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60 Minutes

Minutes As the chief marketing officer of one of the biggest FMCG companies Agastya is all set for the most important product launch of his career when things spin out of control minutes is all he has to s

  • Title: 60 Minutes
  • Author: Upendra Namburi
  • ISBN: 9789384030247
  • Page: 278
  • Format: Paperback
  • As the chief marketing officer of one of the biggest FMCG companies Agastya is all set for the most important product launch of his career when things spin out of control 60 minutes is all he has to save his job and his marriage.Beautiful and intelligent, Maithili has never had much luck in love When Agastya takes things too far and almost crushes her spirit, Maithili muAs the chief marketing officer of one of the biggest FMCG companies Agastya is all set for the most important product launch of his career when things spin out of control 60 minutes is all he has to save his job and his marriage.Beautiful and intelligent, Maithili has never had much luck in love When Agastya takes things too far and almost crushes her spirit, Maithili must avenge herself 60 minutes is all she needs to turn his life upside down.Saileshs academic temperament is unsuited to corporate rivalry and subterfuge but he is forced to retaliate when someone crosses the line He has 60 minutes to destroy his foe.High profile jobs, reputations, relationships and marriages are at stake As the battle for supremacy continues, who will falter, who will persist and who will come out on top A one of a kind thriller where all the action unfolds in 60 Minutes

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      278 Upendra Namburi
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    1 thought on “60 Minutes

    1. Despite its low reviews I decided to give this book a chance and for the most part I really liked it. Not one of my favourites but it's still very gripping and well-written.

    2. Spoiler alert! (Maybe, but who cares)High-profile jobs, reputations, relationships and marriages are at stake. Stealth, blackmail and secret liaisons exposed. Emotions mired in doubt and ambitions entangled in hostility. As the battle for supremacy continues, who will falter, who will persist and who will come out on top?60 minutes has three main protagonists who control the entire story. Agastya, the CMO of a big FMCG company 'BCL', is all set for the most important product launch of his career [...]

    3. A perfect movie material u get to know business strategy, rivalry, media, love ( oh sorry not the true one but only which starts with sex and ends on same) both Agastya and shailes r impressive character so as stylish. Good one @upebdranamburi 60 minutes is a must read

    4. ‘60 Minutes’ by Upendra Namburi has been advertised as a racy thriller where all the action unfolds in 60 minutes. Time-bound thrillers always excite me and, therefore, I became very happy when I got a chance to read and review this book. So, what is my impression of this book? While the blurb of the book is beautifully done and creates an excitement in the minds of readers, I should be sorry to spoil the effect created by the blurb. But it’s true. Though one might detect a slight touch of [...]

    5. What a disappoint. After being marketed as "fast paced" and "racy", this book did not fit into the description of fast paced and racy at all!Upendra Namburi's '60 Minutes' is the second book of his triumvirate novels ('31' was his first). The story revolves around relationships, twisted morals, a world full of scheming people and of course the corporate rat race to reach the top.While I did like the 'quotes', (if I can call them that) before the beginning of each chapter, somehow the book did no [...]

    6. This is a tale of twisted morals, a world of conniving people and cut-throat competition. Upendra, the author is a sales and marketing professional which will be clear by the first few pages into the novel as the language is mostly corporate jargon. He is an engineer and an MBA, seemingly the route to being anything in India these days. He is an evolving blogger and writes for newspapers too, lives in Gurgaon; and is on "his voyage to writing the triumvirate of novels" which have numbers in thei [...]

    7. “Revenge is a natural instinct…But there’s more often than not too much collateral damage and in most instances we miss the point in the process, and hurt ourselves”That’s something from the book which aptly sums up its concept. 60 minutes is the second of the triumvirate novels of Upendra Namburi, a contemporary Indian life thriller. The story is set in the background of current urban life of those who reign at the top of corporate set ups. The high intensity drama happens in a span o [...]

    8. About two years back, on my way Home for Diwali, I picked up a book, on sheer impulse, at the airport. I just could not resist the out-of-the-box name of the book and the interesting blurb behind the book. The book is 31 by Upendra Namburi.The latest book by the author, 60 minutes is in the same corporate Thriller/Drama genre and the setting this time over is FMCG, so I had to pick it up.The story primarily revolves around two seasoned corporate rivals – Agastya and Saliesh. How they take thei [...]

    9. Going by the cover of the book and the praise showered on it, a reader would definitely want “60 Minutes” to stay true to its name and praise. But it is anything but that. The book is about the rivalry that exists between two ‘hot shots’ of corporate world; a romance that goes sour and turns into jealousy; pressures of a contemporary urban lifestyle and how it can take a toll on you, your mind and your life; It is also a book that delves into the world of stock market and how it is a mak [...]

    10. Agastya is the chief marketing officer in a big company, on verge of an important product launch, which can give a big boost to his career. Suddenly, everything seems to be going wrong. 60 minutes is the story of that one crucial hour, when his career and his personal life, including his marriage seem to be on a downward spiral.Sailesh, in contrast to his past modest past and academic brilliance, is part of the corporate maze too.60 minutes begins with Maithili's struggle to hold on to her sanit [...]

    11. The Indian writers market is exploding. There are so many books coming out and it is honestly hard to keep up. It is great time to be a reader/book lover.60 Minutes is the second book from Upendra Namburi and it is set in corporate India with a huge emphasis on relationships and egos.Agastya, the CMO of some big corporate has a major product launch scheduled in 60 minutes and the story starts when Maithili – his mistress walks in with a threat and demands money. Agastya has to keep Maithili a [...]

    12. 60 minutes starts off at 2.30 pm, exactly 60 minutes before the product launch and the story unfolds in the next sixty minutes. There are three main characters (Agastya, Sailesh and Maithali) and the story-line revolves around the lives of the three. Agastya is arrogant and ambitious, while his adversary Sailesh is calculative. There is animosity between the two. Maithili is Agastya’s ex and is adamant on seeking revenge from him for breaking her trust. There are way too many unwanted characte [...]

    13. Ever heard of so much happening in 60 minutes? Upendra’s experience in the field of sales and marketing comes to the fore when he talks about everything from corporate rivalry to boardroom discussions to corporate politics. Whether its people backbiting against each other or lust and love coming into the fore to get things done, Upendra has captured the drama that goes on in the floors of big corporate houses pretty well.While half of the story happens in 60 minutes, for the other half, there [...]

    14. 60 minutes by Upendra Namburi is a race with the time! Strange as it may sound, the lead characters are racing fast to catch hold of their changing times!! Is this happening for good or something else waits around the dial? Check out as clock struck time.The three contenders - Agastya, Mythili and Shailendra are hunting for their catch and all they have is a mighty lot of just 60 minutes! Agastya, is about to launch his brainchild when he lands up into an emergency, he needs to join the dots and [...]

    15. While surfing through the net, I came to know that 2 big blogger sites are promoting or providing the books to the readers, I thought it would be a good reading material, but I am disappointed. The book is full of confusion, also the product selection for marketing in the book i.e. detergent powder is not appealing. 60 Minutes is the story of Agastya, the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of FMCG Company BCL, he is about to launch the most important product of his career, which is going to scheduled [...]

    16. Corporate life is a high stakes game, and that is presented in the “60 minutes” a fast read by Upendra Namburi. Sometimes makes you sit and smell the coffee if its ok to be doing whatever you want and achieve the goal. Obviously this is the generation which feels end is the focus no matter what the means. The story revolves around two corporate professionals in question, Agastya and Sailesh and how they continue to take personal rivalries to their professional life and sometimes even at the [...]

    17. Read the Detailed Review HereFirst of all, I would like to say that 60 Minutes is kind of a book I would never had finished if I had not got this book in the review program by BlogAdda. The book is touted as a pacy thriller where all the action unfolds in 60 minutes. But they did not tell you that irrespective of those 60 minutes, there is long and boring stories from the past. So, half of the book takes place in 60 minutes and half of it takes place in a few months.I did not have a good feeling [...]

    18. One hour, sixty minutes, three thousand and six hundred seconds. Seems like a sufficiently long span of time, but an hour in the life of Agastya, a successful and ambitious CEO and the protagonist in Upendra Namburis novel 60 Minutes shows just how precious time is in realityALING with a rivalry with a CEO from company, a woman scorned, a marriage in jeopardy, an addiction to the bourses and the impending launch of a product that can make or break his career, Agastya is racing against time and s [...]

    19. This book is a roller coaster ride. From the pressures of product launch and crisis management at crucial moment to an illicit affair and a breaking marriage, it offers quite a gamut of emotions and rush. All the launch and the mayhem around it was a little too detailed though.Everything is fair in love and war and these days it’s not always ethics or morals that matter. Now coming to the title 60 Minutes I thought the entire story line would be within a span of 60 minutes, but it’s not quit [...]

    20. a battle turns to warwe wash our dirty linen with sweat and bloodThis Haiku preceding chapter four best represents what ’60 Minutes’ is all about. Bloodbath is quite in the corporate world, especially in India, where senior executives and CXOs hunt for prey in rival territories and sometimes in their own.he book captures 60 minutes in the lives of Agastya, Maithili, Sailesh and a plethora of other characters. Protagonists turn into antagonists and vice versa. Agastya is the Chief Marketing H [...]

    21. 60 Minutes by Upendra Namburi is a corporate drama where all the action unfolds within 60 racy, and sometimes chilling, minutes. Primarily a tale chronicling the intense rivalry between Agastya and Sailesh, two Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) at leading FMCGs, it touches upon the other trappings of corporate life with finesse; the thrill of addictive trading in the stock market, the fast cars, spurned women out to avenge hurt, humongous egos, deception and the lust for money, power and hegemony. [...]

    22. The book captures 60 minutes in the lives of Agastya, Maithili, Sailesh and a plethora of other characters. Protagonists turn into antagonists and vice versa. Agastya is the Chief Marketing Head of BCL, a leading FMCG company and Sailesh is his counterpart in Stark. While the plot is roughly about their rivalry and how they connive against each other to win a campaign, Maithili adds spice and twist to the story. We’d recommend this book to each reader, irrespective of any corporate background, [...]

    23. I received this book in Give-away in return for a genuine unbiased review. So, here is my review of the book.This one is a definite page turner! Almost every character seems to have a grey shade. No one's good.Neither are they completely bad. The book gives the reader a peak into the corporate life and what big MNCs do to maintain their hold on the market. The reader gets to understand a thing or two about the share markets too. The jargon,at times, might cause light headedness to the reader,th [...]

    24. 60 minutes is a nice corporate thriller by Upendra- this fiction outlays how 60 minutes before a major product launch a series of events depicting corporate rivalry, personal egoism and a lust to outsmart each other plays havoc.Plot of 60 minutes is well crafted and keeps the readers hooked. Gives very useful insights into functioning of FMCG majors. Couldn't think of any flaws in the story.I got a feeling that there's a sequel in the plans, playing in ChinaIf you like corporate fictions, 60 min [...]

    25. Detailed review here: solitaryreading/20Marketed as a 'racy corporate thriller', 60 Minutes reads more like a corporate rant. It's neither racy, not it thrills. It's a heartless thing to say, but 30 pages down, the idea of reaching page 360 started to look daunting - for it was all sounding like a rant, a calculated one at that, without any heart to it. Two things that kept me going was my aversion for abandoning books midway and the curiosity to know what happens in the end and how the story wr [...]

    26. This is a good corporate thriller. Not sure why others don't like it as much, but this is both educational and entertaining. Educational in the sense, it shows what happens at higher levels in corporate companies. Maybe it's exaggerated but such things do happen and people should know it. Story-wise, I liked this book. It was fast-paced and good enough for me to enjoy. I finished it relatively quickly, and that's a good sign. Two minor issues were: the book was longer than needed, and the charac [...]

    27. 60 Minutes is a novel so compelling and well-built to be able to compete with the giants of literature, thanks to a compelling story, a solid plot, peppered with twists, consistent characters and impeccable style. The merit of the novel by Namburi is in the rhythm, so tight in the final hundred pages that you have to grind pages upon pages without taking the time to look out of the door of the critical part of the self consciousness of the reviewer.

    28. I felt that the author tried to squeeze in too many facets into the plot and ended up making it confusing at places Even though the main plot unravels in a period of 60 minutes, every alternate chapter was a flashback. Several scenes seemed unnecessary and unimportant to the main plot. I found the main plot somewhat far-stretched too. Read full review at Natasha'z Words

    29. Set in a corporate enviornment, this books deals with the life of Agastya the chief marketing officer of a reputed FMCG. The issues that pop up in his personal as well as professional life and he has got just 60 minutes to solve.The plot is unique which makes the book an interesting read but the book has lot of twists which sometimes lead to confusions.A good read for those from marketing background who want to read the politics masala of the corporates.

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