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Burning Uncle Tom's Cabin

Burning Uncle Tom s Cabin The classic tale reborn as an inspiring runaway slave thriller Young slave George Harris is a self taught inventor with an owner who despises him Slavery has forced him apart from his wife Eliza and

  • Title: Burning Uncle Tom's Cabin
  • Author: Carl Waters
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 301
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The classic tale reborn as an inspiring runaway slave thriller Young slave George Harris is a self taught inventor with an owner who despises him Slavery has forced him apart from his wife, Eliza, and their three year old son Harry, who belong to another owner George dreams of the day he can escape north and work for his family s freedom, but no amount of careful plann The classic tale reborn as an inspiring runaway slave thriller Young slave George Harris is a self taught inventor with an owner who despises him Slavery has forced him apart from his wife, Eliza, and their three year old son Harry, who belong to another owner George dreams of the day he can escape north and work for his family s freedom, but no amount of careful planning could prepare him for what came next When Eliza learns that her owner plans to sell Harry to pay off a debt, she runs north at once George must escape too, if he has any hope of finding his family before the slave hunters do They ll all travel to Canada, a journey that s treacherous, long, and often deadly Will George and Eliza find their freedom or die trying Burning Uncle Tom s Cabin is the first book in a series that nimbly reimagines Harriet Beecher Stowe s original novel and it includes nerve wracking suspense, memorable characters, heartbreaking cruelty, and a compelling story told through powerful and refreshing writing Author Carl Waters talent is undeniable as he turns the sanitized original tale into an awe inspiring journey of courage, grit, and faith.

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      301 Carl Waters
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    1. Reimagining Uncle TomI was asked by the author's assistant to review an Advanced Reader Copy of Burning Uncle Tom's Cabin, to be released June 15. The author describes this "reimagining" as a jumping off point from the Harriet Beecher Stowe novel, Uncle Tom's Cabin and seeks to change the image of Uncle Tom from "sellout" to a man who assisted runaways.I'll first get my nitpicking out of the way. The title of this book is deceiving; the actual burning takes place as an afterthought from my persp [...]

    2. As a 10th grader, I had to read "Uncle Tom's Cabin" and I was not a fan because I felt the black characters were very stereotypical. Carl Waters has taken the stereotypical characters and turned them on their heads in his novel "Burning Uncle Tom's Cabin." The book is well written, and aside from a couple of sentences that didn't flow smoothly, I think it is an outstanding first effort.Readers who enjoy historical fiction, books that offer a re-telling of a popular story, or readers of African A [...]

    3. 3.5 starsIt's important to realize that this isn't a reworking of Harriet Beecher Stowe's classic novel, but more like an exploratory offshoot, changing the focus to George Harris, his wife Eliza and son Harry.It lacks the depth of Beecher Stowe's prose but is a bit more readable, especially for today's audience, which also makes it more accessible to young adults. George also comes across as a more educated man, with more pride and acting less downtrodden. This may be because, unlike Tom and El [...]

    4. As stories go, this one was not half bad. but considering the fact that Uncle Tom's Cabin was one of my favorite stories from an early age on, I could not quite fall in love with the story. First, it already told me what I knew so there were no surprises.Second, I thought there was going to be a little more to the story, considering it was going to be from George's point of view. There wasn't a lot of that.I actually thought he was a lot more smart and cunning in the original story. But if you w [...]

    5. ‘You’ll watch, boy, and you’ll learn your lesson.’In ‘Burning Uncle Tom’s Cabin’, George Harris is a young slave who has been loaned out by his owner Mr Harris to work for another man, Mr Wilson. George’s wife, Eliza and their young son Harry are owned by the Shelbys, and George hopes that one day he can escape to Canada and earn enough money to buy his family’s freedom.‘So that they might be a family again one day, in a place where they were free to live without worrying abo [...]

    6. The title Burning of Uncle Tom’s Cabin is a metaphorical message of the author’s intent to destroy the negative and stereotypical portrayals of black people in the original Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Carl Waters points out in the Introduction, that although Beecher was less racist than many of her contemporaries in that she believe that black people had souls and that slavery was wrong, she believed in the superiority of white people and the inferiority of black people. F [...]

    7. As someone who loved the original Uncle Tom's Cabin I was very excited to see this book available to review on NetGalley. I admit that my expectations might have been set a little high for this book, but I found myself rather disapointed in comparison with Uncle Tom's Cabin.As a standalone book, or as a more realistic retelling of Uncle Tom's Cabin, Burning Uncle Tom's Cabin is a really interesting read. This story focuses on George, his wife Eliza, and their son, Henry, as they attempt to flee [...]

    8. This book reaches out and grabs you without letting going even after you have finished. Reading about other people's struggles, as big as slavery, which violate basic humanity makes most people's issues seem almost silly. This book has the ability to give someone a will not only to fight for what's right but to keep living everyday with only the faith in your heart that God has plans for you. Christianity plays an important role in this book both within the slaves and the masters. The absolute b [...]

    9. Sweet FreedomGeorge Harris is a young slave with a wife and son on another plantation. Although he is a good worker, his owner despises him and does everything in his power to break George down. George knows that he must escape and go to Canada or his master will continue to exploit him. His wife Eliza, on the other hand, is very fond of her master. He treats her well and she is able to enjoy a fairly decent life. Everything changes when Eliza learns that her owner plans to sell her son. She kno [...]

    10. I really enjoyed it; I do read a lot of YA fiction as I am a high school English/Journalism teacher. At any rate, I read that this is supposed to be a 4 part series. I would love to read the next copies of this series. Here are my comments:Pros:Quick, easy read Subject matter appealingSweet companion piece to UTC - especially for those who are at a lower Lexile levelSome real and scary stuff - drowning of dog; whipping of GeorgeCons:Abrupt ending - although, knowing it’s a series I do understa [...]

    11. For those who may see the title and think this book is going to be in direct relation to "Uncle Tom's Cabin", you are setting yourself up for disappointment. This story is rich with it's own unique flavor narrating the story of George and his often underestimated wife, Eliza. Tom is an additive that only enriches this novel that much more.George's willful spirit and character forced me to root for his acquisition of freedom - both for himself and his family. Eliza reminded me of what a mother's [...]

    12. I read Uncle Tom's Cabin very early in my life. I was glad to have the opportunity to read the book by Mr. Waters. I was very captivated and in the end read the book in a day and a half. I felt the writing style was refreshing and I loved the plot. It kept me on the edge of my seat, in anticipation. Mr. Waters portrayed the characters as most people today can relate. I am sure all people can relate to their dilemma and their fortitude in their quest to reach freedom.I enjoyed the plot and saw th [...]

    13. That Burning Desire for FreedomAfter a series of events by his master and his wife’s master, protagonist George Harris, finds himself turning his dream of providing for a better life for himself and his family into a reality. Although George’s plan did not immediately include his enslaved wife and son fleeing the clutches of their master, their own harrowing tale of escape happens to coincide with his. Just as every great action-adventure movie has a chase scene, Burning Uncle Tom’s Cabin [...]

    14. Burning uncle tom's cabin was a good read I cried, I cuss, I laugh but out of all this it show me what a mother will do for her child and Eliza did to be a slave and do what she done to safe her son was awesome. George her husband was a very smart man and his master didn't like that but in those day slave made a lot of things it was a good read

    15. I thought Burning Uncle Tom's Cabin was a fabulous read. I don't keep many books I have read on my shelf, but this one will be an exception. It's definitely a keeper. I can't wait to see what else the author releases in the future.Great read!5 stars.

    16. If you liked Uncle Tom's Cabin you will like this book. Taking place in Kentucky in 1851 it tells the story of two former slaves who escape with their child. A very good read that keeps you interested the entire book!

    17. Great readGreat read. could not put it down. now just waiting for the other books. read uncle Tom cabin eons ago.

    18. Burning Uncle Tom's Cabin was one of the best books I have read in many years! George, Eliza, and Harry's story as runaway slaves kept me literally on the edge of my seat. I would rank this book 10 stars if I could. It's every bit as good as Harriet Beecher Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin.

    19. I was given this book to read for this review. But I would have read it anyway--it was enjoyable, fast-moving, and clearly written.This book is the tale of George Harris, his wife Eliza (of ice floe fame), son Harry, and those around him in antebellum slave-owning Kentucky and the free state of Ohio under the ministrations of both slavery and the Fugitive Slave Act. It is also a retelling of Harriet Beecher Stowe's opus "Uncle Tom's Cabin," the book written by a little woman that started a great [...]

    20. “Burning Uncle Tom’s Cabin,” is the retelling of part of “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” by Harriet Beecher Stowe. This book is the first of a four part series. The retelling of the story by Carl Waters gives the reader stronger and more intelligent African American characters than Stowe’s original ones. It is an interesting concept author Carl Waters is pursuing in this series. However, it takes a few chapters for the author to find his groove; once he relaxes into the story, the read is smoo [...]

    21. RIVETING. POWERFUL!I had to keep putting this book down. No reflection on the author’s writing, but a testament to the fact his characters were so alive and real, as though he had channeled them. Being an emotional black woman, it was like reliving memories of the past when slavery was accepted in America, therefore, it was heartbreaking at times. Nevertheless, I did get through it, all the while keeping my emotions in check, often angered by the unmitigated cruelty of the slave owners.It was [...]

    22. 4.5 of 5 stars – Great Play-Off of a Unique, Compelling Concept.(I'm excited to have received this as a complimentary copy – so thanks, Carl!)Burning Uncle Tom's Cabin was an engaging tale based on a unique and compelling concept of remaining the original Uncle Tom's Cabin, and it worked for me. Carl Waters provided me with an easy-to-read story with good pace, good characterization, and a good realistic view of slavery, the underground railroad, and the emotions that went with. I appreciate [...]

    23. First of all I have read the original book that this was based off but unfortunately I cannot actually remember the whole book, which is disappointing. So eventually I need to see if I can find "Uncle Tom's Cabin" to re-read then maybe I can compare it to this particular book but until then it will be a review based on the book itself. Carl Waters has done an amazing job in this particular version of making the characters stronger, more realistic and with a pride that makes them more than just c [...]

    24. This book put me into a wide range of emotions; from anger to happiness. It is a wonderful book. I loved it and would've rated it 5 stars but the ending was like a balloon being popped. All the buildup and then, it's over? I was invested in George finding his way to Eliza. I was more happy with Eliza and how brave she was. She is the epitome of a wonderful mother. A mother who would do whatever it takes to protect her child. (Like jumping across a river of ice) George finally finds her and I wan [...]

    25. This was a great story about a slave named George who wanted more for his life as well as his wife and young son (who lived on a different plantation than George) Once George's master Mr. Harris made its clear that he was hell bent on making George's life a living hell, George set out his plan to escape. Eliza, George's wife, has a pretty decent life on the Shelby plantation. Her and her son Harry are house slaves and Mr. and Mrs. Shelby treat them as family, so when Eliza overhears Mr. Shelby m [...]

    26. Inspired by the Harriet Beecher Stowe classic "Uncle Tom's Cabin" this book would be an excellent part of a history or literature class where you first read that classic and then this version from Waters and compared them to see why one version moved a nation yet often falls flat today and why today's reimagining of the basic events of the story would have probably never been even imagined back in the mid-19th century.We get a deep feeling for George and Eliza as we are pulled along in their str [...]

    27. Burning Uncle Tom’s Cabin is a tale richly woven from the past. George Harris is a slave who loves his family, and is willing to risk everything to make sure they’re safe. His master can’t stand the fact that he’s smart and creative, and is determined to make sure he stays in his place. Although the subject is a sensitive one which brings up lots of tender emotions, I think the book is well-written; the characters practically leap off the page trying to tell their story. The story being [...]

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