about a new power mentioned but nothing else. I should change this to 1star. seriously. this series was a waste of time. TOO REPETITIVE!

    9. I have found myself losing interest in these characters with each addition to the series. As some reviewers have mentioned, it is definitely hard at times to figure out who is speaking due to some significant grammatical errors. I fell in love with Liam but could not care less about Colton, whom I found not to be a strong male lead character. Also I think the author used the word "soulmate" no less than 100 times in the book. I mean, we get it alreadyI began to not care if any of the characters [...]

    10. I loved this book, it was amazing! All the books in this series were great especially this book. It made me laugh, cry and just smile. It left me captivated with its own magic until the end.Spoilers: I loved the fight between Zahtri(Aka Ezra which I knew had something to do with the story because no information is every useless in a story line it always has a greater purpose or clue)and Ryanne. The author made it realistic, rather than just make Ryanne win instantaneously. No, she made her strug [...]

    11. I have no clue how this book has a higher rating than the others in the series. The first quarter of it was normal, but then it just felt like the author was trying to extend it to fill up more pages. The last fight scene was so long in the worst way. This one part the bad guy had a dagger out, and was in the right position to kill the main character, his enemy, and he just through the dagger away and was like, "Let's do it your was for no apparent reason. Even though I want to win I want to giv [...]

    12. I am satisfied with the ending! Such an awesome conclusion that ties up loose ends and sets things straight (though, Claire's cryptic response wasn't explained). I started to feel like the fight just kept dragging (hey, I was eager to know the outcome so I was impatient)but I did not skip to the end. So worth it!!

    13. The final book in the series. It is good, but after the huge struggle to overcome the Gadramicks, the ending feels like it is missing something. Ryanne and Colton get their dream, but they are kind of young. What about college or making a life? And maybe it is just a let down that the advent is over.

    14. I took my time finishing this series. I didn't want it to end :( The characters and the story had me there with them. If you want to read a book that keeps you wanting to read it until the end then this is a series for you. Ryanne the insecure, lonely and bullied girl is going to find out she will kick some major Gadramicks butts and find her soul mate.


    16. 3.5 stars. Good finish to the series. I didn't give it more stars because found the second half of the book repetitive. You had people fight, get hurt, get healed and then repeat. I honestly got a bit bored. Things seemed to come together again at the very end.

    17. I was really disappointed with this book. I thought it was really repetitive and in each book there was always a death and come back to life moment. I thought this story could've ended in the last book. Also, there was no explanation on how she comes back to life once again.

    18. I have loved all of this series and when the next book comes out I will definitely be one of the first to buy it. I love how all the books link together really well and how in each book you get the story from a different characters perspective. Can' wait to see what will happen in the next book. :)

    19. Not a fan of the ending, there is a ton missing, would have been nice to hear the thoughts of the main characters involved. The wedding felt forced like the author was sick of the story, and wanted it over

    20. I love this series, it never left me bored. there were moments were I was laughing and times were I nearly cried, in this final book I found that every thing was wrapped up i stayed up till 4 am reading the last book. i recommend this book to people who love a bit of magic and adventure.

    21. I loved this whole series! It was amazing and the ending was incredible! She had all the elements that make great books. ending!!

    22. loved all the books. what a showdown. woo hoo foe a strong feminine character who defeats the odds. us having loved ones around her helped her achieve greatness

    23. this last book was packed with action. the overall series was good not the best but good. I woulg read more by her.

    24. I beyond loved it! Thank you for such an amazing series. I can't wait for book one of your new series!

    25. Great end to a series. The ending battle was a little long for my taste but well planned out. :) Loved all the books. Hoping maybe for some spin-offs.

    26. I wanna know how it ends. Cannot wait to read the last chapter! This has been a really good series.

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