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Bad Move

Bad Move In the too quiet town of Oakwood only the lucky die of boredom and new homeowner Zack Walker isn t feeling lucky Whoever said the burbs were boring will think twice after reading Linwood Barclay s hi

  • Title: Bad Move
  • Author: Linwood Barclay
  • ISBN: 9780553803853
  • Page: 453
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In the too quiet town of Oakwood, only the lucky die of boredom and new homeowner Zack Walker isn t feeling lucky Whoever said the burbs were boring will think twice after reading Linwood Barclay s hilarious debut mystery, in which Dad learns the hard way that he doesn t always know best.Zack wouldn t blame you for thinking he s safety obsessed True, he masterminded a plIn the too quiet town of Oakwood, only the lucky die of boredom and new homeowner Zack Walker isn t feeling lucky Whoever said the burbs were boring will think twice after reading Linwood Barclay s hilarious debut mystery, in which Dad learns the hard way that he doesn t always know best.Zack wouldn t blame you for thinking he s safety obsessed True, he masterminded a plot to trade his family s exciting city lifestyle for one of suburban tranquillity True, even after this strategic move, Zack still has issues with family members who forget their keys in the front door, leave their cars unlocked, or park their backpacks at the top of the stairs where you could kill yourself tripping over them Just ask his wife, Sarah, or his teenage kids, Paul and Angie, who endure their share of lectures Zack knows that he needs to chill out and assume the best for once but we know what happens to those who assume.When Zack realizes their two faced developer sent a petty thief to fix their leaky shower, he starts fighting hard to ignore the fact that Oakwood isn t the crime free paradise he was hoping for But his brief state of denial comes to an abrupt end when, during a walk by the creek, he stumbles across a dead body Even shocking, Zack actually knows who the victim is and who might want him dead With a killer roaming around their neighborhood and Zack s overactive imagination in overdrive, he s sure things can t get any worse But then another local is murdered and Zack s paranoid tendencies get him implicated in the crime While his wife is trying to remember why she married him in the first place, and his kids are considering whether it s time to have him committed, Zack decides there s only one thing he can do To protect his family and avoid being busted for a crime he didn t commit he s going to have to override his safety first instincts, tap into his delusions of machismo, and track down the killer himself.From the Hardcover edition.

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    1 thought on “Bad Move

    1. BAD MOVE started off way too slow. Normally, I'd stop reading a book like this after the first chapter. But this was the debut novel of a currently successful author with a following, and it was published by Bantam, no less.So my curiosity was piqued.His prose is very good, but a bit too wordy for my taste. He doesn't lose himself in unnecessary descriptions, but when I'm reading a boring passage and it's not immediately clear to me why this has to be in the book, I tend to think of what other t [...]

    2. I made it about 75% through this book, realized it was a chore more than a pleasure, and decided to stop reading. One of my least favorite plots is "someone does something stupid, then does something even more stupid to cover up the first thing, and then the whole thing snowballs out of his control." This book just wasn't for me.

    3. Having read Barclay's latest, I wanted to read one of his earlier, more humorous mystery books to get a feel for it. I am glad to say that I thoroughly enjoyed it.Zack Walker is a science fiction writer that used to write for newspapers and whose wife, Sarah, still does. Having seen crime rise in their downtown city neighbourhood and concerned for their teen children, Paul and Angie, the family has recently moved to the suburbs. Zack is still a bit hung up on safety issues, creating scenarios to [...]

    4. This book was an excellent combination of humor and mystery. Zack Walker, a safety-conscious science fiction writer moves to the 'burbs with his wife and two teenage kids, only to become entangled in a local crime. His focus on demonstrating to his wife and children the safety and security error of their ways is both funny and relatable (at least being married to my husband). In contrast to many amateur sleuths, Zack is properly terrified and freaked out by the mess he finds himself in, which ma [...]

    5. DNF- I tried and tried to get thru this and I just couldn't I really like Linwood Barclay as an author- I kept picking this book up, putting it down, going back to it, then I just couldn't do it. Maybe if I see the 2nd book in this series at my library, I'll pick it up- there are so many 'good' reviews of this book and this series- it just may be worth giving it another shot. *sigh*

    6. A really good book. 1st of his I've read and can't wait to read the next in this great series.

    7. A hyper-paranoid writer decides that the city is becoming too dangerous for his family, so he moves them all to the suburbs.Because his family just don't pay attention to safety (leaving doors unlocked, or not putting things away, etc.) he annoys them by lecturing and then by "teaching them lessons", mocking up disasters that they have "caused" by doing something unsafe.As the result of trying to teach his wife a lesson, he inadvertently stumbles across something that he shouldn't have and then [...]

    8. I really enjoyed this book. Lots of suspense mixed with humor. I couldn't put the book down. Looking forward to reading the 2nd in the series.

    9. I recently discovered Linwood Barclay through his most recent book and have been reading backwards to catch up on his previous books. This is one of his earlier ones and you can tell the difference. This book had a lot more humor in it than the later ones but I grew annoyed at the author spending pages trying to prove that the protagonist Zach is an asshole. Why? Well, before moving to the suburbs, Zach was very safety conscious and apparently his wife and teen son and daughter are complete idio [...]

    10. How good is Bad Move? I took it out to the pool and didn't stop reading-- and laughing-- until I'd finished it. Zack Walker may be a self-professed jerk, but he's an endearing one. All he wants to do is keep his family safe. He thinks the exact same things I think-- when I see a woman walk off leaving her open purse in her shopping cart at the grocery store for example-- but he has the bravery (or perhaps stupidity) to follow through on those thoughts. Naturally every well-intentioned thing he d [...]

    11. I was lucky enough to win this book as a giveaway. This is the 2nd Linwood Barclay book I have read and I quite liked the first one, hence entering the giveaway competition.I did enjoy this book. I'd probably give it a 3.5 out of 5, although it was closer to a 4 more than a 3. I enjoyed the author's writing style and the humorous tone of the book. I found it exciting especially from around the half way point and liked the main character (mainly due to his nerdy love of sci-fi). I also felt the b [...]

    12. Zack Walker, klutz extraordinaire, moves his family from a high crime city neighbourhood to the suburb of Oakwood where boredom is the order of the day. His kids object to losing their friends. His wife has to drive farther to her city reporter's job. But he can work at home as a writer of science fiction. Then everything seems to go wrong.His house shows the signs of a Gerry builder. He stumbles on the body of the local environmentalist face down in the creek he sought to save.In another of his [...]

    13. Very easy reading. I really liked the characters in this book and their dialogue. Zach is a bit of a Homer Simpson family man, he has a heart of gold but sometimes he ends up acting like an asshole and its some of his brainless decisions that get the wacky plot set in motion. There's a lot of humour here and I loved how the relationships within the family were written with plenty of sarcasm and attitude. That being said the murder mystery element to this book isn't something which will appeal to [...]

    14. I didn't love this book but I didn't hate it either. It was just kind of blah with sporadic funny parts. The main character is overly obsessed with safety (he's constantly telling his wife and teenage children to lock the house door, remember to turn off the stove, don't talk to strangers, etc). Sometimes he gives them little "lessons" on safety which I thought were pretty funny. It's one of those "lessons" that gets him into a heap of trouble.It has a lot of swearing.

    15. So far I haven't read a single novel by Linwood Barclay that I would rate less than four stars. This one was slightly different from the others I've read because, not only was it a mystery, filled with multiple clever twists and turns, but it was FUNNY! I love the way he plants tiny details throughout the book that the reader doesn't take any note of, but when things come together each one turns out to have been an important piece of the whole.

    16. This is the first in a series of semi-humorous mystery\thrillers from this author whose has also written a number of stand alone thrillers. Once again, his storyboard and pacing are the best I ever read. He really knows how to take a number of seemingly unrelated events\character traits and bring them all together in a most remarkable way. This book has one very funny\ironic ending and then a twist at the end. Highly recommended.

    17. 1st book in the Zack Walker series by Linwood Barclay.I believe that this was the first book ever published by one of my favourite authors Linwood Barclay and I wasn't disappointed. Very different from his usual style but nevertheless very entertaining and a good read. Contains more humour than normal but made an interesting change to his normal writing style. I will certainly be reading more books in this series.

    18. Well, I wanted to be annoyed by this book; You know the guy who always does the most stupid thing in any situation? This book is about that. But I kept reading until the end (I was stuck on a plane). It had it's moments, but I guess I wouldn't recommend it - there is so much other good stuff out there

    19. Read this a long time ago and loved it and just reread it and guess what? I love it even more. Mr. Barclay isn't capable of writing anything but a page-turner. This one has it all--humor and suspense and tension--he's simply a master.

    20. An actual excerpt: "First of all, I'm not, unlike a police detective, in a line of work where finding a victim of foul play is a common occurrence, unless you know something about science fiction authors that I don't." Yes, that was one sentence.

    21. First in the Zach Walker series. Entertaining and funny. T here was one plot element that had Zach making such a monumentally stupid decision that it nearly lost me. However, things picked up after that and I was able to get past it. Not bad for a first novel. I shall read more in the future

    22. Thoroughly competent.This book shares a flaw with many mysteries: The first half is almost entirely character development, and the second half is almost entirely plot. That said, the character half is very funny. The plot half was less well done, but entertaining.

    23. The thing I liked best about this book was the voice. It was as though Zach, the main character, was right here talking to me. I felt like I knew him. I found the extent of his paranoia a bit unbelievable, but overall I really enjoyed the plot and the book.

    24. This is the funniest book I have read in years. It so predictable as to what happens which is for some reason even funnier.

    25. This is MUCH funnier than Linwood Barclay's later work. Zack is a control freak SciFi author who cries wolf too often as his safety fears lead him to give 'examples' to his family of what could happen if they don't follow his rules. Soon he finds a dead body for real - but his bumbling investigation (told in the first person) leads him to dark places. Things HAPPEN to Zack, awful things. But we like that he knows his own weaknesses and is guilty about his failings. He loves his wife and teenage [...]

    26. I loved this book! The audio version was excellently narrated and added even more subtleties to the witty and, at times, hilarious dialogues. I have read a lot of Barclay's other works and have loved almost everything he has written and whilst this takes a different voice, it is no less brilliant!I agree with other reviewers when they say that this is a little more light-hearted than the Promise Falls series and others, but does take on a thrilling note too towards the end. This book really had [...]

    27. I liked this book. It's different from many other Linwood Barclay books I've read in that it tries to ride the line between murder mystery/suspense and humor.And while the humor might fall a bit short of its 'hilarious' billing, it's fun and light-hearted (if a murder mystery can be light-hearted?) and - if you're in the right mood - pretty entertaining. Mystery/thriller wise, the light-hearted nature of it tends to lead the action toward the farcical, which is either a problem or not, depending [...]

    28. I enjoy this author and have read a couple other books by him. His writing style is not too bloody or gruesome. However, his plots usually have interesting twists and turns.His main character in this book, Zack Walker, describes himself as an asshole. I'd say he's safety conscious obsessive. That can be good or bad for his family, as the book implies. Still worth the read if you're not into the blood and guts thing.Just a nice entertaining mystery, I'm happy.

    29. Barclay's first novel, this one a mystery (sort of). He is trying to be funny and yet stick to a plot, which he finds somewhat difficult. The protagonist, Zack Walker, is definitely an a**hole, as he freely admits at the first of the book, because he is obsessed with his family's safety, to the extent that tries to "teach them a lesson" by making examples of their careless actions (in his opinion). He succeeds only in alienating everyone in sight. His actions end up getting him involved in a cri [...]

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