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548 Heartbeats

Heartbeats How many heartbeats does it take until two hearts start beating as one Xeira Anderson s heart has been beating secretly for Kyle Solomon since second year high school but he doesn t know she exists u

  • Title: 548 Heartbeats
  • Author: Jessamine Verzosa James John Andres
  • ISBN: 9789719902546
  • Page: 471
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • How many heartbeats does it take until two hearts start beating as one Xeira Anderson s heart has been beating secretly for Kyle Solomon since second year high school, but he doesn t know she exists until he strikes an unlikely conversation with her She feels like all her dreams are coming true when they actually end up becoming friends.Things are looking up, but Xeira soHow many heartbeats does it take until two hearts start beating as one Xeira Anderson s heart has been beating secretly for Kyle Solomon since second year high school, but he doesn t know she exists until he strikes an unlikely conversation with her She feels like all her dreams are coming true when they actually end up becoming friends.Things are looking up, but Xeira soon finds out how friendship can get complicated when tangled up with love First, she has to deal with Chris, a guy friend who s in love with her, then she has to cope with her feelings for Kyle who s in love with someone else Will Xei ever get her heart s desire Or will her heart learn to beat for Chris instead

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      471 Jessamine Verzosa James John Andres
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    1 thought on “548 Heartbeats

    1. I have a guy friend who secretly but not discreetly likes me, and when I came across this book, I couldn't help but buy it in an effort to figure out what to do with my friend. This book would’ve been good whether Xeira ended up with Kyle or Chris. I’m sure there would’ve been an explanation for either, so there’s really no way this book could turn out bad.As with Wattpad stories, this didn’t dwell much on anything except for the dialogues. I found it weird how the characters suddenly [...]

    2. To be honest, I CRIED.I don't know why I mean light lang naman ung story nyad super nakakarelate ako nung naghiwalay sila then after 6 long years mahal pa rin nila isa't isadun na ko umiyakSiguro dahil sobrang tagal nun kaya kung magkakatuluyan pa silaue love nga talaga yunewan ko ba.ung gusto ko tong book na toh masaya ako at ung orig ang nabasa ko at hindi ung published :)) I ABSOLUTELY LOVED AND STILL LOVING IT!!!! :)))

    3. STOP. This is like my best friend's story and don't get me wrong, being Xei's best friend would suck. The whole process of the story repeats and it lacks description of surroundings and the plot is not worth reading for. Honestly as an avid reader of books this is like the worst book plot that I have ever read. Too cheesy and too usual and predictable.

    4. The story is somewhat typical, yet I've fallen in love with the characters. And I desperately hoped with Xei all throughout the story. ♥

    5. 5 stars!548 Heartbeats is a very nice book! I am not that interested in wattpad or whatsoever but then this book is so wonderful that I can even put myself in the story. The story is not that usual as other books I've read. "And our story's about to end, even though it never really began." Oh crap! That line caught me hard to the point that I even posted it in my timeline hahaha. All in all, the book deserves a recommendation to those people who have their complicated love life and to those who [...]

    6. Actually, this is the first wattpad books I've read when I was 2nd-year high school or 3rd-year yaaaa i don't remember. And I never forget the time when I misplace this book because i let my friend borrow it and then boom** wala nang bumalik sa akin. but, my bff buy me a new one.

    7. the book is nicely done. it's interesting and the language is understandable. some said that it's not satisfying enough but for me the book is good.I'm quite disappointed though because the ending didn't turn out a happy one.

    8. The title is kind of tricky. It makes me think at first that it has 548 heartbeats in the entire story, literally. So I actually counted it. But then I realized that it wasn't like that when I reached a hundred. So stupid of me! haha This story reminds me of myself. Like I am Xeira, I have lots of crushes every year and like Xei I keep it for myself (but a few are exposed xD). Though I don't have any experience of romantic love, I'm really into it like I'm a love expert. By just reading it, I fe [...]

    9. i infenitely LOVE this book!!! actually i really dont have the intention to read this cause its tagalog. sorry but am not fan of tagalog books and the worst part is i am a filipina!! hahaha but this story changed by views :D i got intrigued when my friend told me how nice this was and boom!! (lol.) i really fell in love with it (apil npud kai kyle and Chris <3), credits to Pan2 and moma Gin. whats cool in this story is that it happens in reality, the crush thingy. "Dubdub. Dubdub." ill probab [...]

    10. hmmm I have to admit that I really like the first phase of the story.But ever since that super awesome DENSE guy named, KYLE revealed to Xei the one he loves is "her", I got really pissed! OOoo(>_<)ooOO I want to strangle him and make him realize his true feelings. He shouldn't have done those "cheesy and romantic" moves towards Xei if his intention is not to be with her. I feel so sorry for Xei but saluting her for bearing the pain he brought on her. I've never met any guy as dense as him [...]

    11. Typical high school love story plus annoying character na si Kyle. Masyado lang ako nabibilisan sa pagkukwento. Kaya habang nagbabasa, parang nagmamadali din ako. I even skipped some pages and chapters dahil gusto ko na malaman ang ending though nakikinikinita ko na rin naman kung ano ang kahahantungan ng story. When I read, I tend to imagine the face ng characters, 'yung setting ng place, 'yung feeling ng moment na 'yun. but on this one, wala akong maimagine. Kaya ko nasabing nabibilisan ako.Bu [...]

    12. If would let me rate it -1, i would have done it. Why? First of all, i wouldn't want the main character Xei Anderson to be near me. Her stupidity suffocates me. She is described as 'intelligent' for being in Section 1, but she isn't. Not when she's going after her best friend's boyfriend. True, her 'best friend Rai' and 'the love of her life' Kyle aren't serious. Kyle luvs Xei. Xei luvs Kyle. Obviously. And poor confused Xei has no clue. I thought Xei would have empowering girl-girl friendships [...]

    13. My friend recommended me this book, saying that it was good. Much to my dismay, this one is so typical that I can't wait to reach the end and hide it somewhere. The story was too fast-paced that it didn't made me think or feel anything at all, which is very bad because this is supposed to be a "romance" story. The characters are so annoying, save to Marj that was overshadowed by everyone. I could really love this book as I can relate to the protagonist so much; but this is not a good book at all [...]

    14. I was new on wattpad so cliche is so new to me. I reed first the Tagalog version then the English version. Even though this book was to "stereotypical girl-crushing",this book BREAKS MY HEART AND SOUL INTO PIECES (I tell you).No offense but the tagalog version is WAY better than the English version 'cause the original shows some emotions and mini moments that are not on the english v. Nakakailig ito & I feel numb & love story feels and UGGGHHHST BOOK SO FAR.

    15. Naalala ko pa nung ni-recommend 'to sakin ng friend ko. Noong una medyo mabagal ang pace pero I still can't stop reading. Maganda siya. Akala ko talaga di ko matitripan yung story pero Boy, I was wrong. Hahaha. Yung feeling na sana ganito yung nangyari sayo noong nasa HS ka pa ?! Life oh so unfair. Haha.True to life pala yung story na 548 heartbeats sa Wattpad. Huhu. Ang ganda talaga ng story nila, nakakainggit. Hahaha. Can't wait for the book :)

    16. I'm rating this book based on the original, the one posted at Wattpad. Talking about emotions! The writer did a good job showing every emotion. Yes, she did not just tell it but shows it. This was actually the first book from the Wattpad, wrote in Tagalog, that I'm really looking forward to read again. PS: I haven't found another Wattpad Tagalog Book that can remove this from the so-called throne I made.

    17. *4.5/5 stars*This book. This book. Dugdug.DugdugI swear that this book had me pretty much squealing and kicking around and mostly internally screaming. This book you guys!!! This has definitely joined one of my faves but not totally up there. I enjoyed 95% of this book. The other 5%? I have no idea. I do not know as to why everything went downhill from 75 pages 'till the end; I lost interest and the spark wasn't there anymore and it's just

    18. Super kilig ako! :)))))) Sa una, kala ko walang kilg, pero when i read na as in hindi pa kalagitnaan. God! :''* KILIG much! =))))))))) LOVE IT! :))) Hindi ako maka-get over. Na binalikan ni Kyle si Peach. Haaaaay! San kaya ako makakahanap ng ganan mga lalaki? Everyday sweet. Everyday may suprise. HHahaha :D Ayos lang, makakahanap din ako nyan Ate peach. I trust myself kaya. Diba? :)) Tiwala lang, Okay lang yan.

    19. This is the first wattpad published book that I have rated with five stars. I really really love the story. Nakarelate talaga ako. I hate Kyle because he's so torpe but I also love him because he's so loving in his very own way. hahaha. The story is really narrated very well plus the title was really "pinag-isipan". I love the fact that it made me feel how it feels to be in love. Yea! ♥ ♥ I love the fact that it's based on real life. ♥ ♥

    20. I read the published book and I keep on guessing why is the title of the book is 548 heartbeats. And well yeah, this book is simple but heartwarming you don't need to complicate things in your life is one of the lesson of the book. By the way I finished reading it in just 2 days. Pretty awesome right?? hahahaha

    21. Sorry na. Hahaha! Naiyak ako sa story nito e. Ang tagal ko na tong nabasa, three years ago pa ata, pero hindi ko parin makalimutan. May mga inconsistent infos nga lang, pero keri keri. Ang gandaaaa! Hindi ko alam kung magugustuhan ko pa rin ba to kapag nabasa ko ulit, pero I hope so.

    22. First I thought it was a boring story,I even stop reading it for how many days but when I proceed again to the story, ayun!! nabitin ako and I want more! haha! I remember my childhood crush. untill now wala siyang ka alam-alam though were both dating na hahaha! hanep!

    23. "There's no such thing as a number of heartbeats. As long as your heart knows what forever means, it's possible that even afterlife, it may still be beating."As stated on the very first page of the story. :) :) It's your heartbeat that tells you, you are capable to love.

    24. WAAAAAHHH!! This was my first “highschool romance” book and it was all KILIG!!!! I am soo looking forward for more stories like this! Dugdug. Dugdug.❤️

    25. I love this book it made me remember of my high school days When I have a crush It's really kilig To the author of this book, two thumbs up for you I really loved the story

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