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The Kraken King and the Greatest Adventure

The Kraken King and the Greatest Adventure Experience the incredible adventure and heart stopping romance of the Iron Seas in this thrilling steampunk tale from New York Times bestselling author Meljean Brook The Kraken King Part VIIIThe Krak

  • Title: The Kraken King and the Greatest Adventure
  • Author: Meljean Brook
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 325
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Experience the incredible adventure and heart stopping romance of the Iron Seas in this thrilling steampunk tale from New York Times bestselling author Meljean Brook.The Kraken King, Part VIIIThe Kraken King and the Greatest AdventureArriving in Krakentown with their enemies in hot pursuit, Zenobia doesn t know how they can even hope to win Being terrified brings forth anExperience the incredible adventure and heart stopping romance of the Iron Seas in this thrilling steampunk tale from New York Times bestselling author Meljean Brook.The Kraken King, Part VIIIThe Kraken King and the Greatest AdventureArriving in Krakentown with their enemies in hot pursuit, Zenobia doesn t know how they can even hope to win Being terrified brings forth an undeniable truth she loves Ariq and will do whatever it takes to stand by him.But as their adversaries appear on the horizon, they realize that not all is lost Drawing on the power of the terrible war machine, Ariq, Zenobia, and the entire town must put their lives on the line to protect what they love Includes a bonus excerpt of Meljean Brook s Here There Be Monsters.

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    1. Absolutely loved this. Fantastic! Check out my new feature on the blog: To Serial or Not to Serial?. I believe that The Kraken King is a serialized book done right. Here’s why:The Kraken King was divided into 8 parts, each about 4 chapters long. Each part could stand alone as a mini story, however for optimal reading enjoyment, I would suggest that they all be read in consecutive order. Each section is pretty long and runs about 90 -100 or more pages.Each part was released a week apart. This g [...]

    2. review posted on Got Fiction? Book blogOriginal Review:I burnt dinner trying to read and cook at the same time. :/Amazing. Edited Review:I held my breath almost through the entire story. OMG people, this was amazing. The build up to the ending is so intense, as is the entire book, but seriously, this was heart-pounding, breath-holding, edge of the seat intense. Ariq is once more put in the position of handing over the Skybreaker. Or maybe he was never really given the option. His town is taken h [...]

    3. Well the first thing I should say about this final part is to remind readers (since I had to remind myself) that this is a romance at the heart of this story and not a blood soaked tale of revenge (which is exactly what I wanted after Part 7) but it seems Ms Brook wanted to complete her story as it should be in spite of my desire for revenge.Everything is coming to a head, the Nippon forces are all around Krakentown, the evil Ghazan Bator has moved into his town and the future looks dim for any [...]

    4. Loved it, Loved it, Loved it. Couldn't get enough! I read all the parts 1-7 then read 8 The Kraken King, Part VIII: The Kraken King and the Greatest Adventure and WOW! I'm still sticking with Loved it!Meljean Brook's writes wonderful steampunk. High adventure, masterful mechanics and political mechanizations all punctuate a fabulously difficult love story. And the war machine, was a device of all devices! I felt like I was along for the ride.If you love monsters, mayhem, mechanics and romance (o [...]

    5. I read this and the previous one back to back and can I say. Bloody Brilliant. I adore Meljean's steampunk series but this one blows them out of the water. The best read this year and in my top 20 books ever. This is a must read. No one can put emotion, intelligence and action into a story like Meljean.

    6. This whole serial was just the most enjoyable and exciting read I've had in ages. I loved every installment, the characters, the plot, the intrigue and sighAriq, so swoon-worthy. I might have mentioned in another review that I want to be Zenobiawell, even more so now that I've finished the story.Pondering what to do, now that the serial is over, I've decided to begin at Part I and read it all again, start to finish, without waiting a week between each installment, because I might have missed som [...]

    7. You know when you finish a book with a full heart and tears of joy streaming down you cheeks?! Sad for the end but so happy? That.My Rating:  A+, Personal FavoriteOriginally posted at That’s What I’m Talking AboutReview copy provided by the authorTE: This review contains spoilers from the preceding parts of the book.The thrilling and immensely satisfying conclusion to the best book I’ve read in 2014 is here. The Kraken King and the Greatest Adventure opens shortly after the conclusion of [...]

    8. Review originally posted at fictionvixen/review-krakenAt the ending of part seven Zenobia’s brother and his bride made an appearance, and after a daring rescue Zenobia and Ariq are finally on their way to Kraken Town. Injured protecting his wife during the mad dash to the airship Ariq is slowly healing and Zenobia remains close by his side. The big battle is almost upon them and with Nippon forces surrounding his town, a pissed off captain of the imperial guard sure to be headed their way and [...]

    9. Review for parts 7 & 8The last two parts are the resolution of the novel. What started as Zenobia Fox accompanying her pregnant friend, Helene, to the Iron Seas version of Australia to rendezvous with Helene's husband turned into this one huge adventure that involved an infamous rebel (Ariq), the reason for the rebellion, an Empress, and MBrook's version of a steampunk nuclear weapon. Not to mention taking trips to exotic places with towns made up of coral and steel that keeps on growing, va [...]

    10. "And what had begun as a simple journey had become so much more." This book was just so much more in every way - the characters, the plot, the adventure, the romance, the steampunk world; even the serial format was an experience. I can't stop thinking about this story and couple. I loved Zenobia and Ariq so hard. They are easily my favorite couple of Brook’s that she’s written in the Iron Seas world and The Kraken King has become my favorite Iron Seas novel. Also, it's one of only four books [...]

    11. 4.5 stars - I really liked it. The Kraken King and the Greatest (and final) Adventure resolves the emotional cliff hanger from the previous book, and wraps up the serial with a big finish final battle and a HEA for Ariq and Zenobia. I enjoyed this latest episode, and am happy to have made the journey through all eight parts and a bit sad to be leaving the story and the starring pair behind after being immersed in the Iron Seas world and Ariq and Zenobia's adventurous courtship for over eight wee [...]

    12. Meljean Brook has outdone herself. The Kraken King is the high point of her Iron Seas series, much more detailed and un-putdownable than the other books. The serialization was done just right- each novella transporting the reader to a newer phase in Zenobia's journey. Yasmeen and Archimedes make an appearance (finally!) in the heart pounding face off with the Nipponese empress and those who wish to get their hands on the Skybreaker. Although Ariq was cornered in a seemingly dead-end situation, t [...]

    13. I have absolutely loved the adventure this serial has taken me in. Overall this is my type of romance and book. It had action and adventure. Interesting creatures that are both flesh and machine. Scientific and technical without bogging down the story too much. Zenobia and Ariq were smart, sexy, respectful and cute as hell. It was nice to go on their love adventure. Both are so distrustful and loners by nature. It was nice to see them come together and let some of their walls down for each other [...]

    14. full review on coffeeandbookaholics.wordpressThe last installment of the Kraken King, wish there were a few more as it is truly hard to say goodbye to these characters.A wonderful series filled with suspense, action, humour, emotion and sweet romance. A swoon worthy male and a most likeable female.Overall this is a great book, the author always has the steampunk theme present, descriptions are extremely well written and character development is beautifully done.If I had an extra star I would giv [...]

    15. A perfect end to what, for me, has been an unusual reading experience.After the horrific events of part VII this is the final conflict. Ariq, Zenobia and the gang rush to Krakentown to save his people.All is resolved in a satisfactory and plausible fashion.I think there can be no higher commendation of a book or series than when a reader wants to read more of the characters and I certainly would love to know more of the characters we saw in the Kraken King serial.

    16. I reviewed parts 7 & Eight in one post which can be read in it's entirety HERE

    17. Zenobia and Ariq must now move quickly and carefully. It’s not just the Rebellion against the Horde that are manoeuvring to claim the Skybreaker, but the Nipponese Empire as well. Both of them are powers that can wipe out Ariq’s home of Krakentown and all the people who have come to respect and rely on him.They need to stop this conflict before it even begins – because against such powers even if they win the fight, the cost will be impossibly high to payThis finally concludes the whole sa [...]

    18. And finally, we get to the end! I must confess that, though I'm writing this review a couple of weeks after that for part 7, I wasn't able to wait quite as long as I'd planned in between installments. Part 7 left things at quite an intriguing point, and after some 4 days, I gave in.I don't want to give too much away here. Suffice it to say that we get our final confrontation here, and it's fantastic. It's a clever, if still dangerous, plan and the execution made complete sense. It was also incre [...]

    19. There couldn't have been a better ending. I loved it. I loved reading this book. I can't believe it ended. I expected Kraken King to be great but I didn't dare hope, and it exceeded all my expectations. Zenobia Fox was an interesting character and I was curious to find out more about her. And I have never not once been dissapointed in her from page 1 till the last. She's an amazing woman and maybe it was the writing but although she wasn't as strong as Yasmeen or as fearless as Mina; she was at [...]

    20. Our Review, by LITERAL ADDICTION's Vivacious Valkyrie - Marta:*Copy gifted in exchange for an honest reviewThe last instalment of Zenobia's journey and finally we get to read about the incredible war machine known as the Skybreaker. Ariq has sworn to protect it and not allow it to be used but the Nippon Empire are hell bent on claiming it. Having narrowly escaped from capture Ariq is still healing but with the help and support of family and friends maybe they can find a way to finally defeat the [...]

    21. The last instalment of Zenobia's journey and finally we get to read about the incredible war machine known as the Skybreaker. Ariq has sworn to protect it and not allow it to be used but the Nippon Empire are hell bent on claiming it. Having narrowly escaped from capture Ariq is still healing but with the help and support of family and friends maybe they can find a way to finally defeat their enemies . Ghazan Bator holds all of Kraken town hostage with the Empires fleet circling their waters but [...]

    22. Review of installments IV-VIIIAriq has discovered who Zenobia is, but he still needs to uncover all her secrets, as well as win her heart, as she has surely managed to steal his. But he has a plan, her walls will fall under his sensual assault and she will learn to trust him and tell him all her secrets. But, as well as the battle to win Zenobia's heart, Ariq must also discover who is threatening Kraken town and stop their plot before a new war begins. I confess I waited till all parts of this s [...]

    23. This is the fourth book in the Iron Seas series that was released in eight part installments, this is the eighth and final installment in this series.Zenobia and Ariq arrive in Krakentown with their enemy hot on their heels. They must take whatever help they can get to defend Krakentown, even if it means they must put the horribly destructive machine of Ariq’s to use.This was a well done conclusion to this book. The Kraken King joins forces with Archimedes Fox and the Lady Corsair and rushes b [...]

    24. What makes this last part of The Kraken King such an awesome conclusion is that, while edge-of-your-seat exciting, it isn't over-the-top. Ariq and Zenobia return to Krakentown, where it has been taken over by Golden Empire rebel Ghazan Bator and its seaport is guarded by a Nipponese Empire fleet in order to force Ariq to reveal the location of an enormous war machine that, in the wrong hands, could easily level cities.Since part seven ends in somewhat of a cliffhanger I won't reveal how this par [...]

    25. Joint review of Parts 7 & 8.With these last two installments of THE KRAKEN KING serial, Ariq and Zenobia face their greatest challenges and darkest moments. While adventure through exotic lands has permeated all installments of this story, here at the end readers must confront the titanic forces arrayed against our hero and heroine. Both their relationship and their bodies will be tested, loved ones placed in danger, and any hope of a happy future put in question.Part 7 in particular contain [...]

    26. Ariq goes with Zenobia, Archimedes, and Lady Corsair back to his town, to try and stop bloodshed, while protecting the Skybreakerey infiltrate his town (that had been quietly taken over by Ghazan Bator) - killing Ghazen, and offering his men the opportunity for freedom if they will serve Ariq's uncle, Temur Agha - and most agree. And his brother Taka steps up (and before the empress's avatar leaves, she acknowledges that she knows he was innocent of any wrongdoing against them).Ariq asks the Waj [...]

    27. 4.5 starsComing back to where it all started, Ariq and Zenobia have returned to Krakentown to prepare to stand against their enemies together. The odds appear to not be on their side but Ariq is prepared to use everything at his disposal, including a war machine straight out of a nightmare, to protect everything and everyone he loves.Ariq arrives back home with Zenobia by his side, his allies ready to fight, and makes a clear and dramatic statement that he’s taking back his town and will fight [...]

    28. 6/10: Good light-weight read, well done.A satisfactory ending to an epic serial book.I've had my issues with the instalments, though. Some were too short. Some just made the overall story disjointed, not adding anything but segmented and unnecessary breaks in the tale. Some were OK. But none were out of this world. All but one, Part VII, received three stars. But I adored Ariq. Loved Krakentown and The Red City. It had a few wonderful moments, some delightful suspense and occasional action.So, w [...]

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