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Men in Space

Men in Space Set in a Central Europe rapidly fragmenting after the fall of communism Men in Space follows a cast of dissolute Bohemians political refugees football referees deaf police agents assassins and s

  • Title: Men in Space
  • Author: Tom McCarthy
  • ISBN: 9781846880339
  • Page: 397
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Set in a Central Europe rapidly fragmenting after the fall of communism, Men in Space follows a cast of dissolute Bohemians, political refugees, football referees, deaf police agents, assassins, and stranded astronauts as they chase a stolen icon painting from Sofia to Prague and beyond The icon s melancholy orbit is reflected in the various characters ellipses and nearSet in a Central Europe rapidly fragmenting after the fall of communism, Men in Space follows a cast of dissolute Bohemians, political refugees, football referees, deaf police agents, assassins, and stranded astronauts as they chase a stolen icon painting from Sofia to Prague and beyond The icon s melancholy orbit is reflected in the various characters ellipses and near misses as they career vertiginously through all kinds of space physical, political, emotional, and metaphysical What emerges is a vision of humanity adrift in history, and a world in a state of disintegration.

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    • ☆ Men in Space || Æ PDF Download by ☆ Tom McCarthy
      397 Tom McCarthy
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    1 thought on “Men in Space

    1. This is really good, especially for a first novel. McCarthy exerts a whole lot of control over both his characters and his prose, which isn't always a great thing, but works well here. One of the main characters spends a portion of the book forging a painting, and at one point McCarthy lists all the things he needs in order to do it: whiting powder, rabbit-skin glue, methylated spirits, cotton wool, ketone-resin crystals, white spirit, beeswax, jelly, wire wool, sandpaper, carbon paper, purified [...]

    2. Aquí en parece que se puede escribir con más ligereza sobre los libros. Seguramente relea algunos fragmentos de la novela para una posible reseña en el blog, pero voy a dejar mis impresiones justo después de terminar la lectura.Pongamos la temática principal de Los reconocimientos de Gaddis, el arte y la copia, y también parte de su composición coral. Pongamos también la estructura de una novela de Pynchon, El arco iris de gravedad, por ejemplo, en la que cada capítulo termina en punto [...]

    3. The Lit major in me wants to give McCarthy's MEN IN SPACE five stars for its detailed symbolism, its highly intricate analogies, and its artistic complexity. The lover of stories in me, however, wants to give it two stars for its almost aggressively dense plotting, its alienating cartography, and its oh-so-palpable disdain for anything even approaching entertainment. Let's call it an even 3.5 and round up.This is the third McCarthy book I've read. As a more overt puzzle novel, [[ASIN:0307388212 [...]

    4. I loved Tom McCarthy's Remainder, and his Tintin and the Secret of Literature, so I was looking forward to this, and wasn't disappointed. It's an often disjointed story set in Prague, featuring British and American expats, a rather self-conscious group of Czech artists and (literal) Bohemians, and local and Bulgarian gangsters. A stolen icon forms the focus for this disparate group of people. So far so thriller-ish, from my description here, but Tom McCarthy raises his work above genre; he shows [...]

    5. Expat artists partying in Prague, on the verge of Czechoslovakia splitting in two, get in over their heads when one of them is asked to reproduce a strange painting. But the book is about forgery and crime as much as Gaddis' The Recognitions was: the writing is dense and detailed and unfolds non-linearly. There are letters, notebook excerpts from a cop going mad, geographical jumps, loose ends, debauchery aplenty. In short, all the ingredients I look for in fiction! (Plus, the nice-looking hardc [...]

    6. A bit of disappointment after the brilliant "Remainder" by the same author. Apparently, he wrote this book long before "The Remainder", while living in Czech Republic in the early 1990s. Detective story framed against the fall of communism - it would have been a hit back then, in the sagging 90's. Today it feels out-of-time, certainly not timeless.

    7. I chose this one based on McCarthy's Remainder, which I really enjoyed, odd as it was. Had I read Men in Space first, I don't think I'd want to explore any more books by the author. Mind you, McCarthy's literary talent isn't in question here, he can write and well, but he chooses to forgo convention in favor ofe heavily stylized, studiedly flat, disjointed narratives of it, the all but ignored basic plot (which has something to do with a copying and redistribution of a stolen icon and the Europe [...]

    8. The fact that I have little to say about this novel has induced an irrational compulsion to justify such a tepid response. Perhaps expectations were too high going in (I've been on a solid string of great new authors—thanks, Goodreaders!) but I come away from this rather underwhelmed. Not that anything was wrong with it per se; it simply remained flat, nothing stood out during the read and nothing (aside from the aforementioned compulsion) lingered afterwards. I understand that that could be i [...]

    9. Conocía a Tom McCarthy por haber leído Resíduos y Satin Island el año pasado. Siguiendo en a Javier Avilés me encontré con su reseña de Hombres en el espacio. Pensé, en un primer momento, que era una obra nueva, pero con posterioridad pude comprobar que era la traducción de su primera novela. Y vaya primera novela. Como señala Avilés en su comentario de y en su blog (ellamentodeportnoy) en la obra encontramos una temática abordada por Gaddis (la falsificación del arte) y los perso [...]

    10. Romanzo corale ricco, pieno di personaggi e situazioni e dipinti e luoghi e oro. Sempre ottime pagine sull'arte. C'è però un problema ed è il fantasma del genio do Tom McCarthy, uno spettro che aleggia e si attende in ogni pagina e dietro ogni capitolo. E tu attendi che si mostri, appaia anche di sfuggita, brevemente ma niente, proprio non si vede o intravede. Ti aspettavi il fantasma di un genio ma niente, non c'è, era solo una leggenda dagli altri libri che dello stesso autore hai amato fo [...]

    11. They say you can't judge a book by its cover and that's true, but I have to admit that I was immediately grabbed by the cover of the Vintage Books 2012 edition. That bleak European-looking image reminded me of stuff I grew familiar with. That the novel takes place in Prague (for a significant portion of the action) simply pulled me in farther. I was surprised and not disappointed though there are aspects of the novel that rubbed me the wrong way.The novel, as its title implies, is about a group [...]

    12. Tom McCarthy's later novel Remainder is one of the best the I have read in very many years (here's my review). This book, published in the wake of Remainder's success, is perhaps not quite so spectacular, but it is nonetheless very good indeed: a metafictional meditation on art, politics and narratives that manages to avoid the kind of arid playfulness that makes writers like John Barth or Robert Coover so tiring. The book opens in Prague, and from the beginning we are thrown into a multi-voiced [...]

    13. Recently when you think of Tom McCarthy you think of 'C' and this also sparks off another c for clever. Not just for the plot, which weaves together to create a story that pulls together several characters against the backdrop of a fragmented Eastern Europe.Describing the story makes it sound extremely simple but in reality its a clot more complex than just a case of criminals asking an art dealer to copy a stolen painting so they can sell it off.As an astronaut trapped in space while the former [...]

    14. I didn't have high hopes for my response to this one when I first started, as I was immediately lost in a spaghetti of names I couldn't begin to pronounce or remember. But the book pretty quickly captured my attention, and I found it fascinating to read. It's not your standard linear or tidy narrative, but that tends to get bonus points from me. The book taught me things about art (like, process) and invited me to think about original vs. copied art, which is always fun. I could tell there was s [...]

    15. McCarthy is unquestionably a genius. The problem is he is the type of genius who speaks too fast for other people to listen. He's so filled with knowledge and details and facts and apocrypha and anecdotes and jokes and stories within stories that it can make your head spin. But that's not so much McCarthy's problem as it is *my* problem.If the disjointed narratives and voices in this book, I especially loved the segments about the art world, and, in particular, the meticulously researched sectio [...]

    16. Set in Prague and Amsterdam, Men in Space emerged from a series of disjointed semi-autobiographical sketches according to Tom McCarthy. He brought them together in a philosophical story revolving around a stolen icon. Initially it’s hard going – lots of characters and unpronounceable place names. But stick with it. McCarthy leads us into a thriller involving a group of bohemian artists, Bulgarian gangsters and the Czech secret police. The icon is first described in the novel by a state spook [...]

    17. You can tell this was McCarthy's first.This does not mean it's bad, but you can tell it's his first.It's kind of Hergé-y/Nabokov-y/Pynchon-y etc etc and less "Tom McCarthy" than other works.But it's damn good regardless.Narrative is brilliantly paced, many twists, many turns.Language is as gorgeous as ever, as flowing as ever.Ideas of network culture; radio tech stuff (think 'C'); originality/imitation, art/life, fact/fiction, event/recurrence; trauma; etc, are all there. I went in to this sad [...]

    18. (review to be read in the voice of Stefan from SNL) Looking for a nice summer read? This book has everything. It has dodgy underworld characters in tourist spots; multiple narrative perspectives using letters, documents and surveillance reports from the secret police; ecphrasis, or the detailed description of a work of art (c.f. the Shield of Achilles) taking on a life of its own; drug-fueled parties; sexual biting; the end of a nation; foreigners avoiding other foreigners, instead preferring th [...]

    19. McCarthy lurches from meditations on states of being seldom acknowledged to Nancy Drew-style plot devices, all the while managing a large and cosmopolitan cast of characters. I enjoyed this book quite a lot, but after I'd read it I wondered how much better it would have been if McCarthy was not in the thrall of the sophomoric need to be clever. His themes connect, but they seldom add up to much more than their constituent bits, and too often his books feel like homages to trendy philosphy rather [...]

    20. Quite brilliant, thought it wasn't until the very end that I got how all of the pieces fit (or in most cases, didn't fit) together. There are so many missed connections, misinterpreted meanings, and static-filled communications, and I really enjoyed the progression of the undercover surveillance officer's story (especially considering McCarthy's continued obsession with static and tinnitus in "C"). Tom McCarthy remains one my favorite contemporary novelists. Now, to track down his book about Tin [...]

    21. Two mentions. First, this is more of a three and half rating than a three rating but closer to three than four, hence the rating. Second, I am a fan of McCarthy. There is an ease to McCarthy's writing, like smooth jazz. Unlike his other works it lacked both poetry and ingenuity. This is a collection of stories tied together with some cohesion, but little. The author admits to such at the end. In any event, I enjoyed the book. I wanted more, more writing, more depth. But, I'll take what I can get [...]

    22. very good so far, intriguing, the characters are all very well drawn if not exactly sympathetic. I've actually been to Prague where this is set but a long time after the breaking up of Czechoslovakia and it was only for a weekend so I didn't really get involved in the vibrant arts scene around which the plot revolves. Actually I was on a stag weekend and spent most of my time in brothels and strip clubs, who knew there was so much more going on? I was similarly disappointed when I visited Paris [...]

    23. What do I mark the books I started but didn't finish? They're not really "read" but I'm not still reading them either *sigh*I really don't have any complaints about this one because I had no expectations. I grabbed it off of a library shelf at random because I didn't have time to do anything else and in my opinion even a terrible book is better than no book at all. Men In Space was in so many ways not my thing at all, but a lot of other people seem to love Tom McCarthy so I'm probably just not i [...]

    24. Not the normal kind of book I would read. This was one of my summer experiments where I read the blurb, found I was intrigued and bought it even if i'd never read anything by the author or in the genre before.This book is definitely worth reading. McCarthy's skillfully weaves this structure of several different lives into one plotline following the possession and transportation of a famous piece of holy artwork. The time in which the story is set adds to the fragmentary nature and style of the n [...]

    25. Engaging themes (ellipses, counterfeit counterfeited art, disjointedness, endless play on the meanings of *space*), compelling geography/spaces (Prague), undeniable genius of an author; even an illuminating, parasitic afterward by S. Critchley; but can't say that I was as riveted by this one as much as I was by *Remainder* and *C.* Nevertheless, McCarthy's right there with David Mitchell amidst the finest of contemporary British novelists (IMHO).

    26. I picked this up because Simon Critchley wrote the afterward. I'd never heard of the author. I guess I wish I'd read the afterward first. I loved the whole concept of the painting. I was most drawn in when the book was provoking thought about art and authenticity. Towards the end though I guess it fizzled for me a bit. I saw where it said McCarthy has written a book of crit. I will definitely look into that and read it. The setting was well wrought and intriguing.

    27. McCarthy really is a good writer. This is my second of his books, having enjoyed Remainder. Men In Space centres on a group of people in Central Europe. Its primary theme is that of dislocation I think but what makes Men In Space really worthwhile for me is the fact that I already know, (after one reading) that if I was to start the book again immediately, I would pick up on a lot of things I missed the first time around.

    28. writing was good, the time period and location was interesting but for some reason, just didn't grab metting it aside, posting it on bookswap, so that the fates will have their ways… if i get to return to it, so be it. if not, it is released into the ether to someone who wants it. and all is good.… well that was fast. someone requested it already. less than an hour

    29. The flurry of characters, generally without identifying psychological or physical characteristics, is disorienting. More MacGuffins than you can shake a stick at. McCarthy's characters, like many of us, are enthralled by the intricacies of Czech grammar.In this edition, a very helpful afterword by Simon Critchley explains a little about what McCarthy is after.

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