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The Ribbon on My...

The Ribbon on My SterekDerek had assumed that he and Stiles would give each other simple things swapping books or DVDs or jokey gifts random dollar store toys and junk food Words complete

  • Title: The Ribbon on My...
  • Author: Dira Sudis
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 176
  • Format: ebook
  • SterekDerek had assumed that he and Stiles would give each other simple things, swapping books or DVDs or jokey gifts, random dollar store toys and junk food.11,356 Words complete

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      176 Dira Sudis
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    1 thought on “The Ribbon on My...

    1. 4.5 Stars!Gawd it’s been ages since I’ve visited one of my favorite OTP’s, and this right here just reinforced why I love these two so hard.The exceptional fics always know just how to show Derek’s reserved, awkward anxious turmoil that’s heavily permeated by his past pain, as well as Stiles's quirky enthusiasm that often hides complexity and multiple layers under his own share of tragedy Here they’re newly in a relationship, and when Derek realizes Stiles has something big up his sl [...]

    2. Ahh! I wasn't sure, ya know? I read another where Derek didn't know what to get Stiles for Christmas and it didn't make me happy, this one ended up with me smiling like a crazy person.I'll give you this.But I really want to give you this(view spoiler)[ (hide spoiler)]Merry Christmas!["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

    3. Derek gets all angsty about what to get Stiles for Christmas.I love Derek's POV and this one is all about his anxiety over his relationship with Stiles and all his FEELZ. It's very sweet and smexy.

    4. Somehow Dira Sudis managed to write a poignant fic in which (view spoiler)[Derek gifts Stiles with his beribboned cock (hide spoiler)].I don't know how that happened but it's sweet and sexy and I'm putting it on my "I wanna snuggle it" shelf that doesn't actually exist.I should probably do something about that.Meh.["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

    5. 4.5 stars This was incredibly cute.Derek is the insecure one. He doesn’t know what to get Stiles for Christmas.He does come up with something though

    6. festive and sweetDerek figuring out the perfect gift for Stiles.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Yep, Still loved it.

    7. 3.5 StarsThe Ribbon on My is a holiday Sterek fic, told through Derek's POV and featuring Derek and Stiles as a newly established couple. We follow Derek as he panics over what to get Stiles for their first Christmas together. Stiles is a master at meaningful gift giving, putting all the more pressure on Derek to get just the right gift in return. In the end he decides to gift Stiles with himself, ribbon-wrapped (view spoiler)[cock (hide spoiler)] and all. I enjoyed getting Derek's reticent and [...]

    8. This was too cute! I love a clueless Derek, so worried that the happiness he's finally found won't last forever, and figuring out maybe it can.In this one, Derek doesn't know what to get for Stiles. He bumbles around a bit, buying random mall stuff, and finally decides to fuck Stiles, something he hasn't done since their first time, which was a "sex pollen" thing (and if that story exists, someone please tell me, I wanna read it!So it turns into a really cute, really HOT gesture on Derek's part, [...]

    9. A Douglas Adams reference and I'm anyone's. This was sweet and smexy and makes me want to read Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy again. It also made me think about velvet bows in an entirely new way! Derek is a sillywolf who is afraid he is not good enough for Stiles and terrified that his lack of imagination when it comes to Stiles' Christmas present will only prove to Stiles that this is the case. In fairness Stiles is kind of a present giving ninja but turns out Derek ain't too shabby at it eit [...]

    10. Despite Derek's nearly continuous freak out, this story has a calm, quiet feel to it. It works in that it fits Derek's personality, but it also dampens the tension of the freak out itself. Derek and Stiles know each other very well, and even in the moments they slip into uncertainty, they still know how to help and work with each other to solve it. Me likes.Some of the descriptions of physical movement, where a hand lands or a leg lies, weren't so clear. These few fumbles were more than outplaye [...]

    11. Derek doesn't know what to get Stiles for christmas and they make a new tradition that requires festive decorations. *eyebrow waggle* "Bad dog," Dog jokes will never get boring.

    12. I loved this.Stiles + Derek are a couple, an Derek is the one with insecurities/It's Christmas, and Stiles is getting Derek the perfect presentDerek has a brainwavePerfect holiday fic

    13. Really enjoyable. I always like it when Sterek are an established couple and I love Sheriff Stilinski in my fics.

    14. Just so sweet and tender -which is something that I don't usually recognize in Derek- but it worked and it made me smile.

    15. Quite lovely and well made. Loved to read this from Derek's pov. And I love angsty Derek and effusive Stiles.(view spoiler)[In The Ribbon on My, Derek is freaking out that he won't get Stiles a present equally awesome as the one Stiles is preparing for him. Ensue a traumatizing visit to the mall (which I can relate to, Christmas holiday being upon us) and more inner turmoil about the right present to demonstrate his love, commitment and devotion to Stiles. Turns out Stiles got him a list of book [...]

    16. A lovely ficlet, a bit heavy on the angst on Derek's part but with a nice HEA and resolution. Totally 'aww'!

    17. Sweet Derek POV, with Derek angsting about what to get Stiles for christmas, feeling inferior and undeserving and just generally so MANY feels for Stiles. Loved Stiles' gift for Derek, loved the sheriff, and loved Derek realising what it's all about. Plus, a lot of it's actually really good, really sweet porn (with ribbons, no joke, and omfg, the memories).

    18. Derek is better at giving presents than he realized. Stiles certainly enjoyed the gift as did Derek. Ah, too sweet. I should have read this last month but this would be a good story to read any time of the year.

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