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The Pale Horseman

The Pale Horseman Uhtred is a Saxon adrift in a world of fire sword and treachery He has to make a choice fight for the Vikings who raised him or for King Alfred the Great of Wessex who dislikes him Wessex in the l

  • Title: The Pale Horseman
  • Author: Bernard Cornwell Jamie Glover
  • ISBN: 9780060787486
  • Page: 222
  • Format: Audio CD
  • Uhtred is a Saxon, adrift in a world of fire, sword and treachery He has to make a choice fight for the Vikings who raised him, or for King Alfred the Great of Wessex who dislikes him.Wessex, in the late 9th Century, was the last English kingdom All the rest had fallen to the Danish Vikings Now the Vikings want to finish England, and they assemble the Great Army whicUhtred is a Saxon, adrift in a world of fire, sword and treachery He has to make a choice fight for the Vikings who raised him, or for King Alfred the Great of Wessex who dislikes him.Wessex, in the late 9th Century, was the last English kingdom All the rest had fallen to the Danish Vikings Now the Vikings want to finish England, and they assemble the Great Army which has only one ambition to conquer Wessex Uhtred lives in Wessex, though he has small love for it and none for King Alfred Yet fate, as Uhtred learns, has its own imperatives, and when the Vikings attack, Uhtred finds himself on Alfred s side.The Pale Horseman, rooted in the real history of Anglo Saxon England, tells the astonishing and true story of how Alfred fights back against his overwhelming enemies Alfred and Uhtred make unlikely allies, yet the two forge an uneasy alliance that will lead them to where the last remaining Saxon army will fight for the very existence of England.The Pale Horseman is enthralling as both a historical and a personal story, a novel of divided loyalties and desperate heroism The Washington Post calls Bernard Cornwell perhaps the greatest writer of historical adventure novels today , and The Pale Horseman is yet another masterpiece of historical and battle fiction that gives life to one of the most important and exciting epochs in the history of the English people and culture.

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      222 Bernard Cornwell Jamie Glover
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    1 thought on “The Pale Horseman

    1. Ahhhhh Uhtred you are quite the lad Uhtred of Bebbanburg, Lord of Northumbria is as headstrong, arrogant, and fearless as ever. Now married with a child at the age of 21, he rode into battle to Cynuit and slaughtered the Danish leader, Ubba Lothbrokson. Fully expecting recognition for the deed upon his return to King Alfred, Uhtred meets the inexorable fate he always believed in. The pompous, self-important, Odda the Younger took the credit for the slaying, and no one, not even King Alfred would [...]

    2. The Pale Horseman is every bit as good as the first book. This, again, feels like another chapter of a man’s life. Uhtred has grown up a little and is more resolute in his ambitions since we last saw him. He has fought in his first shield wall and has completed the transformation from boy to man: he is now a proven warrior and, more importantly, he now has a growing reputation but, not necessarily a good one. His glory has been stolen by the coward Odda the Younger. He has claimed the victory [...]

    3. "For here starts war, carrion birds sing, and grey wolves howl."A fragile peace still holds in the realms of Britain. After the forces of Wessex prevailed at Cynuit, the Danes have pulled back. King Alfred thinks himself safe, but in truth the last kingdom of the Saxons is in grave perilWriting a sequel to an amazing novel can sometimes be amazingly hard. Bernard Cornwell fulfilled that task with style, and in the process created my personal favourite Uhtred novel and proved himself a master of [...]

    4. This one took a lot longer to get going than book one but the second half and the ending were very good. The religious overtones to everything Alfred does makes me want to root for the Danes as does the corruption of many of the priests.

    5. via GIPHYBald Mage Rating 9/10‘If you had an army of angels, lord,’ ‘Then a rousing speech about God and Saint Augustine would doubtless fire their ardour, but you have to fight with mere men, and there’s nothing quite like greed, revenge and selfishness to inspire mortals’Reading a second book in a series always worries me but my worries were put to bed very quickly and I will say this carries on the excellence of the first book.The book takes place near enough from the ending of the [...]

    6. Oh Bernard, how do you do what you do? If I could write like this man, well, I'd be one very happy chick. And I do not want to write like this to make money, or make fans, or make myself famous, I just want to have this skill for myself, to know that I can do it, to know that I can create magic on paper, although, Bernard Cornwell, in this series at least, is more than merely skilled, he is an absolute master. Would it be presumptuous of me to say that I think that he is a writer's writer? or mo [...]

    7. THE PALE HORSEMEN is the second book in the Cornwell series focusing on England before it was England. Unlike the first book, there's less fighting and more political maneuvering and focus on relationships. HISTORY: at this time England was something of a bunch of Saxon Kingdoms. Seven, if memory serves. The Saxons had actually taken most of the Kingdom from the Britons & Welsh and had held a good chunk for several hundred years. Now, it's the late 800s and the Danes are seriously beating th [...]

    8. I can't even----------------------------------------------------------------------- "And I looked," Pyrlig said to me, "and I saw a pale horse, and the rider's name was death," You like Viking? You like badasses like my boyfriends, Uhtred??You want a GOOD STORY????? THEN READ THIS BOOK!!!!!!Also, I think its safe to say that buying all the books in the series before finishing the first one was a wise choice

    9. "REINVIGORATE, MAN!" I shouted, then calmly began my review. Cornwell always does a decent job of adding in just enough historical detail, both physical and immediate, to the story as well as historic and atmospheric for the background. Then he layers on his stock, misunderstood hero regardless of time or place and serves up another entertaining action/adventure story. Hard to argue with a winning recipe, other than the argument that the palette desires something new sooner or later, and that th [...]

    10. Executive Summary: Another enjoyable Historical Fiction book that I probably would have liked a bit better if I hadn't already known what was coming from watching the TV show. I'm really looking forward to book three now.Full ReviewIn retrospect I wish I had read this book before watching The Last Kingdom. I had no idea that a 10 episode season would cover two books. That's partly because they glossed over half of the first book, and partly because they cut a lot of detail out.I had been hoping [...]

    11. Review in Portuguese from Desbravando Livros:Narrado em 1ª pessoa, O Cavaleiro da Morte possui uma narrativa ainda mais intensa que a do livro anterior. Após vencer a batalha em Cynuit e matar Ubba Lothbrokson, nosso protagonista volta para sua casa no interior de Wessex e tenta retomar a sua vida, agora casado com Mildrith e pai de um garoto. Mal sabe ele que o destino está sendo tecido e a guerra o espera novamenteApós uma nova investida dos vikings, o reino de Alfredo ficou reduzido apena [...]

    12. A worthy follow up to its predecessor. Bernard Cornwell, apart from having a talent for writing epic duels and battles, is also proving to be a great story teller. I loved all the new characters he added and enjoyed revisiting the old ones, including the Danes.Uhtred's arc was fun. Mainly because he's becoming a great warrior and we get to see him build his reputation. Proud and arrogant, fearless and unpredictable and thus respected and feared. But now he is also growing into a leader and a tac [...]

    13. The Pale Horseman gets a solid 4 stars. BC is a very good writer but I’m not feeling like he is stretching himself here. Not that his writing is flawed, no way. I could not put this book down and just raced through it. I thought his battle scenes were as bloody and chaotic and good as ever. His characters were likeable or despicable and you do care about them. But it seemed too much of a template to get 5 stars. His main character, Uhtred, is a young rebellious youth, much like the main protag [...]

    14. This is a wonderful second novel in The Saxon Stories series. The young English nobleman Uhtred, captured and raised by the Danes, is called upon by King Alfred to save his kingdom from the Danes. King Alfred is just learning about human nature, and does not recognize when his enemies are being deceptive. But he is smart, and he learns from his mistakes.Uhtred is a warrior, and he is very good. He revels in his fight. He yearns for battle, with incredible enthusiasm. But he is still young and so [...]

    15. This was a brutal read. I love historical fiction when it gets real like this. The characters were vivid and realistic. The author understands the era and how to bring us into it.All of the basic themes are present, betrayal, revenge, cruelty, heroism etc. The story never really slows down- it's pace is consistent with a building sensation towards the end. This was a good, brutal read. So far this series is a go-to consistently good read that I will return to from time to time.

    16. I just wanted to take the time to mention just how much I'm enjoying this series to date and to thank all the readers who have recommended this series to me over the yearsLoving this stirring series of a bygone era. Well crafted with a wonderful hero in Uhtred, and a superb cast of supporting characters. Time and money well spent.

    17. **RTCThis isn't just a war over land, it's a war about God. And Alfred Christ's servant The shield wall is a terrible place. It is where a warrior makes his reputation, and reputation is dear to us.

    18. What a fun series this is turning out to be. I read the first book in this series and then proceeded to binge watch every single episode of the TV version on Netflix in less than one day. From having already seen the episodes this book covers, I knew what was going to happen. It was a pleasant surprise that this wasn't exactly the TV version. So there were new elements.I loved the MC. He was a strong POV and it comes through in vivid and rich way. What's not to love? I have the next one in the s [...]

    19. Uhtred the warrior lord must decide whether to help the Saxon King Alfred to defend the kingdom of Wessex against the invading Danes. An entertaining adventure, full of action and leading to a spectacular battle scene, this was a gripping read. The time and place are brilliantly evoked, conveying what it was like to live in 9th century Wessex, as different tribes fought for supremacy, and Christianity took on the pagan gods. The main problem for me is that Uhtred is a bit of a cartoon character. [...]

    20. I have read all the books so far in Cornwell’s Saxon series, and this is my favorite book so far. Of course, since I loved “The Last Kingdom” so much, I almost couldn’t wait to get my hands on it, and then read it in two days. What can I say; I just adore mean old Uhtred, despite his flaws and his sometimes unethical behavior. I do believe one of Cornwell's flaws is he doesn’t write the best female characters, but I find his male characters so interesting and fun, it doesn’t bother m [...]

    21. "One more defeat and there would probably never have been a political entity called England. We might have had a Daneland instead, and this novel would probably have been written in Danish." That was actually a quote from the authors "historical note" listed at the books end.I'm always nervous to read a second book in a series as I'm usually always disappointed. But, I loved book one so much and wanted to continue with Uthreds story. I happy to report that book 2 was all and more then I ever exp [...]

    22. Wow! That last 50 pages or so were awesomeThat's just an estimate, since I listened to the audio and didn't have the page count right in front of me. After several disappointing endings in books lately, this was refreshing. The finish actually brought my rating up, instead of the opposite as some have done recently. I've long heard that Bernard Cornwell is the best at describing battles. If I wasn't convinced already, I am now.

    23. Priča se nastavlja dalje. Istorija i život rade svoje bez da uzimaju obzir kolko patnje naparave sa time. Kvalitet pisanja je ostao isti kao i to da nema ni jedne dosadne strane ili nepotrebnog opisa. U svakom slučaju pravo uživanje.

    24. 3.5 estrellas: Buena continuación para esta maravillosa saga de vikingos y sajones; a pesar de que carece de la cantidad de batallas espectaculares del primer tomo, The Pale Horsemen es un libro que te mantiene enganchado por cómo plantea el tema de la lealtad de Uhtred. A lo largo de todo el libro Uhtred pone en duda su lealtad tanto para con los sajones como respecto a los vikingos, sin dejar de lado sus propias cuentas pendientes con quienes le arrebataron todo. También es un libro que se [...]

    25. I’ve had several books from the Saxon Chronicles on my TBR for quite a while but only started reading them after watching the TV series, Last Kingdom on BBC. The first book, The Last Kingdom, begins the story of Uhtred, a Saxon boy taken by the Danes while attacking Northumbria in the late 800’s.In The Pale Horseman, Uhtred is now in his early 20’s -- a man with a wife, a child and a sworn oath to his king, Albert. Albert’s Wessex is the last of the “English” kingdoms remaining as th [...]

    26. I really liked this book especially the first part and the last part, but it did not have as many interesting danes in it like the first book. What made the first book awesome for me was the number of interesting danish characters, and although this book has its danish characters but we do not explore them as much as I would have liked.We continue the story of Uthred in this book, and he goes from all cycles of fall/depression/hope and finally resurrection. The battle scenes continue to be aweso [...]

    27. As always for me me Bernard Cornwell writes another cannot put down series. This is the 2nd book of the Saxon Kingdom series & a page turner. I just loved before each battle how King Alfred would compare it to a battle from the Bible.

    28. The story could have ended here but more is better and it has its hooks in me so moving on to book three.

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