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Wolf When a vagrant the Walking Man finds a dog wandering alone with the words HELP US written on its collar he s sure it s a desperate plea from someone in trouble and calls on Detective Inspector Jack C

  • Title: Wolf
  • Author: Mo Hayder
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 476
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When a vagrant the Walking Man finds a dog wandering alone with the words HELP US written on its collar, he s sure it s a desperate plea from someone in trouble and calls on Detective Inspector Jack Caffery to investigate Caffery is reluctant to get involved until the Walking Man promises new information regarding the childhood abduction of Caffery s brother in exchangeWhen a vagrant the Walking Man finds a dog wandering alone with the words HELP US written on its collar, he s sure it s a desperate plea from someone in trouble and calls on Detective Inspector Jack Caffery to investigate Caffery is reluctant to get involved until the Walking Man promises new information regarding the childhood abduction of Caffery s brother in exchange for the detective s help tracking down the dog s owners Caffery has no idea who or what he is searching for, but one thing he is sure of it s a race against time Meanwhile, the Anchor Ferrers, a wealthy local family, are fighting for their lives in their remote home ten miles away Two men have tricked their way into the house and are holding the family for ransom Yet as the captors demands become increasingly bizarre and humiliating, it becomes clear that this is than a random crime it s a personal vendetta.

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    1. Minnet kable, Minnet with the emphasis on the first syllable. Usually the name is never spoken aloud in this household. The one who must not be named? :OMinnet is a white,british and the Anchor-ferrers have no idea how he came to be given shch a name. There is nothing in any of the legal transcripts to suggest his heritage. Kable was insane, convicted over and over for a string of offences- arson, Sexual assault, car theft. No one knows what made him cross the line and turn to killing that summe [...]

    2. Oh, how much I love Mo Hayder! I think that the Treatment and Devil in Nanking (also called Tokyo) are two of my favorite books of all time. I love everything she writers, but some I love more than others. Wolf catches us up with Jack, and the interesting thing is that he's very changed from the guy we first met all those years ago. As an author, it's really difficult to slowly let a character grow up, and I think Mo has done that beautifully. Oh, and also there's some good murder and stuff in t [...]

    3. Many people commented that Mo Hayder's last Jack Caffrey novel, Poppet was not as good as the rest. A fact that I denied continuously. Having just finished Wolf I was wrong. Wolf is a return to everything that is brilliant about Mo Hayder's, Jack Caffrey series and shows some of the others up.The book is unique to others as this is not so much a police investigation as a private case for Jack Caffrey. None of the familiar characters appear except for Jack and the Walking Man are present. Initial [...]

    4. I am so sad that my relationship with Hayder has come to an end! I have spent the last few months binge reading all her writing and now I don't know what to do with my life!This is the final installment in the Jack Caffrey crime series and, while not full of happy-ever-afters and fully explained summaries, I feel like the series drew to an acceptable close here. Hayder never gives her readers all the answers and I did not expect her to do so here but I feel like I received the closure I needed f [...]

    5. The queen of nail-shredding tension returns with Wolf, the seventh novel to feature DI Jack Caffery and the fifth in the Walking Man series. We have a convoluted plot that uses as its backdrop the visceral – in all senses of the word – murder of two teenagers 14 years previously, where a killer was brought to justice. Cut to a wealthy family in the present day, living in the vicinity of said murder, held hostage and terrorised by two intruders, but able to send an SOS message out secreted in [...]

    6. Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaior de snel wisselende hoofdstukken van hooguit 1 á 2 bladzijden waarin afwisselend dader, slachtoffer en rechercheur een rol spelen werd ik niet meegezogen in het verhaal. Af en toe las ik een paar bladzijden en kon het boek makkelijk wegleggente weinig spanning? Prachtige cover!!

    7. Hayder takes your worst nightmares, translates them into words and sets them down on a page. Grisly, gritty and oh so dark, but her character Inspector Caffery is a character that I am drawn to. He is haunted by his brothers death when they were young, convinced he was taken by the pedophile that lived very close to them, and he has never stopped looking for his body or information on what happened to him. The walking man is another great character, with a difficult sorrow of his own.The case in [...]

    8. Publication Date: April 24th 2014When a vagrant—the Walking Man—finds a dog wandering alone with the words "HELP US” written on its collar, he’s sure it’s a desperate plea from someone in trouble and calls on Detective Inspector Jack Caffery to investigate. Caffery is reluctant to get involved—until the Walking Man promises new information regarding the childhood abduction of Caffery’s brother in exchange for the detective’s help tracking down the dog’s owners. Caffery has no i [...]

    9. I really enjoyed this book! Mo Hayder tangles things up so well! Then she slowly untangles and builds the suspense. What she's really good at is not just turning the tables, but really spinning the tables. I kept wondering what the heck was happening, who was really who, and how different scenarios might be in play. Then Jack Caffery, made more human in this book because of a dog, keeps digging and searching until all is revealed.Now I'm up to date with this series!

    10. I've done it!! I've gotten to the latest instalment of the Caffery series and sadly I'm a little disappointed with this one.I'm not going to go too much into the storyline. A mature couple and their daughter are taking a break in their countryside residence in Somerset because the father, Oliver, is recovering from heart surgery. A good place to recuperate and all that. An unease starts building when some innards of what appears to be animal are found by the mother, Matilda, in the garden. This [...]

    11. Obviously it doesn’t take much brain power to realise that if you are going to dip your toes into a series of books about Detective Inspector Jack Caffrey, number seven isn’t actually the best place to start. Oh well, it was the one the library had and so here we are. Mo Hayder though is good at what I call ‘The Bertie Wooster Conundrum’, namely passing across the relevant information so newbies are brought up to speed, whilst not alienating the old faithfuls. But even though I got a rea [...]

    12. Η Mo Hayder είναι μια ιδιαίτερη περίπτωση συγγραφέως αστνομικής λογοτεχνίας. Είχα πάρει μια πρώτη γεύση του έργου της από την κινηματογραφική μεταφορά του '' Τhe Treatment'' και παρά το γεγονός ότι ο πυρήνας της υπόθεσης ήταν η παιδοφιλία, με είχε εντυπωσιάσει η ατμόσφαιρα και η πλοκή [...]

    13. Mo Hayder is an incredible talent, with her latest 'Wolf', the seventh in the Jack Caffrey series, she proves this. Not only do you devour her words, but she has the ability to make you feel them.With each page turned, a sense of unease grows, leaving you feeling that you are an onlooker, watching the story unfold, unable to help. When the story ends, you desperately wish it hadn't.If you have never read a Mo Hayder book, do so, now! 'Wolf' is terrifying, provoking and utterly brilliant.Like a W [...]

    14. Well written, unsavoury pulp…Following heart surgery, Oliver Anchor-Ferrars is delighted to get down to his country house to relax and recuperate. He and his wife, Matilda, have brought their grownup daughter, Lucia, with them. Lucia has never recovered from the trauma of the murder of her ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend when she was young, and is back living with her parents after yet another job and relationship breakdown. But the country idyll is destroyed when two men come into their h [...]

    15. “I believe from what I can hear, the either my daughter or my wife has just been attacked. I don’t know the outcome. The house is silent.” Oliver Anchor-Ferrers, his wife Matilda and his daughter Lucia live in a rambling Victorian house set high on a hill in the Somerset Mendips. Fifteen years ago, a shocking and sadistic double murder rocked their small, genteel world, but the killer confessed and the community have been trying ever since to put the dark events behind them. Early in the b [...]

    16. Ballsy. That's the best word I can think of to describe Mo Hayder's work on her sixth Jack Caffery novel. It's ballsy for two reasons: 1) Caffery, the London detective who always takes center stage in these novels, is more or less a supporting character in this one, spending much of his time searching for the owner of a lost dog with a mysterious plea for help in its collar, and 2) it's now clear that what Hayder's doing isn't giving us a detective series as much as she's telling an epic-length [...]

    17. mybookishways/2014/04/Wolf begins with a couple who have lost track of their young daughter while picking flowers in the woods. When they find her, she mentions a dog (it’s always a dog), and a man (it’s always a man), and of course the dog is injured and won’t she help the poor man with his dog? But it’s not what you think, and later, as she cuddles her teddy, Buttons, safe in the car with her parents, the little girl thinks about the words that were on a bit of paper attached to the do [...]

    18. This book had such great promise. Through page 296 it had all the characteristics of a true page turner. On my daily commutes to and from work, during my daily exercise routine, even during the broadcasts of the NHL Stanley Cup playoffs, I could not stop thinking about what comes next in the story. I was hooked! After page 296, things became too far-fetched, implausible and at times just plain silly! Intestines in bushes, said intestines in buckets hauled through the house, very same intestines [...]

    19. A little girl finds a dog with a note in it's collar saying "help me" and so begins Mo Hayder's most chilligly terrifying novel to date.The Anchor - Ferrers family have come down to their country house to allow Oliver to recuperate from his heart operation. Almost immediately, things feel wrong and when two "policemen" arrive out of the blue and the phone stops working in the house, the nightmare accelerates from bad to horribly much worse.I didn't like the first chapter of the book - it isn't l [...]

    20. This is the first book of Mo Hayder's that I've read, so I didn't know what to expect. I'm a fan of thrillers and detective fiction, some of it including significant amounts of graphic violence There is some subject matter I just prefer to skip, however, because it is so disturbing that it makes me want to shower after reading it -- with all the doors locked and the lights on. The plot of this book involves a family held hostage in their own home. There is significant mental and physical torture [...]

    21. ‘Amy is five years old and in all of those five years she’s never seen Mummy acting like this before.’Amy finds a small dog wandering alone, and in the time that she is out of her parents’ sight, they panic. A vagrant comes to Amy’s aid, and takes the small dog away. The dog has a note with the words ‘Help Us’ but no other details. Just ten miles away, in their remote home known as the Turrets, three members of the Anchor-Ferrers family are fighting for their lives. Two men have co [...]

    22. Właściwie 3 z plusem. Początkowo książka mnie nie porwała, styl wydawał mi się jakiś taki teatralny, coś mi nie pasowało. Nie pomagało też pewnie to, że jest to siódmy tom cyklu - a ja z wcześniejszymi nie miałam styczności i główny bohater był dla mnie anonimowy. Czytałam trochę bez przekonania, ale w pewnym momencie coś zaskoczyło i historia mnie wciągnęła, a nawet trochę zaskoczyła. I chętnie sięgnę po wcześniejsze tomy, by bliżej poznać inspektora Caffary' [...]

    23. "I know because you and I? We are the same person."This is so close to being a full 5 stars for me -- but that is a rating I only give books that live on in my mind long after I've turned the final pages. Wolf may end up being one of those, and if so, I'll adjust that later. This novel is the 7th in the Detective Jack Caffery series and it's a winner! Do not read this unless you have read the previous 6 books so that you get the full impact of the character of Jack and what all he has gone throu [...]

    24. Mo Hayder, no stranger to the sicker side of crime thrillers, brings Jack Caffrey back into our worlds with Wolf.With enough twists to suck your adrenal glands dry its a little hard to summarize the plot without giving something away, suffice to say there is violence, psychological torture, and a puppy called Bear with a mysterious note attached to his collar asking for help.Overall the plot is pretty slick, albeit a little disjointed. Jack's initial goal in the book is his endless investigation [...]

    25. Thank you to the publishers for letting me read this book before publication.It is so good to read a new Jack Caffery. It's like revisiting a much loved friend. In the latest book, police arrive at a posh couple and their daughter's holiday home setting in motion a chain of events involving kidnap and murder. A small dog leads Caffery into the investigation. Everything links back to the savage murder of a teenage couple in the woods. Slowly it starts to make sense. Caffery solves the mystery and [...]

    26. Brilliant. Mo Hayder writes the creepiest, grittiest mysteries and her Jack Caffrey series is probably the best out there. Her books are doubly great - on top of a well crafted and compelling who (or why) dunnit she also tells the story of a man tormented by his past as he struggles to solve the disappearance of his brother when they were both children. Since "Birdman" we've followed Jack as he tries to find out the truth, and witnessed the emotional toll the journey has taken. This book upped t [...]

    27. I eagerly wait every book Mo Hayder writes. I've loved her from the very first one! This one is creepy and her stated intention to instil a creeping terror in the reader works perfectly. I hadn't seen the twist - I feel now I need to reread to see if I missed something! Her characters are all well drawn and interesting, though I'd have liked a bit more detail on the two villains. The plot - well I had to suspend disbelief a few times but that doesn't matter, the story just ripped along at a crac [...]

    28. There's incredible skill in the way this story builds chapter by chapter, where very detail has been so carefully planned so that it can lead to a later payoff. I was truly in awe of how Hayder brings seemingly disparate threads of the story together.At times I did resist being made to swallow some details but finally gave in in the end.I did have trouble with what I felt were some detailed, nasty sexual and violent descriptions. Maybe it's because these days there's so much of that detail in th [...]

    29. Much, much better than the previous book in the series. An intriguing crime, and interesting characters. The villains where great too. Had plenty of twists and switch backs, although I did guess one of the bigger twists, well sort of because that twist got twisted haha. Also it appears that we finally get a conclusion to an on going thread in this series, about Jack's brotherquite sad actuallyBUT another thread that was started in another book still hasn't been mentioned, one of the villains in [...]

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