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Carmen Carmen is a novella by Prosper M rim e written st published in It has been adapted into a number of dramatic works including the famous opera by Georges Bizet According to a letter M rim e wro

  • Title: Carmen
  • Author: Prosper Mérimée
  • ISBN: 9782011552358
  • Page: 440
  • Format: Paperback
  • Carmen is a novella by Prosper M rim e, written 1st published in 1845 It has been adapted into a number of dramatic works, including the famous opera by Georges Bizet According to a letter M rim e wrote to the Countess of Montijo, Carmen was inspired by a story she told him on his visit to Spain in 1830 He said, It was about that ruffian from M laga who had killeCarmen is a novella by Prosper M rim e, written 1st published in 1845 It has been adapted into a number of dramatic works, including the famous opera by Georges Bizet According to a letter M rim e wrote to the Countess of Montijo, Carmen was inspired by a story she told him on his visit to Spain in 1830 He said, It was about that ruffian from M laga who had killed his mistress, who consecrated herself exclusively to the publicAs I have been studying the Gypsies for some time, I have made my heroine a Gypsy An important source for the material on the Romani people Gypsies was George Borrow s book The Zincali 1841 Another source may have been the narrative poem The Gypsies 1824 by Alexander Pushkin, which M rim e would later translate into French prose Briggs 2008 The novella comprises four parts Only the 1st three appeared in the original publication in the 10 1 1845 issue of the Revue des Deux Mondes Robinson 1992 the 4th 1st appeared in the book publication in 1846 M rim e tells the story as if it had really happened to him on his trip to Spain in 1830.

    • Ú Carmen || ↠ PDF Read by ☆ Prosper Mérimée
      440 Prosper Mérimée
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    1 thought on “Carmen

    1. انسان غالبا بی اختیار بد عمل می شود : دل به دختری خوشگل می دهد ، برای خاطر او با هر کس دعوا می کند ، به مخمصه می افتد ، باید در کوه ها متواری شود و از قاچاقچیگری خواه و ناخواه کارش به راهزنی بکشد "از متن کتاب"

    2. توضیح: امتیاز به متن داستان اثر پروسپه مریمه داده شده است اما آنچه در ادامه می آید تاملاتی در ارتباط بین متن اثر و اپرای کارمن اثر بیزه استبه نظرم اگر متن اصلی داستان را در روایت شاعرانه بیزه در اپرای کارمن ادامه دهیم، ویژگی آفرینندگی هنر خودش را نمایان می کند. یعنی داستانی که [...]

    3. What I find most fascinating about the story is the author. Mérimée was clearly interested in the basic desires of man, but masks his work under a scholastic, moralizing tone. Despite all of that, we are still enthralled by the passion Carmen and Don Jose show, by their complex psychological profiles an their crimes. They would both rather die than to compromise with one another. Carmen will not compromise her belief system, her honor as a gypsy, while Don Jose does abandon his Basque hidalgo [...]

    4. Realmente me sorprendió mucho esta obra. En verdad es corta y se puede leer en un día. Cuenta la historia de Carmen, gitana, uno de los primeros ejemplos de femme fatale en la historia. Más que la historia de Carmen y de sus encantos, o de su supuesta habilidad diabólica e inteligente, me gustó mucho la prosa de Mérimée, que si bien es cierto es sencilla te da una atmósfera de mucha confianza y te permite seguir la historia de una forma pura y ágil. También simpaticé con el personaje [...]

    5. From BBC Radio 4 - 15 Minute Drama:Destiny, jealousy and desire combine in Dan Allum's dramatisation of Merimee's novella.Free download available at Project Gutenbeg.A magnificent and unforgettable movie Carmem (1983) was made based on this book, directed by Carlos Saura, with Antonio Gades, Laura del Sol, Paco de Lucía.

    6. Pena que é tão curtinhoDesde que soube que a ópera Carmen, do compositor Georges Bizet, fora inspirada em um conto homônimo do francês Prosper Mérimée, quis conhecer seu texto. Carmen é uma das óperas que mais aprecio e também uma das mais populares no mundo. Eu esperava que a história original fosse boa, claro, mas não imaginava que gostaria tanto.Carmen, ou Carmelita, é uma bela cigana de cabelos negros e olhos marcantes, que usa sua beleza para seduzir – e roubar – os homens. [...]

    7. Carmen a everibody knows had inspired the famous opera by Bizet.This short novel tells the tragic love between Jose a spanish army officer from Navarra and Carmen a gypsy from Andalucia,by this love Jose becomes a bandit;narrated by Jose himself to a french arqueologist is full of sparking dialogues,spanish gypsy slang,yet translated to normal spanish,and a few short but precise descriptions.Carmen as Colomba(the other heroine of Merimee a woman from Corcega island of strong personality and prin [...]

    8. All my reading life I've heard of the quintessential Carmen, the wild gypsy woman who led hooligan bands and smugglers throughout Spain until she was a living legend. What a pleasure to finally read Prosper Merimee's classic 1830 rendition of the legend he heard from his friend the Contessa de Montijo in Madrid.Carmen's clearly the seed from which sprang such marvelous creations as Catherine Earnshaw and Augusta Geraldine Alaisda of Gondal. This is storytelling based on the grand oral tradition, [...]

    9. كارمن الغجريه المتحرره المتنقله بين الرجال كالفراشهبقاله يمكن اكتر من سنتين عايزه أقراكى واعرف مين اللى كتبك وسر شهرتككتبها الفرنسى بروسبر سيريجيه ويمكن انا مليش تجارب برده ف الادب الفرنسىانما هو قدر يخلينى اتخيل الشخصيه تمام وكمان العاشق المجنون دون جوزيه وفهمت من مصارع [...]

    10. قالت شكرًا محمد صبحى و أقول شكرًا معلمتى هى من عرفتنى مسرحية من تشكره كما عرفتنى على مسرحية البرنامج العام و الكثير ____" عمركم ما هتبدعوا الا لما يكون جواكم حر. " كارمن التى جسدها محمد صبحى فى مسرحية من بطولته و إخراجه حقا كانت افضل من مسرحية البرنامج العام و تبقى أوبرا كارمن لب [...]

    11. عالمی خوشتر از آن نیست که در صحرا شبی با همراهان سحر شود

    12. No le puedo poner nota, las ilustraciones de Lacombe son de 10, pero la historia de Mérimée no me gustó.

    13. Very openly has themes of exoticism/nativism and dated ideas of race (published in 1860s-ish). I liked Carmen the character, because Jose was just clueless (like, c'mon, TAKE A HINT, dude). Some of the writing was pretty. Still getting used to reading works this long in French.

    14. carmen balesi yüzü suyu hürmetine okudum ama büyük hayal kırıklığı yaşadım. nedense bir marquez esintisi, bir carlos saura temposu bekledim. maalesef bulduğum yüzeysel bir hikaye ve vasat bir çeviri oldu. başlangıçta anlatıcının "şurdan geçerken böyle birine rastladım" diye romanın asıl kahramanlarından bahsetmeye geçmesi, "fransız etkisi, dumas gibi" şeklinde düşünmeme yol açtı. ama okudukça "nerde dumaaaas, nerde merimeeee"ye dönüştü düşüncelerim. ol [...]

    15. A beautiful novella, full of dramatic events, passionate love, seduction, jealousy, immorality, and freedom of spirit! The main frame of the novella was about the gypsies and their lives, but the core is about the fatal love between the gypsy woman Carmen (Carmencita), which lead to her death by her lover Don Jose. Carmen who works in a cigar factory manipulates the inexperienced corporal Don Jose, originally from Navarre but works in Malaga, to let her escape the imprisonment. Actually, the cha [...]

    16. So much fun to read the origin of one of the world's most popular opera. I'll be seeing my first live version this season in Tucson. In preparation, I've been watching video and film versions. My favorite is the Jonas Kaufman/Kate Aldrich live performance from Orange, France. Close second is the film adaptation starring Placido Domingo and Julia Migenes. That's her face on the book cover. In that film, even the horses got into the mood, twitching their tails in time to the music at times.There i [...]

    17. من احب الكلاسيكيات لقلبي ؛ يمكن علشان اجواء الغجر و البيئة الاندلسية ؛ او فكرة المرأة شديدة الأنوثة ؛ او النهاية المأساوية الساحرة للرواية ؛ او يمكن علشان اوبرا كارمن من احب الموسيقى الكلاسيكية لقلبي بإختصار كارمن رواية انا بقراها بـ حِس غير محايد ؛ تحس انك عايش احداثها بنف [...]

    18. pela voz de um narrador, descobrimos Carmen o original de Prosper Merimée que mais tarde viria a tornar-se (graças a Bizet), numa das óperas mais vistas e queridas de sempre. Num encontro com José Navarro, temivél e sobejamente conhecido bandido, o nosso orador descobre a enigmática Carmen que consegue obter tudo o que deseja graças à sua beleza, uma cigana estonteante e misteriosa que encanta e seduz os homens, enlouquecendo-os e enfeitiçando-os, até conseguir os seus objectivos.Louco [...]

    19. Eine schöne Novelle, die in Spanien spielt. Die ersten zwei Akte waren ganz ok, aber de dritte Akt hat mir richtig gut gefallen. Der vierte Akt gehört ja gar nicht mehr zur eigentlichen Story und liefert Hintergründ zum fahrenden Volk.Carmen ist eine literarische Umsetzung der femme fatale und als Charakter sehr interessant. Am Besten gefiel mir jedoch die Figur von Don José und die Wandlung, die er durch Carmen durchmacht.Vom Französischen her, fand ich es nicht ganz einfach zu lesen, da m [...]

    20. I am sure this is one of those works where the adapted version is better. Carmen is such an intriguing character - undoubtedly an icon now - but she's not the star in this nouvelle. I probably would have been more interested if it was the opposite; however, analysis of the narrative voices still makes the read intriguing, though not by much.

    21. Thoroughly enjoyed this. Might be slightly slanted to the romantic side of the Romany life - but it is very appealing, however you look at it. Carmen is the quintessential strong woman heroine, absolutely irresistible as a protagonist, in my opinion. The BBC dramatization was probably awesome - I'm sorry I missed it.

    22. A ton of culture has spawned from this novella, so I'm obviously not here to argue its importance.I liked this story. I have nothing else really to say about it. I found it compelling and the characters were well-drawn. It didn't blow my mind, but it didn't disappoint me either.

    23. Slightly intriguing, but mostly underdeveloped. I only give it an extra star because it somehow inspired some of the most beautiful music I've ever heard.

    24. Esmeralda de l'Espagne gitane et ensorceleusefemme dominante plus futée qu'un renard et plus agile qu'un cerf; voleuse de coeurs et de corps.

    25. reading this book was like reading the story of a very low adrenaline rush sergio leone's film. quite good.

    26. More of a curiosity than a literary masterpieceThe Opera imbues the novel with the hot blood, and the living ferocity of the woman better than the novella.Because this page seems to have become a collection point for a variety of unrelated and nearly related reviews. This is a Review of the Book Carmen, by Prosper Merimee. My copy is in English, published in paperback by Norilana Books.Bizet's opera, Carmen, was my mother’s favorite. I grew up hearing it in several versions and had a broad out [...]

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