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To Hell and Back

To Hell and Back Brielle Douglas is the girl who always keeps her head down she stays quiet does her school work and never socializes But sometimes the quiet ones have the most they wish they could say Brielle s life

  • Title: To Hell and Back
  • Author: Leigha Taylor
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 284
  • Format: ebook
  • Brielle Douglas is the girl who always keeps her head down she stays quiet, does her school work and never socializes But sometimes the quiet ones have the most they wish they could say Brielle s life has been a living hell since she lost her mother to cancer five years ago Her abusive, alcoholic father keeps her under tight rule, and her only goal is to graduate, moveBrielle Douglas is the girl who always keeps her head down she stays quiet, does her school work and never socializes But sometimes the quiet ones have the most they wish they could say Brielle s life has been a living hell since she lost her mother to cancer five years ago Her abusive, alcoholic father keeps her under tight rule, and her only goal is to graduate, move on and never look back When Brielle meets gorgeous ex TV star Carson Malone, she sees it as a one time meeting, a chance encounter, a memory to cherish But when her home life goes from bad to horrific, Carson steps in to pick up the pieces Learning how to trust and to be free isn t easy, but, with Carson by her side, Brie has a chance If only the Devil from her past stays in Hell where he belongs.

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      284 Leigha Taylor
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    1 thought on “To Hell and Back

    1. Thank you, Thank you, Thank youThere are lots and lots of contractions in this book YAY!!! I just love it when writer's write the way we all speakSo thanks so much for the Leigha!To Hell and Back is a fairy tale come true. Brielle has a shit life. Her mother died of cancer, he dad who's an ex-cop got shot, had to retire from the force and now he's become an abusive alcoholic. Poor Brielle has more bruises and broken bones than anyone should have to endure.Carson Malone is the hot young actor of [...]

    2. 3.5 Stars - To Hell and Back is Leigha Taylor’s debut novel and the story of Brielle and Carson. Brie has been living in a toxic environment; constantly being told that she lacks any true worth. Carson lives in the spotlight. His life is one where he is always being worshipped. These two opposites are brought together by a chance encounter that will change them both unexpectedly. Carson and Brie have their work cut out for them. Brie struggles with a long list of insecurities and the attention [...]

    3. To Hell and Back is the story of Brielle, a quiet, innocent girl who suffers at the hands of her alcoholic father, Hank. When I tell you I hated Hank, I hated Hank. I also started to resent the townspeople that knew something was going on but did nothing to stop it. Really, people? So what if he's an ex-cop? He's beating his daughter!AnywayI'm surprised Brie hung around home for as long as she did. I loved that even though she was going through something horrible she maintained her dry sense of [...]

    4. For Leigha Taylor's debut novel, the writing is great and you can tell she has talent. The story focuses on abuse and finding a way out of the hell hole initially. The beginning starts off well, is incredibly realistic and believable in the father/daughter relationship. Hank certainly comes off as a nasty piece of shit and I feel his character is perfectly developed. However, when Brielle meets Carson (a ridiculously successful TV star) who wants to do nothing more than to whisk her away and sol [...]

    5. What a great read, shed loads of drama and heart thumping romance with a dreamy movie star. I couldn't put the book down from the minute I picked it up until I'd read the last page.Brielle has the most horrific home life, 18 and desperate to finish high school so she can make her escape to start over. A chance meeting in a local grocery store puts Brielle squarely on the map of Carson, a popular actor from a vampire series. Neither Brielle or Carson can get their meeting out of their minds but w [...]

    6. To Hell and Back This is a very hard book to read because of the abuse Brie endures it breaks me heart. Carson is such a sweetheart and so wonderful to Brie which she totally deserved.My reason for 3 star's is :This book needs to be reformatted, it reads like a huge sentence which is very difficult to read and figure out dialogue etcThey say each other's names wayyyy too much.Intsta love theirs absolutely NO build up to their relationship they meet and bam he can't be with anyone else again .The [...]

    7. For this being a debut book Leigha has set the bar high for herself!The characters are ones you can connect with, feel for, love and hate.Brielle's life hasn't always been rough, but after her mother dies things take a turn for the worse. Life with a drunk, abusive father leaves her with a very low self esteem. When she meets Carson, things get even worse until he saves her.Leaving everything behind her, Brielle tries to move on from her past and find out who she really is, both as an individual [...]

    8. All I can say is wow!! To Hell and Back is a debut novel by Leigha Taylor. I could not put it down!! This is the story of Brielle, a girl who has endured a miserable life at the hands of her alcoholic father. Carson is a TV star who wants time out of the spotlight. The tale of their developing romance, with all the twists and turns, will keep you turning the page.I can't wait for more stories from Leigha Taylor!! I loved it!!

    9. Fantastic debut novel! Sometimes the best laid plans never work out, that's what Brielle had to learn. Of course when Plan B includes the hottest TV vampire from her favorite show, she of course doesn't trust it. Carson Malone has to earn that trust and it becomes the making of a great Cinderella story.

    10. Very sweet love story about a girl that has had to deal with more HELL then anyone person should. I loved every moment of the book and could not put it down. Very good read!! :) Make sure to get your copy today you won't want to miss out!

    11. I absolutely loved this book! I was roped in after the first page. The best part of the entire book was between Brie and Hank. Carson is every woman's dream!I can't believe this book was a debut for Leigha Taylor!

    12. Awesome debut! Wow! I could not put this book down, the characters touched me to my very soul! I laughed and I cried! I now have a new favorite author and would recommend this to anyone!

    13. Book had potential, but it was ruined by a rushed relationship, sophomoric dialogue and over-the-top scenes.

    14. Great debut from a promising new author! This story was gripping and well written. It had be swooning, screaming at my Kindle and at times fanning myself ;) Can't wait to see more from Leigha Taylor

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