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On Herring Cove Road: Mr. Jew and the Goy Boy

On Herring Cove Road Mr Jew and the Goy Boy Book of the Herring Cove Road seriesMr Rosen once an amusing extrovert with a reputation as a prankster is entering his senior years as a stoic thirty year converted introvert who hates change h

  • Title: On Herring Cove Road: Mr. Jew and the Goy Boy
  • Author: Michael Kroft
  • ISBN: 9781499578799
  • Page: 416
  • Format: Paperback
  • Book 1 of the Herring Cove Road seriesMr Rosen, once an amusing extrovert with a reputation as a prankster, is entering his senior years as a stoic, thirty year converted introvert who hates change, has little to no interest in people and is than content to have his wife sit at the navigator s seat of his life Since becoming a practising introvert, there have been aBook 1 of the Herring Cove Road seriesMr Rosen, once an amusing extrovert with a reputation as a prankster, is entering his senior years as a stoic, thirty year converted introvert who hates change, has little to no interest in people and is than content to have his wife sit at the navigator s seat of his life Since becoming a practising introvert, there have been almost no changes in his life, and for the few that there were, his wife had walked him through them, including the recent move to a much smaller home in a lower middle class neighbourhood where he lives directly next door to a racist whose nine year old son addresses him as Mr Jew Mr Rosen had seen the move coming, and he is very much aware of the enormous change to come sometime in the, hopefully, far off future though, he refuses to give it any attention That change will come on slowly and painfully and will eventually force him to chart his own life s route This heartwarming, feel good novel offers a rollercoaster ride of emotion as Mr Rosen s world of habitual routine begins to implode while on a collision course with the chaotic world of an innocent child, its troubled mother and vengeful father Five Stars I cried only to have a smile brought to my face before the tears even dried Carol H.F Warning The novel contains a section of strong language and involves story elements of death, alcoholism and domestic violence.ABOUT THE SERIES The first of four novels in the evocative, not so nuclear family saga series called Herring Cove Road where a small group of troubled individuals, dealing with their own personal issues, accidentally come together to form a family unit, and then while struggling to maintain it, are forced to deal with its dark results, such as racism, death, murder, suicide and much Taking place primarily in the 70 s, with believable characters and mostly situated in several areas of Halifax, Nova Scotia, the series chronicles the actions and their results of an old and introverted Jewish man, a struggling mother, her naive and lonely son, and a boy streetwise beyond his years Be warned, each of the novels in this touching series offers an emotional rollercoaster ride from its beginning to its surprising and, perhaps, shocking ending Volume 1 On Herring Cove Road Mr Rosen and His 43Lb AnxietyVolume 2 Still on Herring Cove Road Hickory, Dickory, Death Volume 3 Off Herring Cove Road The Problem Being Blue Volume 4 Before Herring Cove Road A Love Story

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      416 Michael Kroft
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    1 thought on “On Herring Cove Road: Mr. Jew and the Goy Boy

    1. This is a modern - realistic version of "Dennis the Menace" or "Leave It To Beaver".I read the 2nd book in this short series - which I gave 5 stars to as well. I walked around the kitchen thinking about the characters and hints of events that happened in the first book so I had to read it. Now that is a sign of an excellent writer or storyteller.In the first novel I was able to meet "Ruth" who reminded me so much of my mother that I cried when (sorry spoiler alert can't tell you - you will ha [...]

    2. I read this book some months ago and fell in love with the characters. Michael Kroft has a beautiful way of describing situation and characters with warmth and humour.

    3. I have been on a roll lately…this is another 5 star read. And if you follow this blog…you know those are few and far between. Avriel and his lovely wife, an elderly Jewish couple, move onto Herring Cove Road. Through an accident, they become friends with their next door neighbor and her son. This leads to many ups and down, joys and tragedies. I can relate to Avriel in so many ways. He is an introvert and a pharmacist. Needless to say, he was my favorite character. But all the main character [...]

    4. Wonderful Read!Great characters and plot developmentt quite as complex as "A Man Called Ov"but very well written. I plan on reading the two additional books in this series.

    5. Avriel Rozen returned from World War II a broken man. His wife Ruth loves him dearly and has taken care of this quite introverted man who was once the life of every party. The date is 1976 and the setting is in Halifax, Canada. Ruth is a strong and intelligent woman who runs the business, manages the finances, and provides a loving home for herself and Avriel. A childless couple they are now settled in their retirement years. Ruth suffers from a heart condition that is progressively getting wors [...]

    6. A complex and compelling book from the author of Still On Herring Cove Road: Hickory, Dickory, Death.Avriel Rosen and his wife arrived in Canada and opened a chain of drugstores many years before this story opens on a June day in 1976. The number of stores was Mrs Rosen’s decision. Downsizing from their secluded house to another, less isolated, on a quiet road in Halifax was Mrs Rosen’s decision. Drama, in the shape of nine-year-old working-class Dewey, determined to be accepted into a gang [...]

    7. A genuinely delightful story - beautifully written. The story of an emotionally-scarred, childless elderly man and his wife, who move next-door to a vulnerable family with a young son. The writing style perfectly complements the main character, and what shines through on every page is the restrained but deep love the elderly couple feel for one another. As the old man and the young boy draw one another out of their self-imposed shells, a very moving bond develops. In this impeccably-told story e [...]

    8. If I could give this book more than 5 stars I would. Michael Kroft is a fellow Haligonian. This book is set in Halifax and brought back memories of my childhood. Avriel and Ruth remind me of my grandparents and reading about them often made me smile and sometimes made me cry. His careful construction of the characters and the setting brought the story to life.Mr. Kroft brings us a story that shows us how powerful love can be. It can make us want to live again. It can bring us through even the mo [...]

    9. So the title: The book starts with Avriel Rosen, an elderly Jewish gentleman, leaving his house for work extra early to avoid the blue-eyed blond haired neighbor boy greeting him as "Mr. Jew." He thinks of wanting to respond with "Goy Boy" but his wife wouldn't approve of that language. But you find out fairly fast it's all one big misunderstanding, which I won't spoil for you because it's rather cute. And that explains this novel. It's rather cute. There's some deep moments, a few stray tears, [...]

    10. An older Jewish couple have moved into the neighborhood. She is outgoing while he is a loner introvert. The couple next door consists of a housewife, her husband who drinks way too much and has a bad temper, and their young son. The two women become friends and include the boy. What follows tells the tale.

    11. I really enjoyed this book, which is about an elderly Jewish couple who become friends with a single mom and her son. There is a murder in the book, which is not solved until the next book in the series. i would recommend this one--except that I did not like the second one, and will not read the third one.

    12. The story was good but the narration was very descriptive which isn't my favorite style. There were also grammar/editing errors in my copy of the book. The characters were genuine, unique and fresh. There were many different situations that kept the book interesting. I will probably read another book in the series because I did like the characters.

    13. Wonderful story This is a wonderful story of that shows you how a child can bring the innocence into the blind hatred of bigotry. The children do not know what it is too hate, they hear it and are taught it. But they do not know what it is. Our hearts all beat the same, we all bleed the same and we all cry the same

    14. Good book about good people. No aliens, no conspiracy, no serial killers, and no torrid sex and when Mr. Jew is bereaved he doesn't even go on a bender or lash out at his friends. But wait, there's more and I've already added the second in the series to my library.

    15. Came across this title while browsing Kindle books. Checked out the sample and was interested enough to buy the whole thing. Mostly likable, believable, characters, difficult topics. I will probably check out the others in the series.

    16. I loved this book. Heartwarming and very well written. I was entirely immersed into the story and the characters. I wanted to know them and wanted them to be my neighbors and friends. I will now read the entire Herring Cove Road series. Author Michael Kroft has a distinct gift.

    17. I was looking for something light to read. This was enjoyable, with a lot of surprise twists. However, I am not sure that I am inspired to continue with the series.

    18. SatisfyingStory of relationships. Friendship for the sake of friendship. A simple & compelling book to read. Can make you just feel good.

    19. Enjoyable readVery well written story, well crafted characters. If I were to escape to books, this and the series would definitely make the reading list.

    20. This book must have had another title. After rating the book I read on Kindle (which did not have this title), suddenly both of them are in my list. I'm not sure how to delete this one, but it is the same as Mr. Rosen and the 43-lb. Anxiety.

    21. Mr. and Mrs. Rosen are in their mid-60s. Mr. Rosen owns a chain of drug stores in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and Mrs. Rosen, because of health issues, is now a housewife. Downsizing, they have recently moved into a smaller house which is easier for Mrs. Rosen to take care of. Mr. Rosen is an introvert and his happy letting his more extroverted wife direct his life.Next door to the Rosens are the Dixons. Because their nine-year-old son, Dewey, always calls Mr. Rosen "Mr. Jew", Mr. Rosen ignores the bo [...]

    22. This is the first time I have done this. The title of this book appeared as an advertisement on my Kindle and it was such an odd title, I decided to investigate and was lured into reading it. It is a simple, lovely tale about a gentile boy and his Mother and their elderly Jewish next door neighbors. The woman and boy have never really been exposed to Jews before and are skeptical, but in the end, a wonderful, endearing bond forms. There is a plot that moves the relationship story forward. It is [...]

    23. I almost quit reading this book several times, as it was often slow going, due to what I felt were mundane details and dialogue. BUT, I simply fell in love with the characters. Mr. Kroft did a wonderful job of bringing them to life with his words. What I'd give to have people like Avriel and Ruth Rosen living next door! Intelligent, loving, and most caring of others, their relationship with one another was enviable. Reading about, and understanding, Ruthy's attempts to help her husband become mo [...]

    24. I received an ARC of this book in exchange for my unbiased opinion.Due to Ruth’s failing health, Avriel and Ruth Rosen move to a smaller house on Herring Road, becoming the first Jews on the street. Avriel keeps to himself as much as possible, but after Dewey, the boy next door, runs into Avriel’s car while riding a bike, the two families start to become friends.This was not a bad book, but I just did not connect with it for some reason. There were parts I enjoyed, but I felt there was a lot [...]

    25. eARC: NetgalleyMy five star ratings are few and far between and I am so happy to have found one more to add to my collection. Mr. Jew and the Goy Boy is an absolute treasure that will tug at your heart strings one moment and have you grinning and laughing out loud at the next. I fell in love with the colorful characters and hated to come to the end of their storybut then I had a wonderful surprise. There's more! Their story continues in the next installment of the Herring Cove Road series. I can [...]

    26. Relentlessly heartwarming. Very simply written in declarative sentences. Probably the first book I have read that is set in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I like the last sentence. And the good guys won, though a couple of people died. A neighbor recommended this book to me, and I will thank her. It's about an older Jewish couple and their neighbors. It deals with aging, loss, and anti-Semitism. Gently.

    27. Rarely I am rating a book with 5 stars! But this deserves every one of it! I like everything in the novel. The easy and humorous style, the heart warming and touching story about an elderly retired couple and their friendship with a 8 year old boy and his family. I set there laughing, with tears in my eyes and was in the story right away! A must read book!

    28. Denise the menace in a realistic book which is what lead me to the book in the first place. I loved it I really did. This is the second in the series and I missed the first, I will go back and read the first but I was okayish with not reading it, however drawn and really want to read it now! The character is warm and its funny, though it is emotional. I love the mix!

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