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Broken Phoenix

Broken Phoenix Dear Author I m a phoenix pic Unfortunately I m a pretty terrible phoenix I can t seem to control my fire I lose my feathers I could give you my father s lecture on that word for word I ve heard i

  • Title: Broken Phoenix
  • Author: Edmond Manning
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 220
  • Format: ebook
  • Dear Author,I m a phoenix pic 1 Unfortunately, I m a pretty terrible phoenix I can t seem to control my fire I lose my feathers I could give you my father s lecture on that word for word, I ve heard it so many times And worst of all, my tears don t heal I ve pretty much been a hermit since my clan kicked me out ten years ago.The other day this man came to my caveDear Author,I m a phoenix pic 1 Unfortunately, I m a pretty terrible phoenix I can t seem to control my fire I lose my feathers I could give you my father s lecture on that word for word, I ve heard it so many times And worst of all, my tears don t heal I ve pretty much been a hermit since my clan kicked me out ten years ago.The other day this man came to my cave claiming he needed a phoenix to help him with his quest I was so startled I lit half my clothes on fire and scared him away I can see him climbing the trail towards my cave again What in the world does he want Pic 2 is the third undersecretary to the royal historian or some similar underling position within the royal court and discovered something he shouldn t have He can t tell anyone or he will be killed so he has to fix it all on his own except maybe for the help of one hermit phoenix.Photo Descriptions Photo 1 A shirtless, slender man with hard taut muscles gazes thoughtfully ahead Around him, singed and burned feathers waft to the ground His short red hair either burns with orange dancing flames or perhaps catches the raw yellow sunlight, giving him a fire roasted appearance His raw sensuality simmers, as if the air around him is charged with electricity and yet refuses to ignite into passion.Photo 2 A tranquil, lavender shirted man holds a book in his right hand and a lantern in his left He s young, mid twenties, a thin man His tight black pants and elegant dress shirt convey a sense of timeless style Pages seem to leave the book and fly away, as if magically lifted by the wind Despite the floating pages and the bruised blues and greens in the dangerous sky before him, the man with raven hair and a dark purple streak remains calm, absorbed Around him, delicate flowers blossom with long, curled petals, as delicate and strong as this man himself.This story was written as a part of the M M Romance Group s Love s Landscapes event Group members were asked to write a story prompt inspired by a photo of their choice Authors of the group selected a photo and prompt that spoke to them and wrote a short story This story may contain sexually explicit content and is intended for adult readers It may contain content that is disagreeable or distressing to some readers The M M Romance Group strongly recommends that each reader review the General Information section before each story for story tags as well as for content warnings.

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      220 Edmond Manning
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    1 thought on “Broken Phoenix

    1. massively greatn't be put-off by the scary-bad line editing in the early going—this thing is terrific.i read it straight through in one breathless rush, like a maniac, pausing only to daydream about life under a peach sunh! what a fucking storysterful.

    2. It was five AM and I couldn't sleep, so I intended to read until I was sleepy and then try to go back to bed. And then I saw that one of the first stories posted in the M/M Romance Group's Love's Landscapes was written by Edmond Manning, and I said "Fanaqua that, I'm making coffee."Because one doesn't read Edmond Manning with the intention of getting sleepy.Weepy, yes. Horny, maybe. Sleepy? No.This story was delightful, and heartbreaking, and strange and wonderful in a way that is truly unique t [...]

    3. Wonderful. Fresh, and imaginative. Hilarious. Deceptively beautiful. I love this story to pieces. Talk about setting the bar high for the Loves Landscapes stories. *** Disclaimer - all my reviews for the Loves Landscapes event are going to be short. Because there are a gazillion stories to read for free this month!

    4. Delightfully amusing. This was fun, and I chuckled multiple times and smiled. A feel good underdog story with prophecies, predatory vegetation, and beginnings and endings. Favorite quote: I don’t know what to say to this. He is insane and knows secrets and drinks a Diet Mountain Dew in two massive gulps.

    5. Orgasmically fucktastic!!eccentric tale about a broken sex-obsessed phoenix and his lost human mate. Sort of Stephen King's The Gunslinger with a camp twist.Giggle inducing and full of crazy dialogues.I demand a sequel.Kudos to the prompt author.

    6. Fun and funny. I was particularly amused by the juxtaposition of "fuck" and "Diet Mountain Dew" with the otherwise elevatedly fantasyland-ish style of speech. Kind of remarkably funny, given that the characters were coping with banishment and familiar rejection and (view spoiler)[the impending end of the entire solar system in 1-3 days. Depending on how they did the math.) (hide spoiler)]The love was a tad too insta- and there were a couple things that I think got glossed over plotwise, such as [...]

    7. My Sunday is completely shot. I started this one with the intention of reading a little now, reading a little later, you know. No way could I walk away once I started. Completely fascinating world that was complex but still easy to follow and the MC's are charming as all hell. I laughed out loud more than once, especially when Gio is trying to use "New York" style speak and references. Damn, that was just cute and gave what could have been a story of an apocalyptic end of the world sadness an ai [...]

    8. I don't have a bloody clue how to classify this book: fantasy, camp, sci-fi, dark comedy? It's a bit Monty Python, a bit Don Quixote, but without the rich tapestry of symbolism and poignancy. This story's about nothing at all, a series of interlinked ideas masquerading as plot: a pointless quest, flirting trees, Diet Mountain Dew, a broken phoenix, an outsider who likes to reads. I kept trying to find symbolism or meaning, but it was like shoving a square peg into a round hole with no fucking lu [...]

    9. Fantastical, quirky Manning together with a magical phoenix, what a combo.Love what he did with book reading, flirrant, gloasting and fanaqua. How he turned certain beliefs on what is ‘good’ and what is ‘bad’ on their heads and showed how much this depends on perspective. You can just read the first layer and have fun if you like. But underlying it, you can grasp at truths that are worth thinking about if you care to dig deeper. It is not easy to get tears out of me but Edmond Manning ju [...]

    10. DNF at 54%I don't want to rate it because:1)I am a big fan of Edmond Manning2)It is not that I am not going to try it again. But right now I am not in the mood for it.I have a big, huge problem with EVERYTHING here-the story, the writing and all around. I can't connect me with it. I see only a high thick wall, behind is something beautiful, that everyone sees in Broken Phoenix, but it is hidden from me. I'm an outsider here. I hope I'll come back to it, but to tell the truth, I'm not sure.Oh, Ed [...]

    11. Disclaimer: I'm in a deep reading funk and I'm in a generally bitchy mood. People love this story, so take this review with a fistful of salt.It's nice? It's nice. There's some beautiful imagery, instances of gorgeous writing aren't all that rare and the idea for this story - and all the original lore behind it - is extremely clever and fresh. It's also funny at times, in that "why is this a thing" way (example: I honor his wishes and wear a jockstrap, the red one to match my cloak. Hey, I know [...]

    12. I can't stress enough how much I dislike Present Tense. In this book:Plot? No, not much of it really. Quest? Even less so. Sex? There are mentions and maybe a scene or a scene and a half. Insta love? Yep. Human falls for this phoenix hard and fast.But - brilliantly written. Brilliantly! I am tempted to save the whole story as one long quote.5 stars plus one dying sun and a Dog Moon.(kids washed my keyboard with smth, now some of my keys get stuck, esp. letter I. Laugh if you must, but please exc [...]

    13. I loved this to pieces! The Phoenix, the Diet Mountain Dew, the flirrants. It was fanaqua good and made me that extra glowy happy you get when you've read something that fits your taste exactly. Thank you, Edmond Manning!

    14. I loved this! It was funny and gripping and overall entrancing. I haven't laughed that hard in a while. Gio was a riot. Between hisdiet Mountain Dewand his ' I want to sex you.' Mr. Manning drew such a vivid world, add that with vivid characters. You can't help but fall in love with this story! I could do read hundreds of pages with these guys. I would of loved an epilogue!

    15. Found this Boring. Had no connection to the characters and ended up DNFing as I didn't care enough to continue. Up-ing the rating to 2stars, giving it 1star feels harsh considering it's a freebie and it's not awful - just boring.(view spoiler)[There's quite a bit of world-building and it had potential, I liked the strange customs and the carnivorous plants even if I did roll my eyes at lavender skies and purple castles. It isn't always delivered smoothly though so felt a bit like trying to hard [...]

    16. ”But we are meant to love, even people on a planet with a dying star.”Loved everything about this story.It’s inspired, magical, amusing, and clever. I still have vivid images of the world Edmond Manning created in my head.More, please.

    17. This is amazing. Witty, sly, fresh, original, poignant. I have never read Manning before, but I'm a new fan. Really excellent stuff. This one will likely show up in my year's best list! Read it.

    18. 2.5This is an odd story. Full of inconsistencies, for example:Why Gio is not an analphabet since reading is a low and awful occupation and more importantly how he can read in English? I mean, how else he would know what is written on a soda can?Two worlds, one with phoenixes and magick, carnivorous plants and unexplained hate towards books, the second world, is good old the 21st century New York, USA. Also, in Gio's world being flirrant (gay) is a reason for parents to be proud and celebrate. Fl [...]

    19. 3.5 rounded up for all the laughter :)Very creative world building, with wonderful details that added to my enjoyment of the story. Details like gloasting- how awesome was that?! I also liked the interesting social rules and rituals in Gio's world, the formal way of interacting, and evaluating people by their adherence to etiquette. It all provided a background for some of the best humor. If I wasn't actually laughing, I was grinning throughout the story. I loved Gio, so concerned about proper e [...]

    20. Gloriously funny. Utterly enthralling.At first, I was thrown off by the made-up words. I don't always like that, especially when it takes me awhile to figure out what the made-up word is supposed to represent. I also don't like made-up curse words most of the time for fantasy stories.None of that mattered once I got into the flow of the story. It was both hilarious and moving. Absolutely fantastic and fun to read. A must-read for this event!

    21. Offered for FREE from the M/M Romance Group's Love's Landscapes event. Thank you too all the amazing authors who participated!This is so unique that it's hard to review. But I loved the whimsy and humor. I loved some of the beautifully written ideas. A very interesting story that starts off kind of slow but is different enough to keep you intrigued until that fantasmical (yeah I made that up) ending."I laugh and he laughs next because we are fun together. So what if the world ends in a few days [...]

    22. Gio (the broken phoenix) was funny, sweet and just everything awesome. Edgar is a reader (gasps! I know, right?!) among other things. Together they try to save the world. Their adventures are funny, sly and so well written, to the point that while I hate Mountain Dew, diet or otherwise I'd give it another go.

    23. I tried to connect with the MCs. I didn't. I tried to like the plot. I didn't. I tried to like the fantasy world. I didn't. I tried to laugh. I didn't. Those are the reasons why this story didn't work for me. It's a freebie, that's why I'm giving 2 not 1 star

    24. Amazing, imaginative, and utterly spellbinding, this is a fresh look at the legend of the phoenix, with some very interesting variations. The existence and purpose of the mystical race of shifters (if that is what they are) has gained a whole new meaning for me with this story, and I found myself fascinated more and more with each new discovery. And not just that, the tone is humorous and sometimes even sarcastic, making me laugh at some of the cross-cultural misunderstandings. The world Edmond [...]

    25. Beautiful and funny and touching and imaginative. I'm going to be on a book hangover, you know, when something is just that good that you can't move on? This is one of those. Fantastic story.

    26. Funny, beautiful, imaginative, inspired.Edmond I hate you. (Not really, bud - just can't imagine the rest of our stories will hold up well after this one)

    27. How unique. Odd, and strange, and funny, this was full of humor and many curiosities. I enjoyed it very much. :)

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