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Mushishi, Vol. 1

Mushishi Vol THEY HAVE EXISTED SINCE THE DAWN OF TIME Some live in the deep darkness behind your eyelids Some eat silence Some thoughtlessly kill Some simply drive men mad They are known as mushi creatures that ca

  • Title: Mushishi, Vol. 1
  • Author: Yuki Urushibara
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 174
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • THEY HAVE EXISTED SINCE THE DAWN OF TIME Some live in the deep darkness behind your eyelids Some eat silence Some thoughtlessly kill Some simply drive men mad They are known as mushi creatures that came into being shortly after life emerged from the primordial ooze They still exist parallel to our own lives and can only be seen by a select few As a mushishi, Ginko iTHEY HAVE EXISTED SINCE THE DAWN OF TIME Some live in the deep darkness behind your eyelids Some eat silence Some thoughtlessly kill Some simply drive men mad They are known as mushi creatures that came into being shortly after life emerged from the primordial ooze They still exist parallel to our own lives and can only be seen by a select few As a mushishi, Ginko is one of the few who are aware of their existense, and this young man with a sardonic smile roams from place to place with the knowledge and skill to aid those unwittingly affected by mushi.

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      174 Yuki Urushibara
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    1. This is a review for whole series.I start the review with one warning: this manga has sloowww pace storytelling.That's it. Now some backgrounds.The story of Mushishi happened in an alternate Earth with setting around late mid 19th century Japan. In this universe, there is life forms called mushi. Mushishi is a person who studies mushi. We follow the journey of Ginko, a mushihi, studying mushi and helping people that affected by mushi (some mushi treatments are like disinfected from micro organis [...]

    2. Absolutely and will forever be my favorite anime/manga of all time. It astounds me that such a compelling story can be forged from such a simplistic, yet deep concept.Normally, the type of anime/manga I enjoy consist of nonstop heart-slamming action with little but developed plot. However, this anime takes me from that, and holds my tight. There is little to no fighting in this series, yet its grasp on the concept of life in general has me stroking my chin and gazing up at the sky every time.Wha [...]

    3. Manga about a man named Ginko who travels around Japan's countryside investigating ancient creatures called mushi. The mushi are in an interstitial state between animal, plant, and spirit that seems supernatural at times. The interactions between the humans and mushi are at times positive, at times, negative, and at times, ambiguous. This has some of the flavor of Miyazaki, and some of the flavor of folk or fairy tales. It has also has been turned into a quite good anime series. If you are looki [...]

    4. Primer contacto con el manga de "Mushi-shi". Vi el anime hace mil o dos mil años y lo tengo muy olvidado, así que estoy redescubriendo la historia. Historias cortas, mitología japonesa, sucesos paranormales y un personaje principal enigmático y con carisma. ¿Qué más se puede pedir?

    5. It sure took me a long time to get this volume read. I've been meaning to read Mushishi for a while (as is the case with pretty much all manga I read :p ) so I was excited it got chosen for one of the monthly book reads in the Manga Book Club.What I was grateful for because of my busy schedule is that each chapter is it's own separate story, so the volume is made up of a handful of short stories. The only thing you really need to know going into each chapter is that Ginko is the mushishi who is [...]

    6. The art is beautiful. The sketchy, wide, detailed backgrounds of lush wilderness and slow paced conversations with simply designed and underdeveloped characters makes way for relaxed storytelling. The main theme of the manga is man's relationship to nature. This is dealt with in a series of short stories. The only continuity is the main character. The stories itself are quite haunting, they will stay with you.

    7. Why does this manga seem so tedious to read when I've already watched the anime? The story and art though, is just freaking great that I have to rate it so high.

    8. Re-read. The stories were pleasant and introduced well the mushis and the problems they create. The diversity in the tales was good, there was some time spent in villages, others in the wild, so I enjoyed the journeys. Ginko wasn't really developed here, we learned about his work and abilities but not really about him.

    9. A slow-paced manga which wraps its unsettling short stories in an imaginative premise: the protagonist is an investigator of the world of mushi, primordial microorganisms which interact with time, reality and the human body in eerie ways. Essentially it's a way of telling horror stories - especially body-horror stories - where the agent of the uncanny is microbial. (Though not always small - mushi can cluster behind your eyelids; they can also form a gestalt the size of a small swamp).The result [...]

    10. Mushishi follows the story of Ginko, a wandering mushi master who helps those affected by mushi, creatures that fall somewhere between animal and plant life. The series is episodic in nature, although as the stories progress, the reader learns how Ginko came into his work and more about the mushi themselves.The artwork is exquisite - simple, calm, and often understated, yet compelling in the way it tells the story. The story itself can be haunting at times, using the mushi as a vehicle to tell J [...]

    11. If you have patience and love stories that are made up of mini stories that are connected with the main character, then Mushishi would be a great read for you. Ginko is refreshing (for me at least) and his quick mind usually reaches the right conclusion before the situation escalates to the point that the person in trouble can no longer be saved. The problem is whether the customer is willing to cooperate or not. I think there was a handful who didn't and looked what happened to them. But I'm ge [...]

    12. Los japoneses tienen una relación muy especial con el medioambiente, que lleva a que sus expresiones artísticas exhuden un aire mucho más natural. En el caso del manga no sólo se ve todo el tiempo, sino que los autores tienen una extraordinaria habilidad para transmitir sensaciones térmicas, olores y hasta colores, aun cuando la mayoría de sus comics son en blanco y negro. Mushi-shi se trata de un manga que se contempla más de lo que se lo disfruta. Claro que la desprolija traducción no [...]

    13. (view spoiler)[Manga ini tidak akan diterbitkan di sini. F U C K Tapi oke, gapapa. Aku paham alasannya. Sori. (hide spoiler)]Mungkin anda akan menyukai Mushishi apabila:- Bosan pada fantasi bertema sihir, pedang, perang, variasi dari ELF dan ORC- Menyukai bentuk-bentuk mikro organisme- Menyukai panel-panel "hening" dalam manga, seperti di manga Yotsubato dan Vagabond- (view spoiler)[Bisa bertahan melihat bola mata seorang gadis yang terinfeksi mushi meleleh keluar dari rongga matanya (hide spoil [...]

    14. I didn't find this very exciting until I got to the third and fourth chapter. What can I say, I like the grotesque!Ginko's a mysterious protagonist, and there's not much to go off of right now due to the monstermushi-of-the-week format, but it's light and entertaining. If all the chapters were as body-part laden as chapters three and four, I would have given a higher score.(view spoiler)[Yes, like that! I LOVE that! (hide spoiler)]Seriously though, manga soaked in Japanese history, culture, and [...]

    15. As predicted, I finished reading this manga today. It really bothered me, on the epileptic front, so that it explains my lukewarm rating. Not that it was flashy, but in depicting seeing flashing lights no one else does. It's actually pretty interesting - personally I just react in this way.I do find it a fascinating series, and plan to pick up the next one this evening, it's just um. xD Sugoi.This year I'm starting slowly, but expect to pick up the rate soon enough.

    16. ini mungkin perpaduan suspense & mystery storyat kedua tema diatas digabung,hasilnya adalah unbreakable case into storylineshishi bukanlah cerita yang menghibur seperti manga kebanyakan,readerslain tokoh mushi yang bersifat mysterious man,jalan cerita mushishi cukup sulit diikuti,karena diperuntukkan para pemikirngat tidak direkomendasikan untuk readers yang murni mencari hiburan dalam memilih bahan bacaan:(

    17. I really did not get the first story, but I loved the artwork. The rest of the stories in the manga were really interesting and I found that I was unable to put the book down. Now I really want to see what the rest of the series is about. For a description of the book, I would recommend the official one on as it is hard to describe.

    18. After reading this first book I immediately had to find the rest. When I began reading this I was instantly in love with the plot and it became one of my favorite series. The story really gets you thinking and in the end explains it so well. I greatly recommend this to everyone this is a great and memorable story.

    19. Quería probar un seinen de ficción cuyo argumento me llenase. De momento solo me ha convencido el dibujo y la premisa argumental, pero me falla la falta de fondo y el formato repetitivo de las historias que contiene. Espero que en los siguientes tomos explique más y la trama se enriquezca.

    20. My favorite manga, it's really slow paced and relaxing to read, but also intriguing and keeps you looking for the answers with Ginko. It puts to light that nature is not on our side, and we are all just floating along with where it takes us.

    21. I have seen all the Mushishi Anime series but nothing amazes me as much as the written form and the graphics that goes with it . Much detailed and well explained. Mind blown. Try it.

    22. Honestly, how long I have been able to put off actually reading this series is really a testament to my powers of procrastination. I first saw a few episodes of the anime maybe 7 years ago, at this point, and it's really haunted me ever since.While I don't feel like this first volume fits very neatly into the slice of life genre, I do think that people who have a knowledge and appreciation of this genre are the most likely to actually enjoy reading this volume. This first volume at least is divi [...]

    23. Entire series review - I’ve never been drawn to manga (Japanese comic books), despite my love of Japanese pop-culture and appreciation of certain animes (Japanese animated movies and shows). It’s always seemed so…ridiculous. I say this as a man who loves ridiculous and absurd things. Why something both Japanese and ridiculous does not appeal to me is a mystery. Nevertheless, I decided to give Mushishi a shot, partially because I had watched some of the adapted anime and partially out of a [...]

    24. First manga I've ever read, and far from disappointed. I watched an ep. on Netflix and really liked it so my wife picked this up at the library as a surprise. It has much the same pacing as the how bit different stories (at least from what little I have seen/read). Although Mushi have some interesting and sometimes terrifying power I find that you grow to love them. I will probably go back to grab a few more books too.

    25. I'm not a huge fan of shojo, but I have been trying to branch out and read different types of manga. I must say that Happy Cafe surprised me in a good way. It has elements of your stereotypical shojo plot, but the writing and the slightly different art style makes it something more. There are pages in this book you will most definitely "Awwwwwww!". Uru is adorable, and her quirky coworkers make you love the cafe even more.

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