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Cold War on Maplewood Street

Cold War on Maplewood Street Cold War anxieties play out in a sensitively told story set during the Cuban missile crisis in the s perfect for fans of Gary Schmidt and Kristin Levine Joanna can t get over how her brother brok

  • Title: Cold War on Maplewood Street
  • Author: Gayle Rosengren
  • ISBN: 9780399171833
  • Page: 287
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Cold War anxieties play out in a sensitively told story set during the Cuban missile crisis in the 1960s, perfect for fans of Gary Schmidt and Kristin Levine Joanna can t get over how her brother broke his promise to never leave like their dad did Sam is thousands of miles away on a navy ship, and no matter how often he sends letters, Joanna refuses to write back When sCold War anxieties play out in a sensitively told story set during the Cuban missile crisis in the 1960s, perfect for fans of Gary Schmidt and Kristin Levine Joanna can t get over how her brother broke his promise to never leave like their dad did Sam is thousands of miles away on a navy ship, and no matter how often he sends letters, Joanna refuses to write back When she makes a promise, she keeps it.But then President Kennedy comes on TV with frightening news about Soviet missiles in Cuba and that s where Sam s heading Suddenly Joanna s worries about being home alone, building up the courage to talk to a cute boy, and not being allowed to go to the first boy girl party in her grade don t seem so important Maybe sometimes there are good reasons to break a promise.The tense timeline of the Cuban missile crisis unfolds alongside a powerful, and ultimately hopeful, story about what it means to grow up in a world full of uncertainty.

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    1. E ARC from Edelweiss Above the TreelineIt's the fall of 1962, and Joanna is so mad that her brother Sam went off to fight in Vietnam that she is keeping her "promise" to never write to him, since he broke his promise to never leave her. Their father left when Joanna was very young, and their mother struggles with her job at a store and with night school. Joanna is at home by herself a lot, and every bump and noise scares her. Mrs. Strenge, an older neighbor lady, is especially scary. When the Cu [...]

    2. Wow! Gaye Rosengren does it again! She has this incredible way of writing a historical MG novel that is relatable to kids today. COLD WAR ON MAPLEWOOD STREET takes place during the scary time in US history when the Russians set up missiles in Cuba and aimed them at the United States. We were so close to being involved in a nuclear war that our entire nation was gripped by this crisis. The Cuban Missile Crisis what a HUGE deal, but not something that many kids know about. A rich, deeply touching [...]

    3. Cold War on Maplewood Street highlights a time period that isn't common in the genre of historical fiction. I was intrigued from the very beginning because I have read few books focused on the Cuban missile crisis. The author excellently balances narrative and history in this engaging, thought-provoking text. Joanna is a strong girl who is ashamed of the way she treated her brother when he left for war. She makes a realistic mistake and tries to work through her emotions regarding her treatment [...]

    4. Another marvelous Middle Grade book from this terrific author, Gayle Rosengren (WHAT THE MOON SAID, 2014 JUNIOR LIBRARY GUILD SELECTION and ILLINOIS READS selection). As w/ MOON, just a model of terrific MG fiction, beautifully written and structured, with an incredibly interesting, lovable, and complex main character (Joanna), and an engrossing and spot-on story-line capturing the essence of being a 12 year-old during one of the scariest (and most significant) weeks in American & World Hist [...]

    5. I highly recommend COLD WAR ON MAPLEWOOD STREET by Gayle Rosengren (author of WHAT THE MOON SAID) for elementary and middle school teachers to use in class in interdisciplinary studies--language arts and social studies. The topic is the 1961 Cuban Missile crisis from the viewpoint of a 12-yr.-old girl in Chicago whose brother is in the navy. It is accessible in language and content for elementary, fourth grade and up. This is a must-have book for libraries, too. But, in my opinion, a guided read [...]

    6. Once again Rosengren has created unforgettable characters whose lives allow history to come to life on the page. For a generation of young readers who have lived with ongoing wars, who may have siblings, parents, neighbors or friends serving in war zones, this book will be a revelation. I held my copy after receiving it, wanting to read it during the weeks of the actual CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS in 1962. At that time I could have been in the same classroom as her characters, living with the same adol [...]

    7. This is a wonderful book about the Cuban Missile Crisis from the point of view of a 12-year-old living through it. As a woman that lived through it when I was 16, I know that it captured the feeling of that week to a tee. We had an air raid drill without warning that week too and it was one of the scariest moment of my life.

    8. This is a story about family, emotional ties and broken promises.Twelve-year-old Joanna Maxwell is very upset at her older brother enrolling in the navy at a time she no longer had a Dad in her life and (unknown to her) on the eve of the Cuban missile crisis.I loved the raw and poignant emotions described in the book. I felt angry, shameful, and loving right along with Joanna. It was sometimes heart tugging and a little funny to watch Joanna deal with coming of age emotions and attitudes toward [...]

    9. Full review at: unleashingreaders/?p=7489What I think Ms. Rosengren does so well in this book is tell a real story with a piece of history as the backdrop. This is a Cold War/Cuban Missile Crisis story, but that isn’t what the book is all about. This book is about Joanna, her family, and her best friend. Her characters are very real and show the real emotions that must have been running through so many peoples’ veins during this tense time. Because of how well this book is crafted as a narra [...]

    10. Joanna is angry with her brother for leaving her to join the military. But when she learns about the Cuban Missile Crisis and that her brother is on a ship near Cuba as part of the blockade she becomes worried and decides she must forgive him and write to him and try to prepare herself and her mom for possible nuclear war. Along the way, she learns some valuable lessons about courage and friendship, facing your fears and not judging others by their outward appearance.

    11. Well-written young adult novel about a 6th grade girl's life during the week of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Besides learning about a time not often written about-there were also a lot of life lessons within for a young reader. Recommend for 6th grade and up. Will read more from this author. Cover art was perfect for this book.

    12. Having lived through air raids and the fear of a nuclear war, I could relate to Joann. Young readers will realize that communicating their fears, as Joann does, will help them cope. Excellent book for the classroom.

    13. This story perfectly captures the intensity of the Cuban Missile Crisis, a fear-filled period in American history that many of today's children do not know.

    14. A book that depicts the emotions of a child during the week of the Cuban Missile Crisis. This is the first MG book I've read during this time period.

    15. Cold War on Maplewood Street by Gayle Rosengren is a great book! It was easy to relate to the characters for young readers. Joanna and her family were left by their dad when she was younger. Her brother, Sam, decided to enlist in the navy, and leaves her and her mother alone. Joanna's mother is going to school and working at the same time, so she is barely home. Joanna hears about missiles Cuba wants to fire at America and does not know how to deal with this information knowing her brother is on [...]

    16. I think this book was a bit confusing and lacked a solid plot line. Although, some very heartwarming themes were shown through the text

    17. Review Also Here: goo/jfTmy5This book is short so why not write a short and sweet review? I liked this book but it wasn’t what I thought it would be, and when I say that I mean it was more of a middle-grade book then a young adult book. Other then that I really enjoyed this book. Joanna’s brother is in the navy and Joanna feels that he broke his promise to her about not leaving her so she promised not to talk to him. As tensions with the Cuban missile crisis rise Joanna starts to worry about [...]

    18. Really cute middle grade book about a week in our nation's history that I really didn't know much about: The Cuban Missile Crisis. The author did a great job of making the 1960s come to life and Pamela's fears over her brother, her country, her crush, the crazy old neighbor, and not being able to go to a party felt so right. A very short, easy, but important book. Would definitely use this in the classroom.

    19. Insightful look at a brief but intense event in history: the Cuban Missile Crisis. Many young readers may be totally unaware of this event, but they will likely identify with the fear Joanna and the other characters in the book felt when their lives were overtaken with terror. This book showed how tragedy can bring out the best or the worst in people, and how tragic events really put things in perspective. This would make for a great class discussion book.

    20. Sensitive and realistic portrayal of a young girl's hopes and fears during the week of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Lots of possible ties to history/social studies curriculum-politics, changing roles of women, challenges facing military families, even changes in what foods are popular. An excellent story about the power of acknowledging and addressing fears.

    21. Joanna is a character many young readers will relate to, even if they don't have a firm handle on the Cold War era. In any historical novel, a little background knowledge goes a long way, but even lacking that, this quiet and compelling novel will keep readers engaged. Grades 4-7.

    22. Joanna's brother Sam enlisted with the Navy, she and her mom live alone in Lincoln Park during the Cold War. John F. Kennedy is dealing with the Cuban Missile Crisis, and the United States is on guard with fears of nuclear attack from Russia.

    23. I didn't like it at all and mean I'm not all in the past but all this book is about is war and president Kennedy and the navy. I really am not a person who is in to that kind of stuff

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