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Inherited by Her Enemy

Inherited by Her Enemy All property I bequeath to Andre Duchard As the final words of Virginia Mason s stepfather s will are read the silence in the room is deafening Suddenly innocent Ginny s life has shattered With no

  • Title: Inherited by Her Enemy
  • Author: Sara Craven
  • ISBN: 9780373133086
  • Page: 291
  • Format: Paperback
  • All property, I bequeath to Andre Duchard As the final words of Virginia Mason s stepfather s will are read, the silence in the room is deafening Suddenly, innocent Ginny s life has shattered With no inheritance, her future and her family s is entirely in the hands of enigmatic Frenchman Andre Duchard Andre is outrageously attractive and everything that Ginny despises All property, I bequeath to Andre Duchard As the final words of Virginia Mason s stepfather s will are read, the silence in the room is deafening Suddenly, innocent Ginny s life has shattered With no inheritance, her future and her family s is entirely in the hands of enigmatic Frenchman Andre Duchard Andre is outrageously attractive and everything that Ginny despises in a man arrogant and cynical But one devastatingly sensual kiss later, virgin Ginny is already in over her head How can she convince Andre she s not part of his inheritance when she so desperately yearns for his complete possession

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      291 Sara Craven
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    1 thought on “Inherited by Her Enemy

    1. Inherited by her Enemy is a Cinderella romance with an old school HP feel. Told from the heroine's perspective we get to see her background, what drives her why she is what she is. This type of storytelling is engrossing and emotional but leaves one frustrated due to not knowing the hero's motivations. I had three issues with Inherited by her Enemy. First the greedy mom such a big player then faded into the background. I didn't want to see her reap any happiness after treating the heroine so sho [...]

    2. I was a chapter into this and realized I had read it before. Not a good sign.It all started out so promising, and then Sara Craven threw her suffer, little h, suffer wrench into the mix. SC is second only to Penny Jordan in making her tiny h's suffer or reducing them to brainless twits. She keeps this h's idiocy at a minimum until the very end. Like Michael Corleon,Just when I thought I was out they pull me back in.Ginnie is the long suffering daughter of two of the biggest blonde pills in H his [...]

    3. 4.5 StarsThere's a certain something I find in Sara Craven's books that I not only struggle to find in a lot of others but also that I find totally enthralling. Her storytelling is wonderfully crafted.This story is weaved beautifully and takes you on a journey. You don't get many romance novels these days written soley from the heroines point of view, and it's risky thing to do in my opinion. But it works. I adore the besotted, almost gentle hero and the heroine was annoyingly prim, which made h [...]

    4. Good read but I felt that the romance was not the focus here. Needed more romance, less intrigue and other characters.

    5. Lately having quite of a bit of a Harlequin Presents binge. So far that's the majority of books that I have read this year. Just in the mood for quick passionate romance without a such a complicated plot I guess. Anyway on to the review:Warning major plot spoilers ahead.And I mean major. Almost ever plot point is in here. If you don't want to know what happens in this book then don't read this review. Don't say I didn't warn you.It wasn't bad or awful nor was it the most fantastic book I have ev [...]

    6. Inherited by Her Enemy by Sara Craven is a well written romance set in France. The story line resembles the older harlequins and it is written completely from the heroine’s point of view. Ginny is a sweet innocent heroine with a cunning evil mother and sister who don’t treat her right. I did not like the way Ginny was so forgiving after the way her family treated her. She stood up to the hero but not her mother and sister.Andre is a sexy, cynical, arrogant hero who I could not get a read on [...]

    7. I got the feeling that this was an old book, modernized only by the mention of cellphones existence, but still I really liked it.

    8. When her stepfather's will was read, Virginia Mason discovered that everything was left to an unknown biological son, Andre Duchard who had already set in motion to turn the house into a B&B! Now Virginia is out of a home and her job as a waitress disappears too when the restaurant is sold. Penniless and homeless, she has few options when Andre invites her to France to work for him. Even though Virginia thinks he's arrogant, cynical and aloof, once Andre kisses her, she knows she's in troubl [...]

    9. Not one of Sara Craven's better novels. Although, I enjoy reading about Frenchmen, this story had way too much French written for the majority of American readers to understand what is being said. Readers who are from England may understand the French phrases, but I'm pretty sure most American readers wouldn't understand a bit of it. Also, the first tenth of the book and the last tenth of the book were the most "interesting" sections of the book. The entire middle section was a complete waste of [...]

    10. A nice enough plot. But seriously the Heroine appears as though she's jut stepped out of a 90's book. No Hero's POV at all. After getting used to reading about the Hero's POV for at least 25% if not 50% of the book, I was so disappointed. I kept turning the pages in the hope that yesw we'll get to read about the Hero's POV.but I was waiting till the last page of the book.

    11. Ugh. What's happened to my fave harlequin authors? Sara craven has been one of my faves for a couple of decades. This book wasn't bad it was just rather dry and boring.

    12. Virginia is a patient sensible heroine who lived with her selfish mother and sister and had to take care of everything in their lives especially after the death of her step-father and his son came to inherit everything. It's a typical predictable story that slowly progresses and eventually bores you. Many events would have been avoided with mare honesty in the parts of both the hero and the heroine. Not a story I would read twice.

    13. "Craven’s tale is full of secrets, betrayals and new beginnings, set in the Burgundy region of France, and brought to life by her descriptive narrative. Her brooding, sexy French hero and naïve heroine are refreshingly genuine, and their disastrous miscommunications are excitingly real" (RT Book Reviews, 4 stars).

    14. Found this to be an enjoyable read for the most part, though the virginal Virginia irritated me with her forgiving nature and the way she responds to her revolting family, her lack of recognition of the obvious feelings towards her from the gloriously French Andre were also a little pathetic. His old fashioned views and chivalry saved this for me.

    15. Very old school Harlequin Presents title - reminds me of stuff from the seventies and eighties. Very high on the Cinderella vibe, but I found it rather sweet despite the heroine being downtrodden and overly naive.

    16. Not that sexy but I did enjoy the story, even though it was obvious it was penned by a senior citizen! Nothing wrong with that, but it was set in modern day yet read like an ancient romance novel written by an old dear. Amusing, really!

    17. Sencillo y bonito, con escenario en la campiña francesa. Transmite calidez. Me ha gustado bastante.

    18. I would give 2 stars, but I gave one because in the book there are several french sentences that i do not understand and there is no explanation of what they mean. which is a big minus.

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