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Turtle Valley

Turtle Valley My memories are so like that hat full of butterflies some already deteriorating the moment they are collected some breathed back to life now and again for a brief moment by the scent on a passing

  • Title: Turtle Valley
  • Author: Gail Anderson-Dargatz
  • ISBN: 9780676978865
  • Page: 482
  • Format: Paperback
  • My memories are so like that hat full of butterflies, some already deteriorating the moment they are collected, some breathed back to life now and again, for a brief moment, by the scent on a passing wind the smell of an orange, perhaps, or a whiff of brown sugar fudge before drifting away, just out of my reach How much of myself flits away with each of these tattered memMy memories are so like that hat full of butterflies, some already deteriorating the moment they are collected, some breathed back to life now and again, for a brief moment, by the scent on a passing wind the smell of an orange, perhaps, or a whiff of brown sugar fudge before drifting away, just out of my reach How much of myself flits away with each of these tattered memories How much of myself have I already lost Turtle Valley, p 289 Kat has returned with her disabled husband and young son to her family s homestead in Turtle Valley, in British Columbia s Shuswap Thompson area Fire is sweeping through the valley in a ruthless progression toward the farm and they have come to help her frail parents pack up their belongings Kat s mother, Beth, the now elderly protagonist of Anderson Dargatz s first novel, the award winning The Cure for Death by Lightning is weighed down by her ailing husband, Gus, and by generations of accumulated detritus But there is something else weighing her down, a secret she has guarded all her life Kat is determined to get to its source before fire eats up all that is left of the family s memories.Kat has her own burdens Her father is dying, and the family has chosen to keep him home as long as possible in defiance of the approaching flames Beth is showing signs of early dementia And her husband, Ezra, is a husk of his former self, stolen from her years ago by a stroke and now battling frightening mood swings and a trick memory Once filled with passion and hope, their relationship has become like that of nursemaid and invalid Now thrust into contact with her parents neighbour Jude, her lover before Ezra, Kat finds his strength attractive, as well as his ongoing passion for her As she considers her choices in love, Kat discovers that her grandmother, Maud, to whom she bears an uncanny resemblance, was once faced with a similar dilemma when forced to choose between the capricious violence of her shell shocked husband, John Weeks, and the rugged constancy of their neighbour Valentine Svensson Leafing through Maud s scrapbooks and long hidden love letters, Kat begins to unravel the mystery of her grandfather s disappearance in the mountains She is to find that like most family secrets, this one is tangled amidst generations of grief As sparks rain down upon them, Kat tries to hold her family together, soothing Ezra s rages, comforting their son, Jeremy, tending to her mother s fragile mental state and striving to keep her father at home and comfortable as he nears death Masses of ladybugs swarm through the house and panicked birds smash windows Shadowy ghosts flit in and out of the encroaching smoke All around them the landscape burns and terrible choices must be made What can be salvaged What will survive after Turtle Valley has burned Turtle Valley is a novel of reconciliation and hope in the midst of terrible loss Part ghost story, part mystery, part romance, the novel transcends these genres and carries its readers into new territories of forgiveness and acceptance of the difficult choices we all must make in finding our way through life and love.From the Hardcover edition.

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    1 thought on “Turtle Valley

    1. Turtle Valley is a disappointing follow up to The Cure For Death By Lightning taking place many years later. The main protagonist in the Cure for Death by Lightning, Beth Weeks, is now an old woman. Turtle Valley is told from the point of view of her daughter Kat. Gail Anderson-Dargatz's writing is still superb, for she has the ability to transport the reader into her universe. However this book lacks the magic of the first and without giving away spoilers I can only say that what she has done t [...]

    2. After reading Robert Morgan's Gap Creek, I went on a hunt of other works of literature that had similar characters who are realistic, hard, and genuine. Yet, it was not until I stumbled upon this novel that I found Morgan's match. Gail Anderson-Dargatz is a beautiful writer who knows how to balance plot and character. What emerges is a fantastic story about love, hardship, redemption, family, and the power of one's own character.When Kat returns to her hometown of Turtle Valley, it is under the [...]

    3. ayearofbooksblog/2016/08/Gail Anderson-Dargatz is a Canadian author presenting at the fantastic Grimsby Author Series this fall. Prior to this event which will be promoting her latest book The Spawning Grounds, I am reading previous novels. I have already enjoyed the A Recipe for Bees which also has a British Columbia setting and have The Cure for Lightening in my to be read pile.In Turtle Valley, Kat returns home to help her parents pack up their belongings in preparation for evacuation orders [...]

    4. I was excited, when I started reading Turtle Valley, to realize that some of the characters in Anderson-Dargatz's first book (A Cure for Death by Lightning) had resurfaced (much older) in this novel. The author did not disappoint. I enjoyed the juxtaposition of the narrator, Katrine's, life experience with the life experience of Maud Weeks, her dead grandmother (featured in the first novel, and well remembered in this book). I also enjoyed the feeling of 'a race against time' - Katrine is trying [...]

    5. The bitter-sweet tale of a family and their secrets that is woven by Gail Anderson-Dargatz has left a lasting impression on my memory. A beautiful crafted story of past and present that leaves the reader as breathless as the smoke of the fire on the mountain that the family must escape from, but not before life threatening circumstances come down upon them from from all sides. They discover hidden truths that in the end will bring them to a new chapter in their lives and a chance for the ghosts [...]

    6. The plot was very implausible and the characters were bizarre. But when the author started introducing elements of the supernatural, that's when she lost me.Despite my eyerolling, I did manage to finish the book. It was an interesting story, but not one I would wholeheartedly recommend (this author's other book, The Cure For Death By Lightning, was excellent and a better choice)

    7. Absolute pleasure to read such a well written storykes the small town Manitoba and BC girl in me very homesick as I recognize so much.More please.

    8. As with other books by this author, I found the writing to be lush and personal. I really enjoyed this story.

    9. Not as good as the first one (Cure for Death by lightning). Oh well. It was kind of like waiting for answeres in LOST.

    10. I've come to expect certain things from much of Canadian literature: depressing stories about homesteaders; depressing stories about busted relationships; depressing stories about fucked-up families; depressing stories about the war; nearly wholly inaccessible books about living in Toronto; and Margaret Atwood. One of the glimmering lights in the Canadian book scene, though, is Gail Anderson-Dargatz, whose books aren't always depressing and are always accessible. I first found her through The Cu [...]

    11. A surprisingly spooky book that made me feel a bit claustrophobic. How many more ways could Katrine be trapped? Let's see: Forest fire closing in on the entire town? Check. Add a sick elderly father, delusional mother, husband infantilized by a strokeoh, and a child that sees dead people. A bit too much stress for anyone, including the reader at times. I'd recommend it though, and would place this on my e-bookshelf beside The Spawning Grounds, so similar in setting and tone.

    12. I enjoyed reading this, but it didn't surprise me. The story was capturing and terrible (in a good way) but it's not a book i'd need to read multiple times.

    13. By Gail Anderson-DargatzKnopf Canada, 304 pages, $32Reviewed by Nisha TuliIN her new literary novel, this award-winning British Columbia author treads on familiar territory as she returns to her native province and delves into the seemingly simple existence of farm life.Gail Anderson-Dargatz sets her meandering tale in the Shushwap area of the B.C. interior where she grew up. A forest fire raging outside on the hilltops, threatening to engulf Turtle Valley and all the homes in it, recalls the re [...]

    14. Set in the heart of Shuswap Lake B.C. during a raging forest fire, this fiction spins a magical tale of mystery and romance, one whose characters are haunted by ghostly memories.The story starts slowly with Kat returning to her family's home to help her aging parents prepare in case of an evacuation order. To add to the stress she is accompanied by her young child Jeremy and her husband Ezra who is recovering from a stroke and can be very irritable at times. An added problem is the fact that her [...]

    15. Katrine is a 40 something woman who is the sole caregiver for her post-stroke husband and her young son. They head back to her parents home to help them prepare for a forest-fire evacuation and find that her mentally-ill mother is unable to run a household, due to her compulsion to document every detail of the day in written diaries. Her father is able enough until, 3 days later, his battle with cancer turns. As Katrine rummages through a house full of boxes, hidden memories and well-kept secret [...]

    16. 3 STARS "The story - of love and land and memory - is propelled by a raging forest fire that sends flames raining down from the tops of the hills into the valley below. Kat, lonely and exhausted in her marriage to a man who has been brain damaged by a stroke, returns to the family home in Turtle Valley in order to help her elderly parents prepare to evacuate. As she sorts through her parents' belongings and wrestles with the terrible question of what to save and what to leave behind, Kat finds i [...]

    17. This book had it alla haunting, a love story (or two), family secrets buried long ago but never forgotten, a mystery and an intricate family dynamic. I surprisingly really enjoyed this book and wouldn't have picked it up otherwise if it hadn't been for bookclub (you know, it being depressing Canadian fiction and all). I think the mystery and intrigue surrounding the missing grandfather is what kept me engrossed and I'm always a sucker for huge family secrets being exposed. The supernatural eleme [...]

    18. Turtle Valley is set just outside Salmon Arm during the August 1998 wildfire. Some of the hyper-local place names are fictional (Turtle Valley, Promise), but the general geography is authentic. The fire was to the west of Salmon Arm and this is where protagonist Kat’s parents live. She has returned home (accompanied by her husband, Ezra, and son) to help her parents move the possessions they want to keep safe from the fire to her sister Val’s garage (in Canoe, east of SA). They do this at wh [...]

    19. Gail Anderson-Dargatz uses rich and beautiful imagery to describe Salmon Arm, British Columbia and that kept me reading. However, I have a problem with a story that is packed with all these truly terrible things, because it makes it overly dramatic and almost like bad fiction. It hurt me to read about the incidents of animal abuse, and they seemed almost gratuitous in their number, but that is a personal issue of mine.Despite my misgivings, I will read more of her stuff. Her style is just too go [...]

    20. The mystery and parallel stories (one told in the present; one through remembrances and old letters) worked for me. The coincidences were a few too many, though. The setting of a small community under threat of a forest wildfire added the right amount of urgency and tension to the story. The main character had a few moral failings that made liking her difficult. The "mysterious stranger" lurking around the property was also a bit misplaced, but the pacing, hardships, and setting were all well-dr [...]

    21. This is the 2nd book I've read by Gail Anderson-Dargetz. Another great Canadian author. Her writing gives the reader a vivid and descriptive image of her characters and the landscape. This story takes place in British Columbia during a raging forest fire. Kat, the main character is helping her parents pack up belongings to save from the fire that is rapidly moving in their direction. Kat's husband has recently suffered a debilitating stroke, which has put a strain on their marriage. Just across [...]

    22. It took me awhile to get into this novel as it is slow moving at the beginning but it develops into an interesting story. Somewhat predictable but does have a powerful ending. I did enjoy the beautiful descriptions of Turtle Valley in BC and the fires that have ravaged the area on and off for the past few year. I remember driving to Vancouver Island few years ago during the fires and she does describe the smell of smoke, the red sky at night and the feelings of treat very well.

    23. This is the third Gail Anderson-Dargatz book I have read, and once again it was very interesting and a quick read. A family has to evacuate their farm because of a forest fire threatening the valley they live in. The story was sad and suspenseful in many ways because of family history, an impending death and the encroaching fire storm.

    24. Beautiful descriptions of the rugged B.C interior and the life of a family that is far more complicated than it initially seems. I loved how this book doesn't really provide any easy answers. Instead, it explores loyalty, love and denial with honesty and compassion for all parties - even the ones who might not inspire the most sympathy. Couldn't put it down - read it in only 2 days.

    25. turtle Valley was an interesting read, It had many layers and was easy to read and follow the characters as they appeared,There were many stories woven through this storyg and dying parents unsolved mystery a disabled partnerloss.d a major life decision. The story was cohesive and i enjoyed reading it.

    26. Gail Anderson-Dargatz often thinks of the forest fires that raged across British Columbia in 1998. She returned to her parents' home near Salmon Arm that year to help them evacuate, and was intrigued by the things people there chose to save, and the things they left behind. read more etyee/Books/2007/09/19/Tu

    27. Goed genoeg vakantieboek. Lezen over leven terwijl er een massale bosbrand voor je deur gaande is, is voor Europeanen wel eens iets anders. Het verhaal zelf? Beetje veel van vanalles. Veel relaties en relatieproblemen, veel gekwetsten (lichamelijk en psychisch), veel toevalligheden, Maar toch doorgelezen, dus dat wil ook wat zeggen.

    28. I read Turtle Valley for my book club book this month. It was an interesting book about a family discovering mysteries of their past. I thought it was great how the author incorporated photographs at the beginning of each chapter. I did have a hard time trying to keep track of the characters for some reason.

    29. I don't read a lot of Canadian fiction. Mostly because I usually find it pretty dry and a bit dismal. However, this one has really captured my attention. There's a bit of a ghost story and some unrequited love type shennanigans and I think that's what held my attention. I really loved it!

    30. The story begins with a young British Columbia family battered by stroke and threatened by smoke from an approaching forest fire, with ripple effects that soon engulf the treasured secrets of generations past as a maelstrom clouds both the present and the past of not-so-ordinary lives.

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