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The Man of Her Dreams

The Man of Her Dreams Excerpt Libby smiled as she watched him drink from the mug of cocoa she d prepared for him It was all so exciting the renovation the hope of finding something hidden in the house that no one had ever

  • Title: The Man of Her Dreams
  • Author: Marcia Lynn McClure
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 390
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Excerpt Libby smiled as she watched him drink from the mug of cocoa she d prepared for him It was all so exciting the renovation, the hope of finding something hidden in the house that no one had ever found before, the fact that the handsome contractor would be in and out of her shop and her life for weeks to come All of a sudden, Libby felt a surge of rejuvenation courExcerpt Libby smiled as she watched him drink from the mug of cocoa she d prepared for him It was all so exciting the renovation, the hope of finding something hidden in the house that no one had ever found before, the fact that the handsome contractor would be in and out of her shop and her life for weeks to come All of a sudden, Libby felt a surge of rejuvenation course through her limbs, for she loved when life brought unexpected pleasures And seeing the likes of him every day certainly would be a pleasure.

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    1 thought on “The Man of Her Dreams

    1. Just a little delightful light hearted, I need an escape from the dreariness of life book! Just what I need every so often! I laughed and giggled, and think I like snippets at the end just as much as the book. It brings the book alive to me, and even more relatable. If Marcia every came to my work, she could totally tell me keep the change ya filthy animal. That would make me laugh so hard! Love Home Alone! And turkey turds were cracking me up as my Mom tabooed the word turd from our house. I im [...]

    2. I LOVE Marcia! She is my first favorite fiction writer and this book is no exception. This is a sweet fast, oh so high on the yummy scale for leading man and sweet love interest. So cute, fun, fast, and droolingly yummy!

    3. What a feel good romance. Loved it!"Hey, Dave."PeanutsTurkey TurdsMovie ReferencesI was cracking up. Such wit and humor.

    4. SO cute. A pretty short book, but I really loved the characters and the storyline. AND, now I have to go and make Turkey Turds. I gotta see if they're really that good. Great lighthearted read.

    5. Cozy, quilt shop romanceA cozy quilt shop, a handsome contractor, luscious desserts, and a fairy house combine in this cozy romance. Recipes for rich hot chocolate and "turkey turds" included.

    6. I love these short little stories that put a smile on my face. I love the way the author puts a little bit of herself into each one, leaving the reader with a cozy, romantic feeling.Libby owns a quilt shop that was her grandmother's. She decides to renovate a back room to make it useful for her shop and her dad hires the perfect carpenter--Sawyer. Libby is a girl who isn't afraid to work hard and laugh while doing so. She's a nostalgic girl, doing her best to make things cozy and comfortable in [...]

    7. Marcia did it again with a cute, sweet, lighthearted novella meant just to make us smile. Her author notes at the back explain where her ideas come from and add a great deal to give understanding as to why she created the story the way she did. I adore the setting of an old Victorian home turned into a quilt shop. I am a quilter and have taught quilting in the past. This made the idea of creating a quilting classroom in the shop seem that much more personal to me. Of course you add in the the ma [...]

    8. Romance, cleanMore of a 3.5 for me. This was a 'cute' read. Very sweet, and clean, tender romance between 2 honest, caring, kind people. Not the most sophisticated writing, but a nice escape for a short time. As always, MLM has lovely romantic tension with some lovely kissing. That is always a plus, but it still stays clean. It was fun to read about the shop, the renovations, the way their hearts gradually built together with the time and feelings building gradually throughout the novel with the [...]

    9. I don't think I am ever disappointed with a MLM book. I found this story really cute and likable. I wish it would have been a little longer. I personally am thrown by a relationship moving so fast. But I understand it is a novella. A cute atmosphere.

    10. Review to come A great holiday read.HEA with no real conflict just a quick love at first sight sweet, clean, fluff read. As always the author notes at the back made me love this story.Content: clean with passionate kissing and one mild expletive.

    11. For such a short story this seemed to move really slow! It was cute and sweet with likable characters - but nothing that really made it stand out.

    12. Old fashioned, clean, love at first sight kind of read. I really liked that marcia has excerpt explanation at the end that tell of how her life experiences are intertwined into the plot. It makes the novel so much more personal. I wish I had a fireplace to cuddle up and read, but it got steamy hot anyway. Libby inherits her grandmother's house and quilt shop. Her dad hires a contractor to do some renovation to create a room to teach quilting lessons. She wasn't expecting " the man of her dreams" [...]

    13. This was a cute, short read. I liked it and the characters were all likable. There just wasn't a whole lot of substance to it which is hard to do in such a short book.I don't know if I'll ever read it again but I'll read anything Marcia writes at least once.This book just fell short for me because of the insta love factor. I like seeing why characters fall in love, (not just because they are attracted to each other) but because their chemistry is amazing and they just are fun to see interact. Sa [...]

    14. The Man of Her Dreams is not the best Marcia Lynn McClure Book, but is not the worst. I thought this was a very dreamy book filled with many of the fantasies girls dream about. A sexy contractor has come to Libby's Quilt shop, in order to refinish the back room, and make it into a space where Libby can hold quilt classes. Sawyer is this sexy contractor, and he doesn't think of himself as anything but ordinary. He knows he is good at what he does and he does not think that sexy Libby could ever f [...]

    15. Libby inherited a quilt shop from her grandmother. She's got plans to renovate so there is space to teach classes in. Her father sends her a contractor and Libby falls head over heals. Sawyer loves renovating places and finding treasures. When he shows up to renovate Libby's store he's sure they will find a hidden treasure. Sure enough, they do, but they also find each other and a strong, passionate love for each other. This was another fun, short read with great characters. Hey, Dave! Got any p [...]

    16. I liked this book, but it truly didn't feel like MLM until about half way through. It was OK, just not my favorite. I do LOVE MLM. I've read ALL her books, and that's a lot! At least 50??? This one really was slow in developing the relationship at the beginning, or maybe I thought he was to slow or shy??? But I can't wait for her next one anyway! I love her books. The characters in this were great. and the story was creative.

    17. I thought this was a cute short story. I loved the setting of a quilt shop. I got into quilting a few years ago (had to put it on hold once the kiddos came along) and could totally relate to the love of quilting. One of my favorite things is picking out fabrics and choosing patterns. So, yeah, I loved the setting. As usual the characters were likable and their romance was sweet. Content: Clean.

    18. I love all Marcia Lynn McClure books. I bought this one special to read as a birthday present for myself. Her books always make me into a happy feel good mood. This one was no exception. My husband always knows when I'm reading one of her books because I can't keep the smile off my face while I'm reading them.

    19. I LOVE the falld this was a perfect "fall read". The story didn't have a lot of depth but it had me smiling and even laughing out loud at times. Sometimes as a mom of four children 8 and under brain can't take any more "depth" any way. :) A quick, sweet read, by Marcia Lyn. It's just what I needed!Content: some mild language unfortunately

    20. Marcia had me laughing out loud with her author notes. I was hoping she'd include her recipe for hot cocoa, and she DID! Can't wait to try it! Marcia's hilarious author notes and musings at the end of her books are my favorite part of her contemporary novels, except for the kissing, of course. =) This one had fantastic chemistry and will be fun to re-read in the fall.

    21. 3.5 StarsI think novellas were made just for mom's with newborns. Just long enough for us to get a reading fix without requiring a ton of time.Cute story, not a lot of depth to it, but sometimes you need just a fluffy romance. Moral Note: A couple of dang, heck and 1 a$$, passionate kisses, no violence.

    22. Was rather disappointed with this book it seems to me that there is no conflicts. nothing to separate the 2 main characters or possibly break their fondness for other. It really lacked substance in my opinion, kinda disappointed since Marcia McClure is one of my fave authors. Although I was surprised how long the author's notes was.

    23. This one lacked the excitement, bad guy, or trouble of any kind. There was no trouble to overcome. I love it when my life is trouble free, but sure makes a book boring. I rounded it up to 3 stars just for the 2 fun jokes in the middle of the book. Humor really is SO important in a marriage.

    24. Quick read. Cute story. I loved the relationship developing over some time. However, I wanted to hear just a little more about the "Happily ever after". I was extremely happy the recipe for hot chocolate is included! I'm going to try this weekend!

    25. Short - as expected. It worked out though as I didn't have time for much more. Cute though! Very traditional Marcia. I can totally relate to meeting the man of my dreams and just knowing I was supposed to be with him forever. Much needed lift between semesters in school and over the holidays. ;-)

    26. Final Feeling: This has to be one of the cheesiest books I've perhaps ever read. But hey it had me smiling.

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