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Little Black Book

Little Black Book My name s Sebastian Black and I want to buy you I could have any woman I want but I choose you NO RELATIONSHIP JUST SEX Here s my offer I ll put your name in my LITTLE BLACK BOOK and when I want y

  • Title: Little Black Book
  • Author: Tabatha Vargo Melissa Andrea
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 298
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • My name s Sebastian Black, and I want to buy you I could have any woman I want, but I choose you NO RELATIONSHIP, JUST SEX Here s my offer I ll put your name in my LITTLE BLACK BOOK, and when I want you, I ll call you When I call, you re going to come, in ways than one It will be mutually pleasurable for both of us There are only two rules DON T EVER DENY ME.My name s Sebastian Black, and I want to buy you I could have any woman I want, but I choose you NO RELATIONSHIP, JUST SEX Here s my offer I ll put your name in my LITTLE BLACK BOOK, and when I want you, I ll call you When I call, you re going to come, in ways than one It will be mutually pleasurable for both of us There are only two rules DON T EVER DENY ME DON T FALL IN LOVE If you do either, I ll remove you from my book and payment stops Do we have an understanding

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      298 Tabatha Vargo Melissa Andrea
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    1 thought on “Little Black Book

    1. dnf at 40%Sebastian Black is a rich nightclub owner who is of course hot as hell.He has this LITTLE BLACK BOOKInside my book was a buffet of women who were willing and ready for my call. Each one specialized in something different, and each one was named after a cartoon character of my choosing He will put you in his book under 2 conditionsThere are only two rules:DON'T EVER DENY MEN'T FALL IN LOVE. If you do either, I’ll remove you from my book and payment stops. 1st thing that didn't work fo [...]

    2. 3.25-3.50 StarsThis book could have been a 4 star read easily, but it just didn't quite get there for me. Allow me explain. SebastianHe is not the best asshole alpha I've encountered but he is good. And he has a filthy mouth which I love. “I said… sit your plump ass on my fucking desk and spread those creamy thighs. Wide.”Sebastian is a nightclub owner with money to burn and an insatiable appetite for sex. He wants it when he wants it without strings, emotional attachments, etc. So he star [...]

    3. *****5 DELICIOUSLY WICKED STARS*****Do you love a dirty talking, cocky, sexier than fuck alpha male? Are you a fan of a dominant man that gets what he wants no matter what? Well - if you answered yes to those questionsen let me tell you all about Sebastian Black. I had the extreme pleasure (emphasis on pleasure) of reading an advance copy of Little Black Book, and I could not put it down. From the very first scene, it grabbed my attention - who knew a threesome could be so deliciously hot. This [...]

    4. 2.5 'Knob Slobber' stars.Sorry, this review is probably one big fat spoiler. Read at your discretion.So I just finished Little Black Book. I'll start out by saying, that I am going to try my damnedest not to get sucked in to some of these books with these awesome blurbs. I've been getting burned on this lately. Fool me ___ times, and SHAME on me. Where to start? You probably read the blurb and get the basics. Rich club owner, Sebastian Black has a little black book filled with women who he can c [...]

    5. Let me start by saying that I really enjoyed this read. Alot more than I thought I would. I was wondering, while reading, why so many people had issues with the lead H, Sebastian, though. Some DNF'd this read because of it, & some it took awhile for them to warm to him. I mean he was no more a jerk than 90% of the Alpha males out there in books, IMO. He was alot more polished with his "Alpha-assness", though. And maybe that's why he didn't bother me. But then again, I like them rough around [...]

    6. Where in the world do all of these rich, hot guys come from that are paying ladies to be kept women??? Even though this storyline is a bit overused in the post-Christian Grey world of fictional romance, this book is one of the best I've read. While there are many similarities, there are also enough differences in this book to make it an entertaining and interesting read, without feeling like a cheap knock-off.Sebastian started off on shaky ground with me. He was such an arrogant jerk that didn't [...]

    7. This was one of the best books, I've ever had the pleasure of reading . With a lot of the books I read there's often something that niggles me but with this book I loved everything on every page. It's told from dual POVs which I really like . Meet Sebastian Black and his black book, when he calls you coming running he only has a few rules, don't use your real name and don't fall in love ! Sebastian is excatly how I like my fictional men cocky, sexy , smart, rocks a suit and has the dirtiest mout [...]

    8. 4 Do not Deny Me StarsThis is my first Tabatha Vargo and Melissa Andrea book. I was intrigued by the summary and I wanted a steamy alpha male read.Overall, The Little Black Book was an easy, short, little steamy read. It has little to no angst, which is something I like.SummarySebastian is a very closed off person. He’s so closed off that he pays women to sleep with him. He feels that if he pays the women then they can’t get attached to him. He keeps his women’s contacts in his “little b [...]

    9. ***3 Overly Complicated Stars***Sebastian Black is a successful club owner with a shady past, he grew up in foster care and having to fight for life's essentials he had no choice but to do a lot of despicable things to survive. Years later, he is now rich, handsome but utterly broken, he doesn't believe in love or relationships of any kind. The only person close to to him is his friend Vicky, who grew up with him on the streets and she is now his personal assistant. Sebastian loves sex, and the [...]

    10. Sebastian Black is your typical, alpha club owner who also owns a little black book full of women who he calls to service him with no strings attached because Mr. Black does not do love or relationships, just sex he doesn't even want to know their names only the cartoon names that he gives to them. Until he meets Rosslyn Harris who is living in a car with her 13 year old brother and gets a job working as a waitress at Mr. Black's club, but Sebastian wants more of Rosslyn than she ever realizes a [...]

    11. 4.25 STARS!!!!I guarantee you, if the blurb doesn't grab you, the first page sure as hell will!!!Sebastian Black is a pig, albeit a strikingly seductive and attractive pig in a tailored suit. He doesn’t do relationships. He doesn’t do feelings. And, he sure as hell doesn’t do love. He fucks…. plain and simple…. whoever he wants… whenever he wants….where ever he wants… nothing more, nothing less. That is, untiiiiiiiil he lays eyes on her… Sebastian has no problems being emotionl [...]

    12. Sometimes it really sucks to be shit at writing reviews and this is one of those times. Do not judge this book from it's title or from the synopsis, it does nothing towards showing you what you get from this.Sebastian Black is your typical alpha male book prick, he's rich, hot, domineering and gets whatever he wants whenever he wants it. Love isn't a word he likes in his world and if you so much as hint at feeling it for him you're kicked out of his life.No I didn't have a problem with him using [...]

    13. First 30% one star. Second 50% 3 stars. The rest 1 star. Spoilerage belowThis started out with a totally unlikable H who is a millionaire sleaze ball. He has the cliche (as all millionaire sleaze balls do now in these books) foster care upbringing. This book is short, so no explanation given why he's in foster care. The h has a new job at his club. He finds out she is homeless and her and her 13 year old brother are living in a car. So what does he do? Fires her. Why? Because he wants to make he [...]

    14. *** ARC REVIEW ***Be prepared LBB starts off with a bang, one that will have you clinching your thighs together not even 3 pages in.Sebastian Black has it all. Owner of the most hottest night club, money to burn and woman at his beck and call.His little black book is filled with ladies that will do anything for him, but with all the women he has, he's still searching for the elusive Jessica Rabbit, the myth.Mr. Black has two rules for the ladies in his life1. Don't ever deny him2. Don't fall in [...]

    15. I could've easily skipped this one. The way Sebastian falls for Ross made no sense at all. He goes from womanizer to falling in love so abruptly, I didn't feel the so-called 'love'. Then, he keeps sleeping with her AFTER knowing what he did to her. He's so selfish he'd rather not tell her the truth than lose her. Does he have no regard for Ross? Ross was okay, I guess. I can respect her choices and understand where she was coming from. If I had a little brother depending on me and no money, you [...]

    16. HOLY MOTHER!!!! I hated Sebastian Black when I started this book, he was such a cold hearted bastard. And cocky as all get out. BUT, I have to admit his little book of ladies and why they were named what they were made me chuckle. Very original. LOL! This book was something I thought I would like, not something I would LOVE but I did. Love it. It was Fifty Shades meets Pretty Woman meets something totally new and hot and completely unexpected. Sebastian's tainted past and Roz's painful childhood [...]

    17. OMG!!!! I am in love with Sebastian Black!!!! If I could give this book more than 5 stars I would!!! everyone should put this on their must read list!!!

    18. Read at your own risk or interest ;0)Christ I need a moment to gather my thoughts on this oneI really did like this book BUT there is a f**cking huge BUT.I found myself having quite a few internal monologues saying WTF ?Okay, I shall explain the book really p*ssed me off on a damn good level because ultimately Ros(the heroine) was basically prostituting herself. A high class pro mind you, but yep she was a pro non the less.Whether it was for good reasons as stated in the story - destitution or w [...]

    19. My mood changes like the weather! I re-read this for the new release and oh boy, what a 180. Now I keep thinking what a D!CK he wasOriginal review-I'm a sucker for a controlling man and a devil may care Alfa male dialogue. Sebastian has to take top spot for me, OMG that man was brutal and I bloody loved him :-)

    20. Come avrete ben notato, il mio ultimo ordine su si è rivelato un mezzo disastro, visti i giudizi negativi che ho dato ultimamente e che mi hanno fatto venire il mal di pancia :/ quindi, dopo un DNF, mi sono approcciata a questo libricino con i piedi di piomboIniziare a leggere Little Black Book è stato come ricevere una porta sul naso, essere agguantata per il polso e trascinata oltre la soglia senza avere il tempo di proferir parola! Wow *•* Fin dalla prima pagina, l'eleganza dell'impagin [...]

    21. Sebastian Black is just that: black of soul and black of heart. Rising from the ashes he's now one of the most influential club owners in the city and intends to stay there. One of his cardinal rules is to avoid any emotional attachments whatsoever which includes women. His two rules for those women who he adds to his little black book: don't ever deny me, and don't fall in love. Breaking either of these rules will result in being removed from his book and life. Rosslyn Harris has pretty much re [...]

    22. Sweet Baby Jesus. I am still trying to keep my composure about this book when in my mind all I keep thinking about Sebastian Freaking Black. I need a good cool down after finishing this story. Sebastian is a bad boy with a steel heart who wants nothing more than sex. No relationships, straight up dirty sex. He certainly has his share as well, but he is looking for the “girl of his dreams” but not to have a relationship with. He finally meets his “Jessica” and has a deal for her that she [...]

    23. This book is AMAZING and I'm in love with Sebastian Black <3 !From page one, with Wilma and Betty, this story captivated me, it was something different, a mix of hot hot hotness, darkness, a little mystery, everything wrapped up with perfectly likeable characters.I never imagined the twist it would have and it was GREAT! It is written from the point of view of the two characters, so it makes it even more easy to devour.I don't think I have a lot more to say besides READ IT, GR friends!!

    24. This was a amazing book i couldn't put it down the story was great from start 2 finish I luvd who it was wrote havin both Sebastian an Rosslyn pov an the sexy time in the book was hot it was great an the chemistry between them 2 was very hot but how could it not b with Sebastian Black he is just sooo sexy very confidant an just woo this book is a really good book an a must read I really really enjoyed it xxx

    25. 4 Jessica Rabbit Stars!ARC provided by the authors for an honest reviewAlso posted on Mara’s Bookshelf “Here’s what I’m offering you. I’ll put your number in my book, and when I want you, I’ll call you. And when I call you, you’ll come, in more ways than one. I promise, beautiful girl, it will be mutually pleasurable for both of us.”What would you do if you’re so deep in your struggles that you can barely make ends meet? That you have to resort to sleeping in your car, with you [...]

    26. avrebbero potuto benissimo essere 5 stelline se non fosse che questo libro manca un po’ di originalità ma, nonostante questa pecca l’ho trovato assolutamente strepitoso!!Mi ha conquistata sin dalla sinossi:“My name is Sebastian Black, and I want to buy you. I could have any woman I want, but I choose you. NO RELATIONSHIP, JUST SEX….”Peccato davvero per questa mancanza di originalità perché “Little Black Book” è una storia che si legge tutta d’un fiato, avvincente, ben scritta [...]

    27. 5 Beautiful Beautiful STARSThe Blurb:My name’s Sebastian Black, and I want to buy you. I could have any woman I want, but I choose you. NO RELATIONSHIP, JUST SEX.Here’s my offer… I’ll put your name in my LITTLE BLACK BOOK, and when I want you, I’ll call you. When I call, you’re going to come, in more ways than one. It will be mutually pleasurable for both of us. There are only two rules: DON'T EVER DENY ME. DON'T FALL IN LOVE. If you do either, I’ll remove you from my book and paym [...]

    28. Apha-hole Sebastian Black has a little book where he keeps all his booty calls listed under cartoon names and keeps them on the hook until he thinks he’s in love with them, then he cuts them loose. Until he meets his “Jessica Rabbit,” the perfect woman - real name Rosslyn Harris. Then he’ll do anything to get her, but he doesn’t realize the effect she’ll have on him.The GoodI went into this book knowing Sebastian’s an alpha-holed really, it’s pretty clear from the blurb that he [...]

    29. 3 Very Generous StarsDoesn't the blurb sound sooo amazing and like a kick-ass book with a killer alpha? Something to look forward reading to? Well, I've read it in 5hrsd uhm yeah don't let yourself fool you, Little Black Book, is just that: LITTLE!It's was an ok read. Somehow I expected more, a lot more - you know I was looking forward to read about a great alpha, cocky as hell, that knows what he wants etc. etc. Yeah I wasn't really sold. He fell a bit too fast, did a complete 180 out of the bl [...]

    30. 4 stars!I'm just copying the notes that i've written when I read this novel, yeah this is going to be a 'rough review' whatever the hell you want to call it. I Love!!! I love the writing style, it's not boring, written in dual 1st person POV, I love the characters, etc. etc.It did make me cry when they were both taken in the police custodyI like Jessica, a lot, at first she's very shy yet strong around him, then when she was able to see through him, she started acting brazen?, which Mr. Controll [...]

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