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Precious Thing

Precious Thing Remember the person you sat next to on your first day at school Still your best friend Or disappeared from your life for good Some friendships fizzle out Rachel and Clara promised theirs would last fo

  • Title: Precious Thing
  • Author: Colette McBeth
  • ISBN: 9781472205957
  • Page: 271
  • Format: Paperback
  • Remember the person you sat next to on your first day at school Still your best friend Or disappeared from your life for good Some friendships fizzle out Rachel and Clara promised theirs would last for ever They met when Rachel was the new girl in class and Clara was the friend everyone wanted Now in their late twenties Rachel has everything while Clara s life is spirRemember the person you sat next to on your first day at school Still your best friend Or disappeared from your life for good Some friendships fizzle out Rachel and Clara promised theirs would last for ever They met when Rachel was the new girl in class and Clara was the friend everyone wanted Now in their late twenties Rachel has everything while Clara s life is spiralling further out of control Then Clara vanishes Imagine discovering something about your oldest friend that forces you to question everything you ve shared together The truth is always there But only if you choose to see it.

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    1. My story start on a Monday morning in January- because it's the obvious place to begin. I used to think, 'Oh that was the day when everything changed'but of course it's never that simple. The seeds of what happened then were planted years before.[image error]It was best friends at first sight the day Rachel and Clara met in grade school. Clara- confident beautiful and popular. Rachel- overweight, drab and quiet. Two very different girlsbut Oh so close. Years later things couldn't get much better [...]

    2. Some people are lucky enough to have a friendship that lasts forever. You learn to communicate without saying a word know what the other is thinking just by that twinkle in the eye. And as children, you promise you pinky swear that the friendship will last forever. But sometimes it's just not possible.Rachel and Clara were such friends. Meeting in high school, they became each others' soulmates. Rachel was the quiet one, a little on the shy side. With a mother who drank constantly and didn't [...]

    3. Murder mysteries are not my favorite reading genre, but the premise sounded like an appealing story. Brighton, England adolescents Rachel and Clara zoned in on each other when they met in school. Pudgy and gawky, Rachel was on life's periphery until the day Clara chose her as best friend. You see, Rachel felt very privileged to garner this attention from a person she held in such adoration. Clara lit up the world with her presence and decided that Rachel was worthy as her soul mate. They were as [...]

    4. I had a bad reading experience just before picking this up, and wanted something easy to read, gripping but non-taxing, that could be devoured quickly: a palate-cleanser, if you will. So obviously, I headed straight for one of the crop of female-orientated psychological thrillers that have sprung up in the wake of Gone Girl's success. Precious Thing is the debut novel of Colette McBeth, a former BBC News correspondent, and it sticks firmly to the template of this sub-genre - an unreliable narrat [...]

    5. EXCELLENT! I'd not read any books by Colette McBeth but she'll be an author whose books I'll certainly be reading more of.I'll say it again. This was excellent!! Right from the start, the story line captured my interest, continuing to gain speed until the very last page. The words the author painted were vivid, creating pictures in my mind of the people and places. I felt like was right there, standing within the pages. It was like someone had reached out and grabbed me but my wrist and was pull [...]

    6. Thank you Minotaur Books for the privilege of reading Precious Thing in e-galley prior to its March 2014 release.Today you'd call them BFF. Rachel and Clara were just that, friends for life as only children can believe. Rachel viewed Clara as the most precious thing in her life. They were as one until something comes between them, splitting them apart, causing wounds difficult to heal. But like a true friend the adult Rachel tries to regain what she and Clara once had. Agreeing to meet her lost [...]

    7. Rachel and Clara have been friends since childhood. They are as close as sisters, yet their friendship borders on being obessive and slightly toxic. The story unfolds in the letters Rachel writes to Clara after Clara goes missing. Alternating between the past and the present, the plot unfolds through timely revelations that left me wondering"What is the truth and what is a lie?". Are Rachel and Clara always honest with one another, telling each other their most private secrets? Who is manipulati [...]

    8. First of all a huge thank you to the publisher for sending me a copy of this book to review.Rachel and Clara meet at school and form an unshakeable bond. Best friends, they know everything there is to know about each otheror do they? Years later Rachel is a successful tv reporter with a loving boyfriend and a great life, while Clara has not had such a happy time of it. When Clara goes missing Rachel begins to question everything she thought she knew about her best friendI loved this very much. T [...]

    9. I think comparing this book to Gone Girl is what made me disappointed with it. I thought Gone Girl was phenomenal, so I was expecting something full of unreliable narrators and plot twists and twisted characters. Precious Thing is not nearly so tightly plotted, and the characters are definitely twisted but lack the charisma of Gillian Flynn's. It's not that this is a bad book, it just tries too hard and doesn't deliver.Rachel is a news anchor, and by a cruel stroke of chance she ends up reportin [...]

    10. If you are looking for a psych-thriller with twists and suspense, this is not it. If you want a drama with a somewhat unreliable narrator, and a story that develops through gradual reveals, this is the one. I enjoyed the writing to a degree.Some of it was compelling and beautiful, some was redundant and, well, a little boring. The overuse of the name "Clara" in the same sentence, over and over, kind of got to me. The big reveal near the end was a bit of a let down. The scene itself- two women si [...]

    11. Really enjoyed this and found it hard to put down. At first I did find the first person writing style where Rachel appeared to be talking/writing to Clara, somewhat hard to get into. By the end of the book I fully understood why it needed to be written in that way. I've been left feeling a bit haunted by how the story ended. I may be suspicious of seemingly good book characters for a while now.

    12. Let me start off by saying that I have not read Gone Girl to which this book has been compared. If I had, perhaps my impression of this book would be different, in which direction I am not sure. As it stands, I really enjoyed this book, even though I could have enjoyed it just a little bit more. It was clear from the beginning that "things are not what they seem" and that theme prevailed throughout the entire book, all the way to ending that left me shaking my head. It is the head shaking and on [...]

    13. 4.5 stars. Very well done "Gone Girl-ish" psychological drama with tidbits parceled out bit by bit as the book progresses. You know from the get-go that the narrator is not all trustworthy and have no idea where it's going but it's unexpected.Good for anyone who liked GONE GIRL (Flynn), BEFORE I GO TO SLEEP (Watson) and CLOSE MY EYES (McKenzie).

    14. How can friends that have shared so many important moments recapture that closeness after circumstances have separated them? This is the root of the question that Rachel asks herself when her best friend returns home after an absence of seven years. Clara’s return to Brighton came after Rachel was already a successful crime reporter for television. Living in London with the man of her dreams she is perturbed that the previous closeness they’d shared was hard to recapture but she still classe [...]

    15. Wow an amazing, unexpected and engaging read. It is a story of secrets and a twisted friendship, set in Brighton. Clara goes missing and Rachel, her reporter best friend become caught up in the drama. I love how we got into the mind of Rachel and saw the friendship develop. The school flashbacks seemed very realistic and fun. I am a big fans of books set in Brighton, which I know inside out. I was jumping up and down with excitement recognising all the Brighton roads and places. I even texted my [...]

    16. Wow!That’s all I can say about this book. It is absolutely fantastic. Precious Thing tells the story of Rachel and Clara – lifelong friends and keepers of each other’s secrets. They met when Rachel was the new girl at school and since then have been inseparable. Rachel has got it all, she’s a big shot TV reporter, has a nice flat and of course a gorgeous boyfriend whilst Clara’s life is beginning to unravel. When Clara goes missing, Rachel ends up questioning everything she once though [...]

    17. So here we go with yet another book compared to Gillian Flynn's brilliant "Gone Girl" It is absolutely nothing like Flynn's book, which was excellent in plot, characterisation and writing. This is definitely not.Rachel, a television reporter is sent to Brighton to cover the disappearance of a young woman; Rachel discovers, to her horror, that Clara, the missing woman is her "best friend". Does Rachel tell anyone? Does she report this to the police? Does she tell them that she, Rachel, was at the [...]

    18. So you know when you're reading a book that has really captured you? You know something's not right and that you're dealing with a very unreliable narrator, but that's okay. Because you read Gone Girl and you probably saw this book compared to it and so you keep reading and thinking about it when you're not reading. What could the secret be? Where will the plot go?And then, about 90% in (if you've got a Kindle that is nice enough to tell you when it all goes south), you realize that all that sus [...]

    19. (view spoiler)[PlotRachel, a successful crime news reporter, arrives at the police station for a press conference one day to discover the missing person…is her long-time best friend, Clara.The last time Rachel heard from Clara was the day Clara insisted that Rachel attend a little party with some of the girls they used to loathe in their schooldays. Then Clara never showed, and Rachel, after failing to find her at her apartment, gave up, citing her best friend’s recent flakiness.What follows [...]

    20. Precious Thing by Colette McBeth is a psychological thriller that is highly recommended.It is September 2007 and Rachel Walsh begins writing a letter to her very best friend, Clara O'Connor, in the opening of Precious Thing by Colette McBeth. Then the narrative jumps back in time to January 21st, the day Rachel, a news reporter living in London, travels to Brighton to cover the disappearance of a 28-year-old woman. Unbeknownst to Rachel, the missing woman turns out to be Clara, her childhood bes [...]

    21. A dark and brittle mystery filled with secrets, murder, jealousy and a twisted plot to seek revenge, Precious Thing by Colette McBeth weaves such a twisted path that the final resolution is not easy to arrive at ahead of time. Clara and Rachel met in school and the bond they forged went beyond best friends and confidants. They held nothing back, always trusting in each other, no matter what. But did they truly know everything about each other? Although they grew up to lead completely different l [...]

    22. Rachel and Carla became best friends when they were 14. It was an odd pairing - perpetual new girl and outsider Rachel with confident and popular Carla - but it worked and they were inseparable. Fast forward another fourteen years and their roles have reversed, with successful TV journalist Rachel being shocked to file a news report that the now troubled Carla is missing.Told as a letter to Carla both now and in the past as the search for her continues, Rachel describes their friendship from the [...]

    23. Remember the person you sat next to on your first day at school? Still your best friend? Or disappeared from your life for good?Some friendships fizzle out. Rachel and Clara promised theirs would last for ever. They met when Rachel was the new girl in class and Clara was the friend everyone wanted. Now in their late twenties Rachel has everything while Clara's life is spiralling further out of control. Then Clara vanishes. Imagine discovering something about your oldest friend that forces you to [...]

    24. Fantastic psychological thriller. The friendship of Rachel and Clara is filled with long held secrets -- slowly their story unfolds and it is full of twists. A true page-turner, as soon as I started reading I didn't want to put it down.Definitely check this one out if you're a fan of any of these:

    25. Three and a half stars: A compelling psychological read that doesn't quite pan out. Rachel is frantic with worry. Her best friend, Clara, disappeared last Friday after missing their scheduled meet up. Rachel and Clara have been best friends for years, they were inseparable and their shared everything. As Rachel tries to find her friend, she is forced to confront the past and the secrets that are long buried. The more she digs, the more muddled things become, until fingers are pointing at her. Is [...]

    26. This book was terrible from start to finish. It reminded me of a GCSE language exam because of its abundance of writing techniques - unnecessary adjectives, hideous similes, and bad metaphors (which were regularly explained) litter every page. The characters were about as enigmatic as a stagnant pond, the dialogue as realistic as an acid trip. What's more, the plot collapsed in on itself at the end and therefore the novel lost any hope of salvation. Avoid at all costs.

    27. Spooky and fun read, but it didn't seem very original to me. I really enjoyed it all the same, though. The author really knows how to use imagery. :)

    28. Precious Thing is the story of Clara O'Connor and Rachel Walsh and the intense and insidious bonds of friendship that form when they are first meet age fourteen and Rachel is the new girl at school. These ties continue to shackle them together into their late 20's even though their roles have been recast. Age fourteen, Clara is the epitome of the 'it' girl who everyone clamours to be friends with, whilst Rachel is the fat, ginger new girl who the class bullies see as an easy target. The very fac [...]

    29. 3.5 starsWhen I see books that hint at unreliable narrators I’m all over them. I love trying to tease out what’s reality and what’s an illusion and this book is a good of example of just that. It’s a little bit dark, a little bit twisty and a whole lot gripping.First Line of Precious Thing :“Officially, I don’t think of you anymore.”My Thoughts on Precious Thing :This is one of those books that before you settle down with it, you need to make sure you have lots of free time on your [...]

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