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A Scourge of Vipers

A Scourge of Vipers To solve Rhode Island s budget crisis the state s colorful governor Attila the Nun wants to legalize sports gambling but her plan has unexpected consequences Organized crime professional sports le

  • Title: A Scourge of Vipers
  • Author: Bruce DeSilva
  • ISBN: 9780765374318
  • Page: 212
  • Format: Hardcover
  • To solve Rhode Island s budget crisis, the state s colorful governor, Attila the Nun, wants to legalize sports gambling but her plan has unexpected consequences Organized crime, professional sports leagues, and others who have a lot to lose or gain if gambling is made legal flood the state with money to buy the votes of state legislators.Liam Mulligan, investigative repoTo solve Rhode Island s budget crisis, the state s colorful governor, Attila the Nun, wants to legalize sports gambling but her plan has unexpected consequences Organized crime, professional sports leagues, and others who have a lot to lose or gain if gambling is made legal flood the state with money to buy the votes of state legislators.Liam Mulligan, investigative reporter for The Providence Dispatch, wants to investigate, but his bottom feeding corporate bosses at the dying newspaper have no interest in serious reporting So Mulligan goes rogue, digging into the story on his own time When a powerful state legislator turns up dead, an out of state bag man gets shot, and his cash stuffed briefcase goes missing, Mulligan finds himself the target of shadowy forces who seek to derail his investigation by destroying his career, his reputation, and perhaps even his life Bruce DeSilva s A Scourge of Vipers is at once a suspenseful crime story and a serious exploration of the hypocrisy surrounding sports gambling and the corrupting influence of big money on politics.

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    1 thought on “A Scourge of Vipers

    1. Posted toThe Literary Lawyer Liam Mulligan Puts the Competition on Notice - 5 Stars There is something refreshing about a mystery based around a journalist. The authors, often former journalists, realize that there is excitement, intrigue and excitement in a plot that does not revolve around murder alone. Bruce DeSilva has upped his game with this installment and has written his most mature, detailed and entertaining novel to date. The Plot Determined Journalist, Liam Mulligan, continues to ply [...]

    2. 'm a fan of crime novels featuring investigative journalists, whether the reporter is Bruce DeSilva's Liam Mulligan, Brad Parks' Carter Ross, Bryan Gruley's Gus Carpenter or Hank Phillippi Ryan's Jane Ryland. They're determined people, perfect sleuths, working hard to present the truth to the public. They dig for answers, putting themselves in danger, but determined to find those answers. Unfortunately, investigative reporters are a dying breed as newspapers and media change. That's evident in B [...]

    3. Liam Mulligan is a reporter for The Dispatch, which has seen better days. You can soon intuit that he's also not much of a rule follower, and while that serves him as a reporter it causes a bit of trouble for both him and his employer from time to time. As Mulligan starts to track down an interesting story that seems to tie into the upcoming gambling legislation vote, it doesn't take long to realize that more people don't want him to look into the situation than those that do. Mulligan takes thi [...]

    4. I always enjoy reading about Rhode Island newspaper reporter Liam Mulligan.I've now read the first four novels in this series. I will now read number five, THE DREAD LINE (2016) by Bruce DeSilva, next.

    5. As in all his Liam Mulligan books, this was a really fun read. The story is engrossing, and Mulligan is just a great character. Being relatively familiar with Providence and the neighboring towns, it's even more fun to read his books. I will anxiously await the next one!

    6. A Scourge of VipersMysterious Book Report No 198by John Dwaine McKennaIn the food for thought department, here’s a juicy little nugget to chew on: Remember when gambling was underground, illegal and in the hands of organized crime? Now it’s legal, and available most everywhere, but in my opinion, still in the hands of organized crime . . . called government. Look anywhere in most states, and you’ll find government- run lotteries and government-controlled casinos with most forms of gambling [...]

    7. A Scourge of Vipers.By Bruce DeSilva.Reviewed by Howard Frank Mosher Liam Mulligan, the eponymously-named investigative reporter and main character of Bruce DeSilva’s terrific new novel A Scourge of Vipers is the last of a breed. Anarchic, hilarious, fearless, altruistic, smart-mouthed and above all bedrock decent, the hero of DeSilva’s fourth Rhode Island mystery is at it again. “Trouble is my business,” he quips to a friend, but on the bottom line, he isn’t kidding. Both professional [...]

    8. The newspaper The Providence Dispatch is barely hanging on by a thread. A shadow of its former self pretty much in name only it is now owned by a media conglomerate known to all as “General Communications Holdings International” or GCHI. A media conglomerate bent on wringing out every last penny as the bottom line drives everything. Investigative reporter Liam Mulligan is quite possibly the last dinosaur as he is hanging on to his job by a thread. It has been a long time since the Pulitzer P [...]

    9. This was a very entertaining, fast-paced and exciting book; but it brings up some thought-provoking ideas. There is an underlying theme of the way that money can corrupt the American legislative process. When different Super-PACs (Political Action Committees) have strong preferences for modifying a bill, they can spend enormous amounts of money to buy influence. Since much of that money may be unregulated, it can be used to buy votes though contributions to the politicians involved or even outri [...]

    10. I just finished the fourth book in the 'Liam Mulligan' series by Bruce DeSilva. This is a hilarious combination of crime fiction coupled with some really terrific satire regarding sports gambling in this country. If you haven't read any of the prior books in this series, you will still enjoy this fast-paced narrative with really interesting characters and quite of bit of information about the demise of the print media and the collusion involving college and professional sports and the gambling i [...]

    11. Here’s an entertaining crime novel that takes place in and around Providence, Rhode Island, and includes considerable local color. The wisecracking protagonist, Liam Mulligan, knows every crook, cop, and politician in the Ocean State from years of writing for the Providence Dispatch. Sadly, bean counters have taken over the Dispatch and are eviscerating it. They are keeping Liam on for now only because he’s their most productive writer. Liam, lucky for him, has a choice of three job offers: [...]

    12. #4 in the Liam Mulligan series. Liam Mulligan is a reporter for an almost defunct Providence, RI newspaper. He has employment offers as a bookie, private investigator, and reporter for an on-line new blog. Before the ship sinks, however, he is determined to uncover the story behind the efforts to derail the governors proposal to legalize state run sports gambling. The Vipers in the title refers to a minor league basketball team Mulligan is told to go out for in open trials as part of a newspaper [...]

    13. Fans of hardboiled crime fiction will relish the original twist Bruce DeSilva puts on this popular genre with A Scourge of Vipers and its 3 predecessors (make sure to read them all, in any order you wish.) The hero, Liam Mulligan, is not a detective or private eye, he is a newspaper reporter at a rapidly declining daily in Providence, Rhode Island. He is a true original: cynical, ethical, witty, smart -- and not at all certain that his lifelong pursuit of truth and justice on a daily deadline is [...]

    14. Liam Mulligan is one of my favorite characters, and "A Scourge of Vipers" finds him back in the thick of it. He's still an iconoclast in today's newspaper industry, an "ink-stained wretch" who has little patience for today's newspaper leadership. Mulligan chases stories with a dogged determination to bring forward the truth, regardless of who he has to work with (police, criminals, or both).This story packs the same punch as the previous Mulligan books - full of humor, acts of violence, and susp [...]

    15. I love Mulligan, and this was another standout in the series. One of the things I missed most in this, though, was Mulligan's constant battles as a reporter, which, because of the changing times at the Providence Dispatch, featured only through the first half of the book. Some of the main characters in his daily life were also missed, like Mason and Woosh, who were much more secondary than in past series entries. But if things are going to change for Mulligan, it was at least interesting to see [...]

    16. Having enjoyed Rogue Island, I picked this one up from my local library and was not disappointed. A wiseacre is always a good lead character as long as the author can pull off the dialog. I'll look for the intervening two books as well.Aside from the investigative reporting, I really enjoyed the entire side story about the basketball tryouts.There was one editing slip, where Rosie is said to have died in an auto crash whereas in the first book she is killed fighting an arson fire.

    17. Even though I usually don't like "amateur" detectives, I have enjoyed all the entries in this series, and this one is the best. The good governor of Rhode Island, Attila the Nun, wants to legalize sports betting to cure the state budget woes, and to have the State itself takes the bets. Professional sports and the mob are against it. Atlantic City wants a cut. And everyone else is looking to have the venture privatized. Pretty soon lots of PAC money is flying on both sides and then the body coun [...]

    18. Mulligan is the only real reporter left at The Providence Dispatch, formerly one of the best small-city papers in the country. Now, corporate hacks run the newsroom and Mulligan can feel his life's work slipping away. Hiss friend, the governor of Rhode island, launches an initiative to get sports gambling legalized and the the PACs and all the major sports leagues start pouring money into the state to disrupt the plan. Several murders later, Mulligan has been arrested a few times and rescued fri [...]

    19. Found Another Must Read AuthorI read a lot and appreciate good fiction. Finding an author who has and intelligent plot, interesting leading character, and great dialogue is like striking gold. I just struck gold. I finished reading Bruce DeSilva’s, A Source of Vipers. Mr. DeSilva joins my small army of must read authors, including Michael Connelly, John Sanford, Daniel Silva, C.J. Sansom, Peter Robinson, and C.S. Forester (the Hornblower series). One of the benefits of striking gold is that I [...]

    20. The second best book in the series. If you are from New England and are a liberal, you'll love Mulligan. A journalist facing the decline of investigative journalism and embarking on a new career as a private dick. His close fried, a former nun called 'Attilla the nun,' is the governor of RI. She tries to legalize sports gambling as an avenue out of RI's financial woes.The Atlantic City mob and pro sports togs get involved to stake their territory-- pro and con. A great summer read, preferably on [...]

    21. I love this man's writing. Not only does he remind me of Raymond Chandler and Robert Parker, but he has that old style of mystery and flair of short quippy sentences that say a lot more that the words you see, and show a hidden more colorful depth. They are fun to read and I love his characters too. Mulligan is a great find and his inner dialogue rings in my ears and head long after I've shelved the book. DeSilva's characters grow and develop over time becoming more of who they are or more than [...]

    22. My second Mulligan book. Entertaining with some good action, but some crazy developments that you can't imagine would happen in real life. But this so called "journalist" DeSilva still makes casinos the bad guys and repeats to tired old saw that Atlantic City casinos are controlled by the mob. He's completely disingenous about this and he should be ashamed for repeating what is an outright lie. I have no problem with using the mob as the bad guy, but using casinos this way just continues to expa [...]

    23. I want to buy Liam Mulligan a beer. No, I want to have a beer with him. Maybe all evening. I want to ride along in his new Mustang while he's investigating corruption. I want to meet his beautiful girlfriend and hear more about how they met. Maybe even play some one on one. I want to know his plans, his dreams for the future. I've spent a lot of time with Liam, but I need more. Get writing, Bruce!

    24. This was a strange read for me. I think the author's intent was to write a satirical mystery involving state and local government but with a wisecracking newspaper columnist named Mulligan telling thestory it just doesn't work. If that doesn't do it for you, one of Mulligan's confidants is the Rhode Island governor who is a defrocked nun who is better known as Attila the Nun. They are so close she is willing to meet him, sans a protective entourage, at his favorite bar. Enough said?

    25. Good installment of the reporter from Rhode Island. I felt sad that his newspaper days were coming to a close. But know his new path will creat a lot more stories! Worth a read. He solved a good mystery and we got see all the characters from the other books. A sort of spoiler --- He needs a better girlfriend. This one really does not want to be with him - and does not believe in him. Did not even let him explain things when something came up. End

    26. A story the captures the heart of corruptionBruce DeSilva captures the essence of corruption in RI. The sad but true pervasiveness of lack of integrity. Gambling,somewhat less than ethical cops, a mob figure it two, and a colorful reuse of the nickname Attila the Nun ( a fictional governor instead of the real life nun turned Attorney General). A funny entertaining read

    27. Conflicted on this book: parts I liked (the plot, the setting, the supporting characters), but the main problem was that the main character didn't always hang together. Just seemed a bit too "good" and things happened too "perfectly" for him (even though he was "bad"). I don't plan to read another

    28. Excellent. Thought A Scourge of Vipers is the second best in the series, behind the initial Rogue Island. We continue to follow the decline of the newspaper industry. DiSilva also offers commentary on government/political issues. The entire series is terrific. Mulligan is a terrific lead, surrounded by terrific characters including Providence.

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