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Me Times Three

Me Times Three Sandra Berlin s got it all She s living in Manhattan and climbing the editorial ladder at ultrachic fashion magazine Jolie and she s newly engaged to her high school sweetheart Bucky Ross Bucky s her

  • Title: Me Times Three
  • Author: Alex Witchel
  • ISBN: 9780743240857
  • Page: 359
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sandra Berlin s got it all She s living in Manhattan and climbing the editorial ladder at ultrachic fashion magazine Jolie and she s newly engaged to her high school sweetheart, Bucky Ross Bucky s her knight in shining WASP armor ad executive and descendant of Betsy Ross, with whom she ll live in suburban Tudor splendor and have beautiful children At least that s theSandra Berlin s got it all She s living in Manhattan and climbing the editorial ladder at ultrachic fashion magazine Jolie and she s newly engaged to her high school sweetheart, Bucky Ross Bucky s her knight in shining WASP armor ad executive and descendant of Betsy Ross, with whom she ll live in suburban Tudor splendor and have beautiful children At least that s the plan Until Sandy meets Bucky s other fiance Who tells her about the third Sandy s heartbreak, betrayal, and the excruciating blind dates that follow paint a shrewd, comic, dead on portrait of the suddenly single life and remind us that even when fantasy crashes head on into hard reality, love can still surprise us in the most unexpected ways.

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    1 thought on “Me Times Three

    1. The fact that Joan Didion positively endorsed this book on the back cover makes me wonder (a) if she read it and (b) if she did read it and liked it, should I continue to respect her? What a terribly-written book. Note that this is not a matter of liking or not liking a particular genre or style: I don't read a lot of chick-lit but I can get into a smartly written story of almost any kind. Remember in fourth grade when your teacher told you to "show, don't tell" in your writing? Apparently Ms. W [...]

    2. This is totally forgettable chick-lit that I picked up at the library book sale because I’ve read Alex Witchel’s articles in the New York Times. Sandra Berlin’s world is turned upside-down when her fiance turns out to have two other fiancees. Suddenly her suburban mom future is gone, and she must deal with weird roommates, a fairly crappy job, and dismal first dates. If you didn’t know that Sandy will triumph in the end, you haven’t been paying attention to the genre.

    3. Wellis book was okay. Nothing about it stood out except that I didn't like or understand any of the characters.1. You find out your fiancee has two other fiancees and then you pine away for him for over a year? I don't care if he was your high school sweetheartally? And then you whine about it, and whine, and whine some more. And go through your ex's trash can (1 year after you broke up???) I would have rather read about her getting over her scummy fiancee and falling in love with someone else.2 [...]

    4. Ughok, so I picked this book up off the discount rack at a used bookstore. I guess I'm not really out much, but wow, talk about false advertising. I was expecting a lot more fun in this book. There's a quote on the front of the book from the New York Times, "Deliciously wrought, with a fun twist and some lovely revenge along the way." Yeah, so how about the revenge didn't even happen until page 279of 304! WTF? Also, I kinda felt like I was reading three different books at the same time: The one [...]

    5. Meh, this was pretty much what I expected from a sort of chick-lit, rom com book. Our main character learns her fiancé has two other fiancees. Uh oh! This felt like it had a lot of detail –as we got lots of backstory about Sandra as well as forward movement of the plot, but it really felt like the author didn’t really know where the end point was. The book had interesting moments and wasn’t unenjoyable to read…but it seems like a bonbon…a momentary distraction but something I can bare [...]

    6. BlurbEverything’s going right for Sandra Berlin. She is living in Manhattan, climbing the editorial ladder at ultra-chic fashion magazine Jolie! , and she’s just become engaged to Bucky Ross, her high-school sweetheart. Bucky’s her knight in shining WASP armor, a successful ad executive and a descendant of Betsy Ross, and their future promises a life of comfortable suburban bliss: the Tudor mansion, the beautiful children, the country club. And then, three weeks later, at a party at the Me [...]

    7. Basic chic-lit fare, sprinkled with some very colorful characters.The narrator, Sandra Berlin (also known as Sandy and Sanny) is an editor at Jolie, a typical women’s glossy, and suffers through the nonsensical emotional rolls of her boss, Susie Shine, who suffers through the nonsensical emotional rolls of her boss, Miss Bella Donna. (It was a book-on-CD, so please excuse any name-spelling inaccuracies.) Sandy shares her professional life with coworkers Coco, Pim, Pascal, and Buffy, all equall [...]

    8. Despite the fact that a lot of people talk nearly bad about the book I for some reason managed to finish the book even though people said there was no use in doing so but over all I personally think the book was amazing in the middle yeah it was kind of boring but from the middle to the end I couldn't put down the book for some reason I kept wanting to know what happens next this book was not only amazing but the moral of the story was that even though Sandra faced all these obstacles such as he [...]

    9. For the longest time I couldn't get into this book, but for some reason I kept trying & one day while stuck somewhere else with nothing to do but read whatever was in my backpack I got into a groove with the characters. So, slow start, strong finish.The book's about Sandy, a Jewish girl from Green Hills, NY who finds out her long time boyfriend is engaged to 2 other women at the same time as her. (It's not a spoiler -- look at the cover/title). The novel deals with her reactions and subseque [...]

    10. I cannot believe a literary luminary of Joan Didion's stature would heap praise on this wannabe intelligent chick lit. I could barely muster the energy to finish this one. The protagonist was a total doofus, the sort of New York magazine girl found in a milllion other pink jacket books. Totally uninspired. The first part of the book devotes so much time to her relationship with Paul and by the end he is an afterthought, even among a terrible tragedy. Nothing about this plot was believable (ummm, [...]

    11. I was putting together a booklistfor fans of Sex and the City for our library blog when I came across this book, which was praised in reviews for its glimpse into Manhattan media life. (Oddly, the back cover had blurbs from Sarah Jessica Parker and Joan Didion ) Sandra works for a magazine (think Elle in the '80s) and is engaged to her ideal man, who, it turns out, is engaged to two other women. She struggles after heartbreak, struggles under a tyrannical editor/boss and struggles against the lo [...]

    12. Was irresponsible today, and only read to finish a book I began last night. By its title and description I thought this was typical chick lit, but in the reading you find it surpasses the genre all together. For the sake of order I leave it classed on the shelf though. Sandy has been with the same boy since senior prom, and at 26 she thinks her life is going to follow her fairy tale dreams, but then she discovers her fiancee is engaged to two other women, and he's more than a bit of a putz.The b [...]

    13. Me Times Three tells the tale of a mid 20's art editor at a women's mag in New York City. Sound original so far? As many other reviewers have said the story felt predictable and overdone. Alex Witchel has glimpses of great writing come out at times. There were a few sections that made me chuckle. But all in all the story didn't flow, chapters ended abruptly at times or dragged on in others, and I felt the 80's time period wasn't set up properly given the publish date of 2002, and added confusion [...]

    14. "Jangan menilai buku (hanya) dari sampulnya" kalimat ini (buat saya) berlaku untuk buku ini. Saya memang tertarik pada sampulnya yang girly, tapi belakangan agak kecewa dengan ceritanya. Buku ini mengisahkan Sandra Berlin, seorang editor majalah di NY, menghadapi kenyataan bahwa tunangannya ternyata juga punya 2 tunangan lain. Selanjutnya bisa ditebak kalau ceritanya berkisar pada upayanya untuk "survive". Saya suka konsep "survive" dalam sebuah cerita, tapi karena di buku ini penulisnya memuat [...]

    15. After reading the first chapter (on the treadmill, naturally), I thought I knew what the book was going to be like. It is revealed in the first chapter that the main character's fiance is actually engaged to two other women as well as her. So I assumed it would be a completely fluffy (anti)romance book. But it ended up being a much more honest portrayal of a woman's life. It wasn't only about her (ex-)fiance - it was also about her job and her friends and her parents and her gay best friend and [...]

    16. Narrated By: Alyssa BresnahanDuring the 1980s, a disenchanted assistant editor at a women’s magazine is devoted to her fiance, a Wall street moneyman who personifies all her yuppie lifestyle fantasies. However, her bubble bursts when she discovers he’s secretly engaged to two other women. Crestfallen, the woman who hates her magazine job becomes devoted to it. Alex Witchel is a New York Times culture writer best known for her theatre industry and fashion columns. Me Times Three is her first [...]

    17. This book was terrible, the plot dragged on and on, and i never did care about any of the chacters. I gave up on it about 2/3 of the way through. Take it from me, and dont waste your valuable book credit on this unless you are prepared to be bored stiff for 320 dull and lifeless pages. Blah I dont think i would ever read anything from this writer again. Having bought this book in hardcover when it was first released, i now wished i had gone to the movies or bought a big mac. what a waste!

    18. At a party, Sandy finds out that her high school sweetheart/fiance is engaged to 2 other women. She later finds our about a 4th fiance. That raises so many questions in my mind. But that aspect of the story is never explored. The author drops that storyline completely and switches to a story of how Sandy re-enters the dating world and copes with her gay best friend's AIDs diagnosis. Feels like false advertising. I also didn't think the book was very well written. She jumps back and forth in time [...]

    19. In this fabulous book Sandra Berlin decides to marry her high school lover Bucky Ross. All she ever dreamt of can now be fulfilled. Or? If there weren’t two other wives Bucky would have with her. If she would only have known he came in a package. Now everything starts crushing down around her. So if she planned out her live as Bucky’s wife, then the one important question still remains, Who IS Sandra Berlin?A stunning and lessonable story of a woman, who finds out who she really is, even wit [...]

    20. Sandra Berlin has just made an astounding discovery: her fiancé is engaged to two other women. What a cad!Well, at least she still has her job at Jolie! magazine and her fabulous best friend, Paul. After all, there’s more to life than getting married, right?Sandra will struggle with her single status, her job, and the truth about Paul. But she is a survivor, despite her belief in fairy tales and their famously happy endings.When this novel began, it could have been any chick lit novel. But th [...]

    21. I didn't realize till I got home that I read this novel last year. I also didn't remember the way it ended until oh, about the last page. The title isn't really appropriate--the story wanders far, far from the original premise (that the main character's fiance is also engaged to two other women). But there are some touching moments, particularly the heroine's relationship with her best friend.--notes from 2005

    22. 2008- This book was totally not what I was expecting from the cover: a light, chick-lit read. It tells the the story of a woman in 1980s New York that had the stereotypical friends one would expect in a chick-lit novel, but with some really sad parts added in. Pretty forgettable overall, I can't even remember the main character's name and I just finished it like a day ago.

    23. Yuck! Yuck! Yuck! Every cliche, and then someJewish girl discovers WASP-y boyfriend of nine years has proposed to two other women - and then has a hard time letting him go. Complete with flaming gay best friend, a job in the fashion industry with a bitchy boss, and a handy, dreamy new love interest. Can I get these two hours back, please?

    24. I actually liked this book better than "The Spare Wife" due to the likability of the main character. She has a perfect fiance she thinks, until she discovers that he is not the person she believes he was. I guess I can relate to feeling that wayShe grows up, takes stock of her situation, mourns a little and moves on with grace. I liked it!

    25. Meant to be a "a shrewd, comic, dead-on portrait of the suddenly single life". If you enjoy that sort of thing, you may enjoy this book. I gave it a shot because I've really liked the Irish women's fiction of Marian Keyes. So far, I am not impressed with American women's fiction all of the same clichés, none of the sass or smarts alas.

    26. Didn't bother wasting my energy finishing the book. I'm almost done - about 80 pages or so left.It's obvious that Mark and Sally or is it Sandy? will get together. I forgot the protagonist' name, see! These kind of story's just not for me. I'm not really sure if Paul will die of AIDS, though.It is a great book, by all means. It didn't clicked on me, is all.

    27. From the title I would it would be a completely different story than it was. The story does jump around but I was hooked. Once you find out Paul's storyline you just can't put the book down. Very random story, jumps all over the place so I can see how it got low ratings but once I finished the book I decided it was worth reading.

    28. This book was okay. It didn't really reach out and grab me like some other books do and the story was hard to follow sometimes. I think it could have gone in so many different directions, and the "revenge" it talks about is about only one paragraph of accidental "revenge". Quite misleading. All in all, I'm not itching to read anything else by this author.

    29. what happened when you found out that your fiance has another fiance? and it's not "another" fiance, but "other" becoause there are two fiances besides her. dizzy huh?the story itself is quite interesting. though the characters aren't that strong to be remembered. however, Alex Witchel's description for each settings makes you feel like you are really in the luxurious busy town Manhattan.

    30. Not badly written but not a sparkling, can't-put-it-down book either. Sometimes read like a romance novel, where the characters and dialogue didn't seem real, just calculated to make some romantic point. The story was more intricate and interesting than the run-of-the-mill woman-gets-great-man story, so I gave it three stars.

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