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The Hummingbird Wizard

The Hummingbird Wizard GYPSIES ARE FOREVER AND SO HELPFUL IN A FAMILY MURDER Once you marry into a gypsy clan just try to get out Annie Szabo loved her husband but after his death she was only too happy to leave his outr

  • Title: The Hummingbird Wizard
  • Author: Meredith Blevins
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 297
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • GYPSIES ARE FOREVER AND SO HELPFUL IN A FAMILY MURDER Once you marry into a gypsy clan, just try to get out Annie Szabo loved her husband, but after his death, she was only too happy to leave his outrageous clan behind, especially her pushy mother in law, Madame Mina But Mina wasn t just any pushy relative As the heart of the close knit Szabo family, she was also poweGYPSIES ARE FOREVER AND SO HELPFUL IN A FAMILY MURDER Once you marry into a gypsy clan, just try to get out Annie Szabo loved her husband, but after his death, she was only too happy to leave his outrageous clan behind, especially her pushy mother in law, Madame Mina But Mina wasn t just any pushy relative As the heart of the close knit Szabo family, she was also powerful, stubborn, and devoutly to be avoided Well, too bad for Annie When her oldest friend, Jerry, turns up dead, she s plunged back into the family she tried to leave behind She knows Jerry was murdered, but how is she supposed to prove it Easy, if you ve got a gypsy family Or anyway, easier So before you know it, Annie s knee deep once again in ancient curses, petty theft, and, everyone s favorite love magic All thanks to Madame Mina s psychic skills and a certain wildly sexy gypsy and his shady P.I father.

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      297 Meredith Blevins
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    1 thought on “The Hummingbird Wizard

    1. Sometimes, I wonder how some books can even get published.This book was a mess. Choppy, uneven sentences with comma splices all over the place, everyone sounded the same, and dialogue was hard to follow because there would be a pause, someone would do something, and then the same person would keep talking in another paragraph. I kept having to go back to figure out who was talking. Then I decided it didn't matter.It's not even good for a mystery-thriller. The killer is revealed about 75 pages be [...]

    2. The first quarter of this book was delightful, but by the middle, it bogged down. The author skips quotation marks, and it's hard to tell if someone is still talking or if the shift to another person has taken place.The second half sadly repeated too much over and over again.While some of the characters are likable, they wear down quickly.

    3. ETA: After reviewing my thoughts, I realized something really important: I actively disliked this book. The more I thought about it, the more my don't care turned into don't like--thus I've changed my stars to twot three.My daughter picked out this book from the library for me. I'm 90% sure it was because the book had "wizard" in the title. I had sent her back a couple times for bringing me books that were obviously "bodice rippers." This is where my rating system comes into play. I didn't activ [...]

    4. This book was one wild ride of a mystery! The main character marries into a Gypsy (Romany) family and quickly learns once you're in a Gypsy family it's hard to get out! Some of the writing is choppy sentences, and I didn't like that, but Blevins also uses some absolutely beautiful lyrical prose in her writing, and that I loved. As in this passage from a dream: "A man flies with me. He is wearing a cape, beaded and old. Feathers are sewn inside the red silk lining. His hair is a halo. He makes me [...]

    5. This is a good run of the mill mystery that would be quite forgettable if it wasn't for the fact that it is dominated by a quirky gypsy family and filled with their folklore and traditions. The story itself is chaotic with pretty much everything thrown in, from love and loss to mysterious deaths, police investigations and FBI involvement. There's even a movie star for good measure (not really sure how she got involved but hey). However, while the story may be a little flat, the characters are an [...]

    6. What a crazy, chaotic wild ride! A fun gypsy family with a little mystery.Annie Szabo married into a gypsy family, the whole family, including Stevan's mother, Madame Mina. Despite the family she and Stevan were happy. They had three children together then the unthinkable happened. Years have passed, her kids are all gown and her life is much more simple, still a struggle to pay the bills, but she's got a good job writing and selling her articles. She's happy. Then she gets a call from her siste [...]

    7. A mystery with good plot and intrigue. The best aspects of this book are character and place. Most of the main characters are from a gypsy family, and everyone has fascinating, yet still believable, quirks. The book mainly takes place in San Francisco, and the author does a great job in communicating the place.

    8. Gypsies are cool and don't get nearly the right amount of attention.Apparently Meredith Blevins felt the same way, and so built a mystery around a gypsy family. Interesting to say the least. The story itself was sort of lackluster, but the gypsy lore and relationships between the characters held its own. The story is told from the point-of-view of Annie, an Irish-American woman who had previously married into a Romani family. When her friend and sometimes-lover Jerry dies under seemingly mysteri [...]

    9. Wow! That's a lot of chaos that somehow really sounds like life. It felt like I was lost in a sea of swirling, dancing, multicolored skirts but it was entrancing and beautifully complex. At first I almost put it down because the people were flawed, dangerous, and crazy. They were too real and yet so foreign. I couldn't reconcile the dichotomy and I wasn't sure I wanted to read about real life problems. The characters ultimately pulled me in. The crazy things that happened made sense because they [...]

    10. Normally, I do not give a cozy mystery 4 stars, but this one deserved it. Such a lot of gypsy background and life gives one a real sense of a gypsy clan and life in one. Even though our Annie is not a gypsy, because she married into a clan she will always be part of that clan. Living on the edge of the law is part of that tradition, as I witnessed gypsies in Albania doing dailyobably easier to do so in Albania than in San Francisco, though. When a her best friend since she was a kid gets murdere [...]

    11. Of all the happy mix of characters in Meredith Blevins’ first novel, The Hummingbird Wizard, it was Madame Mina Szabo who stood out the most. Not even the title character and the main character could make her back down from the center stage or even match her innate brilliance. Who could not love her, with her strong belief in superstition, her overflowing, albeit distorted way of loving her family, and her dry humor? She is also passionate, headstrong, eccentric, blissfully ignorant at times, [...]

    12. Full of color and great characters, but the mystery was less engaging than I usually prefer. The book also felt bloated. It might have been a much better work if it had been trimmed a bit more vigorously.

    13. AMAZING work!I love the characters, the story, the full depth of experience. The colorful descriptions and the loveable, funny, witty, deeply human stories and relationships. This is one book you don't want to miss--you will love it, and you will want more!

    14. Great, great, great!This book kept me intrigued all the way to the last word. The characters were fun, and the plot was full. Great read!

    15. I know nothing about Gypsies and this book is all about them. Annie married into the family though she isn't a Gypsy. Her husband died years ago. Madame Mina, Annie's mother-in-law, has blamed Annie for years for the death of her son. Silly as that is when Stevan died in a motorcycle accident. Anyway, Annie is searching for all kinds of things when she heads to San Francisco to see childhood friend Bill. Bill is a lawyer now and also married into the Szabo clan, though now divorced. So we have a [...]

    16. I think I'm supposed to like this book more than I did. I just didn't find it as enchanting as it was trying to be.Annie married into a Gypsy family. Shortly after her third child was born, her husband died in an accident. She did not remain close to her MIL. I'm not sure she was close to two of her three kids, since we only met one of them, and the other two are barely mentioned. She does become very close to her husband's younger brother, a man she suggests raped her early in the story. This m [...]

    17. A good story!I've been fascinated by the history of the Rom, or Gypsies as they are commonly know, since seeing "The Wolf Man" with Lon Chaney Jr. That scene with the old Gypsy woman was wonderful!However, there are no Wolf Men in this book. Instead we have a Hummingbird Wizard who actually may be cooler than a werewolf. There are scads of gypsies, a handful of murders, some police action, a fair amount of drinking, and sex. So who needs a Wolf Man? The humans are dangerous enough.It took me awh [...]

    18. Before reading The Hummingbird Wizard I was unaware of the existence of author Meredith Blevins. Now I am not only aware of her existence but also thankful to have had the chance to experience her storytelling first hand. I thoroughly enjoyed the book! The relationship between Annie Szabo and her feisty gypsy mother-in-law Madame Mina is filled with banter, laughter and endless eye rolls.Racing against the protaganist (Szabo) and her sidekick (Madame Mina) to solve the mystery was challenging bu [...]

    19. I tried for almost two weeks to 'get into' this book, and I just can't. I don't care for any of the characters or the plot. The story was uninteresting, the main character was a mess (as was the story-line), and it needed a good proofreader as well as some good editing. I got about one-third of the way through and decided I needed to read something I enjoyed more. I will not be finishing this book or reading any others in the series.

    20. Hang on for the twists and turnsjust when you think you know what direction this story is headed.ess again! When you think you know the characters and what they are like and what they can doSURPRISE!!! Some old world fun gypsies, some straight gypsies, some messed up gypsies & a few sane regular peoplew were havin' fun!Mix together every day folk, greedy folk and LOTS of money, toss in a few lawyers, & just see what gives!!!!!

    21. QuirkyThis story with it's background of Gypsy folklore, has more quirks than more than, James Bond's left eyebrow. I found it interesting, amusing, suspenseful, intriguing and engrossing. A word of advice, don't bother working out the Szabo family tree. Although a major plot line, trying to work out how everyone is related, could be a challenge. This, and the fact that, I sometimes found myself knee deep in ethnic peculiarities, only added to the charm of the story.

    22. Wildly entertaining!Annie has one large and crazy family that she can't understand or get away from. The story progresses while spiraling seemingly out of control, but hang on. It comes together as it screams while sliding in like a stunt car in a movie slams into place! Can hardly wait for book 2!!

    23. A fun mystery. I had a hard time putting it down at night. So many twists. Quirky characters, esp. Annie's former mother-in-law. When Annie's friend dies, supposedly from a heart attack, she isn't convinced and fears he was murdered. How does she prove it? With the help of her deceased husband's Gypsy clan. Great start to a new series.

    24. I really loves learning about Gypsy lore. The author has well developed characters with flaws and good things. The author writes with a tongue in cheek/wicked sense of humor, which are exactly the kinda of books I enjoy. I enjoyed the storyline and the mystery and look forward to reading more from this author.

    25. A convoluted plot if ever there was one. You are never sure who the good guys are until the last page. It's about a gypsy and her family, the loves and deaths and drama that occur in a family-- and then some! A book that I could not put down and was reading any time I had more than 2 minutes to myself which is not often. Its wild and crazy and very enjoyable!

    26. I have to agree with most of the reviews of this book. Didn't hate it, didn't love it. It was messy. It was a book to read on the bus. It was full of holes and I just realized, much like some of these people, that not a single one of these people was anyone I gave a rat's you know what about. The only thing that I keep thinking about is, she had 3 kids, were are the other 2. Did she hate them. Did she kill them at birth. Did she run them off. I worried more about the other 2 kids being ignored b [...]

    27. I am thrilled to find this exceptional new book series!From the first 10 pages I knew my day was destined to be enjoying the first book. I am content!

    28. This was an interesting, amusing read. Strong on a quirky cast of characters and the San Francisco setting, the story lagged a bit in places.

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