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Not Otherwise Specified

Not Otherwise Specified Etta is tired of dealing with all of the labels and categories that seem so important to everyone else in her small Nebraska hometown Everywhere she turns someone feels she s too fringe for the fring

  • Title: Not Otherwise Specified
  • Author: Hannah Moskowitz
  • ISBN: 9781481405966
  • Page: 473
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Etta is tired of dealing with all of the labels and categories that seem so important to everyone else in her small Nebraska hometown.Everywhere she turns, someone feels she s too fringe for the fringe Not gay enough for the Dykes, her ex clique, thanks to a recent relationship with a boy not tiny and white enough for ballet, her first passion and not sick enough to looEtta is tired of dealing with all of the labels and categories that seem so important to everyone else in her small Nebraska hometown.Everywhere she turns, someone feels she s too fringe for the fringe Not gay enough for the Dykes, her ex clique, thanks to a recent relationship with a boy not tiny and white enough for ballet, her first passion and not sick enough to look anorexic partially thanks to recovery Etta doesn t fit anywhere until she meets Bianca, the straight, white, Christian, and seriously sick girl in Etta s therapy group Both girls are auditioning for Brentwood, a prestigious New York theater academy that is so not Nebraska Bianca seems like Etta s salvation, but how can Etta be saved by a girl who needs saving herself The latest powerful, original novel from Hannah Moskowitz is the story about living in and outside communities and stereotypes, and defining your own identity.

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    1 thought on “Not Otherwise Specified

    1. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS BOOK. For years, I have been saying I want a book about a girl in eating disorder recovery who is in the process of regaining her relationship with food and has gained weight back as a result, while ALSO still struggling & having trouble not wishing for the past behaviors to return. Welp, I found it. And it was everything I wanted it to be.I'm so thankful that this book exists. I can't tell you how wonderful it is for me to say "This book relates to how I currently fe [...]

    2. You know all those snarky narrators? Etta is the opposite. She's pretty much Robyn.Appropriately, the playlist: Cry When You Get Older -- RobynShips in the Night -- Mat KearneyWe Dance to the Beat -- RobynBeverly Hills -- WeezerI Knew Prufrock Before He Got Famous -- Frank TurnerRead My Mind (Like Rebel Diamonds mix) -- The KillersMean -- Taylor SwiftDancing On My Own--RobynAt The Ballet -- A Chorus Line, new cast recordingAt The Ballet -- A Chorus Line, original broadway recordingWhite Horse -- [...]

    3. OH MY GOD.Please tell me there will be a sequel.--This book. This book is pretty much the closest thing I’ve found to the perfect contemporary. It is the contemporary of my dreams. The contemporary we all deserve. I’ve been waiting so long to find a bisexual protagonist, it’s unbelievable. I mean, there have been a few (Love in the Time of Global Warming comes to mind immediately) but none have really addressed what it’s like to be bisexual in a contemporary society full of people on bot [...]

    4. HOLY fuck. i mean, props for a black bisexual protagonist, that's iconic. but the lesbophobia in this book was sowhat the fuck. you mean to tell me every lesbian in the school is in a clique called the "Dykes" who would basically subject their former friend to psychological torture for dating a man?are you fucking kidding me? fuck you.

    5. Not Otherwise Specified is the story of Ella, a girl struggling with all the labels in her life. Bi, eating disorder, dancing, black, etc.Not Otherwise Specified was a breathless read. In that, no really, I felt breathless a lot of the time. The Narration was like an unending stream of consciousness funnelling you right into Ella's every uncensored thought.You'll find all the hallmarks of a great Moskowitz novel here. Thorough characterisation, relationship heavy, stunning writing, heartbreak.Bu [...]

    6. Oh man, the VOICE. In books where the voice is this strong, whether you enjoy the character whose head you're in or not is everything, and I loved hanging out with Etta. I loved her humor and her strength and her honesty and her pride and her journey. I loved that she tried to succeed and was willing to fail. There's no area of her life in which she's unilaterally one thing; even when it comes to something like letting other people dictate who she is, she both does and doesn't. She's so fabulous [...]

    7. A copy of this novel was provided by Simon & Schuster for review via Edelweiss.Not Otherwise Specified manages to tackle a lot of important and real issues without being an “issue book”, which is so important. I’m pretty much going to talk about the main themes that stood out to me when reading Not Otherwise Specified, because that’s how I roll.1. Etta is bisexual, and open about it. She’s not hiding it from anyone, she’s open about ogling pretty boys and pretty girls alike. And [...]

    8. Review to come.I really wanted to love this, I really did. I mean, a bisexual girl of color trying to get through school, being told she doesn't fit into the lesbian or straight community because she likes both, trying to find new friends. It sounds great doesn't it?Well, it was far from that-I could not get through this. I could not get into the writing style, I could not get into how angsty, angry and completely whiney the main character was. I did not enjoy the conflict between Etta and the " [...]

    9. I'm in love with Hannah Moskowitz. I love her writing, her characters, the way that I feel like I personally know her solely from reading her books. I feel like she puts a lot of herself into her stories. Not Otherwise Specified isn't a bad book by any means. But it is a what the fuck just happened ? kind of book. From the setting to the dialogue, all the way to the fucking cover I justI don't think I ever encountered a book by an author I loved that has had info-dumping, but Not Otherwise [...]

    10. 3.5Etta is a mess of a person and it pointedly comes across in her narration, with trademark Moskowitz rambling sentences of paragraphs, and boy did I enjoy it.On top of that, you have Etta herself with a crazy, maybe stolen, personality. A BIG personality. She's the kind of bouncy, excited person with whom you actually understand what a big personality means besides the obvious euphemisms. Etta's orientation is bisexual and she used to be a part of the Disco Dykes at an all girls' private schoo [...]

    11. ♫✯Em loves Hollenstein✯♫❤the summertime and butterflies all belong to your creation❤ says:

      reaction after reading:Eh. Nothing specialMason was just there for Etta to have sex with, James was cool, Etta was annoying as fuck, Bianca was sad.Rachel and Ettas relationship was fucking weird. They were best friends who Etta was sort of in love with they had sex tons, then fell out, became friends again and then Etta goes all 'who cares that I have feelings for her and we've been friends since forever, I'm leaving her behind, fuck this' In fact, 'fuck this' is pretty much Ettas whole attitud [...]

    12. Ahhh, NOT OTHERWISE SPECIFIED, I don't know how long I've been waiting for a book like you. And you definitely delivered.Etta is seventeen and lives in Nebraska. She's bisexual. She's black. She has an eating disorder, but she's not thin enough to be diagnosed with one properly. So it's just "eating disorder not otherwise specified". She used to do ballet, but not anymore. When she dates a guy for the first time, all her lesbian friends abandon her. When she breaks up with him, her friends still [...]

    13. "Bisexual, Rachel. I'm bisexual. It's a fucking WORD."Am I biased in judging this book because it has an actual Bi main character? Absolutely. But that knowledge doesn't make me love it any less. I raced through it in a day (despite being at work for most of that) and I wish I could spend more time in this story, with these people. I think, reading this book, you're either gonna love Etta and her fierce, non-stop, messy stream-of-consciousness narration or hate it, and it's pretty obvious where [...]

    14. As usual, Hannah kills it. This is the first book of hers I've read with a female narrator, and I have to say that I adored Etta. She was awesome all around. This book hits so many different topics—queerness (Etta is bi), race, eating disorders—but, in my opinion, the most important topic it explores is learning to accept yourself for who you are and follow you're own path. I would read anything Hannah wrote.

    15. If you're looking for a diverse book, look no further. Not Otherwise Specified is the picture of diversity, including a black bisexual main character, gay side characters, an asian, lesbian former best friend, religious side characters, and eating disorders. Etta, our main character, feels like she doesn't really belong anywhere. Due to a recent relationship with a boy, her former group of lesbian friends has cast her out. She once was bulimic, but is well on the way to recovery, in contrast to [...]

    16. What I love the most about Hannah Moskowitz books is that they make mefeel . And I'm not talking wincing when something bad happens, I'm talking, the book ends and my heart feels like it's not there, like there's just a cavity in my chest and I can't breathe and even if there's a happy ending just the mix of the absolute glory that is the writing and the absolute reality that encompasses the characters that just - makes mefeel .I didn't honestly know if I'd be able to write a review for this. Th [...]

    17. sure, i like having a bisexual poc protagonist, but all of that becomes meaningless once you have a book where the lesbian characters are written in such a hateful way. the author must have an issue with lesbians. i dont know how else to interpret this. dont read this unless you love seeing bisexual and lesbian women fighting and hating each other. not recommended.

    18. There are few writers out there with the talent and focus of Moskowitz, and Not Otherwise Specified is a vibrant and fully realised portrait of a woman who is complex, prickly, ambitious, scared, self-deprecating, brave and altogether entirely human. Character pieces this beautifully done are hard to come by in any category of fiction.4.5 stars.Read the full review at Bibliodazebliodaze/2015/02/review-

    19. I read Hannah's debut novel years ago, back when I was a teen myself. It wasn't my favourite, but it was good enough that I'm still interested in reading more of her reading, especially now that she's developed a bit as a writer.Details at a glance:Pairings: M/F, F/F, side M/MSexual content: Non-explicit sexRep: Plus-sized Black (with dreadlocks) bisexual MC recovering from an eating disorder, Japanese diabetic lesbian supporting character/kind-of-LI, gay supporting character, lesbian support [...]

    20. This review is also posted on my blog.I received a copy free from the publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.(view spoiler)[Okay where to even start with this book.HOLY FUCKING DIVERSITY BATMAN I THINK I JIZZED IN MY PANTS THE ENTIRE TIME.The only flaw - note, the ONLY flaw - I could find is the tendency of the narrator to ramble. By the end of the book, it had grown on me, and it definitely made Etta feel like more real of a person. But it made it REALLY hard to get into, and [...]

    21. For more reviews, gifs, Cover Snark and more, visit A Reader of Fictions.Not Otherwise Specified was my third Hannah Moskowitz novel, so I thought I knew what to expect. I liked the other two. Not Otherwise Specified, though, has this totally unfortunate cover compared to the others, and I don’t know. Basically, my body was not ready for the emotional impact this book had on me. Moskowitz blew my mind with this one, making me laugh and even cry.The thing about this book is that I’m sort of s [...]

    22. I really wanted to like this book. There aren't many YA novels that deal with bisexuality or the misunderstanding of bisexuality in both the gay and straight communities. But there were too many fact and stylistic faults to make this book a success.First the fact issues: Nebraska in January is cold and most often snowy. Hanging out in cornfields, barefoot, is just not realistic. Then, I don't believe evangelical Christians (at least, that's what was implied in the novel) would have alcohol in th [...]

    23. I can't say I'm not used to lesbians being villified in fiction. I just want to warn any young lesbians to stay away from this book, as it has really upsetting, lesbophobic content.The author should be more careful as to what kind of message she is sending writing this kind of stuff. There's nothing progressive about pitting lesbians and bisexual women against each other.

    24. POC bisexual main character? YES!This is one book I def can't wait for.(view spoiler)[the blue bookworm reviews @ wordpress(hide spoiler)]["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

    25. Huge thank you to Simon Pulse and Edelweiss for this ARC!This book wasn't entirely on my radar at all, despite having heard good things about Hannah Moskowitz's writing. It was actually seeing Courtney Summers' tweets about the book that made me intrigued to check this book out. It's a shame that this book doesn't release until next year, but having now read it, I wish it would be coming sooner so you all can experience how thoughtful and smart this novel in.Etta isn't the most likeable protagon [...]

    26. Hannah writes books that give me feelings. Lots of them.I read this book over the course of two days, but even when I wasn't reading it, I was thinking about it. Usually, it takes a fantasy novel to get me wrapped up in a world and think about it while cooking, eating, and sleeping, but Not Otherwise Specified did it for me too. Loved it.Etta is a ball of beautiful energy (like Hannah herself, n'est-ce pas?) and wobbles back and forth between almost understanding the impact of her positivity on [...]

    27. First conversation Etta has with her younger sister:She brings me to her room, and I root through her closet until I find this tight black skirt that I think will fit, bless my baby girl's hips, and this pink shirt that says "BITCH" on it in jewels."Uh. Later we're going to be talking about why you have these.""Halloween.""What were you for Halloween?""You.""Right." (3)(How can I not love a book that puts that on page 3?)Really, though, I basically loved this. It's a mythical trifecta book—one [...]

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