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The Promise of a Pencil: How an Ordinary Person Can Create Extraordinary Change

The Promise of a Pencil How an Ordinary Person Can Create Extraordinary Change The riveting New York Times bestseller about a young man who built than schools around the world and the steps anyone can take to lead a successful and significant life Adam Braun began working su

  • Title: The Promise of a Pencil: How an Ordinary Person Can Create Extraordinary Change
  • Author: Adam Braun
  • ISBN: 9781476730639
  • Page: 393
  • Format: Paperback
  • The riveting New York Times bestseller about a young man who built than 250 schools around the world and the steps anyone can take to lead a successful and significant life.Adam Braun began working summers at hedge funds when he was just sixteen years old, sprinting down the path to a successful Wall Street career But while traveling he met a young boy begging on theThe riveting New York Times bestseller about a young man who built than 250 schools around the world and the steps anyone can take to lead a successful and significant life.Adam Braun began working summers at hedge funds when he was just sixteen years old, sprinting down the path to a successful Wall Street career But while traveling he met a young boy begging on the streets of India, who after being asked what he wanted most in the world, simply answered, A pencil This small request led to a staggering series of events that took Braun backpacking through dozens of countries before eventually leaving a prestigious job to found Pencils of Promise, the organization he started with just 25 that has since built than 250 schools around the world.The Promise of a Pencil chronicles Braun s journey to find his calling, as each chapter explains one clear step that every person can take to turn their biggest ambitions into reality If you feel restless and ready for transition, if you are seeking direction and purpose, this critically acclaimed bestseller is for you Driven by inspiring stories and shareable insights, this is the book that will give you the tools to make your own life a story worth telling All proceeds from this book will support Pencils of Promise.

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      393 Adam Braun
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    1 thought on “The Promise of a Pencil: How an Ordinary Person Can Create Extraordinary Change

    1. I wanted to like this book. I really tried. But I would hardly call this a guidebook to turn your big dreams into a reality as the cover sleeve suggests. Adam was born into a family a privilege, worked carelessly (and recklessly) in a prestigious Wall Street firm, then was incredibly self-congratulatory about his project while weaving-in cliche "you can do it" mantras in each chapter. Don't get me wrong, the organization he built is incredible, but I just could NOT connect with this author at al [...]

    2. Great read. Fascinating, thought provoking and heart warming. It also achieves an extraordinary level of honesty for both the good and the bad times in Adam's life.For me, however, it did not achieve what it seems to have set out to do. He talks about how 'anybody' can make a big change to the world, emphasising how PoP's bank account started with just $25. But, unlike his organisation's bank account, Adam's beginnings were far from modest. He was born in a wealthy area into a well connected, su [...]

    3. To be honest, I don't know if I liked this book or not. Don't get me wrong, I think that what Adam Braun managed to accomplish, and what he is doing with Pencils of Promise is phenomenal. But I wasn't struck by the awe that he was clearly trying to convey with his story. Mr. Braun is a very passionate, tenacious, and most of all lucky fellow. If any of these qualities would have been lacking, his project would have failed. This book tells his story, but I wouldn't call it the guidebook to person [...]

    4. Best reading of 2016 so far. Inspiring stories from a man of action. Young, smart, enthusiastic and passionate, Adam Braun started with an idea, then came to live his dream and changed the world. What he experienced during the journey was beyond his imagination, he made the world a better place, getting to associate with a lot of great people, doing things he loved and becoming a person he wished to be. I like his humble and neutral way of expressing himself, not a narcissistic personality we se [...]

    5. Enharted off great theno much awesomeness in his tone. I think what confused me most is the subtitle. The "ordinary guy" thing just doesn't apply. Blessed by his own admission he was raised in a pretty affluent community with great schools, he then went on to Ivy League school, graduated with three degrees, was able to intern with a hedge fund at only 19e list goes on. Someone in rural America may/may not exactly have access to any of these opportunities due to accessibility, financial limitatio [...]

    6. I think I've figured it out: There are change-the-world memoirs that just blow you awayd then there are those that don't. What separates them is simple: the holy-moly-that-was-good books are the ones that focus on the people the author, or subject, was reaching out to. The others -- like this one -- focus on the author.Which is to say that I have absolutely nothing against the author, or against Pencils of Promise. Would I want to do some independent research before endorsing the latter? Yeah, o [...]

    7. I finished this riveting read in an hour, which is not ​something I do often. I could not put it down. Adam Braun shares his incredibly inspirational journey in a way that will make you feel as though you are right there with him, with each page you turn. You will get to know members of his family, his friends, the love of his life, his mentors and supporters and how each one of them contributed in various ways to where he is today and the creation of his for-purpose organization, Pencils Of P [...]

    8. Lúc đọc quyển sách này, mình đã không nghĩ là mình sẽ thích nó như vậy.Mình hong biết nên xếp cuốn sách này vào dạng self-help hay là tự truyện. Chắc có lẽ là cả hai, vì đây chính là câu chuyện của Adam Braun trong suốt quá trình nuôi nấng ước mơ làm một cái gì đó giúp ích cho đời, đến cái này mà PoP là một tổ chức vững mạnh như bây giờ. Song song đó, trong suốt quá trình mà Adam tìm ki [...]

    9. Một cuốn sách hay cho những ai vẫn đang khao khát một điều gì thực sự lớn lao trong cuộc đời mình (bản thân mình thì đã đọc sách kiểu như này từ mấy năm trước rồi, mà bây giờ cũng khá find the true calling rồi nên cũng k cho 5 sao đc keke).Đây là cuộc hành trình của Adam Braun - người sáng lập tổ chức Promise of Pencils, xây trường học ở các quốc gia nghèo, như Lào. Từ một cậu trai thích đi [...]

    10. Simply amazing. Lâu rồi mới đọc sách hay như vậy, làm mình liên tưởng đến Howard trong Dốc Hết Trái Tim.

    11. Adam Braun was on an around-the-world trip while in college with the Semester at Sea Program. He had determined to ask a child in each place they visited what they wanted most in the world. It was a child in India who answered "a pencil", something Adam was able to provide and then see the child's joy that made such an impact on him and led to his founding Pencils of Promise, a non-profit which builds schools in impoverished areas of the world where they are able to garner local support. I had s [...]

    12. For anyone looking to feel inspired and make a difference, this is the book for you. After backpacking through more than 50 countries, Adam Braun founded the international education nonprofit Pencils of Promise with just $25. His incredible journey provides the tools and lessons that demonstrate how anyone, regardless of age, status, or location, can can create opportunity and positive change in the lives of others. "The Promise of a Pencil" is a moving story that will resonate with all and enco [...]

    13. I have mixed feelings about this book. I really do like what this man has done and how he has made the world a better place for a lot of poor children around the world. The accomplishments he made were amazing and inspiring and I do not want to take away from that. I applaud him for pulling it off! However, I just could not enjoy reading this book. It started off really interesting and whatnot but I never found this man to be relatable so I never felt engaged with the book. From the getgo, he st [...]

    14. Page 2 - "I wanted to be a part of something that extended far beyond my two hands and the possessions they could hold."Page 19- "Your twenties are the time to both accept and fight your way into the person you're destined to become."Page 101- "Sometimes you know something in your head, and other times you know it in your heart. The mind delivers logic and reason, but the heart is where faith resides. In moments of uncertainty, when you must choose between two paths, allowing yourself to be over [...]

    15. Giây phút xúc động đầu tiên Adam kéo mình khỏi thực tại, cuốn vào cuộc hành trình của "him" là khi Học kỳ trên biển gặp biến cố, một accident thật sự khiến mạng sống của cả đoàn không biết sẽ đi về đâu, kiểu Titanic đang xảy ra trước mũi kìa các thím. Thế quái nào mà mình sắp chết mà còn chưa biết mình tồn tại rốt cuộc có cái ý nghĩa gì không, at least, cho chính him. Nhưng, nếu ch [...]

    16. I just started to become crazy about travelling and backpacking about one year ago. This book makes me even crazier. It gave me a new perspective. Now I want to see every country I visit through a local's eyes. It also taught me to accept that plans can change and new opportunities will suddenly present themselves while travelling. So, I should just go with the flow. Coming from Thailand and studying in Singapore, I have always taken ASEAN countries for granted. Now, instead of going to Europe o [...]

    17. When the author was abroad he would ask a child what he wanted most in the world. A child in India said "a pencil". At the age of 25 he began the organization that would transform him and the world. The author writes how he does it. Pencils of Promise is a for-purpose non-profit organizations that builds schools in Guatemala, Ghana, Laos, and Nicaragua. They don't just build a school and go, PoP trains teachers to give engaging lessons, provides scholarships to kids in need and teaches healthy l [...]

    18. UGH READING THIS WAS SO WORTH IT. JUST SHIA LABEOUF DO IT.At certain points I was like, "Mmm your white male privilege is showing," BUT WHATEVER NO ONE IS PERFECT AMIRITE?Note: it is first and foremost a business/career book imho. If you expect it to be about education, travel, breaking through a glass ceiling - mmm no. It's autobiographical with a entrepreneurial slant.

    19. This was a really good book! At times, Adam comes across a little caught up in what HE has created – but by the end of the book he hits his stride in an attempt to inspire this generation to set lofty goals and go out and change the world through bringing other people joy. He’s clearly a talented dude, who lives with a ton of dedication and passion. He built an organization from the ground up. This organization not only has built hundreds of schools across the developing world, but now is in [...]

    20. هذا الكتاب هو امتداد لسلسة قرآءاتي في أعمال السير الذاتيَّةالكاتب آدم براون يحكي قصته في إنشآء المنظمة غير الربحيَّة أو كما أنشأ من نموذج جديد للمنظمات غير الربحيَّة (منظمات ذات أو من أجل مغزى/هدف) ، Penciles of Promise التي تُعنى ببنآء مدارس للأساس في الدول التي تُعاني من الجهل و الأ [...]

    21. Adam Braun is inspirational. From potentially being a corporate slave to someone making an actual difference to a broken, fragmented world, he sure has come a long way.It cannot have been an easy journey - fighting pitched battles in the areas that he worked in, and with most friends/family against his decision, it clearly would've taken more fortitude than someone like me could muster up in a hundred years.While I'm in awe of what Adam has done, I'm a wee bit disappointed with the book. Some po [...]

    22. Adam Braun came from a family that believed in giving back and descended from Holocaust survivors. Adam was determined to make his fortune and then find a calling for philanthropy. However, through several backpacking excursions and an eventful Semester at Sea during his college years he found his purpose to be building and maintaining schools in rural poverty stricken areas. He went to work for a prestigious consulting firm and temporarily got sidetracked into the good life. But when his inner [...]

    23. Absolutely inspiring story of young entrepreneur. Thoroughly enjoyed the journey of this young man who is doing so much to give back to the society. Well just read it from the perspective of inspiration rather than a guide itself. In all loved the book. It was quite a refreshing read.

    24. I loved this book. well writteneps you interested. inspires you to move outside your comfort zone and help change the world. absolutely worth the read!

    25. Has an experience ever completely transformed your views on life in a matter of seconds? Adam Braun’s The Promise of a Pencil: How an Ordinary Person Can Create Extraordinary Change is the memoir about how he took the words “be the change you want to see in the world” to heart by creating over 200 schools around the world for children in desperate need of education. With the intention of proving that anyone’s dreams can come true with effort, determination, and confidence, Braun set out [...]

    26. Người ta sẽ chỉ cảm thấy những gì người ta muốn thấy. Mấy nay tôi suy nghĩ nhiều về sự vô tri, nói rõ hơn là việc con người ta sẵn sàng hy sinh rất nhiều thứ cho 1 thứ khát vọng, cho 1 sở thích của mình, dù cho đó là sự đánh đổi không hề chắc chắn, mọi người xung quanh, và cả bản thân ta khi tỉnh táo, lý trí, đều thấy đó là 1 sự đánh đổi không hề khôn ngoan. Tôi gọi đó là sự [...]

    27. How can I possibly describe this book? You just need to read it. Adam Braun was obviously raised in a family that encouraged him to help others and go for his dreams. His organization, Pencils of Promise, was built because of his question to a child in another country, "If you could have anything in the world, what would it be?" The child answered, "A pencil." The stark truth is that far too many children across the world have little or no access to education. So with his infectious personality, [...]

    28. I really ask you to read this one. A book full of wisdom, love and purpose in life. PoP speaks about building a better world through education, and literally building schools in developing regions. One of the most heartwarming story I've read in a while. Every chapter is just breathtaking.

    29. I'm torn about this book. Adam Braun is a former hedge fund worker and entrepreneur who chanelled his energy, productivity, connections, and resources into building schools in developing nations for extremely poor communities. First of all, as many reviewers have noted, Adam is not an "ordinary person". As an ordinary person who has been in the international development field for over 10 years, it is frustrating to hear someone from a wealthy background who had hedge-fund connections at 19 say " [...]

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