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Black Death in a New Age

Black Death in a New Age CAN A PLAGUE PANDEMIC STRIKE AGAIN What happens when there is no treatment for the plague Before antibiotics millions lost their lives Today some plague bacterial strains have acquired resistance w

  • Title: Black Death in a New Age
  • Author: Kathy T. Kale
  • ISBN: 9780983686651
  • Page: 226
  • Format: Paperback
  • CAN A PLAGUE PANDEMIC STRIKE AGAIN What happens when there is no treatment for the plague Before antibiotics, millions lost their lives Today, some plague bacterial strains have acquired resistance, while others have been weaponized for war In light of this threat, Dr Dana Sparks, an immunology professor at Duane University is searching for a vaccine Desperate for teCAN A PLAGUE PANDEMIC STRIKE AGAIN What happens when there is no treatment for the plague Before antibiotics, millions lost their lives Today, some plague bacterial strains have acquired resistance, while others have been weaponized for war In light of this threat, Dr Dana Sparks, an immunology professor at Duane University is searching for a vaccine Desperate for tenure and to catch the eye of her old flame Nick Biget, Dana needs to prove her worth Opportunity to shine arrives when the plague hits her small college town days before a vice presidential visit But Dana is sidelined by her department chairman and outside experts, including Nick Accused of incompetence and worse, Dana is left on her own to combat fast acting deadly bacteria that are spreading quickly.

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      226 Kathy T. Kale
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    1 thought on “Black Death in a New Age

    1. This is the complete review as it appears at my blog dedicated to reading, writing (no 'rithmatic!), movies, & TV. Blog reviews often contain links which are not reproduced here, nor will updates or modifications to the blog review be replicated here. Graphic and children's reviews on the blog typically feature two or three images from the book's interior, which are not reproduced here.Note that I don't really do stars. To me a book is either worth reading or it isn't. I can't rate it three- [...]

    2. Good readIt was one I could not put down. Very well written and the characters and plot very well developed. The only thing I did not like was the last few pages where it got political even if I agreed with it. Fiction should remain fiction.

    3. Fascinating read.This just shows how vulnerable we are to disease and how fast and furious our world can be destroyed unless we learn to work together.

    4. I received this book after as a giveaway and was signed by the author , for which I am gratefulFirstly I would like to say that I enjoyed this book. The idea and setting was original and made a refreshing change. The reader can obviously see that author knows what she is talking about ( PHD in Toxicology ) and that a good amount of research and knowledge is reflected in the book.The story is set in a small Texan town, where the main character Dana Sparks is researching a plague vaccine. Others c [...]

    5. Just finished reading "Black Death in a New Age" by Kathy Kale and, much to my surprise (I love a good disaster story), found myself disliking it. This might be due to several prejudices on my part.First, the good points of the story. I felt she realistically portrayed the arguments presented for and against informing the public that the plague was spreading, and the difficulty in quarantining an entire town. She had a nice variety of personalities in the book, (all putting in their two cents wo [...]

    6. I truly enjoy a plague novel that I can lose myself in knowing that I am healthy and safe from infection. Black Death in a New Age kept my attention from the first pages. Not only did it have an outbreak in an unsuspecting location, Duane University in Texas, it mixed civilian and military personal in identifying and containing the spread of the pathogen. Immunologist Dr. Dana Sparks is a brilliant scientist but she likes to work outside the box much to the disapproval of her new boss retired mi [...]

    7. If the author had left out the old romance between Dana and Nick, this book would have been a lot better. The romantic sub-plot detracted from what was otherwise an interesting story.My other complaint about the book is how STUPID Dana's boss is. There's plague in the town. Dana is an expert on the plague and has spent her career researching a vaccine. Anyone with more than two brain cells would use her expertise and put her at the center of the investigation. However, he dislikes her because sh [...]

    8. COMA was the first, five star, medical thriller I ever read. Between that book and this book, I have read some doozies (etymology: the Deusenberg automobile). Believe you me, I have! Few books rate five stars, but due to the author's excellent mechanics and good storytelling, this book got my five. The storyline had the perfect number of ups and downs, and every theory floated by the author was within the realm of possibilities. All of the characters kept cool heads, even though none thought ali [...]

    9. I received a copy of this book for free through First Reads.For some strange reason, I was half-expecting parts of "Black Death in a New Age" to read like a medical textbook (possibly due to Kathy T. Kale's background). It doesn't. I'm not disappointed!There's a fine line between giving too much information, and not giving enough. The balance here is just right.The writing is smooth and comfortable to read, while the story line has a very good balance between the medical side and human interest [...]

    10. Medical thriller lite with a layer of moral equivalence and dose of US bashing to spice things up for the lefties. It was an okay read that could have been been much better had the author put more effort into building suspense and avoided making her political statement. Overriding theme : "we brought this on ourselves" and "they are only reacting to the mean, cruel and heartless USA." I've been left without any illusion of this authors opinion toward 9-11 or any terrorist attack on US soil. Furt [...]

    11. Thriller,while I usually enjoy viral catastrophes as yes, I'm one of those, this book is more of a thriller's well written and the scientific parts are not above understanding as you may expect of an author who specializes in toxicology was kept at a average person's understanding lots of twists and I proudly(though disappointed at the same time) figured out who dunn it.a little stretch of imagination is needed but otherwise,I enjoyed reading this mystery.worth the time!

    12. Summary,Black death epidemic caused by bad men.Bad handling of epidemic by narrow minded authoritarian men.mistakes in containing caused by stupid men.But luckily we have beautiful clever superwoman to save the day. who not only has all the answers to cause and containment, she also invented the cure.And of course the obligatory romance, well he had to fall in love with her when she cured him as well. What a silly book.

    13. Are editors working any more? For example, when was the last time you stood on the sixty yard line of a football field? When was the last time an entire university campus became filled with people because one exam "ended" in some class?And please, if I never hear, " it reminded him of blah blah blah from a song by Robin Wheeler," it will be too soon.

    14. Scientific thrillerI'm not very smart and I barely passed college chemistry, so I didn't understand all of this tale. It was exciting and had good characters that one could love or hate. I knew, of course, that there is no sixty yard line on a football field. I like the inside scoop on what's happening in the hospital. This story was more research so I was disappointed.

    15. Pretty good book.The book was good. I read it quickly because I got caught up in the story, and wanted to find out what happened next. She was very detailed in her descriptions of the laboratory procedures, which were mostly correct. I thought it interesting that when she explained the antibiotic resistance plates, she didn't include sterilizing the agar.

    16. This was a well written, fast moving story. And, the military man in charge, was pictured (by me) as the ever so sexy Sam Elliot! Some of the science jargon was over my head, but it didn't keep the story from being understandable. I liked it.

    17. Great read. The title caught my eye. Having been a nurse for nearly 35 yrs I like mysteries like this one. The characters are believable. And the romance was left to the end of the story. I recommend this books to my co-workers and family.

    18. It's an engrossing book that I didn't realize how quickly that I finished it. The scientific aspects are easily to grasp and the overall plot line is very solid. Not a huge fan of the secondary plot line of the two main characters. Well worth reading novel, there's a bit of a rush towards the end.

    19. Good story, characters, too much scientific information5 stars for characters, story lines, but lots of skimming over too much insifnificant medical & scienticif informarion. A localized plague where the hyroic woman saves the day and a lost love.

    20. This was a freebee. Not sure it's going to deserve all those stars, maybe for being free. A Jane Eyre in modern day just doesn't work. An affair, wife locked up in an asylum, doesn't work in the modern age. Hope it sticks to the plague. Predictable silly story

    21. I really liked this book. Truly captured the life of a female academic scientist and public health warrior. Mixed in romance, intrigue, danger with characters fully fleshed out, human and relatable. A winner.

    22. Story line was goodI enjoyed the story and the idea of a plague in a small town used as a bio-weapon. The characters in the story really didn't add to the story. They were kinda of generic and not very endearing or memorable.

    23. Quite fun!Thank you, Ms. Kale for another great book! I thoroughly enjoyed it, and reflected a bit on our current times. Keep up the good work!

    24. This was an excellent book. The author really had to investigate to give some of the information about plagues. She also had you going to the end to see what really caused the out break.

    25. amazon下載的免費小說,算近期看過還不錯的小說,很有畫面,會讓人上癮一直想要讀下去,不到一個星期就看完了!!

    26. Good bookanyone who likes a good medical thriller will want to read this one. I had to finish it in one sitting.

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