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Love and Dreams

Love and Dreams One spitfire graduate One sexy burned out billionaire One small island Maya Summer thought it was supposed to be easy following the dream Graduate find a job take over the world and live happily e

  • Title: Love and Dreams
  • Author: Jean Oram
  • ISBN: 9781928198017
  • Page: 371
  • Format: ebook
  • One spitfire graduate One sexy, burned out billionaire One small island.Maya Summer thought it was supposed to be easy following the dream Graduate, find a job, take over the world, and live happily ever after in a lovely Toronto penthouse Not debt and unemployment.Meanwhile, Connor MacKenzie is living the dream He s got the got the penthouse, the massive corporation,One spitfire graduate One sexy, burned out billionaire One small island.Maya Summer thought it was supposed to be easy following the dream Graduate, find a job, take over the world, and live happily ever after in a lovely Toronto penthouse Not debt and unemployment.Meanwhile, Connor MacKenzie is living the dream He s got the got the penthouse, the massive corporation, and wears the title of The King of Toronto as though he was born to it But underneath it all, he s struggling to keep his life together and make it still look easy.When Connor s doctor sends him deep into the Canadian Muskokas for much needed RR, he ends up on Maya s old cottage veranda For Maya it s a dream come true two weeks to convince hottie Connor that she should be his new right hand business gal while gaining some much needed income to save the family s cottage Only problem Connor is on a strict no work diet, and is dodging her flirtatious business advances like a Kung Fu Master.Will Connor be able to resist a new project presented by Maya and stay on the path to personal recovery Or will he despite his best intentions succumb to her charms both in and out of the boardroom This is the second beach reads book in the Summer Sisters contemporary romance series and includes summer love, a little bit of steam, and an alpha male who is seriously no match for the determination of the second born Summer sister.

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      371 Jean Oram
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    1 thought on “Love and Dreams

    1. A good, summer quick read. It takes place on Nymph Island with Maya being Connor's assistant. She helps Connor get "himself" back as well as becoming a stronger person because of him.

    2. What an adorable story of love between two different types of people Made my day a little brighter after a long day of work to sit down and get lost in the story.

    3. Love and Dreams is the second book in The Summer Sisters Tame the Billionaires series and it tells the story of Maya, the second oldest sister, as she gives it a go of trying to save the beloved cottage that’s been in the family for generations.Maya’s idea is to rent the cottage as a corporate retreat and, in the process, land herself a high-paying job that will land her in Toronto. As a recent graduate myself, I have to say that Maya’s dream of making it big right after graduating and wit [...]

    4. This is the second book in the summer sisters series by the wonderful author Jean OramI have to say this series is so different to what Jean has written before in the Blueberry springs books this story involves Maya Summers and and Connor Mackenzie aka the King of Toronto A millionaire business manHe has a big problem he has burned himself out warned by Doctors to take time out or kill himself he goes to stay at the sisters cottage and there he meets Maya Summers who has been hired to be his a [...]

    5. * I received an ebook in exchange for an honest review. * I fell in love with the Summer sister's when I read book 1 in the series and I fell even more in love with them after reading book 2! I recommend that you read book 1 before reading this one, but only because it is amazing, so why not?!? You would be able to read book 2 without first reading book 1 but the characters are all a part of both books.Author Jean Oram has created the most perfect summer read in this series! It is smooth flowing [...]

    6. Maya Summers is a little spitfire out to win the world. At present, though she is trying to say the family island in the canadian Muskotas. Connor MacKenzie is called The King of Toronto for his successful business decisions. It has made him loads of money as owner of CME Enterprises. He is burned out and his doctors are concerned if he doesn't take a vacation he will have a heart attack. They arrange for him to vacation on Maya's island. She is excited because he has always been a hero of the b [...]

    7. I received a free copy of this book and I am voluntarily reviewing it.I am a Baby Boomer and I had a hard time with Maya in spots. There is acertain saying, "book smart versus street smart". Here is a woman who graduated from university in the top of her class and she can't see how ill Connor is. He needs a vacation as his health has deteriorated to the point of a possible health crisis. A smart woman would realize that his health is bad and not pressure him for guidance in business. She kept pu [...]

    8. I loved this book!This is the second book in the Summer Sisters series but it can also be read as a standalone. While I enjoyed reading the first book in this series, Love and Rumors, this one captivated me from the very beginning and I hated to put it down when life demanded that I do so.Maya Summer has a business degree and is ready to set the business world on fire. She has rented the sisters’ cottage to her hero, in the business world, Connor MacKenzie, for 2 weeks and will act as his pers [...]

    9. Maya Summer continues the quest the girls are on to save the family's cottage on the quaint little Island called Nymph Island. So Maya rents the cottage out to the King of Toronto Connor MacKenzie who needs a much needed rest. He is at a burnout of his career only his closest assistant and his doctor knows he is at a risk for a heart attack and/or a stroke. Maya is a graduate with a business degree so in addition she is also hired to be his assistant for these two weeks.Maya is a fiery red head [...]

    10. Another awesome/amazing book by Jean Oram. Even though this is the second book in the series, it can be read as a stand alone also. Maya Summers is looking for a job and trying to save the family cottage at the same time. She rents out the cottage to this mega bucks business man Conner. Conner is on a forced vacation from his doctor. Maya sets out to prove herself to Conner as a great business woman. There are some great interaction senses between Conner and Maya. And my favorite character from [...]

    11. SPOILERS Kind of.I loved this book.Maya Summer is a recent grad that will do anything to make it in the business world, even be Connor MacKenzies assistant for two weeks in her old cottage. Maya speaks her mind on anything and anyone, she doesn't hold back. And that's about all Conor does. He wants so badly to get back to work, even if it kills him.Maya and Connor seem so perfect for each other from the beginning, even if they don't see it. I loved the part of the book where Connor saves Tigger, [...]

    12. Maya Summer is on a mission! She has two weeks to convince Connor MacKenzie to make her his right-hand woman in the business world so she can achieve her goals of working in Toronto and getting that penthouse she's always dreamed of.Connor MacKenzie is on doctor's orders to relax for two weeks and stay away from all business so he rents out Maya's family cottage. What he doesn't expect is to be attracted to Maya and impressed with her work attitude.As the two get closer Connor holds back and May [...]

    13. The second in Jean Oram's Summer sisters romances is a wild ridee through corporate Canada and Ontario's cottage country. Determined to do her share to help save the family's cottage, Maya Summer rents out the cottage and her services as an administrative assistant to Connor MacKenzie, the King of Toronto, but Connor isn't the man she thought he was, and Maya quickly discovers that life in the corporate world has a dirty side.The story is full of twists and turns and more than it' fair share of [...]

    14. I really love Jean Oram but his book isn't a favorite. The characters and the overall storyline is good however I thought the details where a bit jumpy and scattered.A burnt out CEO, Conner McKenzie, comes to Nymph Island to recuperate and Maya (one of the Summer sisters) is acting as his personal assistant. She feels this is her big chance to get her foot in the business door. When Maya discovers some sketchy dealings going on with Connors right hand man things get a little testy between the tw [...]

    15. I loved Maya attitude and liked Connor but wished he was honest about his health issues with her. Nymph island sounds so wonderful I wish I could just want to go there myself as a retreat. Im glad that Maya got to that she was right and was just a greenhorn rushing in to Connor. They had chemistry which is good if they only could of fully explored it sooner if he didn't have "issues". All is all I love this and blueberry springs, I especially loved that it was mentioned in this series at the mov [...]

    16. This book was gifted to me. This is a well written, brilliant story that captures your interest and keeps you turning the pages. It's captivating, romantic, dramatic and entertaining. The characters are intriguing, the burned out business mogul and the fresh out of school, eager to make it woman who idolizes him. Along with family and friends who add even more drama to the mix. I loved everything about this book and can't wait to read more in the series.

    17. 'Love and Dreams' (Summer Sisters Series book 2) by Jean Oram is a wonderful read! This is a great follow up to 'Love and Rumors'. This is the story of Maya Summer and Connor MacKenzie. I absolutely loved this story! These characters are priceless! Tigger once again steals the show! I can not wait to see what will happen next with the Summer Sisters! Highly recommend this series as well as Jean Oram's other work.

    18. Delightful readIt was a funny and intriguing storyline. It was thoughtful and heartwarming. Sometimes what you want isn't something you need at the time. The angst kept the book rolling. The characters were funny and hot but had great substance. I adore this series.

    19. Great read! I hadn't read the first book, but definitely will have to after reading this one! I fell in love with the characters super fast, and really didn't want this one to end. Great storyline also. So glad I read this book, and will definitely have to get more of her stuff!

    20. I like the story line about Maya and Connor. It makes you understand how you can get burnt out in a job if you don't take time to enjoy life too. I liked all the twist and turns in the plot. I can't wait to ready the next in the series.

    21. Wow oh wowI love Myra's character strong, good instinct, loyal to herself and others. Conor smart, strong, works to hard. When these two collide oh man it's good. Read this amazing story about their journey. Everything so far this author wrote is AMAZING

    22. Another winner by Jean Oram!! Maya & Conner are fabulous characters. I love the ebb and flow in the development of the relationship - and the twists are so much fun! As always Jean's voice is spectacular and I often found myself laughing or sighing out loud. A fabulous read!!

    23. It starts off good and then just gets better and better. It's full of love, business intrigue and cleverness, enough to keep you on your toes and begging for more.Jean Oram certainly has the ability to hold the readers interest and make you forget the world around you.Enjoy!

    24. I loved this book couldn't put it down. the story was great easy to follow, the characters were great. can't wait to read the next story.

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