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One Good Deed

One Good Deed Luka Krachec immigrates to the United States to find his cousin dead and his cousin s wife hospitalized after a terrible accident He meets Peter Montgomery at the funeral The American seems nice and c

  • Title: One Good Deed
  • Author: AndrewGrey
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 418
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Luka Krachec immigrates to the United States to find his cousin dead and his cousin s wife hospitalized after a terrible accident He meets Peter Montgomery at the funeral The American seems nice and captures Luka s attention when he offers to help him with his English Peter has spent most of his life believing he shot his father at age six, and his family uses his regreLuka Krachec immigrates to the United States to find his cousin dead and his cousin s wife hospitalized after a terrible accident He meets Peter Montgomery at the funeral The American seems nice and captures Luka s attention when he offers to help him with his English Peter has spent most of his life believing he shot his father at age six, and his family uses his regret and overwhelming guilt to keep him under their proverbial thumbs Peter does his best to make up for what he did by helping others, and agreeing to help Luka with his English yields something amazing when they hit it off When Peter opens up to Luka about what happened when he was a child, Luka senses some holes in the story and suspects Peter needs some help, so he approaches the head of the psychology department at the college where he works Neither expects to open a long barricaded door to secrets, denial, and family manipulation.

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    1 thought on “One Good Deed

    1. Luka and Peter *hand over heart* I Loved Them Both! A Sweet Endering Love StoryA Short Story with A Sweet Build of RomanceIMO This Book Had A lot of Passon! A Great Multifaceted Storyline.A lot of Sweetness!A Scientist! A Great Romance with Sizzling Slow Chemistry!A Language Barrier---> Perfectly done! A Endearing Mystery!And I am NOT a mystery book loverAnd, when he said "come for me sweetheart" I just.justw, *BIG sigh*.I have read MANY Andrew Grey books, I find him addicting. The rating are [...]

    2. This story begins with Luka, a Serbian geneticist, immigrating to the United States. He arrives to tragic news that may put his Visa in question and he speaks very little English. He soon meets Peter, a Serbian-speaking social worker, who offers to help him improve his language skills and the two men begin a friendship. As Luka struggles in this strange new world, he discovers that Serbia may not be ready to let him go without a fight. Peter has his own troubles and is surrounded by tragedy and [...]

    3. Disclaimer: I bought this book because I have fallen in love with the guy on the cover.Note for myself: do not judge a book by its cover.There’s nothing wrong with this book, it was just really boring as hell. I got it that Peter thinks he’s unworthy of love, and I was sorry for him, but at the 14th time he repeated the same concept I started agreeing with him.On the bright side, I appreciated Luka’s cuteness and his language learning difficulties. I could definitely use a nice hot private [...]

    4. Review by The Blogger Girls.What a sweet story this is. Luka is probably the sweetest man I’ve read about in a long time. He is a Serbian, escaping from his government and immigrating to the US with the help of his cousins He finds himself in a strange land, with little knowledge of the language and his plans thrown to the wind when those cousins helping him transition into his new life are in a life changing accident. Luckily, he meets Peter, who offers to help tutor Luka with his English, an [...]

    5. What a wonderful story!! Luka remind me of me when I came to live in Australia, with only one sentence in my vocabulary "Me no English, sorry". I know exactly how fearful he felt not knowing the language, and in my case I didn’t have a wonderful, charming, lovely Peter to help me.This author portrayed an immigrant in a very realist, accurate way, it brought back so many memories.I did enjoy this story, and I really hope that somewhere in this world they are 2 people as wonderful as Luka and Pe [...]

    6. After barely being able to get out of Serbia with a backpack and one suitcase carrying his most important possessions, Luka arrives in America to start a new life with his cousins, Josif and Bella, only to discover that they’ve been in an accident and that his first stop in America is the church where Josif’s funeral is being held. The one good thing, if he can even call it that, is that people in the church and surrounding neighborhood speak Serbian and, with his English being so limited, h [...]

    7. The problem with this story is that it is just another piece of "formula fiction" by the author. Here is the generic plot, much like every other Andrew Grey novel -- 1. Two main characters meet unexpectedly. 2. There are a couple of awkward courting chapters. 3. Then there is the "does he like me" set-up. 4. First sex scene. 5. Thrown in gratuitous conflict. 6. Second sex scene where the characters realize that they are in love. 7. Resolution of contrived conflict. 8. And, a tear jerking "happy [...]

    8. A sweet story but I had a hard time finding the chemistry in the MC's. Unfortunately that makes for a long-slow read!

    9. What an absolutely beautiful story about new beginnings and forgiveness (especially of ones self). Luka, having just arrived in the United States, finds that his cousin Josif, who had sponsored his immigration, was just killed in a car accident. Luka speaks very little English and is now facing a very different life than he had imagined. He meets Peter at Josif's funeral and Peter offers to help Luka learn to speak English. Peter does not think he is worthy of love because of something that happ [...]

    10. 2.5 STARSWell it's a bit stilted but it flopped over the finish line. It had great potential but just didn't deliver for me personally.I thought the two MC's were very solid though. the plot was a bit of a mish-mash of regurgitated bib's and bob but I'm not talking plagiarism at all. It's just a same, same but different, but had the potential to be a 5 star book, sorry.I have more fun tracking two CAT 4 Tropical Cyclones up the coast today.

    11. This was an okay read, just a bit boring because the writing was repetitive and suffered from too much telling instead of showing. I also didn't feel the chemistry between the main characters.

    12. This story for me was not only about the romance, but was about forgiveness and coping with grief and fitting into a new culture.Luka immigrates to America and leaves Serbia behind him. His cousin has sponsored him and everything should be plain sailing with his entry visa and green card. However, when he is met at the airport by Peter he finds out that his cousin Josif and his wife Bella were in a car accident. Josif tragically died in the accident and Bella is in hospital lying in a coma. This [...]

    13. Moving to a different country is hard enough, but if you hardly speak the language the potential obstacles in your way become huge. Communication, making a living, and finding new friends are all infinitely more difficult when the basics are missing. Add to this the fact you cannot go back because you'd most likely be killed (or worse) if you did, and you have Luka Krachec's situation in this book. The man he ends up befriending (and eventually more) has not had an easy time of it either, and th [...]

    14. Andrew Grey is one of my favorite authors. You can’t visit my blog site or talk to me for very long without realizing this fact. His style of writing and the stories from his imagination hit home for me. That, plus the fact he writes LOTS of high quality stories so I never seem to have to wait long for the next one.One Good Deed is a beautifully crafted story of an immigrant to the United States who is well educated but handicapped by two things: his sponsor died just before Luka arrived, and [...]

    15. One Good Deed is another deviation from Andrew Grey, and one, I have to say, that I have already reread twice. The story begins with Luka arriving in the US to find his cousin’s funeral his first destination, and his sister-in-law in a coma. What a way to begin a journey in a new county! Well, that event did provide Luka with one thing, an introduction to an American whose life revolves around helping others. Peter is a man whose life was derailed when he was six and his father was shot… he [...]

    16. There is a gentleness to Andrew Grey's novels that envelopes the reader. Worries appear, and there are traumas (some very old and harrowing as in "One Good Deed") to be dealt with. But his books tend not to be roller-coaster rides as much as long scenic drives, with a few hair-raising curves to make them interesting and to keep one's heart beating a little faster. The story of Luka and Peter; a lyrical memoir of loss and recovery, of tragedy and redemption, is what we get in this latest book. I [...]

    17. So Josif’s parents emigrated with him when he was still small. Yet only “a few years ago” (when he had to have been in his thirties at the least) Peter helped him and his wife with learning English. And Josif was buried “with his family” at the cemetery. What family? His parents are still alive; they appeared at the funeral. Older generations do not seem to have emigrated. Even if he had a lot of siblings that created families of their own, just how many deaths of his kin are we talkin [...]

    18. What I love about Andrew Grey books is that they are so sweet and always make me smile. Luka is by far one of the cutest and sweetest heroes. He's from Serbia, and he's immigrated to the U.S. He meets Peter, who offers to help him with English, and the two really connect. Peter has dark issues centering on the death of his father, and Luka is really the first person/relationship interest he's been able to open himself up to.There's more to Peter's memory, though, and even darker things lurk belo [...]

    19. 03/26/2015Andrew Grey – One Good Deed Audio BookReviewer: BarbGenre: M/M ContemporaryReview: When Luka Krachec arrives in the United States after fleeing his native Serbia, he finds his cousin Josif, his immigration sponsor, is dead and his wife Bella is hospitalized after a terrible accident. Thankfully, a friend of their family meets him at the airport since he knows very little English and would be lost without help.Apparently, he’s arrived on the day of the funeral, and he finds comfort [...]

    20. First of all let me start with mentioning I was delighted to be offered a copy of this book by the author to read. This is a different story than I am used to reading from this author; it’s more drama free so to speak.There is of course some drama there but in a different way. The story focuses more on the relationships between different characters, the inner process to learn yourself and how to deal with things that get thrown your way in life.For Luka, one of the main characters, one of the [...]

    21. review based on ARC/Galley copyLuka Krachec left his home in Serbia for America in the hopes of a better life. When he arrives he learns that his cousin who was to be his sponsor has been in a car accident and died, his cousin’s wife is still in critical condition. The members of their small Serbian community in Milwaukee still make Luka feel welcome though, and he continues with his plans. He settles into the apartment his cousin got him, settles into his job teaching at the local college, [...]

    22. Original Blog Post: headouttheoven/20One Good Deed is the story of Luka and Peter. Luka is a Serbian scientist migrating to the USA but instead of a happy reunion with his cousin and sponsor, he attends the funeral. There, he meets Peter who teaches English as a second language. The two men become friends and Luka soon relies on Peter for learning American English. Through their constant togetherness, they get closer and soon it is impossible to resist each other. But instead of the expected hap [...]

    23. My partner has been reading Andrew Grey's books for a while, now, and has been trying to talk me into giving the author a try. I finally broke down and decided to give him a go. One Good Deed had everything I look for in a novel with main characters who are gay. It was non-stereotypical, down-to-earth, thought-provoking, heartfelt, and believable. Luka comes to United States from Serbia to live with his sponsor and cousin, Josif (and his wife, Bella). When Luka arrives in the U.S he is greeted b [...]

    24. This was an interesting book that hooked me from the beginning. Luka immigrates from Belgrade upon his arrival a friend of his cousin's picks him up from the airport. Where he learns of the tragic death of his cousin and his cousin's wife is in the hospital from an auto accident (this where it would have been in my opinion that Andrew could put a plot twist in towards the end that and for those who read the book may see this way as well sorry not a spoiler.) He is taken from the airport to the h [...]

    25. This is another great book by Andrew Grey Luka gets to the United States from Serbia , sponsor by his family only to find out that his cousin Josif and wife Bella were in a car accident. Luka meets Peter that at first sight Luka immediately sees the sadness in his eyes. Luka is not stranger to personal loss due to his lover had died before he coming to the US. Luka has a very much positive attitude and tries to help Peter the same way Peter is helping him. Peter is teaching Luka to better under [...]

    26. "The Power of Truth"As a fan of Andrew Grey's writing, I must admit that I thoroughly enjoyed this story. I've not heard one like it before and as with most of Grey's stories there is a happily ever after. But the journey to getting there is always a lesson to learn. Truth is a wondrous thing and can things into motion that brings forth growth and learning! Luca and Peter's come together with a past, each learning the truth and dealing with it and in that course find love with one another. A swe [...]

    27. I like reading Andrew Grey mainly because there are so few m/m romance authors that are male but I do find his plots sometimes simple and not involved and detailed enough. That was not true of this book. I found the plot to be just thorough enough without overdoing it on too much detail in the plot development. I found the issues with Luka and Peter 's issues to be reasonable and done well. I can't imagine having the issues Peter had and can't imagine resolving those issues in the adult and very [...]

    28. Reviewed for Prism Book alliance Michael Ferraiuolo is a new to me narrator who did an admirable job with the narration. When he slipped into the accent necessary for the Serbian characters, he is still able to be understood and helps get you into the mindset of the characters. How true is his Serbian accent? I have no clue. I didn't try to compare it to other Serbian voices and it isn't an accent I would pick up on readily. prismbookalliance/?pos

    29. The theme and characters are a bit different than some of Andrew Grey's work, with one of the most obvious being that there is a cultural difference between the two protagonists that is smoothed by a language commonality--Serbian, in Milwaukee, if you will! Other than that, this is a quietly simple romance with some seriously hot sex thrown in here and there in a situation which is both believable and delightful. Another triumph by a master of such things.

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