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Who, What, Where, When, Die

Who What Where When Die Librarian Note This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B HZ BJC Avery Shaw is having a bad week First she had to cover a story on a barricaded gunman who likes to dance naked in his window Seco

  • Title: Who, What, Where, When, Die
  • Author: Amanda M. Lee
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 292
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Librarian Note This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B005HZ1BJC.Avery Shaw is having a bad week First, she had to cover a story on a barricaded gunman who likes to dance naked in his window Second, she s receiving death threats with her morning newspaper Lastly, and most importantly, her mom keeps vetoing her outfit choices.It s all in a day s work for this hardwLibrarian Note This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B005HZ1BJC.Avery Shaw is having a bad week First, she had to cover a story on a barricaded gunman who likes to dance naked in his window Second, she s receiving death threats with her morning newspaper Lastly, and most importantly, her mom keeps vetoing her outfit choices.It s all in a day s work for this hardworking, if easily distracted, reporter.Avery Shaw is hot on the trail of the story, even if it means tangling with her hot ex boyfriend the county sheriff and the equally hot, if slightly shadier pawnshop owner down the street.Getting the story is going to be totally worth it that is if Avery can survive the week.Warning These books are sarcastic and snarky Read only if you re not easily offended This is the first book in the Avery Shaw Mystery series.

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      292 Amanda M. Lee
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    1 thought on “Who, What, Where, When, Die

    1. 'Who, What, Where, When, Die' is the story of Avery Shaw as she goes about her daily life as a reporter. She has to get her story, even if it means dealing with her cop ex-boyfriend and hiding that she's getting death threats.Avery is a fantastic character; she is convincing as a gamer geek who dresses casually in retro movie t-shirts, her family are nuts and she is amusingly sarcastic. She's just so believable and real. I had expected more of a dark mystery story for some reason but this is ver [...]

    2. Avery Shaw's life is anything but boring. How can it be when the mother of a naked, armed man, dancing to Eminem, dumps coffee on her cute martini-emblazoned flip-flops? It only gets better in Amanda M Lee's "Who, What, Where, When, Die," the first installment in what I hope is a long series of Avery Shaw novels. Avery is a reporter for the Macomb "Monitor." Macomb is a suburb of Detroit, and it has seen better days. The government is always broke, and rife with corruption, and many of the resid [...]

    3. Reviewed by Whitney@Shooting Stars Reviews Avery Shaw is a mess in most peoples standards. She is selfish, cares more about herself, and doesn't give a crap what anyone thinks. When she meets a new guy and is attracted to him things start looking up, until her ex starts paying more attention to her again, and she doesn't know who to pick. Then there is the fact that she is being threatened, and someone seems to want her dead. This book was okay. It really wasn't a great story, but it was nice to [...]

    4. Despite stories about reporters not being my favorite type of book to read, this one wasn't too bad. There is a stalker mystery and a love triangle that wants to be a lopsided square (which I guess is a trapezoid, and by lopsided, I mean she has a young admirer.)At this point, I am not sure who I am rooting for. Eliot or Jake. Both have good and bad points. In the end, for this book anyway, it doesn't matter. This is not a HEA or even a HFN. It is just a funny story about the life of a reporter [...]

    5. This review is by Bob Boze on behalf of Truth About BooksWho, What, Where, When, Die is listed under Cozy, Mystery, Suspense. I need to tell you that I’m not sure that it fits any of these categories. I also need to tell you that I am a rabid fan of Amanda’s Wicked Witches of the Midwest Series.For both of these reasons, I was extremely disappointed in Who, What, Where, When, Die. That disappointment started with the title, which makes no sense and gave me absolutely no clue as to what this [...]

    6. If you are a fan of Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum stories than you are a fan of the Avery Shaw stories by Amanda M. Lee you just haven't read one yet. If you had you would be running out to find all that she has written and would be devouring that too (ok well I did).What is a snarky, Star Wars loving, reporter to do when a story seems to fall into her lap. Well research it and do what she does best. But, this time she seems to be part of the story as she is getting death threats. Now this is [...]

    7. Very good readI have quite a few Amanda Lee books. I really enjoy them all. This is my first Avery book. I liked them so much I will be reading them all. These are fun quick reads!

    8. This book weas okay. Not fantastic, not awful, just okay. While I love Lee's writing when she's writing about the Winchester Witches, I'm not loving it coming from Avery Shaw. I'm willing to give another Shaw book a try but I'm not falling over backward to do it.

    9. Loved this book. Couldn't put it down! The main character reminds me of myself and some of the smartass things that come out of my mouth. Although I don't have hunky guys chasing after me. Can't wait to read more!

    10. Not her bestI read all the midwestern witch series and those were fun. I found Avery Shaw to be completely irritating and juvenile. And the story was very slow. I normally like to read everything by an author. But I'll skip this series.

    11. I absolutely love this author!I have read almost all her books and can't wait for more. She makes me laugh out loud, makes me love her snarky heroines and keeps me entertained. I wish she had a lot more books out there. I can't seem to get enough! Keep writing, girl!

    12. Another good book Amanda Lee is such a great writer and story teller. I look forward to the next book in the series.

    13. I would never have thought that this was a debut novelI have read other series by this author. Love them all. The most amazing thing to me is that her main characters (Avery, Bay, etc) are all so different. Yet, I find myself identifying with all of them. I'm glad there is more to this series. Hurrah for kindle unlimited.

    14. Avery Shaw Book 1Avery Shaw might not be for everyone but I positively love her. She doesn't take crap off anyone and she stands up for herself. My kind of lady. I can't wait to read the next book.

    15. It was okay. Since this is the first book of a series there were many characters to be introduced and most are quirky just for the sake of quirky. I'm not sure I like the character Avery. Light-weigh chick-lit with a clever mystery. Fast-paced and easy to read.

    16. Avery ShawI think you need to give Avery some good sense when it comes to men. Not all going to bed with them.

    17. Tedious; main character is boring, self-centered, oblivious to hurting others and crez nothing for those she hurts. Rather a waste of time. I expected more from tjis author.

    18. A nice change of pace. Love all the Star Wars references, among Avery's gaming prowess. A fun laugh out loud read. Doesn't hurt she is dealing with two potential suitors.

    19. Avery Shaw sticks again.Good read andyadayadayada had a had a had a fun plot and you still want morew you want 2 more words

    20. Laugh out loud funny! Having grown up in Michigan, I got all the regional jokes and believe I met most of the characters. Can't wait to read the rest of this series.

    21. I do not usually do well with "humorous" books. I'm picky with my humor - stupid, screaming humor makes me crazy. I wasn't sure going into this book whether I'd be able to take it, but. surprisingly enough, I actually LOVED IT! Loved it enough to move on immediately to the next book, since Who, What, Where, When, Die is a relatively short, quick read and my interest in the life of Avery Shaw hasn't yet been satisfied. Avery Shaw is a journalist for a smallish Ohio town paper. She is, to put it n [...]

    22. DeLeon strikes againIn keeping with her Miss Fortune series, Jana brings a hilarious twist to a mystery. The main character is quick witted and sarcastic making this book a great read.

    23. Avery is a bit of a child and I have to wonder how she even got to a reporter. She did grow on me and even though she is a bit childlike it does add to her quirkiness. A fast read and enjoyable.

    24. Started April 19th, 2014.Wanted a change from the brutal murder and mayhem, and got this via Bookbub for free (you sign up with bookbub and give them the genres you are interested in and you get an email a day with offers from various shops with cheap books, some even free bookbub ).Switched reading this with other books, so it took a while longer to finish it.So, as I do not understand the problems and decisions of Avery, this was even for a free book a mistake. If you want to read chicklit and [...]

    25. Avery Shaw, my new favorite characterI'm a little late starting the Avery Shaw series but i sure am glad i did. Interesting characters a fun mystery and a whole kit if snark!!! Looking forward to reading the next book in this series.

    26. Avery Shaw apparently has much more fun than I ever did as a reporter for a mid-sized newspaper. She gets to cover a story on a barricaded gunman who likes to dance naked in his window and she keeps getting death threats for her stories. (Neither of those things ever happened to me.) Her job gives her plenty of contact with her hot ex-boyfriend/county sheriff – they have lots of unfinished business dating back to high school. Through the course of her work, she runs into an equally hot, but sk [...]

    27. Guess my generation is more than several from that for which the book was written. Snarky indeed, perhaps, but more so gratuitous sex and offensive language. (Thank you, but I see and hear enough of it these days.) Yes, I saw the warning, but the book was downloaded for free and I usually then try to finish and issue the expected rate and review. Interesting Avery Shaw could actually hold a job with that level of (im)maturity and never having gotten into Star Wars that deeply couldn't relate. Be [...]

    28. Can't wait to read the next oneI don't review very many of the books I read, simply because most aren't worth the effort. This is one of the exceptions to the rule. This was an enjoyable read from page one. A great mix of humor, that did have me smiling often, and suspense. For once a female lead character didn't do stupid things just to propel the storyline. Avery is a strong willed reporter living her life on her terms, has a unique, yet close knit family, and finds an old boyfriend seeming to [...]

    29. Avery Shaw is my kind of girl; she's intelligent, funny, nerdy, and feisty. This book had quite a few laughs, but not much in the way of mystery. The "bad guy" had a strange (almost ridiculous) reason for the threats. It became a bit obvious that the book was more about the development of Avery's character than a mystery. The romance aspect was also a bit strange, but perhaps future books will develop that part further. I listened to the audio version of this book and I found Angel Clark to be a [...]

    30. I wanted something light and funny and this series fit the bill. The first book in the series is my least favorite, but I still thought it was funny, only because I wasn't used to the character. Some of her humor might not be for everyone, but I thought it was funny. The bits about being a reporter rang true and her cast of characters are memorable and funny without being annoying. If you need a little mystery, a little romance, and some laughs I'd recommend this series. If you are worried the m [...]

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