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  • Title: The Seal
  • Author: Adriana Koulias
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 397
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    • [PDF] ↠ Free Read Ç The Seal : by Adriana Koulias ✓
      397 Adriana Koulias
    • thumbnail Title: [PDF] ↠ Free Read Ç The Seal : by Adriana Koulias ✓
      Posted by:Adriana Koulias
      Published :2018-010-11T12:15:53+00:00

    1 thought on “The Seal

    1. Really fun romp featuring Templar Knights, like the Da Vinci Code by an actual esoteric scholar (Dan Brown wrote a great read, but it was nonsense scholarship). The Seal would make a terrific movie. Reading it is like watching a great swashbuckling spectacle. Enjoying the heck out of this. Will get her others next.

    2. If you'd like to visit a medieval world but can't afford a ticket then buy this book. The Seal explores the last days of the Order of the Knights Templar and is a masterful exploration of the human spirit. It's extremely well researched and cleverly written. This is the second book I've read by Adriana Koulias and she keeps getting better.

    3. I am on page 60 or so in the Kindle edition. Gideon is cutting the scrotum from the body of a dead enemy; he will use this "sac" as a pocket on his jacket. What kind of research suggested this detail? Also, the Catalan's bawdy description of Norman women--they "smell like goats in season . . . " might be accurate, but goodness gracious, hardly "christian." This tends to be a slow read; I do not yet have a sense of where it's going. More to come.

    4. Good bookYou people should just read this book yourselves and write your own review on this novel yourself and I really enjoyed reading this book very much so. Shelley MA

    5. If you like stories involving the Knights Templar this is a really good, well written, engaging, interesting and entertaining book. The story pulls you in and keeps you there until the end.Although this is the 2nd in the series, I have not listened to the first book, that fact did not take away anything from the story. The story is a fictional retelling of the downfall of the Knights Templar. Incorporating historical facts and characters into a great story. Even though you know the story and how [...]

    6. A contemporary author meets an old crone in her small store outside medieval Lockenhaus Castle in Austria. The crone invites him to sit and proceeds to read a deck of Tarot cards and the begins to tell him a tale of Order of the Knights of Christ and the Temple of Solomon (Templars) and their demise at the hands of the French King and Pope Clement V who are both plotting to destroy the Templars and acquire their supposed wealth. It’s a tale of medieval greed, plots, murder and betrayal as the [...]

    7. I commenced reading The Seal a few weeks ago with high hopes of a good read. The first page, however, did not inspire me although I did persist for another ten or so before carefully placing it on the bedside table. Each night, since then, I have made sure that I have gone to bed too late to read and disturb my darling wife. And so it remains unread, unloved and unwanted. Should I return it or push on? Time will tell. A revisit to this work did not inspire me any further. Afraid it has been disp [...]

    8. No FacesThis is a meticulously researched book, but you know when you read a book you can imagine what people look like? I couldn't with this book the characterization wasn't that strong. And it was a bit wordy perhaps the author was trying to we create the verbiage of the time but it's seems to take to say what a sentence but it times. It's a fascinating piece of history the Templars, their gold, the politics of the time, the ironically named Philip the fair, but I found myself starting to auto [...]

    9. I loved this book, it was poetic, wonderfully written, thoughtful, imaginative! A wonderful exploration of the demise of the Knights Templar! I'm an avid reader. I read all the booker prize winners and this book is up there with all of them! I fell in love with the lead character Etienne and I really enjoyed the fact that Koulias used language in such a creative way. It really enlivened the Middle ages for me. Hands down the best book I have read all year.

    10. ‘Each man suffers in the service of the whole because the whole is far greater and more holy than any man alone could be. It is then our duty to let our will be surpassed by a higher will for the greater good.’ An interesting take on the Templars, Pope Clement V, and King Phillip "The Fair". Historically accurate and interesting, if a bit heavy. This is book #1 in the "Rosicrucian Quartet". I will probably read book #2 after taking a break with a lighter read.

    11. I really loved 75% of this book, the start was gripping and it was well researched which is always interesting. The story line was good however I found the characters a bit transparent and the ending was a complete mess. By the end I was so confused I had to retread the last couple of chapters just to work out what was really happening. So all in all, not a bad read but if you want to read about the knights of the holy order I suggest you read The Hiram Key.

    12. I really wanted to like this, but, from the beginning, it seemed plodding and one-dimensional. I read about one-third of the way hoping that it would pick up. It didn't. Also, there are some references that might be difficult for readers who don't already have some historical knowledge of the real Knights Templar.

    13. A fictionalized telling of the end days of the Templars. Generally historically accurate in as far as the broad stokes, then of course the authors interpretation of events. Good read, fast moving, well written, I enjoyed reading this book.

    14. I could not read beyond about page 10 of this book. I found it to be really badly written, like it was unfinished or hadn't been edited. I bought it for $5 at a book clearance sale maybe that made me feel that I had a dud on my hands.

    15. Not too bad. Enjoyed the historic aspect of this book. But for me it was slow going and took me a couple of weeks to finish. Great story and a good summer read.

    16. I rated this book as OK because I am a huge fan of historical fiction. This book however leaves much to be desired, it was a long and arduous read.

    17. I enjoyed the subject matter and the historic research was thorough. Slightly melodramatic but still a worthy read.

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