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The Thirteenth Skull

The Thirteenth Skull Alfred Kropp lost then found the legendary sword Excalibur Then he defeated King Paimon arguably the nastiest of demons ever to roam the earth What could possibly be in store for him now Plenty Not o

  • Title: The Thirteenth Skull
  • Author: Rick Yancey
  • ISBN: 9781599901145
  • Page: 141
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Alfred Kropp lost then found the legendary sword Excalibur Then he defeated King Paimon, arguably the nastiest of demons ever to roam the earth What could possibly be in store for him now Plenty Not only is a dangerous new enemy tracking Alfred s every move, even the people who have sworn to protect him no longer seem trustworthy Who, or what, is Sofia, and is thereAlfred Kropp lost then found the legendary sword Excalibur Then he defeated King Paimon, arguably the nastiest of demons ever to roam the earth What could possibly be in store for him now Plenty Not only is a dangerous new enemy tracking Alfred s every move, even the people who have sworn to protect him no longer seem trustworthy Who, or what, is Sofia, and is there a connection between Sofia and the mysterious Thirteen Skull The reluctant hero who has always narrowly avoided death may not be getting out of this adventure alive Just right for fans of Alex Rider and Stephen King, this third installment in Rick Yancey s acclaimed series is a compulsive page turner readers won t soon forget.

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    1. I have one reaction after finishing this series:Honestly, I think Yancey should have left it at book 1. The sequels weren't necessary, and they didn't manage to hook me like book 1 did. Not to mention they aren't as funny or snarky as book 1 was, but oh well. That is not to say this book is bad, because as a standalone, you could say it's entertaining. The action never ends and there are still some hilarious comments. Compared to the charm of book 1, though, it falls short.My final words I guess [...]

    2. The Thirteenth Skull is a stupendous action novel when considered on its own, but when considered as part of the overall series of the Alfred Kropp novels, it has some glaring flaws. On the one hand, this is a very interesting tale which mixes musings on morality, necessity, and the nature of reality with nail-biting car chases and gunfights. On the other hand, it marks a very abrupt shift in the nature of the series, and seems to have an entirely different hero than in the previous books, despi [...]

    3. I both enjoyed and hated this book for many reasons. Some aspects made me want to give it a three-star rating. Others a one-star rating, so I compromised.Reasons I Enjoyed It:1. It's a page turner. I found myself blasting through it trying to see what would happen next. I ended up sitting up 'til the wee hours in the morning to finish it. I guess that is the only reason I liked it. It was a page turner.Reasons I Hated It:1. It was inconsistent with the rest of the series. Alfred Kropp is this ac [...]

    4. Reviewed by Cana Rensberger for TeensReadTooMeeting Alfred Kropp in THE EXTRAORDINARY ADVENTURES OF ALFRED KROPP really was extraordinary! Then I eagerly read THE SEAL OF SOLOMON, wondering what could surpass the thrill of Alfred first stealing, then losing, and then recovering Excalibur, King Arthur's sword. The author, Rick Yancey, didn't let the reader down. Alfred was forced to fight demons! So, naturally, I couldn't wait to read THE THIRTEENTH SKULL! I've rated this book Grades 6+, as I hav [...]

    5. Imagine one long car chase, one drawn-out sword fight, one prison break-- every book in this series reads like one extended climax-- and that is why I love it.Alfred's back, the OPIEP is still running the show, and there is another artifact that must be rescued. Alfred Kropp,fifteen-year old loser and the last descendant of Lancelot, fights his destiny and the evil forces that would take over the world. The plots are not that complicated, but I don't read these books for the plots. It is Alfred [...]

    6. This book is a typical Kropp book. It's filled with a lot of chase scenes and more chase scenes followed by chase scenes. On the other hand, you can see Afred grow, as well as other characters. The plot wasn't that hot, but it wasn't that bad. It was well written.

    7. Better than the second -- more natural-feeling conflict -- but the stunts he survives are getting more and more over-the-top. I like death-defying action as much as anybody, but I don't think it meshes as well with an antihero like Alfred as it does with a caricature like James Bond.

    8. Alfred Kropp is rather tired of living an exciting life. After finding (and losing) Excalibur and defeating a horde of demons, he was hoping life would quiet down a little. After an assassination attempt leaves him on the wrong end of the law, he knows he's ready to be done with being special. So in an attempt to prove he has the free will to choose his fate, he decides to quit. Retire. Spend the rest of his life somewhere nice and quiet. The only problem is that he has no idea what he really si [...]

    9. Meeting Alfred Kropp in THE EXTRAORDINARY ADVENTURES OF ALFRED KROPP was extraordinary! Then I eagerly read ALFRED KROPP THE SEAL OF SOLOMON, wondering what could surpass the thrill of Alfred first stealing, then losing, and then recovering Excalibur, King Arthur’s sword. The author, Rick Yancey, didn’t let the reader down. Alfred was forced to fight demons! So, naturally, I couldn’t wait to read ALFRED KROPP THE THIRTEENTH SKULL!I’ve rated this book 6+, as I have his first two titles, b [...]

    10. In "The Thirteenth Skull" the fifteen year old hero's in danger again when he's not only hunted by a madman chasing a myth, a sociopath on a crusade to lobotomize him but held hostage by a new OP-Nine and the OIPEP Board who want to use his blood to create a formidable army of super soldiers. The plot is filled with betrayals, lies and treachery which are counterbalanced by a knightly heart, forgiveness and mercy. In a fast-paced, action-packed plot with the adrenaline rush of high-speed chases [...]

    11. This book was a satisfactory ending to the Alfred Kropp series. This one picks up after the first one by just a few days, maybe a couple weeks, and starts off with a bang. Literally. From there, it's all action and poor Alfred being shipped around by OIPEP agents or forced to travel because of OIPEP agents. I felt like this one wasn't as magnificent as the second book, though it still with a good read. Alfred has changed into a really intelligent and confident character who has flaws that he con [...]

    12. So Alfred gets one more unplanned adventure. Alfred has a very special gift inside him. Everyone wants this gift,they want what he has. They want the Seal and Excalibur. All these important artifacts and more secrets. They literly want to extract the secrets of Alfred.*why do authors write about peeing? I know everyone does. Even fictional people have to pee.They just jump all over locations. So there isn't a sense of one location. I feel like pacing is in the middle of fast and slow. Alfredds a [...]

    13. After saving the world from complete destruction twice, you'd think Alfred could get a chance to sit back and relax for a bit. Nope. This book takes up just minutes after The Seal of Solomon ends, and it's back into the fray for Alfred.If you haven't heard of this series (and it seems to be a well kept secret), you are missing out. Alfred is an unlikely hero. He's a pretty normal guy. But he finds himself over and over again in extraordinary situations.I don't want to say too much here, in case [...]

    14. Alfred Kropp and the Thirteenth Skull is an action packed read. That said, there isn't really a great story and that leaves the read wanting more. I first picked up this book and didn't know that it was the third in the series, but figured that I would read it anyway and see if it was any good. It starts of with a few high speed chases and a bunch of action sequences, but you are never really sure where the story is going until around halfway through the book. After you get that far the book sta [...]

    15. Third in the series, and Rick Yancey's getting better and better! Alex Rider fans should pick up this series -- Thirteenth Skull will be right up their alleys. Car chases, explosions, escapes from remote mountain fortresses, mystery, you name it, it's here. Alfred's being targeted by a new enemy, and those who are supposedly sworn to protect him may actually be putting him in harm's way -- but why? Alfred escapes one harrowing situation only to be faced with another and another as he follows the [...]

    16. Before Urban Fantasy was A Thing, Rick Yancey was exploring the idea of it in his vastly underrated Alfred Kropp series.Alfred had a lot going on at the end of The Ring of Solomon. It looked like his life was finally in some semblance of order.But all it takes to send him back into near disaster is one errant knight who needs his head-his actual, honest to goodness head-in order to bring forth the power of Merlin and destroy the world. Again.Alfred discovers how far the OIPEP reaches, and exactl [...]

    17. "Alfred Kropp: The Thirteenth Skull" is the 3rd thrilling novel that Rick Yancey has published in the Alfred Kropp series. Alfred, Samuel, and Mr. Needlemier are all plunged into violence and assassination right away. Alfred has found out his old arch-nemesis has a son who is intent on avenging his father's death by killing Alfred. Suddenly Alfred doesn't know who to trust. His old friends have buried secrets while new friends turn out to by enemies. Who is Alfred supposed to trust? What is the [...]

    18. Started out pretty strong and exciting, but the more it went on, the more it was revealed that really it was just Alfred wandering around trying to figure out what's going on, and it ends up that not much IS going on. There really is no ultimate goal, no ultimate end-of-the-world situation that Alfred can fix, just a bunch of running around from stupid jerks who want to kill him for various reasons. For a few moments at the end, it looked like it was going to be a fabulous conclusion to a trilog [...]

    19. This is the book you have been waiting for. Every injustice Alfred Kropp has suffered up to now has driven him to this moment. Choosing between the guys who want to kill him and the guys who want to lock him away in a lab for the rest of his life. Alfred chooses door number three but is rudely informed that there isn't one. So he makes one. Alfred is on the run again in this final non-stop thriller that will keep you flipping pages into the wee hours of the morning. Another side effect is that y [...]

    20. First off, I loved the Alfred Kropp series. I guess that's why this one was disappointing for me. So many unanswered questions. What happened to Mike Arnold? I loved to hate that guy. I usually love the action scenes, but these were too over the top. Alfred was like superman, walking away from being slung off of the tops of moving vehicles like it was no biggie. His decisions seemed odd and unrealistic in this one as well. Very anticlimactic in my humble opinion.That being said, Yancey is still [...]

    21. Another exciting adventure with teen secret agent Alfred Kropp! The action starts on the second page and doesn't let up until the end, when the reader is just as tired of the violence as poor Alfred. In this installment, Alfred isn't sure who to trust or who is after him or even why- he just knows that he doesn't want anyone else to end up dead because of him. He makes the best decisions he can in the awful circumstances he finds himself, and ultimately makes the world a little bit better along [...]

    22. The third book of the extraordinary adventures of Alfred Kropp by Rick Yancey is a thriller. This science fiction book keeps you reading. The setting takes place in Knoxvile. The main characters are Alfred and Ashley. Alfred has the power to heal people. The company OIPEP wants to transfer his brain to create a army of immortals. The company OIPEP also wants to find the thirteenth skull. Alfred has no idea what that is at the moment, but later in the story he will find out. I rated this book fiv [...]

    23. These books are like James Bond and Indiana Jones had a baby. Seriously. (And sorry for the mental imagery.)In the third installment, we have bombs implanted in people's brains, secret bases, a mysterious legend of the Skull of Doom, and poor Alfred just trying to catch a break. What makes these books so great is the combination of nonstop action and Alfred's deadpan sense of humor. I think this one may be my favorite, and I'm a little bit sad because it might be the last one, judging from the e [...]

    24. I love this series and think that Alfred Kropp is one of the best characters created in YA literature - he's goofy, funny, earnest, humble, and deeply concerned about doing what's right. The books are incredibly action-packed, and sometimes disturbingly violent, but I think they are a perfect solution especially for boys looking for a "boy" book. Once I start one of the books in the series, I can't put it down until it's finished.

    25. I love these books - I could consume them on a level that would rival my zombie book habit. Yancey ties together Arthurian legend and some Biblical stuffen he lights the fuse. Just a lot of action, and a lot of fun. I'd recommend against reading the books out of order, since this installment relies heavily on the first. Plus, you don't want to miss out on the ride that brings us to "Thirteenth Skull."

    26. My favorite Alfred Kropp was the first one. This one was second. It was more what I wanted from Alfred. The second one with all the demons and falling 30,000 feet wasn't for me.This one though had Alfred in all kinds of messes. I loved the chase scene on the back of the truck. I like how Alfred didn't let his heart get the best of him and stayed true to his friends. The end was satisfying.

    27. Again, my brother and cousin's type of book - awkward and self-deprecating teenage hero, lots of action and chase scenes and sword fights, demons and spies and betrayals and double-crosses, a backstory and mythology that involves both supernatural creatures and historical personages. A fast-paced adventure that is a satisfying ending to Alfred's story, though certainly not the end of his adventures.

    28. I read this book because I wanted to finish the whole cycle. Unfortunately, this is the weakest of the three books. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the story, but if fell flat too many times and the plot seemed to trip over itself. I also found some typos, which are becoming commonplace even for professionally edited and published works. Overall, I liked it, but not enough to be wowed by it. I really wanted it to be so much more.

    29. I read this book because my 9 year old son was interested to read it. I wanted to understand (and check out) what he was reading and into. I was pleasantly surprised to find the story extremely well written, captivating and riveting. Great read for both kids and adults. Thoroughly enjoy A. Kropp and look forward to reading more.

    30. So, this book was okay. It contained the usual swashbuckling that Alfred normally does, and even a love interest, which Alfred normally doesn't. However, it seemed to be a last-stitch effort to close up the series, and about as half-hearted as Alfred can be. I wished it was better as I was reading it - not encouraging.

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