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The Covenant of the Crown

The Covenant of the Crown An Enterprise shuttle is forced to crash land in a violent storm on the barren planet Sigma Spock McCoy and Kailyn the beautiful heir to the Shaddan throne survive in the near disaster Pursued

  • Title: The Covenant of the Crown
  • Author: Howard Weinstein
  • ISBN: 9780671670726
  • Page: 322
  • Format: Paperback
  • An Enterprise shuttle is forced to crash land in a violent storm on the barren planet Sigma 1212 Spock, McCoy and Kailyn, the beautiful heir to the Shaddan throne, survive in the near disaster Pursued by primitive hunters and a band of Klingon scouts, they must reach the mountain where the fabulous dynastic crown is hidden With the help of Spock and McCoy, and her own fAn Enterprise shuttle is forced to crash land in a violent storm on the barren planet Sigma 1212 Spock, McCoy and Kailyn, the beautiful heir to the Shaddan throne, survive in the near disaster Pursued by primitive hunters and a band of Klingon scouts, they must reach the mountain where the fabulous dynastic crown is hidden With the help of Spock and McCoy, and her own fantastic mental powers, Kailyn must prove that she alone is the true heir to the throne Should they fail, they will open the door for Klingon takeover of the whole quadrant.

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      322 Howard Weinstein
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    1 thought on “The Covenant of the Crown

    1. I wouldn’t consider this a necessary TOS read, it’s fairly monotonous but I always enjoy Bones getting more of a lead role in these books.

    2. *3 Stars (I'm being nice)* (Rethought: 2.5)*The "Gush"* This will be short. I never got into this story. I tried. Certain story plots had potential; I love truly good kings and when they have to make choices like this one did, I'm usually way more invested then I ended up being. Perhaps it was the daughter. I love coming of age stories, but I just found her.ying. She has a life threatening illnessd did not even work at taking care of it on her own. I HATE needles. I can't stand to even look at t [...]

    3. I think I have begun a project to re-read some, if not most, of my collection of Star Trek paperbacks. I haven't read these in 20 years or so, so re-reading them can't hurt. If they were any good, the plots would probably stick enough for me to remember them. As it is, I have a 10-year old son, who loves to talk about his imaginary starships and heroes, so I'll be checking for ones that he could read.This one almost fit that bill. The plot was good, not contrived, and the characterizations were [...]

    4. The planet of Shad is the key to the stability of the quadrant and the Klingon Empire are arming a dissident faction and the civil war is slowly but surely crumbling the long established monarchy. Shad also supplies raw material for energy generation to many nearby worlds and if she falls to the Klingons many other worlds will follow. James Kirk served on Shad as adviser to the King and led him into exile, 18 years later the loyalist forces have turned the tide and have started bickering amongst [...]

    5. As the first book to take place between The Motion Picture and The Wrath of Khan, Covenant of the Crown occupies a strange place in Star Trek lore. This is a hotly contested area of the canon as it is unclear when these two films took place and what happened between them. Conventional wisdom is that the Enterprise crew went on a second 5 year mission after the V'Ger incident so presumably Covenant takes place during that mission. The tone of this book is much more in line with the original serie [...]

    6. This is fairly representative of most episodes of the TV show: a scattered plot that borders on ridiculous, but containing some rich characterization. The portrayals of the Klingons, while perhaps working at the time written, seems really off given the greater depth that the later movies and The Next Generation gave to them. What made this novel readable though is the excellent portrayals of Spock, McCoy, and their relationship.

    7. Standard fare. Shuttle crash, survival tale, heavy on the Spock & McCoy, who are well characterized.Bones and the crush of the blossoming young aspiring girl queen is a trifle icky. Thankfully he turns her down, but I'd rather read of McCoy in an adult romance.Find the magic crown, reclaim the throne, is more fantasy than I prefer in my SF but I feel hypocritical when I say that. I LOVE fantasy. THIS is just o.k.

    8. This is a fun one! The characterizations of Kirk, Spock and McCoy are excellent. The plot is simple and there is no weird pseudo-science or magic to pull the reader out. For a Star Trek novel, this is excellent.

    9. The Covenant of the Crown plays exactly like an episode of the television series with one notable exception: James Kirk is a supporting player and the focus is on Spock and McCoy. This is actually a good thing, considering the story of a young queen-to-be trying to find out how to be a ruler who falls in love with McCoy. Kirk is an old family friend and that would have been, well, icky. (McCoy and a 14-year-old is better, especially since all the issues the audience would have with that potentia [...]

    10. I thought one major part of the book, McCoy's relationship with Kailyn, was unnecessary. It was just weird. I was much more interested in the race for the crown. That part of the plot is worth reading the book for, but I won't read it again because the McCoy midlife crisis part was so poorly written.

    11. So far this is one of the best stories of the earlier books in the Pocket book collection. It is will written and kept my attention throughout the entire story. It has a nice balance of action and mystery and hardship and bravery. There are Klingons and spies and some really bad weather. I liked the Kinarri very much. I think sometimes that we might be better off with a little less technology and a little more nature. We have become unbalanced and adrift in machines and are isolating ourselves. [...]

    12. Not a bad read, but I felt underwhelmed by the plot. I feel that the whole book was somewhat disjointed I guess it's not Shakespeare but I would have preferred a great more deal of detail on the survival of an alien world. The Crown seems an unnecessary plot device to get things going when a crashed shuttle could have been a story in itself. Also there are numerous throwaway characters who appear and are never mentioned again. All in all it's a nice light read but nothing to get excited about.

    13. This is an early original Star Trek story that I believe was mostly written just before the first motion picture, but appeared in print shortly after. The characters are drawn consistently with the series, not always a given in these early novels, and the story is okay. This book is not all that memorable because the obstacle to be overcome changes for each character and the stakes aren't particularly high. Nothing sparkles in the writing style, which is more description than prose. It's a solid [...]

    14. The Enterprise has to return a ruler in exile to his planet that has been in civil war for years. He is not well enough to rule, so his daughter has to be made ready. This is really a Dr McCoy story, the writer has his character down to a tee, and the interplay between him and Spock is brilliant. The way McCoy reacts to a teenage crush, and being a father figure that is what makes the story/ The story line is a bit predictable, but well written. A good read.

    15. After being exiled for 18 years to another planet due to war on his King Shaddan must return to his throne to unite his planet. During the trip back the King dies and his daughter must take the throne, but will she be able to pass the test of the Covenant of the Crown. Kirk and the crew of the enterprise must get her back under the eye of a Kingon War ship. Good Star Trek Adventure.

    16. Este es el tercer volumen de la serie de novelas de Star Trek, que descubrí recientemente, no está mal, pero es mucho más lento y aburrido que los dos anteriores. Cada libro es de un escritor diferente y cada cual le da un enfoque diferente, el de este autor no me ha gustado mucho. Voy a por el cuarto.

    17. Not a bad ST book. I'm trying to start at the beginning and read all the 90+ "numbererd" novels for ST TOS. Slow going. It's interesting reading things written in the late 70's before all the Next Gen stuff even existed!

    18. I really enjoyed this book, it would have made for a really good episode. McCoy is one of my favourite characters and it was good to read a novel focusing so much on him. One of the best of the Original Series books so far.

    19. To get to the points, the back story of how Kirk is involved is kind of pointless, having the Klingons be "villains" is superfluous but all of that said this ends up being a good Spock and McCoy story. A pretty good first novel and considering when it was published it holds up.

    20. Kirk played a pretty minor part which was interesting and Weinstein really captured well the dialogue and exchanges between Spock and McCoy who played the central characters in the book. You could really feel that they could disagree but wouldn't put their pride on the line to prove their points.

    21. It has far too simple and cliched a storylinebut it's worth reading for the wonderful depiction of the Spock/McCoy relationship -- in fact, ALL the characters are handled extremely well, so I'm quite forgiving of the actual plot. This is warm and comforting Star Trek junk food at its finest.

    22. Slow start but got better as it went along. I had problems with McCoy referring the South as DixieI grew up in the South and never heard anyone do that.

    23. I love this because it focuses on Dr. McCoy. What I like least about it is the whole Fantasy Fiction feel. It was my absolute favorite when I first started reading Trek novels in the 80s.

    24. Kind of a predictable story once it gets going, but it's fun to see the old crew overacting the whole thing in my minds eye!

    25. Good characterizations, excellent story. The Enterprise crew has to restore an exiled monarch to a planet in order to end a Civil War.

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