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Jamaican American Thug Drama

Jamaican American Thug Drama A young Jamaican Jevaughn Wilson risks everything after falling deeply in love with his neighbour Dre Andre Malcolm a straight Jamaican American thug whom he ultimately turns bisexual Dre was

  • Title: Jamaican American Thug Drama
  • Author: J.S.Lewis
  • ISBN: B00HEM4T0O
  • Page: 470
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A young Jamaican Jevaughn Wilson , risks everything after falling deeply in love with his neighbour, Dre, Andre Malcolm , a straight, Jamaican American thug, whom he ultimately turns bisexual Dre was the nephew of a malevolent HOMOPHOBIC Jamaican Don, who would have Jevaughn burnt alive if he ever found out.Without considering the dangers and with flaming passionsA young Jamaican Jevaughn Wilson , risks everything after falling deeply in love with his neighbour, Dre, Andre Malcolm , a straight, Jamaican American thug, whom he ultimately turns bisexual Dre was the nephew of a malevolent HOMOPHOBIC Jamaican Don, who would have Jevaughn burnt alive if he ever found out.Without considering the dangers and with flaming passions and scorching desires Dre and Jevaughn embarks on an endearing, passionate affair, that was bound to cause severe complications.Masterfully plotted, erotic, spellbinding, hypnotic, irresistibly compelling The Jamaican American Thug Drama Saga will possess you and remains forever etched in your soul T YOUR COPY NOW Erotic Romance___________________Mature Audience Only

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    1. A COMPELLING TALE OF DANGEROUS LOVEThere's more than a little drama in J.S. Lewis' fast-paced and emotionally heart-wrenching novel. This is one cold-blooded love story percolating dangerously under the dark cloud of Jamiaca's rabid homophobia.Our main narrator is Jevaughn, a handsome young 19-year-old Jamaican homosexual who dares to fall in love with his neighbor Dre, a violent drop-dead-gorgeous 23-year-old American thug adonis relocated from Harlem to Jevaughn's Jamaican neighborhood ruled b [...]

    2. J.S. Lewis, certainly has a way with words. It's a well described, well written novel. I loved the Jamaican "accent", I could almost hear the characters talk. I couldn't put the book down, until I read the last page. (so, didn't get much sleep last night.) Excellent book, excellent story and an excellent author.

    3. Wth, do not trust the 204 positive reviews on .This book starts out with Jevaugn looking at the love of his life aka his neighbor beating his gf. Of course, Jevaugn, feels sorry for her but he also can't help but go into a description of angelic he was. Once the police came, he stated that he would be sad if the police took him and decided to hide him inside of his house. I should've stopped right there but I kept readingSo now we have the Jamaican American Thug hiding inside of Jevaugn's house [...]

    4. This was a good fast pace dark erotic tell. Jevaughn is a 19 year old gay man who falls in love with his straight neighbor. Dre is a violent 23 year American thug whose uncle is the head man in their neighborhood who hates gay people. When Dre assualts his girlfriend and the police arrive, Jevaughn hides Dre in his house. Dre can't help but notice how Jevaughn is looking at him. Dre is grateful to Jevaughn for saving him from a jail sentence, and giving him some sound advice. A genuine friendshi [...]

    5. LGBT Romantic Adventure - Adult Language and ThemesJevaughn Wilson, an innocent young Jamaican man, finds himself in love with his neighbor. His feelings for Dre are obsessively strong. He would give anything for a shot with Dre.Andre Malcom, known as Dre, is a Jamaican/American hoodlum. Dre is also a straight man. In spite of himself, he finds himself turning to Jevaughn.Dre isn't allowed the luxury of making his own decisions and acting upon his own thoughts and feelings. His uncle is not only [...]

    6. This isn't just a love story. There are different layers to this drama which bring out the pathos and courage that people live by and will stand up for. In the not usually seen harsher settings of Jamaica lives Vaughen. He is gay but dare not come out about his preference publicly. He finds himself falling in love and when his feelings are reciprocated and he has found a soul mate, things start getting ugly.The author writes a gripping tale of love, as a beautiful, romantic side of life and the [...]

    7. January 24th to January 25, 2015HEART WRENCHING AND GRIPPINGWhat an incredible story that is Jevaughn. This journey that is his life and death over Dre is like nothing I've ever read before. This story grabs you and will not release you until the last sentence is read. This story consumed me. I rooted for and worried for Jevaughn through every chapter. I will be anxiously buying and reading the following stories of this drama series. This was just a terrific at times heart wrenching and gripping [...]

    8. "Batty man fi dead!",The very handsome Jamaican author J. S. Lewis is very rapidly becoming a notable figure on the stage of new literature. His magnanimous personality flows not only through his Internet postings but also through the pages of his books. One of the first things new readers to his output (and admittedly this reviewer is one of those) are immediately drawn to is the magnetic flow of his line of developing characters and involving issues and historical references. Seamlessly he tak [...]

    9. This is not your original romance story. There's no boy meets girl and falls in love. There's no hot CEO to rush in and save the day.What you do get is a hot thug with plenty of drama. The title really does say it all. I connected with this book instantly, the writer J.S.Lewis drawing me into this story with his brilliant description of events taking place. Jevaughn Wilson a young man got his whole life ahead of him. He's black and gay, I know shock, horror. Seriously people you need to get over [...]

    10. Firstly, let me start by saying I cannot wait to read more of the Jamaican American Thug Drama Saga and I intend to start Book two in the series, “The Boy That Kraigie Brought Home,” as soon as I can get it in my hot little hands. Secondly, I am so torn about this book, I don't want to love it but I do. It is a solid 5 stars for me. This is a story that is captivating and painful. Something you don't want to witness but at the same time cannot tear your eyes away from. It engages the reader [...]

    11. I did enjoy reading this book, I wish I could say I loved it, ( well, maybe a little), but felt that the book was a bit rush, I wish Mr. Lewis develops the characters more, specially when it came to Jevaughn and Dre relationshipBut still I enjoy reading it, especially Jevaughn character, my heart when out to him, I felt his painJevaughn is this beautiful gay man who heart is full of love and pain, who was abuse since he was a child by his mother, horrible human being, who mentally and emotionall [...]

    12. The Jamaican American Thug Drama was the first book I read by author J.S. Lewis and upon completing this book I added more of his work to my Kindle. This was an extremely intense and graphic story of a Jamaican American community unable to open their hearts an minds. At times it is so powerful and emotional you will feel the pain of these amazing characters. At other times you will fall in love and want to hold them to your heart. The heat is electric as J.S. Lewis takes you on an intimate journ [...]

    13. A story that left me breathlessAs soon as you start reading this story you're captured, and it just keeps getting better! A young man who believes in love and the best in people despite having been abused. He finds love and through a series of harrowing experiences tries to find himself. The story is well written and complex, lots of twists and turns. I can't wait to start the next book in this series!

    14. Surprisingly interesting I usually do not read stories like this, but I gave this story a chance. This is a queer coming of age story with a twist. The story captures the pain of a queer youth living in a homophobic Jamaican culture and the challenges of love. Some language was repetitive and it did not contribute to follow of the book. Overall, I liked the book and would continue to read the series.

    15. I saw this book many times and was hesitant to read it. I was sucked in from the very first chapter! It is a well written, well thought out story that isn't laced with fairytales. It touches the harsh reality of how gays are treated in Jamaica and other places too. It makes you want to fight for love and fight to be exactly who you were born to be. I fell in love with Jevaughn and Dre and looked forward to reading the series! 5

    16. Suspense and drama - take a trip into the Jamaican American Thug Drama - it will not disappoint. Highly recommended 5*****An Enthralling Read!A superb and highly engaging read from Lewis, which grabs the reader's attention from the start.Deep in drugs, sex, suspense and drama - take a trip into the Jamaican American Thug Drama - it will not disappoint.Highly recommended 5*****

    17. I really liked this book.The main character risk everything for something that felt right and suffered because of such act.

    18. This book was ok a bit of a cliché if I may in respect to the typical young guy whom is driven more by his lust and insatiable appetite to win the affection of a thug than of his own value and worth. This thug whom by the way as no respect for his girlfriend falls for this young gay guy whom only see the world with his ass and lips.Typical story of how a gay guy trades in all moral class and worth of his own self for the affection of someone whom had none worth valuing himself.

    19. Jamaican American Thug Drama, by J. S. Lewis, is a homoerotic novel and a book more likely to resonate with a homosexual than a heterosexual audience. More important, no matter what the reader’s sexual orientation, it is a well-thought out novel of a young man coming of age in a world that seems designed to destroy him. Jevaughn, the protagonist, is 19 at the beginning of the novel, and secretly in love (or at least in lust) with Dre, a professional criminal. Not an auspicious beginning, and [...]

    20. Wow well Drama by title and Drama by content! According to the synopsis this book promises to posses you and remain forever etched in your soul. When you finish reading this you will realise the truth behind that statement. This story moved me in an inexplicable way and as a personal recommendation from me, before you get captivated by this novel do what I did and read the "About the Author" segment. It will move you in such a way that your experience of the story will be magnified to an intense [...]

    21. Free to borrow with KU Books 1 and 2 Jamaican American Thug Drama Book 1- 2: Jamaican American Thug Drama, The Boy Kraigie Brought Home (J. S. Lewis Collection)Book 3 The Return of the American Thug (The Jamaican American Thug Drama Saga Book 3)Book 4 and 5 Jamaican American Thug Drama Book 4- 5: That Very Crazy Thing We Call Love, Love Sex & Blood (J. S. Lewis Collection 4)Support this amazing Thunderclap! thunderclap/projects/2

    22. He Did the Unthinkable!Alicia Keys sings a most beautiful song, called, ‘The Unthinkable’. Well, main character Jevaughn happened to do just that- and in a country so homophobic he was willing to break all the rules. Jamaican American Thug Drama was my first read in the LGBT genre. Yes, he was gay and fell for the hunky straight nephew of a powerful drug lord. I tell you this man knew what he wanted and faced near death every time he followed his heart. So much passion was in the scenes; I c [...]


    24. This is not my usually book choice and I wasn't sure that I would like this book but I really did. I have never read this author before and I plan to read more by this author. It took a little time to get use to some of the language that was used but otherwise I really liked the story. It is well written with well developed characters. I am looking forward to reading the next books in the series.

    25. this book was absolutely marvelous, really great situations and emotional scenes, the characters are so believable and there are so many point or situations in the book that sometimes make you wanna just cry, but you don't because you don't want the tears to get in the way of reading the next line. I really do mean thatis book is really great.

    26. Need to learn JamaicanKept hoping this book would get better. All the accolades had to have merit that I must not be getting. No, didnt happen. Plot was too rushed. Maybe if i knew Jamaican I would have liked it better but I highly doubt it.

    27. I wanted to give it one star but there were a few good parts in the story. But I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. I only see 5 star reviews so I might not be the best to ask but this is my opinion

    28. 3.5 stars. The writing was okay. The story was fast paced. Alot of stuff happened behind the scenes, which I felt could have been discussed.

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