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A Royal Christmas Proposal

A Royal Christmas Proposal A Daddy For Her Little Prince Fredericka Devereaux is no pushover princess She s determined to provide the best life possible for her infant son Leo So when her brother the ruler of Chantaine insis

  • Title: A Royal Christmas Proposal
  • Author: Leanne Banks
  • ISBN: 9780373658558
  • Page: 129
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Daddy For Her Little Prince Fredericka Devereaux is no pushover princess She s determined to provide the best life possible for her infant son, Leo So when her brother, the ruler of Chantaine, insists that she and her hearing disabled son need a protector, Ericka objects But her new bodyguard, handsome Treat Walker, warms her heart as he cares for her baby and provesA Daddy For Her Little Prince Fredericka Devereaux is no pushover princess She s determined to provide the best life possible for her infant son, Leo So when her brother, the ruler of Chantaine, insists that she and her hearing disabled son need a protector, Ericka objects But her new bodyguard, handsome Treat Walker, warms her heart as he cares for her baby and proves himself deserving of his name Treat keeps telling himself that he s not into Ericka and her little family She s stuck up and a royal hardly his type Despite his best efforts, the former football player finds himself charmed by the sexy single mom and her adorable infant This Christmas, all Treat wants in his stocking is the royal twosome he s sworn to protect

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    1. A Royal Christmas ProposalI always love visiting Chantaine, even more so at Christmas! I enjoyed reading this latest edition of Leanne Banks Special Edition series. I think my favorite part were when funny little lines popped up and made me smile. How can you go wrong with quotes like this in your story?“You gave me the Texas version of the Jolly Green Giant.”“He gave several burps and let air out of his backside…”“”…but we have a bad diaper situation,”It’s a feel good story [...]

    2. Fredericka Devereaux is a princess with a son, Leo, who has a hearing disability. She has made a lot of mistakes in her life but coming home to Chantaine to raise her son isn't one of them. She wants to raise her son as a single mother away from the palace grounds but still close to her family. Her brother, Stefan, is the ruler of Chantaine and he insists that she have a personal security detail.Montreat Walker, Treat for short, is a former professional football player who is now part owner of a [...]

    3. An sich hat sich der Inhalt super angehört. Eine Prinzessin (moderne Zeit) verliebt sich in ihren Bodyguard. Leider ist der Schreibstil aus meiner Sicht extrem einfach. Es war langweilig geschrieben. Alles wurde einem voraus genommen, selbst sinnlose Tätigkeiten wurden erklärt und teilweise hatte ich das Gefühl, die Autorin traut ihren Lesern kein logisches Denken zu. Ich habe mich durch die Geschichte gekämpft. Die Reaktionen und Handlungen der Figuren waren für mich überhaupt nicht nach [...]

    4. A rebellious Princess who wants her family to realize she has changed her ways and can take care of herself and her baby son balks at getting a bodyguard. The bodyguard isn’t thrilled to have to guard a spoiled princess, but is pleasantly surprised when he meets this independent yet loving and beautiful woman/mother. Can love, respect, and the mutual love for a baby boy draw two seemingly different people together? Come join Princess Fredericka Devereaux and Treat Walker in Chantaine as circum [...]

    5. A Royal Christmas Proposal by Leanne BanksThis is another of Ms Banks great books. I have loved this series from the first book. She does a great job of making her heroes or heroines deal with difficult situations which gives the reader some insight they might not have had. In this installment Ericka falls for her bodyguard. She is also a new single mother having divorced her husband and dealing with a baby with special needs. It all adds up to a great story that was hard to put down.

    6. Fredericka and Leo both found someone who could protect them and be a miracle to them when they least expect it.

    7. ***4.5 Stars***Loved this book. This series is truly delightful. I loved the main characters and it's so super to see a man care so deeply about a woman and her hearing-disabled baby. This read was heart-warming!!

    8. A Royal Christmas Proposal by Leanne Banks (Harlequin Special Edition\Royal Babies)A DADDY FOR HER LITTLE PRINCE? Fredericka Devereaux(Ericka) is no pushover princess. She's determined to provide the best life possible for her infant son, Leo. So when her brother, the ruler of Chantaine, insists that she and her hearing-disabled son need a protector, Ericka objects. But her new bodyguard, handsome Treat Walker, warms her heart as he cares for her baby…and proves himself deserving of his name [...]

    9. Princess Fredericka Devereaux is part of the royal family living on Chantaine, an island in the Mediterranean. Her brother, Prince Stefan, is the head of the family now and she has other sisters. Preferring to be called Ericka, she is the single mother of baby Leo. Her ex-husband left her before she even realized she was pregnant and has not been a part of Leo’s life. Ericka lives in a well-secured cottage on the island with Leo’s nanny. She has official family duties that she must carry out [...]

    10. Princess Frederica’s Happy Ever After turned to ashes when her husband dumped her for the star of his latest film. She returns to Chatelaine determined to build a perfect life for her profoundly deaf baby, Leo. Fredericka is happy to perform the duties her royal brother assigns her, but refuses to live in the castle. Her brother, King Stephan is equally adamant that she and Leo be protected. He assigns a body guard to stay with them at the cottage she’s rented.The last thing she wants is ano [...]

    11. A Royal Christmas Proposal is the next installment in Leanne Banks Royal Babies series. Princess Fredericka (Ericka) Deverereaux has just returned from the United States to Chantaine after giving birth to her son Leo. She is divorced and trying to make it on her own with a special needs child. Montreat (Treat) Walker is an ex-NFL star who was forced into retirement due to an injury. He is part owner in a security firm and has been assigned to protect Ericka and Leo. Treat along with nanny Marley [...]

    12. Princess Fredericka “Ericka” Devereaux has made some mistakes in the past from wild child teen to marrying a cheating film director. But when she got pregnant she divorced the fool and grew up. Now she has moved back home to Chantaine but refuses to be a burden on anyone. Her new independence is important to her and all she wants to do is raise her baby. Being a royal means she needs a bodyguard. Enter Treat an American security expert who is trying to enter the European market. This bodygua [...]

    13. In A Royal Christmas Proposal, the latest installment of her Royal’s series, Leanne Banks takes on the very serious subject of infant disabilities. Princess Fredericka Deveraux is the newly minted single mother to Leo, her profoundly hearing impaired son. Ericka thinks moving home to Chantaine will help provide moral and family support; what she doesn’t realize is the stubbornness of her older brother who will also provide daily security. Treat Walker is said security. Though Ericka doesn’ [...]

    14. This is the type of book that makes you feel so good that you put it aside so you always have it available for a "pick me up"! Erika and Treat are characters that are able to humble themselves for love. Erika's willingness to be a mother her son deserves instead of letting her nanny shoulder all the responsibility and Treat who is masculine enough to hold and diaper a child make this story a true Christmas delight. The family interaction makes me want to purchase each story of the Royal Deveraux [...]

    15. In A Royal Christmas Proposal, Princess Erika Devereaux is trying to recover from trials in her life one step at a time. After her ex husband leaves her for someone else she becomes a single mom. The joy of being a single mom is overshadowed by her son being profoundly deaf. While adjusting to life Erika also is assigned a new bodyguard, Treat Walker. Treat who is from Texas is alone in life and just wants to build his security firm. Once he is assigned to guard Erika and her son his life change [...]

    16. A Royal Christmas Proposal by Leanne BanksHe has found that she is not a "snooty princess" and he wants her. But should he cross that professional line? He is her bodyguard.She doesn't initially like this tall dark American but as he starts helping with the baby she's charmed by his comments and care.The next in the charming Royal baby books. A mother dealing with a baby's handicap and a surprising helping hand. Plus a few interesting facts thrown in about famous artists and inventors who were d [...]

    17. Leanne Banks gives us a sentimental romance of a man who thinks he has nothing left in this world except his security business, and a woman who is not only a princess, but a single parent of an infant with disabilities who is the most important person in her life. She is not happy when she is forced to have a bodyguard to protect her, but she never expected to find out her heart is big enough for two people?I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest re [...]

    18. I love this series and thought it was over with the last book. So glad I was wrong. We've only see Fredericka sparingly in the other books, so I didn't know what to expect. However, I loved that she's a fierce mom to Leo. This was a quick read and an early Christmas present to me.I received this book from the author for an honest review and I honestly hope this series doesn't end anytime soon.

    19. Not an actual review—just quick note of some typos:The next day, the artificial pre-lit Christmas arrived outside her well-secured gate. (56)He crowd chuckled. (182)"Why wouldn't I be?" he asked, a hint uncertainty flickering in his. (197)I really want to see the arrival of an artificial pre-lit Christmas.

    20. What a beautiful story. Ericka has her whole world turned upside down when she discovers that her newborn son is deaf. Add to that the fact that she is now a single mom because her husband has moved on with someone else. Feeling as if she is to blame for her son's predicament, she returns home. Her brother hires Treat to be her bodyguard and sparks fly.

    21. What a great story from Leanne Banks! So full of heart! Treat is the security expert hired by Fredericka's brother to watch over her and her son. While Ericka watches Treat care for her hearing impaired child she also warms his heart.Leanne writes a great story to warm the reader's heart!Merry Christmas to Us all!

    22. "Banks’ princess and the pauper romance is touching; her seemingly ill-fated sexy guardian hero and party princess-turned-fierce-mama-bear heroine mesh beautifully. Her handling of cutie pie Leo’s disability is impressive" (RT Book Reviews, 4 stars).Miniseries: Royal Babies

    23. This was such a sweet story. The love this mother has for wanting the best for her baby, while trying to get him to hear. I could have just imagined thelook on that baby's face when he heard his mama for the first time. Treat was so sweet while taking care of them. loved this book.

    24. Cute storyThis is the first book that I read from this author. I enjoyed the story. The characters were well written and I found it easy to read. I look forward to reading more from this author.

    25. Another fabulous read from Leanne Banks. The Royal Babies series always entertains. Come to Chantaine & experience life with the Royals!

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