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Dead Medium

Dead Medium The deathly silence is about to be broken She disliked the company of others and death did little to warm her spirit She had led an independent life and she faced death in much the same way She was fi

  • Title: Dead Medium
  • Author: Peter John
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 493
  • Format: Paperback
  • The deathly silence is about to be broken.She disliked the company of others and death did little to warm her spirit She had led an independent life and she faced death in much the same way She was finally alone, finally free from the mindless babble of others, at least that s what she thought May Elizabeth Trump was the rarest of spirits and she was none too happy abouThe deathly silence is about to be broken.She disliked the company of others and death did little to warm her spirit She had led an independent life and she faced death in much the same way She was finally alone, finally free from the mindless babble of others, at least that s what she thought May Elizabeth Trump was the rarest of spirits and she was none too happy about it either She was a dead medium, a ghost who can speak with the living, and her services were to become in great demand Flung into the limelight and smothered with unwanted attention, May soon discovers that it is not only ghosts with long awaited messages that have taken an interest in her Something dark was lurking in the shadows, stalking her Even the dead are not left to rest in peace.Dead Medium A humorous, character driven story and a unique vision of life after death Not your average ghost story.

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    1 thought on “Dead Medium

    1. I thought it was really good. Colourful characters, brilliant one-liners and an imaginative and captivating story. Well worth spending a couple of quiet evenings with.

    2. Not a typical ghost story is rightIt is a unique, fresh, funny ghost story and so heartwarming in the end! This clever story is told more from the ghost's point of view. May Trump is a stubborn 75 year old woman that has just discovered that she is dead and she can be heard by the living. May had me laughing from the first chapter; she is a colorful, genuine character. Her talking back to the people on 'the gossip shows' on television reminded me of my own Grandmother. May's only soft spot is fo [...]

    3. I like ghost stories, but this book puts a new twist to them! May Elizabeth Trump was a woman who lived alone and loved her independence. She was 75 years old and didn’t rely on anyone. She wasn’t a social person. Her social skills are a little rusty. When she chokes on a piece of pastry, she passes on. And May faces death the same way, independently. There were so many things she wanted to do before she died. But she must face her life now. And she’s not alone. She has a bushy, ginger cat [...]

    4. Dead Medium - Peter JohnWitty throughout!!!Dead Medium is a fabulous and most unusual story, showing great attention to detail, realistic scenes which draw you into the believable characters. May Elizabeth Trump reminded me of the 1970s when I was a kid and carted around my grandparent's friends- aunts, uncles and the other folk of the time. Memories flooded back from the dark, well kept rooms that nobody but 'guests' would be allowed inside to disturb things.Peter John provides a witty, fun tal [...]

    5. I was intrigued to read this book, having for as long as I can remember been fascinated by the subject of a possible afterlife, pondering what form it might take. The idea of a ‘dead medium’ was what drew me in. What could this possible be? A medium who had passed into the spirit realm and found it far different from anticipated, perhaps? In fact, the concept of this original and rewarding book is much sharper, cleverer and at times far funnier than I expected. The premise is that May Trump, [...]

    6. Peter John's twist on a classic ghost story kept me hooked from the first page to the last. The story begins with a nice amount of descriptive details, which give readers a solid introduction of the main character, Ms. May Elizabeth Trump. John allows the readers to travel through a series of comedic moments while drawing the reader closer to the core. Readers will discover there is more than a ghost story; they will enjoy seeing life - and death - from many perspectives.Well before the end of t [...]

    7. 'Dead Medium' is the story of May, an unsociable elderly woman who dies suddenly and then finds out she is a medium.This was something different for me, it was a bit slower paced than my usual reads and a couple of times I wasn't sure where the story was going but it all tied together in the end and was an enjoyable read overall.There's a bit of humour in some of the situations as May who isn't used to dealing with people gets a bit annoyed with them at times. I liked the characters, particularl [...]

    8. This is a very entertaining and original story peopled with such well-drawn characters, I felt like I got to know them personally. At no point in the story did I know exactly where it was heading, which held my interest as well as the very realistic and witty banter between the characters who each had very well-defined personalities. The ending was such a surprise I had to retrace my steps a bit to see how the author pulled it off without tipping his hand. Very well done, indeed.

    9. This is another book that has been on the kindle for months since 28th June 2015, buried beneath my endless downloads. However when flicking through just after Christmas I was caught by the book cover and decided to check it out.I love this book it's a real page turner, a ghost story like no other. The ghosts cannot be seen but one can be heard 'The Dead Medium' May Elizabeth Trump.As a living soul May did everything she could to deter others visiting and socialising with her, she is a strong in [...]

    10. This is so totally not my normal type of story that I would read. Even with that being said, I don't think I could have given less then a five just based on pure beauty. The story as a whole was almost generous in how it offered up the storytelling. Peter has a brilliant voice as and author and he brought each character to life from the moment they stepped onto the page. They each had definite and unique personalities. I am a totally fan of any really great ghost story. Ghost Whisperer was one o [...]

    11. This well written story about a recently deceased woman who discovers she can communicate with the living, unlike her new ghost friends, is very original and imaginative; like no other ghost story I have read before! It was really fun to read. I did not want to put the book down and liked the unexpected ending. Hightly recommended!

    12. Something different, so interesting. Characters are very authentic. Recommend it to everyone, you won't be disappointed.Dead Medium

    13. A cleverly written ghost storyt an ordinary ghost story, mind you. Great characters, especially the ghostly protagonist, May Trump. A fast, funny, entertaining read with some laugh out loud moments.

    14. R2R (LoP) Dead MediumI received a free copy, through LoP, in exchange for a review.Strict and antisocial in life, May is the epitome is the old crotchy lady, who lives down the road. She has one visitor a week, Margaret, that rubs her the wrong way, but it is a tradition for her to come, for tea and cake. One gathering ends unlike the others and May finds herself on the other side of life or horrifying to her, death, with a mess in the kitchen. She finds herself in the unlikely of situations, he [...]

    15. There was a great deal which impressed me about Dead Medium. The first was the fully realised protagonist, May, and the character arc she undergoes. Amazingly it is one that takes place after her own death. As her tea and Bakewell slice friend Margaret notes later on, “death had changed her in ways life never could.” From cynical, hard and distinctly unsociable she becomes someone possessed of altruistic purpose and empathy for others, something all too clear in the way she sets about helpin [...]

    16. The premise of Dead Medium by Peter John, grabbed me right away - a reluctant “ghost” who can communicate with the living. The prologue begins like a classic ghost story but starting with chapter one, we learn the author is more than a very good storyteller, as we are taken by May Elizabeth, one of the great characters I’ve recently encountered. After that, he keeps us turning pages with an exciting plot and a sharp and clever wit. Avoiding spoilers, I must say the ending was the icing on [...]

    17. I received this book in exchange for an honest review through the Lovers of Paranormal GroupA humorous slant on the age-old question of what happens when we die. Dead Medium is an engaging and funny tale of life after death that is likely to appeal to a wider audience than the usual paranormal genre readers. For me, the power of this story lies in the simplicity of its telling. These are very ordinary people thrown into extraordinary circumstances, and many comic moments ensue.The unmistakably [...]

    18. I received this book in exchange for a honest review, LoP. I started reading this book over a week ago, and I hate to admit it but, every time I tried to read more than a page or two at a time I fell asleep. After I eventually got past page 60 or so the story became a lot less boring and easier to read. Mary's character grated on me in the beginning, but I came to really appreciate her sarcasm and bluntness. The story became interesting, surrounding May's 'gift' and the people she started to hel [...]

    19. This story opens with a graveyard scene 75 years earlier. We then meet May Elizabeth Trump, 75 year-old spinster, harsh, reclusive and intolerant, who chokes to death on a piece of cake. We then read the scene where, stuck in a limbo after-life, she is looking down on her dead body. She becomes reunited with her long-dead companion, Mr Kibbles…her cat. We also hear of the death of Penny Saunders, electrocuted in a household accident, tragically leaving behind her much-loved daughter, Chloe. Ma [...]

    20. I received a copy of Dead Medium from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review. Dead Medium is about a very cranky 75 year old woman who dies a pretty undignified death, choking on dry cake. She comes back as a ghost and she is unique in that capacity as she can speak with the living. Other ghosts, and the living both want to use her for this talent. As she meets another ghost Penny, she agrees to help Penny's living daughter get out of financial trouble by holding seances.Ok I am pro [...]

    21. "Dead Medium" by Peter John is an excellent novel based on the premise that the main character is dead and is trying her best to do some good from the other side.Our protagonist May chokes on a cake and finds herself in the afterlife, together with another ghost. Unseen and unheard by most they walk around their old environment and wonder what to make of their new existence. Together the two ghosts scheme to help a young woman in the real world.Much of the story is set in the circles of mediums [...]

    22. Dead Medium by Peter John is a new favorite book for me. There was absolutely nothing that I didn't love about this ghost story with a twist. A medium is someone who can speak to the dead but the dead speaking to the living, well this is what May Elizabeth Trump can do.This is not your average ghost story. May is so funny that I often laughed out loud, from her very first realization, that to her utter horror, she has "passed on" because she choked on a piece of cake and her living room is left [...]

    23. What a breath of fresh air "Dead Medium" turned out to be. May, a grumpy and lonely old lady, dies suddenly and discovers to her dismay that she is "the rarest of ghosts." That is to say, she has become a medium, which is the refreshing twist in this tale, as she is of course dead, and so speaks on behalf of the other ghosts to the living. The story tells us how she uses this new “talent” to help Chloe (alive) keep her house, after meeting Penny on the “other side.” It was a pleasant rea [...]

    24. I received this book thru lovers of Paranormal for an honest review. I loved this story it its very unique. I have read many ghost stories but this author put a twist to it. I couldn't put it down. I loved the plot, characters & humor in this book. Thank you again for letting me review it :)

    25. So if you think you wouldn't like to read a book where the main character is a cranky old lady, think again. In Dead Medium, May is a seventy-five year old woman who passes away. After death, she finds out she has a gift where she is able to communicate with the living. May didn't like people very much when she was alive - so what would make her want to deal with them now? Well, it turns out even though she was a loner throughout life, she starts to see things differently after she dies. She rem [...]

    26. Jean-Paul Sartre sprang to my mind the moment I started reading Peter John's "Dead Medium". Like the old existentialist, May Elizabeth Trump is something of a misanthrope, a medium and six feet underground. Well, in the corporal sense. Her spirit, though, is alive, not actually kicking, but in tremendous demand by those lost living souls seeking forgiveness, solace, advice, anything to get them through the dark hours of night when the dead rise from their rest and haunt us. As the old nutshell g [...]

    27. Most of us have heard of ‘Death by Chocolate’, but poor old May Elizabeth Trump left this world by ‘Death by Pastry’. This old spinster was not your social butterfly, and more of a grumpy old lady throughout most of her life. Poor old biddy choked to death on an English tart in her home. The humour begins when May fails to realize she is really dead. She soon encounters other ghosts who can see her and she can see them. She learns she has one very unique ability. And that is she can spea [...]

    28. Dead MediumPeter JohnWhen we first meet May, she’s preparing tea for a visit with her best friend, Margaret. May’s one of those cranky old biddies who looks at the rest of the world with jaded eyes, so I was prepared to hate her right from the start, but I have to say that she turned out to be a sweet old soul (emphasis on the soul part).Dead Medium is an unusual sort of ghost story. While it didn’t begin particularly scary, it took a turn for the spooky about midway and continued to crank [...]

    29. This is most definitely not your average ghost story. This takes the concept of a medium - someone who can speak to the dead - and flips it around, giving a ghost the ability to speak to the living.The main character May is an elderly hermit who seems to generally hate people. She's not thrilled about being dead, obviously, but she's even less happy about having to act as an intermediary between the other ghosts she meets and the living.May has some of the best quips about the people around her, [...]

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