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Brick House

Brick House Korah Stewart and Brock Brick Avery are contractors competing for a multi million dollar project Korah is not above using her feminine allure to her advantage And Brick an ultra sexy cowboy will sto

  • Title: Brick House
  • Author: Keith Thomas Walker
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 107
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Korah Stewart and Brock Brick Avery are contractors competing for a multi million dollar project Korah is not above using her feminine allure to her advantage And Brick, an ultra sexy cowboy, will stop at nothing to catapult his company to the forefront of the Texas construction scene Sparks fly when the powerhouses collide vowing to take all or nothing in the boardroKorah Stewart and Brock Brick Avery are contractors competing for a multi million dollar project Korah is not above using her feminine allure to her advantage And Brick, an ultra sexy cowboy, will stop at nothing to catapult his company to the forefront of the Texas construction scene Sparks fly when the powerhouses collide vowing to take all or nothing in the boardroom as well as the bedroom Excerpt Anything you tell me to do, I ll probably do the opposite, Korah said as she watched him Well, in that case don t go out with me again, Brick said Don t invite me into your home, and certainly don t ever come to my home or my ranch He offered his fork with a juicy bite of lobster speared Rather than lean over the table and allow him to feed her, Korah took the fork from him and fed herself She returned his utensil as she chewed the delicious morsel Is that really your ranch she asked, on your website He nodded It s been in the family for years It s all mine now And I guess you have horses and cows and stuff No cows, he said, hypnotizing her with his intense gaze again But I do have horses Would you like to go one day You wanna ride my horse Korah did not miss the innuendo, nor did she back down Where is it located Lewisville I have a ranch hand who lives there full time He takes care of things while I m away What else you got on your ranch Korah asked Actually, I could show you better than I could tell you, Brick said Are you saying you do wanna ride my horse His boldness made Korah s clit quiver I haven t ridden a horse in years, she replied I m worried I might fall off You gotta hold the reigns tight, Brick advised You gotta wrap your legs around him and squeeze a little, with your thighs And if you do fall off, you gotta get right back on, and we ll take it a little slower Korah grinned I don t know what you re thinking about, but I m only talking about riding a horse Oh, well here, have some wine, Brick said and commenced to fill her glass Korah couldn t help but laugh at that Keith Thomas Walker

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    1. WoW!!!- BRAB Online Book ClubBrock " Brick"Avery and Korah Stewart's story was a very enjoyable read for me. I love that it was about a more mature couple and dealt with the ins and outs of a romantic relationship.Even though they were competing for the same jobs, Brick was smitten from the get go. His persistence led to a very satisfying affair for both of t h emotional. Rick James's "Brick House", stuck in my head throughout the book. I guess because Brick was such a wild, sexual character.I a [...]

    2. May the Best Company WinKorah Stewart never set out to have a career in construction, but after the death of her husband she became the owner of Texas Builders. A female in a male-dominated industry, Korah is no stranger to hard work. When a once in a lifetime contract comes up for bid, Korah wants it. But so does Brock ‘Brick’ Avery of Brick House, a successful rival construction company. Winning the contract would take either company to the next level. Will competitors become lovers? Will [...]

    3. Someone sent me this book as a gift and I have never read anything by this author prior to this. I thoroughly enjoyed this read. Korah is an alpha female, in a male dominated industry. She is an over 45 year old widow running the general contracting company started by her late husband. Her twenty something year old son Devin runs her construction company, while her young daughter helps her run her general contractor company. They are finalist for the same lucrative job as Brick House constrictio [...]

    4. Who knew operating tools could be sexy? Love after 40!!!Brick is a real southern gentleman and the most alpha Alpha male. He's a womanizer until he meets Korah alpha female. They are equals in every way. Careers. Mentality and stubbornness. This is an adult over forty romance. A great job by by KTW. When bosses collide it's makes for an humorous, erotic all adult romance. Much needed and appreciated.This is a recommend read.

    5. This was an Amazing and Intriguing Read. I can't wait to read the next book. This is only my 2nd Keith Thomas Walker book, but it will definitely not be my last. Character Chemistry was amazing and the story was very well written. Don't miss out on this Incredible read from the Talented Keith Thomas Walker!!!

    6. Great read!First off, who doesn't love a sexy cowboy?! A sexy alpha male that treats his lady like a queenat would be Brick! I love the sexiness in this bookeen Brick & Norah as well as Devin & Yolanda. Can't wait for more; fyi.Brick's secretary needs to get what's coming to her!

    7. My first Keith Thomas Walker book, but definitely not my last. Loved Korah and Brick's connection. A wonderful mature love story that is worth the read and purchase. Can't wait to see what excitement Brick House 2 has to bring.

    8. Brick Avery!OMG Korah and Brick! I love the mix of romance and mystery in this book! The family bond is great and the woman handling her business in a male dominated field is great too! Gotta go read book 2!

    9. This is the 2nd book I book I read by Keith Thomas Walker. I loved this book's story line. I loved the hot & steamy scenes. I loved Korah's character. I thought Korah was very strong for all she been through. I loved how Korah is a woman construction worker. I loved Brick's character. I loved how Brick stood up for Korah. I loved the ending. Awesome job Mr. Walker.

    10. Brick House introduces Brock Brick Avery and Korah Stewart. Two construction business owners vying for the same city project that will one increase Avery Construction’s exposure and basically put Texas Builders on the map to new business. Once Brick learns Avery Construction is a top contender with Korah’s Texas Builders, he decides to meet the competition head on and strike a deal so that both companies are able to work on the project and gain the exposure. Once Brick meets the lovely Korah [...]

    11. APB Perspective book review:I love Keith Thomas Walker ! when he decides to write a book about something he does it well and when decided he was going to write a book about Construction company CEO's competing for a contract I knew he would write a story I would like. I really liked the characters in this book Korah and Brick are a hot couple, but I found myself wanting to know more details of the construction of the building , I wanted to see them build more than the chemistry that us so obviou [...]

    12. This is an APB Perspective review. I love KTW. and I have always enjoyed his work. Brick House was a good read but I felt it needed something more. I love the characters and I anticipate they will be more developed in the next book.I liked the developing relationship between Korah and Brick and Dervin and Yolanda. However, I was not pleased at how Korah handled the info she received. I wanted a more mature reaction. If you are a KTW fan you will like it. Will see how things progress in the futur [...]

    13. Great story. Loved Korah and Brick, and especially loved that they were both 40+. Thanks, KTW, for showing that us 'older' folks still got it going on (and like to get it in, lol). Can't wait to see what happens in Part 2!Thanks for another good read!

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