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Long Lost

Long Lost Gone Once For years Brad Denning wondered whether his younger brother was dead or alive He wondered who took him or if Petey had simply run away Now on a Denver street Brad is jolted by a man call

  • Title: Long Lost
  • Author: David Morrell
  • ISBN: 9780446611947
  • Page: 355
  • Format: Paperback
  • Gone Once For years, Brad Denning wondered whether his younger brother was dead or alive He wondered who took him, or if Petey had simply run away Now, on a Denver street, Brad is jolted by a man calling out his name A man claiming to be his long lost brother Twice Burned But the reunion is short lived Suddenly, Petey is gone again And so is Brad s family This time,Gone Once For years, Brad Denning wondered whether his younger brother was dead or alive He wondered who took him, or if Petey had simply run away Now, on a Denver street, Brad is jolted by a man calling out his name A man claiming to be his long lost brother Twice Burned But the reunion is short lived Suddenly, Petey is gone again And so is Brad s family This time, Brad is going after him to find the truth, to find his family To enter a murderous game that stretches into the pastd will culminate in one final moment of revenge.

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    1 thought on “Long Lost

    1. This book had an interesting premise, but Morrell lost me as he described the heroes ridiculous method of tracking down the bad guy. Not simple careful investigation, but guess and by golly and maybe we'll get lucky.At the opening of the novel, the hero has lived a successful life, but recalls with shame rejecting his younger brother, who was kidnapped and never heard from again. However, his brother shows up, now an adult, and tells the hero things that only his brother could know. A family reu [...]

    2. this is the last of my hard morrells;i'm not sure if i can acquire more this year;this seems more of a short novel than a fast-paced one as most readers find;i wonder why the authorities vehemently condemn vigilantism

    3. Very fast read. The last 200 pages will go by in a flash, but this is in part to a great storyline that really makes you feel like you are in the same search the main character is in. I think the ending was probably just OK, but overall a very good read.

    4. This book was very easy to read and I read it very fast, as I wanted to know what happened. I wouldn't say that it was exceptionally good, but it was still the kind of book that you keep on reading because you want to know how it ends. The chapters were short too, which helps to make you read on and on as you think "just one more chapter".The main character is a man called Brad Dennings, who is a successful architect with a lovely wife and a wonderful son. In short, his life is great, except for [...]

    5. I picked this book up at a distant ALA when I was still enthralled with Morrell's Brotherhood of the Rose series. He explained to me why he couldn't continue the series. It was a excellent reason but I was so disappointed I never wanted to read this. More fool I. The story is non-stop action from the very first. Brad's younger brother went missing when he was nine. Brad has always blamed himself because he had shooed his little brother away and then he was never seen again. Brad is successful ad [...]

    6. Continuing my year of Re-Reading I can honestly say that my memory of first reading LONG LOST is in itself long lost. This had to be well over a decade ago and then I believe I'd filed this as a Top 5 favorite. That will be modified now:While this is certainly not a terrible novel it's definitely not up to the tension we are used to from Morrell. The first 80% of the story is perfectly cadenced and takes the reader through every emotion of the narrative. Generally in these novels we're along for [...]

    7. A long lost brother suddenly appear out of the blue. Brad Denning was guilt stricken about losing his kid brother 25 years ago. He kept blaming himself for Petey disappearance all this while and wad relieved to find him again. Trying to make up for lost time He didn't realise that Petey is no longer the same person. Soon Petey was gone again but not before he kidnapped Brad's wife and son. Brad have to put himself in Petey deranged mind as he try to retrace Petey footsteps in order to find his f [...]

    8. An nice storyline, but not a great title. If David Morrell had written it under a pseudonym it would have been a success as it was written from a first person POV which is not normally found in Morrell's earlier books. The Conclusion seems to be in a much hurry and towards end the climax seems predictable.

    9. Interesting premise, and well written, but definitely not one of my favorite Morrell novels, which in no way means it wasn't good. It was an enjoyable, suspenseful read, that was thoroughly infused with the action I've come to expect from a Morrell novel.

    10. brad's brother petey disappeared years ago when he was 9 and he was 13 the search was endless plus media appeals with the usual amount of cranks. but then his name was called in the street one day and it was him - petey he was in a bit of a sorry state and he took him home where his wife kate mothered him and his son jason really took to him to continue the bonding the men took off into the mountains for a camping trip. but when brad was standing on the edge of the ravine he was pushed hard and [...]

    11. For Full and Detailed review, drop everything and run to cynthology/2014/0I must confess that I couldn’t bring myself to read Long Lost by David Morrell for a very long time. Being a mother of two very young children and an aunt to two young boys, the thought of a child disappearing like that never to show up again in the parent’s lifetime was enough to give me the creeps. It was only recently that I made the supreme effort of rejecting my fears as mere superstition and began to read the nov [...]

    12. Morrell's story highlights the extreme lengths some men will go to recover what is there's. In Long Lost our protagonist Brad Denning, a now famous architect living in Denver who is living with a tortured soul. When he was a young boy, he was playing baseball with his friends when they complained that his younger brother Petey was bothering them and that Brad needed to send Petey home. Reluctantly he agrees and he watches as Petey peddles off on his blue biked is never seen or heard from again. [...]

    13. The only reason I picked up 'Long Lost' to read was because I noticed that David Morrell was the one who created 'First Blood' which if anyone doesn't know is the first story in the Rambo series. Now, being blinded by the fact that I just luuuurve Rambo I thought that maybe another story by this author may be just as good. Well, it was and it wasn'tThe story this book is based around is your typical family member that goes missing story and suddenly out of the blue they turn up years later. But, [...]

    14. My actual rating is 3.5 stars.This novel's main character is Brad Denning and during his childhood his younger brother was kidnapped and never found. Many years later he is reunited with his brother, Peter, and Brad introduces Peter to his family. Things don't proceed as Brad planned it and he is suddenly thrust into a nightmare.This is an enjoyable quick read. The short chapters reminded me of a James Patterson book and these short chapters kept the pace going as there was never a chance for a [...]

    15. I "read" it as an audiobook and I was very impressedThis is one of the best audiobooks that I have ever heard. Neil Patrick Harris does an absolutely wonderful job of conveying the emotions of Brad Denning, the main character. Harris makes you feel the loss of Denning, the joy of re-discovering his long-lost brother, the horror of having his family kidnappedWell done! The plot of the book is compelling. Brad Denning is a successful architect with a happy wife and son. One day, a scruffy stranger [...]

    16. When Brad Dennnig was a kid he sent his younger brother Petey home because his friends thought he was a pest. Petey never made it home. Years later Brad is a successful architect in Denver with wife and young son. One day while out for a lunch he hears his mane called and turns and is approached by a young man in worn clothes. Now Brad had been on nationwide TV for an interview and had mentioned the loss of his brother prompting a rash of callers claiming to be Petey and thought this was going t [...]

    17. From the man who gave us Rambo comes this story of Brad Denning, thirty-something, happily married family man and architect who remains guilt ridden over the disappearance of his younger brother Petey some twenty years before. When Brad is approached by a man claiming to be Petey he is at first skeptical, but based upon the strangers in depth knowledge of their shared childhood experiences, becomes convinced that this man is indeed his long lost brother, and brings him home to meet his wife and [...]

    18. Viens no daudzajiem detektīviem tēta grāmatu plauktā - atceros, pirmo reizi lasīju, kad man bija kādi divpadsmit. Aizraujoši, ātri var izraut cauri - kā jau labs krimiķis.Tomēr, lasot otro reizi, pamanīju tēlu plakanumu - lai arī galvenais ļaundaris (vai viņa stāsts) bija labi (interesanti) izstrādāts, pārējie tēli bija ļoti sausi, bet visas sievietes, cik nu tādas tur bija, vispār kalpoja tikai kā objekti stāsta virzīšanai uz priekšu.Vienīgais tēls, kuru tiešām [...]

    19. I read this book a few years back. I had gone to the library to read through some periodicals - but my usual selections were all in use. Needing to kill time I wandered over to the mystery paperback shelf, saw this, sounded reasonably interesting so I made the decision to spend the few minutes reading this while waiting for one of the magazines to be returned to the rack. If I liked the book at all I figured I could always pick it up again off the shelf during a return trip and begin reading whe [...]

    20. A suspenseful thriller that keeps the reader on the edge wondering what is next, wondering what is the truth.Brad Denning's younger brother Petey disappeared one afternoon. For years, Brad has tortured himself as to whether Petey is alive or dead when one afternoon a man claiming to be him appears.Is it Petey? He knows things only his brother could know, and Brad welcomes him back, introducing his wife and son to him. Hoping to make things better for him.Days later, Peter again disappears taking [...]

    21. I really enjoyed Long Lost, though I found the ending a bit weak. But never mind that, because by the time you get to the end, it's over. Having said that, Long Lost is a great novel. More a mystery than thriller, it deals with missing children and survivors guilt. I enjoyed it a lot.Reviewed by, David Feeney, author; Terror on the high seas

    22. Long Lost was a quick read. The story line moved at a fast pace and you kept rolling with it to find out what happens next. His writing style with the shorter chapters, and short, choppy sentences actually seems to work for Mr Morrell.The reader anticipates the outcome, but still wants to read as quickly as possible to get all the details from the author.It didn't hurt as to a quick read that the book I had was in large print.

    23. I read this book on a friend's recommendation and was a little hesitant as it's not my typical read. But hey, go out of your box, right? Overall, I was motivated by the plot and intrigued by the actions of the main character. The characters lacked depth and the story was predictable; however, the straight-forward writing style made this an easy, quick read with enough suspense and action to make me want to keep coming back.

    24. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It reminded me that the US is a big place as the pattern of criminal behaviour of the "baddie" was not detected when it happened in different states, when it would probably have been flagged up in a smaller country.My only misgiving about the plot was how the baddie learned how to build his bunker when he was an illiterate loner. If he had professional help surely his requests would have seemed odd.

    25. Action! Action! Action! David Morrell creates a simple architect into a full fledged detective with the right motivation. Although I had never expected in this book, a couple of scenes brought tears. I could relate well to the protagonist and the dark antagonist as well. The plot was simple but I loved the thought process of the characters in this book. Nice one.

    26. This book started out pretty good, but towards the end became pretty annoying: the main character kept making bad decisions (probably just to make the books more "exciting". But for me, it just made it more annoying. I finally put the book down quite a way before the end. For me - not worth finishing. (Although others may appreciate this type of writing.)

    27. Although very well written and easy to read, nothing about the book stood out as particularly memorable. The characters were sufficiently fleshed out, but they lacked any real zeal, and some of the main characters actions seemed a little far fetched. Overall, worth the read, but the few plot twists could be seen from far away.

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