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The Vanishing Girl

The Vanishing Girl Every night after Ember Pierce falls asleep she disappears She can teleport anywhere in the world London Paris her crush s bedroom wherever her dreams lead her Ten minutes is all she gets and once

  • Title: The Vanishing Girl
  • Author: Laura Thalassa
  • ISBN: 9780989206471
  • Page: 447
  • Format: Paperback
  • Every night after Ember Pierce falls asleep, she disappears She can teleport anywhere in the world London, Paris, her crush s bedroom wherever her dreams lead her Ten minutes is all she gets, and once time s up, she returns to her bed It s a secret she s successfully kept for the last five years But now someone knows.A week after her eighteenth birthday, when frustratiEvery night after Ember Pierce falls asleep, she disappears She can teleport anywhere in the world London, Paris, her crush s bedroom wherever her dreams lead her Ten minutes is all she gets, and once time s up, she returns to her bed It s a secret she s successfully kept for the last five years But now someone knows.A week after her eighteenth birthday, when frustratingly handsome Caden Hawthorne captures her, delivers her to the government, and then disappears before her eyes, Ember realizes two things One, she is not alone And two, people like her teleporters are being used as weapons.Dragged off to a remote facility where others like her live, Ember s forced to pair up with her former captor, Caden, to learn how to survive inside until she can escape Only Caden s making escape seem less and less appealing.But even as Ember falls for the boy who got her into this mess, she knows that she is running out of time Because the government has plans for those like her, and those plans might just cost Ember her life.

    • Unlimited [Nonfiction Book] Í The Vanishing Girl - by Laura Thalassa È
      447 Laura Thalassa
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    1 thought on “The Vanishing Girl

    1. Okay, screw this book. I refuse to read a book where the message is that it is appropriate to lust after a guy that; gropes you when you are cuffed, picks through your underwear, makes lewd comments and rips the bed sheets off of you when he knows that you sleep naked. I don't feel like continuing with this disgusting relationship, I can only imagine what other “adorable pranks”, this asshole will commit in the future. Buy, Borrow or Bin Verdict: BinNote: I received this book for free in exc [...]

    2. (Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thanks to Children's Publishing and NetGalley.)“Fine. Don’t believe me,” I said. “After all, why should you trust a girl who can disappear?”This was a YA sci-fi story about a girl who teleported somewhere else for 10 minutes every night when she went to sleep.Ember was an okay character, and it must have been difficult for her to cope with her little teleporting problem. I thought that her mother was q [...]

    3. Take note of the beautiful cover, the intriguing title, and the fairly interesting blurb. That’s right, ten minute teleporting. Mysterious government conspiracies. And new adult sci-fi. Sounds cool, no?Yeah…no.I’m in a good mood, since the greater part of my supreme irritation at this book has had some time to fade. I can control the urge to be scathing, the voice of my conscience is louder, etc etc. Rant mode is mostly off. So I’ll make a list of all the problems I had with this book.1. [...]

    4. Review found at: awesomebooknutI decided to pick this book up because it was recommended to me by . I’m always interested to see what is recommended to me because I like to read things that aren’t well know and find hidden treasures, sometimes I find treasures, sometimes I do not… it happens. In this case however, it was a fun read but nothing completely new and the romance disappointing.Sorry to just start right off the bat with the bad news but seriously that is all I can think about. I [...]

    5. I received this book from NetGalley for my honest review!Wow! Just Wow! This book was so amazing! I am looking forward to the next book in the series! This book was like a breath of fresh air and the characters were really unique and lovable! I have never read anything that could compare to this book! The story is like nothing I have ever read before!My only negative review on this book would be that it's more of an adult novel than YA. There was a lot of sex in this book and I felt that it was [...]

    6. Smack dab in the middle 2.5 STARSIt seems people either love or hate this book - friend reviews were on both sides here. I can see both sides.The pacing of the book is great. Not once was I bored. I wish some more of the theory of teleportation and details were fleshed because I found myself having a lot of questions and issues: ☒ Why only 10 minutes a night? If it was the length of a portion of the sleep cycle, then a person should have about 4 cycles a night with varying lengths of those typ [...]

    7. This book less than 8 hours long? It felt like 20!I might not have been a huge fan of Rhapsodic (one of the author's other books), but at least I enjoyed it for what it was. The Vanishing Girl is another story If there is ONE SINGLE THING that ruins most YA books for me, it's the level of selfishness displayed by the protagonists. Ember is an action-orientated character (kind of a loner, she never really talks to anybody apart from her partner). She's pretty awesome and she is risking her life t [...]

    8. This book was weird, but good and interesting. It kept my interest throughout the entire book and I have no idea if there is a second book available or not but I will probably dive into that.The Vanishing Girl is about Ember and Caden. They are a pair and can travel through teleportation. Even though I liked this book - it did have flaws. First, I don't like reading about love triangles and I don't like how the author tried to make that a thing in this book. Honestly, if it did turn out to be a [...]

    9. I’ve been quietly raving about this book for a while now. Finally—finally it’s out for the rest of the world to read, and I can talk about it out loud! The Vanishing Girl merges sci-fi and new adult seamlessly, and what a ride Laura takes us on! The first chapter starts off in a tattoo parlor with our lovely heroine in dire need of a full back tattoo. Believe me, once you learn the reason behind it, you’re not going to blame her either. From there and on, the action doesn’t stop. The m [...]

    10. Ember Is not your normal teen, sure she’s smart, she has spirit, she is a little headstrong, okay, a lot headstrong, but she falls asleep, she can teleport. Yep, really, and it’s her secret to keep, or so she thought until the day the men in black came to enlist her into service to her country and her parents let them take her! Okay, so they tried, but she gave them the slip, and just as she was taking that first step onto the bus out of town, she is nabbed by the cockiest, best looking guy [...]

    11. This book captured my attention by page five. Just like her work on The Queen of All That Dies, Laura Thalassa has a way of writing action-oriented stories that suck you in with independent, capable young heroines and interesting plots. THE STORYEmber Pierce is a teleporter. Every night when she falls asleep, she is transported temporarily to another placer ten minutes. She's brought to a secret, government-run school with other like-minded mutants young people with abilities so that they can ho [...]

    12. I received a free copy of this book via NetGalley from the publisher in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.In The Vanishing Girl, we meet Ember who has just been collected by the government and transported to a facility in the middle of nowhere. Here she meets others just like her (people who can also teleport in their sleep) and is paired off with her partner, Caden. She learns that she is going to be trained to be a spy for the American government.This was on of those books that instant [...]

    13. 4.5 Stars THE VANISHING GIRL was a fantastic book that I absolutely loved! I enjoyed this book so much that I instantly dived into book two, and am reading it now as I write this review. But after hearing book three wont be released until 18 months after book twos release date, I think my heart just shattered into a million pieces. This series is just so much fun that I can't imagine having to wait a whole 18 months until book three is in my need little hands!The world-building was interesting. [...]

    14. I'll admit that I wanted to read THE VANISHING GIRL entirely because I thought the cover was gorgeous. I like the colors and the abstract strangeness, like a bit of classic sci-fi sneaking into a modern YA cover.The eponymous girl is Ember Pierce, who teleports for ten minutes every night just after she falls asleep. She thinks she used to it until she wakes up in a club and flirts with a man named Adrian, only to find a gun in her purse and a note telling her to kill him. Rather sensibly, she p [...]

    15. I've been mulling over this review since I finished the book at 2am last night. Seriously, I couldn't put it down. L. Thalassa hooked you from chapter one and kept your interest the whole way through as you tried to put all the pieces together. I found myself trying to think ahead in an attempt to figure out what the author was thinking about where the book would go. But the mystery and intrigue kept piling up. Who are the good guys? Who are the bad guys? What the heck is going on, here?? And wh [...]

    16. Having the love interest literally kidnap the heroine and force her into a program to make her a weapon is the exact opposite way to get me to read your novel.

    17. Big Thank you to Publishing for giving me this book!!! I LOVED IT!HELLO BOOK! HELLO LAURA THALASSA! WHY DID I NOT HEAR OF YOU SOONER!?Okay this book took me by surprise and was a boatload of awesome! No joke. I loved the characters. I LOVE Caden. I love the story line. The suspence, the dangerjust everything! Also did you see that beautiful cover!? Just saying. Sorry, I'll lay off the love fest, let's get to the plot: Ember has a secret. One she's never told anyone, she can teleport to other pl [...]

    18. This is a typical 3 stars-book to me. This is a quick and entertaining read with some flaws:I liked the teleporting-idea as well as the government's involvement in the whole story. The writing was okay, but lacking some variations. The author kept using the same formulations over and over again (e.g. "invaded my personal space") and that started nagging me at some point.I also have mixed feelings about the protagonist Ember. She was sassy and knew how to help herself, but kept behaving absolutel [...]

    19. “Do you ever feel like your perception of reality is so distorted that you wouldn't be able to see the truth if it were right in front of you?”One thing's for sure: Even if I'm not in a reading slump, I still won't like this book.Considering the premise and a recommendations from a friend who said that this author's writing was great, I was expecting to be “wow”-ed greatly but the book was just…was.Ember Pierce has the ability to teleport and she's been hiding it because she's afraid t [...]

    20. First off, the cover is gorgeous. Secondly, the synopsis? The synopsis drew me in so freaking quickly. I read the first paragraph (of the synopsis) and then requested this novel. When I read the rest of the synopsis, I was still so intrigued, and very excited to read the story.The focus of this story is trained in on Ember Pierce. A girl who has strange dreams, a girl who can teleport. All of this is very interesting. And when I actually got around to reading The Vanishing Girl, I was blown away [...]

    21. *Full review on my blog*Okay. WHAT?!?!? This book started out okay, but by the end, I was in loveee. The characters are badass, the plot is fast-paced and fun, and the overall story is unique and interesting. This is a really solid first book in this trilogy! I love the teleportation and spy elements, and well as the kick-ass characters. But I definitely need to read the second book soon, because that ending killed me!!!

    22. Wow! I love Laura's writing this was great! Not as good as Rhapsodic but I like fantasy a smidge better than sci-fi! I can't wait to read the end of this series so I'm starting book 2 now lol

    23. This and other reviews can be found on The Psychotic NerdI received an ecopy of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review THOUGHTSI liked so many things about this book, but I did have a huge problem with the romance. And as the story went on my feeling towards the book spiraled downward.Basically, Ember teleports at night for ten minutes, each time a seemingly random location. It turns out that she, along with others, were some kind of generic experiment done by the government. N [...]

    24. 5 out of 5 stars!!!You guys are going to have to excuse me, I'm coming off of a book high, so there will be overabundant exclamation points and capitalization. Deal with it.So! Where to start, where to start it was all so amazing. This book was like a warm, toasty blanket fresh from the dryer you snuggle into and wrap around yourself. I wanted to take one of those neuralyzer things from Men In Black and use it on myself over and over, just so I can read the book again for the first time. This bo [...]

    25. Anything written by Laura Thalassa I will read. She has earned my loyalty through her other fabulous stories (Unearthly/Queen of all that Dies series.) That being said, not all stories are great, and this one didn't really hold my attention18 year old Ember can transport in her sleep. A secret she has guarded with her life and will do anything to protect. All her plans for the future go to shit when she's found by the government and discovers she was part of an experiment and there are many just [...]

    26. The parts of this book that should move fast didnt and the parts that should go slow went too fast. This book is about teleporters and it seems the government is behind it. This was the exciting part of the book but it never was made clear what the whole thing was about. Falling in love and overthrowing the government came too quickly.

    27. Actual Rating: 4.5You know what’s really weird about my experience reading this book. For whatever reason, when I realized that I was really enjoying this book and when I understood that I was probably going to really love it, I felt like I SHOULDN’T! Almost like I should be ashamed of liking it and I DONTOW.WHY! That’s never happened to me before. But even WITH those feelings, I did THOROUGHLY enjoy this book.The concept of the story is definitely unique and not like anything I’ve read [...]

    28. The romance isn't really impressive but the plot and idea of the book is so so awesome :D------------------------MY OPINIONI've not read a lot of fantasy lately, just because of the reason that a lot of the fantasy I've read in the past has been tiring to read. So I appreciated that this novel was actually one of the most exciting books I've read for the fantasy genre for a long time.It got interesting from the very start of the book. I didn't have to wait for the action (which I appreciated) an [...]

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