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A Walk Across the Sun

A Walk Across the Sun Ahalya Ghai and her younger sister Sita are as close as sisters can be But their loving and secure childhood ends abruptly one day when a tsunami rips through their village on India s Coromandel coast

  • Title: A Walk Across the Sun
  • Author: Corban Addison
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 106
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Ahalya Ghai and her younger sister Sita are as close as sisters can be But their loving and secure childhood ends abruptly one day when a tsunami rips through their village on India s Coromandel coast Their home is swept away, and Ahalya and Sita are the sole survivors of their family Destitute, their only hope is to find refuge at a convent in Chennai, many miles away.Ahalya Ghai and her younger sister Sita are as close as sisters can be But their loving and secure childhood ends abruptly one day when a tsunami rips through their village on India s Coromandel coast Their home is swept away, and Ahalya and Sita are the sole survivors of their family Destitute, their only hope is to find refuge at a convent in Chennai, many miles away A driver agrees to take them But the moment they get into that car their fate is sealed The two sisters confused, alone, totally reliant on each other are sold Worse, they are separated On the other side of the world, Washington lawyer Thomas Clarke is struggling to cope after the death of his baby daughter and the collapse of his marriage to Priya He takes a sabbatical from his high pressure job and accepts a position with the Bombay branch of an international anti trafficking group Thomas is now on a path that not only involves saving himself and his marriage, but the lives of two sisters who cannot bear to be apart Spanning the globe, A Walk Across the Sun is an unforgettable tale of the transformative power of love, even in the face of unimaginable obstacles.

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    1 thought on “A Walk Across the Sun

    1. 2.5 Stars A walk across the Sun by Corban Addision was a disappointing read on many levels for me. The book has got great reviews and I know that I am in the minority on this one but while the subject is one that is so sad and very real in today's world I have to judge this book on how the story came across in reading it and how it made me feel. This Novel explores the difficult subject of Child Sex trafficking and tells the story of the two Ghai sisters whose childhood's ends abruptly one day w [...]

    2. A Walk Across the Sun is a great story of success, failure, fear and courage. There are many elements that makes this novel worth the read.It is very hard to choose the words to praise a novel with such a heavy and delicate subject, but what I can say is this novel had what it takes to keep me reading until the last page.A walk Across the Sun kept me on edge most of the time. I thought: what is going to happen next? Is she going to make it? Will they succeed? Sometimes, I jumped in excitement or [...]

    3. It's the sign of an incredible book that when it finishes, you have that butterflies-in-your-stomach feeling of closure, redemption and beauty. And that's what happens when you read this book. I read this as an ARC provided by the publishing company.Other reviewers have mentioned that it's a "hard book to read", and that's true--at first. Coming face-to-face with the gritty realities of the horrendous trade in young girls is difficult. But Addison deftly weaves a tale of beauty and redemption th [...]

    4. This book should have worked but it didn't for me. I was interested in the subject matter - people trafficking but the way the story was told seemed so cold and documentary-like that I couldn't get emotionally involved. I honestly expected to read at the end - that this was a real story, this had actually happened - but although it does happen and that's tragic, this story was made up. Whether it's because the author is a lawyer and used to writing in a different style - I don't know but the pro [...]

    5. Those of us not familiar with the sex trade, me being one of those, usually think of it as happening “someplace else”. The reality is that it happens all over the world, including right here in the United States. Children are sold for drugs, prostitution, kidnapped right off of the street. Before you go any further in this review you need to know that this is not a feel good topic. It is repulsive and hard to read.We start off the story with two innocent girls whose life is decimated due to [...]

    6. Author just seemed to get interested in the topic of human trafficking, read a bunch of articles about it, then tried to put as much as he possibly could of what he had read into the lives of the characters. The main character should not have been Thomas. I couldn't make myself care about his affair, his wife, his family issues or even the loss of his child. The two girls (Ahalya and Sita) should have been main characters and he should have been a secondary character at best. Everything just see [...]

    7. I do not know why this book is getting such rave reviews and an endorsement from John Grisham. It was so one-dimensional, lacked any emotional build up to what should have been major scenes (tsunami, kidnap, human trafficing). Thomas was a moron who should have been a secondary character and not the main event. It wasn't his story, but the author turned what could have been an appealing call to action in support of anti-human trafficing into a second-rate essay on one man's desire to be a hero. [...]

    8. This book was AMAZING!! Although "A Walk Across the Sun" is fictional, human trafficking is all too real. This could be easily be an unfortunate young girl's story. This book really opened my eyes to the "hidden world of sexual violence, where the most valuable prize is the innocence of a child". I would highly recommend it to everyone. This is truly a groundbreaking debut novel!

    9. At the end, great books give us a feeling of closure, beauty, and redemption. Corbin Addison has triumphed by doing that with his first novel, a thriller about a difficult-to-read subject - human trafficking. The novel vacillates between the stories of Ahalya and Sita, sisters who are left orphaned and homeless by a tsunami on the coast of India, and Thomas Clark, a lawyer in Washington D.C facing a personal and professional crisis. As Thomas makes fateful decisions to bring meaning to his life, [...]

    10. Brilliant writing, Moving, compelling story ! I cried, I raged, I hoped, I hurt. Failing the ability to give a rating of anything over 5 stars, this book makes me want to reduce the rating of every book I’ve ever read and given 5 stars to so that I can make sure it is understood that THIS book is truly a 5-star-worthy book.I love how Addison took such a head-on, yet sensitive approach with such a horrific topic. He wrote with just enough detail to make the reader feel rage, yet not so much det [...]

    11. Human trafficking, sex slavery, the buying and selling of minor children for the purpose of the underground sex trade whatever you want to call it A difficult topic to read about yet the author did a great job in creating a passionate and moving story that was entertaining while at the same time creating awareness about a taboo industry that exists but is easy to ignore in today's world.Addison jumps right into the action from the start without setting a proper scene and with only little charact [...]

    12. This is Corban Addison's first novel. Thomas Clarke is a high-paid lawyer with one of the best law firms. In law school, he met an Indian woman, Priya, a brilliant lawyer in her own right. Neither family was thrilled about them marrying each other due to cultural differences, but marry they did, and had a beautiful baby. When their infant died of SIDS, their lives were turned upside down. Priya, unable to handle her depression, flew back to her family in India. Thomas, unable to focus as well in [...]

    13. An absolutely amazing book. I'll write a longer review when I have some time on my hand. But for now, I'll take the liberty of sharing what I wrote on the writer's Facebook wall and his reply.Ajay PradhanAWATS a beautifully written story, with delicate narrative full of poetic imagination and a gripping message. To say that I absolutely loved this debut novel is probably an understatement. I bought the book last week at YVR airport in Vancouver and I finished reading it today. I couldn't help bu [...]

    14. Emotionally this was quite a demanding book, the theme being child sex slavery, and young women being bought and sold like commodities, it is simply too dreadful to imagine that this "business " is so widespread!The story itself was well written, handled with sensitivity and the characters , both good and bad were very believable. I strongly recommend this book, and am so pleased to have been told about it.

    15. Recently while surfing through channels way past midnight I came across a program in Nat Geo that talked about some kind of a covert operation.Intrigued I sat and watched the whole show. It was about a human trafficking crime ring in Bangkok where women where transported from eastern Europe on the promise of respectable jobs and forced into sexual slavery. The whole show was focussed on the Bangkok police and an American investigating teams effort to bring down an international crime ring and th [...]

    16. When I think of this book, all the reviewer's cliches apply: fast-paced, suspenseful, page-turning, heart-thumping, stayed-up-late-reading, etc. I'm not typically a fan of thrillers--too often they sacrifice character study for the sake of moving the plot along. But I admire the effort Addison took to give readers a realistic tableaux whether we were reading about the doomed family in Chennai, the hidden neighborhood of Indian restaurants in Paris, or the truck stops in Harrisburg, PA. We care a [...]

    17. this was a hard read in the sense that it's quite disturbing. it's one of those things that you know exists, but you don't want to think about it too much - child trafficking. but sometimes we have to face the facts and educate ourselves. this is so extremely sad, as it is something that cannot be stopped completely. however, i take my hat off to people who make it their purpose in life to try and save one girl. it was a riveting story - the author definitely did his research well. well worth th [...]

    18. A Walk Across the Sun is not a book for the faint of heart. It is a book about horrific themes - child trafficking for prostitution, drug running, and kidnapping. It takes place primarily in Bombay and in the U.S. but the trafficking that this story is about occurs world-wide.The story opens with a lawyer witnessing the kidnapping of a young girl in a public park. It haunts him. Thomas Clarke works for a huge and prestigious law firm in D.C. and has been spending the last several months working [...]

    19. In A WALK ACROSS THE SUN you meet Ahalya and her sister Sita who were saved, if you can call it saved, from the terrors of the tsunami that occurred in India. Their entire family perished in the tsunami, and these two innocent girls were kidnapped, bought, and forced into a brothel in India. Meanwhile on the other side of the world, Thomas Clarke, an attorney in Washington D.C takes on a position in India to try to find and arrest the sex traffic offenders.You will follow the horrors of a life t [...]

    20. Two teenage sisters (Ahalya, 17, and Sita, 15) are orphaned after a tsunami hits their Indian town. The sisters try to head back to school but are kidnapped and sold into the sex trade. Meanwhile, DC lawyer Thomas Clarke sees his life unraveling. His wife left him after their baby daughter died, and it's impacting his work. After seeing a young girl kidnapped and learning she may also have been sold into the sex trade, he agrees to spend a year working for a group that prosecutes sex traffickers [...]

    21. Shortly after 17 year old Ahalya Ghai and her 15 year old sister are left orphaned and homeless by a tsunami that destroys their coastal village in India, they are abducted and thrust headlong into the violent world of international human trafficking. Mean while halfway around the world, Thomas Clarke, an American attorney grappling with his own professional and personal problems , takes a company enforced sabbatical to India, where he can also pursue his wife who has fled back to her homeland. [...]

    22. I'm sorry, but I thought this book was extremely BORING! everyone's rave reviews drew me to it, so I was really excited to read it! The whole concept was good and could have been done with so much more detail and excitement. I found myself thinking that at any time it was going to get exciting, because it did have the potential, but constantly fell flat. I thought the writing was amateur at best and the ending was so corny! My advise is to save your time and money! This is a definate no read!

    23. I have to admit that the endorsement by John Grisham, one of my all-time favourite legal thriller writers, enticed me to read A Walk Across the Sun. This is the first time Mr. Grisham has endorsed a novel, and that, in and of itself, made it impossible to resist. The story and writing of Corban Addison made it impossible to put down! If there is one new author in the field of legal thrillers you read in the coming year, make it Corban Addison. Great things are expected of this writer!

    24. An eye opening story even though it was a fiction book, it was based on true facts. This is what's happening in this world today and it is sad. The sex trade of minors is horrendous.I loved the characters the story and how they connected together. This author did a fantastic job of intertwining the story of Sita and Alhaya and how it affected the other main character, Thomas from the other side of the world and how their situation affected his. We are all not so different from each other. I lite [...]

    25. This book was heartbreaking and horrifying, but beautiful at the same time. I loved it!One quote that stuck with me:"Traffickers will stop when men stop buying women."

    26. Take A Walk Across the Sun for what it is - a fast-paced thriller about a privileged lawyer who lands in Mumbai, India, and who gradually embraces his work with CASE - the Coalition Against Sexual Exploitation, a group fighting the trafficking of human beings, especially children, for sex. A Walk also tells the story of sisters Ahalya and Sita, 15 and 17, who, after a tsunami devastates their community, are kidnapped as they try to make their way to their convent school. This plot point bugged m [...]

    27. A Walk Across the Sun is one of those amazing books that allow us as privileged, safe Americans to become emotionally involved in issues that do not often personally affect us. One approach is the non-fiction description like Tracy Kidder's Mountains Beyond Mountains. Though there are a few such good non-fiction books out there (like that one) I think that very well-written fiction does a much better job since it causes us to become invested in the the characters from almost a first-person persp [...]

    28. Addison has written a page-turner on an important aspect of society that we read about once in a while in the newspapers and then file away in our minds. Walk across the sun covers two years in the life of two Indian girls left orphaned by a tsunami. The story is heart-breaking as these girls from a middle class family are thrust into the depths of moral depravity yet somehow they remain hopeful and maintain their dignity as individuals and human beings. I read this book right after reading Litt [...]

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