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Stealing Serenity

Stealing Serenity Serenity a photograph worth four million dollars was sold at auction to an anonymous bidder Stealing it will represent the largest payday Daniel will have ever had To make that happen he poses as a

  • Title: Stealing Serenity
  • Author: Tami Veldura
  • ISBN: 9780992369699
  • Page: 494
  • Format: ebook
  • Serenity, a photograph worth four million dollars, was sold at auction to an anonymous bidder Stealing it will represent the largest payday Daniel will have ever had To make that happen, he poses as a photography curator to attract the attention of Kearin, the auction house owner.Kearin takes Daniel under his wing to work in the non profit branch of his business, but i Serenity, a photograph worth four million dollars, was sold at auction to an anonymous bidder Stealing it will represent the largest payday Daniel will have ever had To make that happen, he poses as a photography curator to attract the attention of Kearin, the auction house owner.Kearin takes Daniel under his wing to work in the non profit branch of his business, but it s a cover for his desire to see Daniel naked, bound, and needy for the camera Kearin has a client interested in a very specific portfolio filling the request would put him at the top of his field.Daniel thinks he can use the modeling to get closer to Serenity What he doesn t expect is to fall for Kearin s brand of intensity instead So does he go for the photograph or Kearin s heart He wouldn t call himself a master thief if he couldn t steal both.

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    1. Cross-posted at Outlaw Reviews and at Shelf InflictedDaniel Hogan is a thief with big plans to steal a $4.3M dollar photograph titled Serenity, so he insinuates himself into the good graces of Kearin Gerard, owner of Gerard Photography, the company who organized the sale to an anonymous bidder.What Daniel didn’t anticipate was the intense attraction he felt for Kearin. His strong personality and personal photo collection piqued Daniel’s interest even further. He has no intention of letting h [...]

    2. Cat and Mouse game with ropes.Some beautiful rope work and photography discussed, but the uneven rendering of the perspective was disorienting and managed to pull me away from the moments of intimacy with reportage statements. The elements of exhibitionism and shibari are seductive, but the story telling itself was clumsy. I did enjoy the game being played here, that's why I'm rounding up 2.5 stars to 3.

    3. 3.5 star review by The Blogger Girls.In the back of my mind throughout this entire story was “how could a photograph be worth so much money?” But then the mystery takes over, and Daniel with his thieving skills, takes front and center. He is a master thief. He is basically on a big job, undercover so to speak, working for Kearin’s company as a lowely assistant, all in the guise of obtaining information as to the whereabouts of the overpriced “Serenity” photograph so that he may steal i [...]

    4. *Copy provided by the author through the BDSM TPE Bar in exchange for an honest review*Rating overviewWriting: ★★★(★)Story: ★★★(★)Characters: ★★★(★)Overall: ★★★★ (3.5)~~~This was really difficult for me to rate - I could've given it anywhere between three and five stars, so I settled on four. Daniel has set his eye on a very valuable photograph, namely Serenity, which he is planning to steal from an anonymous bidder. In order to succeed, he starts working in Keari [...]

    5. I enjoyed this story, more for the intrigue and mystery, than for the romance. If I'm perfectly honest, I didn't really feel a huge passion between the main characters of Daniel and Kearin but certainly got sucked into seeing how their relationship panned out.The strength of the book is in the attention to detail that gave a sense of realism to Daniel's activity as a master thief. The references to the small things–such as Daniel being aware of the presence of layers of dust showing no-one was [...]

    6. I got this book for free in exchange for an honest review throught the DBML program of the M/M Romance group at .This book had the beginnings of a relationship of a photographer/auction house owner, Kearin, and a masterthief masquerading as a photograph curator, Daniel. Kearin in his private life like to photograph male subjects in bondage situation and is also a Dom. Daniel to his surprise is a submissive and gets off on being tied up. while this book is erotic it is not sexual in that their is [...]

    7. 4.5La prima cosa che mi viene in mente quando penso a questa storia è sensualità allo stato puro.Le scene di bondage di questo romanzo sono la cosa più sensuale che abbia mai letto, una più intrigante dell'altra, il tutto praticamente senza che i due protagonisti facciano mai sesso.Il rapporto tra Daniel e Kearin evolve velocemente incontro dopo incontro fino al momento in cui si scoprono le carte e tutto diventa chiaro per entrambi.Il finale è stato perfetto per la storia, anche se spero c [...]

    8. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.-Stealing Serenity was quite a bit off from what I had expected given the cover and description. Fair warning, this isn't a hot and heavy BDSM story. It's hard to explain because despite the content, the encounters between Daniel and Kearin were laid out like a textbook case study. Kearin's determined to stay emotionally detached and capture the photos of Daniel through an artist's eye while Daniel is conflicted between his ult [...]

    9. Stealing Serenity is the story of Daniel Hogan, an art thief, with plans to steal Serenity, a photograph estimated to be worth 4 million dollars. In order to get more information about the anonymous buyer of the photo, Daniel goes to work for Kearin Gerard, photographer and organizer of the Serenity auction. Daniel becomes intrigued by Kearin’s private photo collection of men bound in various erotic poses, and agrees to be Kearin’s next model. As Daniel gets closer to finding Serenity, he al [...]

    10. This book was given to me free by the author for an unbiased review.Daniel, a thief, obtains a job working for Kearin, the owner of the auction house that sold the photograph he wants to steal.Along the way, he discovers that Kearin is taking a series of photographs involving bondage and is asked to model for some of them. Daniel is also faling for Kearin but he never sleeps with his models.Eventually, Daniel discovers where the photograph is he wants to steal and Kearin is asked by the owner to [...]

    11. I was given Stealing Serenity from the author through the M/M Romance Group’s Don’t Buy My Love for an honest review. This story is told in third person through the eyes of Daniel a professional thief and Kearin, Daniel’s boss at the current company Daniel works at so he can locate his next heist. We only see Kearin’s pov during the very last chapter, the rest of the time it’s all from Daniel’s pov.(view spoiler)[I think I’ll make this review into a Pro vs Con review since I have c [...]

    12. 3.5 star review by VickiThis was a very interesting story for me…. I am not familiar with Tami Veldura’s books, so I was curious to see how I would like this book. For the most part I liked it.Daniel is an art thief, working on a big scam, to steal a multi-million dollar photograph. The problem is he doesn’t know who owns the photo at the moment. He knows who handled the sale, and gets a job at that company. He’s pretty sneaky, not only knowing how to play different roles as needed to fi [...]

    13. eARC Review: Stealing Serenity by Tami Veldura I love a good story.I particularly love a great story where the mind is made to imagine all the possibilities it is teased with. I especially love a beautifully written story where there is no need to read the angst of drama within a beautifully developing romance that is not, and most especially one that is truly sweet and calm. This is Stealing Serenity.Serenity is one of the world's most expensive and sought after piece of photographic art. Sold [...]

    14. I received this book in exchange for an honest review.Daniel is thief who has gained employment at Gerard photography. His main goal for doing so is to obtain a piece of art called "Serenity" valued at 3.5 million dollars that was sold through Gerard photography. Assuming the role of Associate Project Lead, Daniel starts investigating leads of the werabouts of "Serenity" going as far as breaking into his bosses office,home and planting devices on Kearin's computer to copy data. When an opportuni [...]

    15. I received a copy of this book from ' Don't Buy My Love program in exchange for an honest review.Daniel is a sneak thief, bent on stealing a $4M photograph, Serenity. He doesn't know who owns the photo, but knows that it was sold through Kearin Gerard's gallery to an anonymous bidder. So, Daniel gets hired at Kearin's gallery with a plan to bug Kearin's computers and learn the buyer's identity.In the meantime, Kearin approaches Daniel to be a model in a collection of photos featuring nude males [...]

    16. I received my copy of this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review through the "Don't Buy My Love" event hosted by the M/M Romance Group on .Rating: somewhere between 3 and 3.5 starsMain Characters: Daniel is a thief and Kearin is a photographer/businessman. I'm not sure I really With the story coming from Daniel's POV, I could never get a feel for Kearin. Every once in a while there was a glimpse of something, but he was just too much of a mystery for me to actually co [...]

    17. I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.I love photography and have been fascinated by the aesthetics of the few pictures of shibari I have seen. Fortunately, those are the best tackled scenes in this book.So yes, I liked the shooting scenes. I liked the pace of the story and how the tension between the two main characters builds and simmer, like the rythm of Kearin binding Daniel and how their arousal grows during a scene.I also felt that the choice of the POV was [...]

    18. Well I'm not totally sure what to write here.This is a well composed story about an art theif Daniel who gets a job in an art studio, with the purpose of stealing a high class photo.his boss Kerin, has taken to taking his own photographs of an erotic nature, where he ties his model up and takes photographs of these poses. Daniel becomes his model, and loves this procedure and ultimately falls for Kerin.There is a loose Dom/ Sub relationship, with rope bondage. But there is no sex. There is passi [...]

    19. I received this book from the Author through the m/m romance group's Don't Buy Me Love Program in exchange for an honest review. I'm sadly giving this book a 2 star rating. It is well written, had a couple of good shibari scenes and what I know of most of the characters they were likable. However, I feel as though I got to know the secondary characters more than one of our MCs and there was certainly no romance.Finally, I'm still sitting here asking "Why?!" That's what I asked over and over when [...]

    20. I enjoyed this more than I thought it would and I was already expecting to enjoy it. Well, that was my hope and that hope was exceeded. I loved the storyline and the two main characters and their interaction with each other. The sexual tension between the two was fantastic. I love this sort of erotica; an actual story with sexual tension between the two characters and a bit of sex. Not sex for the sake of having sex in a book. To me, the way it was written was perfect. However, despite thinking [...]

    21. A Joyfully Jay review. 4.25 starsI’m going to be honest here, this is a really tough one for me to review. There were parts of this book that worked exceptionally well, and other parts that left me feeling unsatisfied. The writing was really great, and I applaud the author’s attention to detail because it really immersed me in the world. But there were times when I felt removed from the action. Also at times, though not always, it felt like there were two separate stories going on.Read Kris [...]

    22. This charitable thing they're doing isn't explained that well but it sounds cool. Uh, sexual harassment much? He's brave to risk that. The technology Daniel is using makes sense and he's thorough which he would have to be. It is more believable than usual for me. This first rope tying scene is really hot. How can a photograph be that expensive when prints could always be made? Excellent. Hot and entertaining. I usually hate BDSM but had to read something for Bingo so saying I loved this is sayin [...]

    23. This book was given to me free for an unbiased review.Daniel is a thief who is working for Kearin. Daniel is wanting to steal a photograph that Kearin’s auction house sold. Kearin asks Daniel to model for some bondage photos he is taking. They begin to fall for each other the more time they spend together.This book ends with Daniel stealing the photograph but leaving it for Kearin, who then asks him to spend the night. This story is quite short and I really hope it gets expanded or a sequel wr [...]

    24. I loved this story, except - I need the last scene! I don't want to give anything away so I won't say more, but I feel like there should be another 1-2k words added in order to get satisfaction (and five stars).

    25. This was really great and very sexy but I'm totally bummed there's obviously not going to be another story about these two so we could actually get to know them. Boooo!

    26. Recensione a cura di Lady Kei per Romanticamente Fantasy Sitoromanticamentefantasy/rDaniel è un ladro professionista, con un gran gusto in fatto di moda e la capacità di adattarsi come un camaleonte in ogni situazione. Quando riesce a farsi assumere come Capo Progetto Associato alla Gerard Photography di San Diego, è convinto di aver appena compiuto un passo determinante nella ricerca della Serenity, una fotografia venduta all’asta per quattro milioni di dollari. Invece scopre di essere sta [...]

    27. piaciuto tantissimo,sensuale ed erotico come pochi,peccato per il finale sospeso anche se non un cliffhanger per fortunan vedo l'ora di leggere il seguito

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