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Hot As Blazes

Hot As Blazes When the Heat Gets StartedJoAnn Mercer was on the verge of surfer stardom when her career took a nosedive thanks to a backstabbing ex Now she s back home in the Outer Banks of North Carolina staying

  • Title: Hot As Blazes
  • Author: Dani Jace
  • ISBN: 9781616507091
  • Page: 137
  • Format: ebook
  • When the Heat Gets StartedJoAnn Mercer was on the verge of surfer stardom when her career took a nosedive thanks to a backstabbing ex Now she s back home in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, staying clear of men, desperately in need of a job Joining the local firefighting squad seems like the perfect solution, until she realizes one of her coworkers is an old crush It WWhen the Heat Gets StartedJoAnn Mercer was on the verge of surfer stardom when her career took a nosedive thanks to a backstabbing ex Now she s back home in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, staying clear of men, desperately in need of a job Joining the local firefighting squad seems like the perfect solution, until she realizes one of her coworkers is an old crush It Will Never StopRay Andrews never runs away from a fight He served his country in Iraq, and he s battled fires than he can count But what he can t fight is the desire burning between him and JoAnn Mercer He s wanted Jo for as long as he can remember, but a promise made years ago has kept them apart Finally free of obligations, Ray is ready to prove he s the only man for Jo But after the trauma of her past, can he convince her to love again

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    1 thought on “Hot As Blazes

    1. Review also found at kristineandterri/2**I received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. The expected publication date is June 9th 2015** The title of this story promises something hot and it certainly delivers on that front. Be it from the fireman, the actual fires or the characters there is plenty of heat to go around. If that is what you are looking for than the search stops here. What is a little different about this story is how ea [...]

    2. Delightful and well titled second chance romance , with two complicated main characters ! Joanne Mercer had a future one that required her to leave the Outer Banks of North Carolina , one that her brother Bobby and his best freind Ray make sure she gets after her fathers death. Joanne heads off to California and the natonal surfing circuit and she does well , she makesaname for herself , doing well in college and has a boyfriend Vic .Vic is not what he seems though and winds up put ting Joanne i [...]

    3. Started out okay but then it started to fall short. Okay so they both loved each other for years but her father thought she deserved better and yet he did what he said. Then the brother gets engaged and his wife is taken in cause her partner. It had way too much drama. Over and over. If it wasn't her past it was the drama in the present that she could trust him or she thought he would be unfaithful. Also it was a bit wordy. Some parts I found myself skimming over its just some of that stuff didn [...]

    4. The Good, The Bad and Everything In Between*whistles* *looks around**whistles some more* Um, yeah I struggled with this. It’s nice. I didn’t love it, didn’t hate it, didn’t feel alot about it. The Bottom LineHot firefighter fails to fan the flames for me. The writing style isn’t quite my cup of tea. But it’s a nice enough read and if you’re into firefighters and a beachy setting, this may work for you.**ARC provided by publisher via netgalley for review**

    5. Loved this book, with a mix of love, sex, betrayal, exs, heart ach and promises, can these two over come it all and find the love they know they deserve?

    6. We allow fear to tie our hands and our hearts in so many areas of our lives. We sometimes engulf those we love in our madness too. That was surely the case with Cappy Mercer. The beloved Fire Captain of the fire house for Nags Head, OBX. You see his wife ran out on him leaving a note and their two children Bobby who is now a lieutenant with the police department and JoAnn (Jo) who was his protected baby girl. He knew Bobby could take care of himself but Jo being without a mama, it was going to b [...]

    7. I was gifted a copy of this book via netgalley in exchange for my honest opinion and a review.This is the first book iv read by Dani Jace so i was uber excited to get stuck in, and right from the start i new this book was going to be a hot and steamy read.JoAnn Mercer was on her way to surfer stardom when her career as well as her reputation takes a huge nosedive thanks to a backstabbing vindictive ex. Now she has decided to go back home in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, and staying well cle [...]

    8. Joanne/ Jo has an up and coming career as a surfer. After her dad died Bobby who was her brother and his best friend Ray- who loved Jo but promised her father not to stand in her way - made sure Jo gets her chance. She got a boyfriend while in college - Vic- and he set Jo up as a drug dealer and it ruined her reputation gave Jo a police record and ruined her chance to be a professional surfer. Vic went to prison. So Jo lost almost everything but she did finish and graduated from college. Ray wan [...]

    9. Thanks to NetGalley for providing an advance copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.I'd rate this 3.5 stars if I could, but I rounded it down for . This book had a lot of potential, but it just didn't hit the mark for me. Pluses: I liked all the talk about firefighting, training, and volunteering. It is a tough job but very rewarding, and I appreciated hearing about it from the inside. I also liked the romance between Ray and Jo, although there were an awful lot of hiccups along the [...]

    10. Dani Jace’s Hot as Blazes delivers. Jo, a former pro-athlete comes home to heal from multiple “burns” handed out by Life, including a big smack down from her incarcerated ex, which ruined her surfing career and landed her a record. Her hunky love interest, Ray is every girl’s firefighter fantasy. Jo becomes a “volley” ( a volunteer firefighter) herself, then goes to firefighting academy. The bridge she and Ray must cross is not only the tentative one from friends to lovers, but of ch [...]

    11. Thoughts: This is typically a book I would love…we have the guy crushing on the girl for years, the girl secretly loves the guy – not to mention hot firefighters! However, there was a bit of a lack of connection for me with this one….I just didn’t feel the emotions between the characters, and that is a big part of the book for me. In addition to that, I had an issue with the maturity level of the characters. For some reason, this one had a little bit of a New Adult vibe to it, and I just [...]

    12. My first time reading this author & I enjoyed this book. Jo is a former surfing champion who was set up as a drug dealer by her now ex-boyfriend. After losing her spot on the surfing team & her scholarship to college in California she goes home to the Outer Banks to her brother & his best friend(her secret crush). Ray is a former soldier & now a firefighter in their small community & has been her friend for many years. What Jo doesn't know is that Ray has loved her since she [...]

    13. Thanks to Net Galley and the publisher for the ARC of this book!This book has the correct title!! Nothing like a hot, sexy fireman that also served in Iraq!! He has loved Jo since she was a little girl, but never told her because of the promise he made to her firefighter dad (her brother also knows). Jo is determined to become a firefighter! Jo and Ray do confess their love for each other, however, there's twist and turns in this book that gives them both a run for their money!! There's love, he [...]

    14. I grew up on the Outer Banks of North Carolina and I am always up for reading anything that reminds me of home. I have friends that are firefighters, police officer and I worked for the Town of Kill Devil Hills. This story was suspenseful and passionate. I loved it! Ray and Jo reminded me of the people I grew up and the ones that I still call family. I have read quite a few books that were written on or portrayed the OBX but a lot of times they seem to be missing the authenticity that I need bec [...]

    15. This was a pretty good read, it's a best friend’s sibling/friends to lovers story. There's plenty of action, some suspense and plenty of lovin’. JoAnn and Ray have great chemistry and have a really hard time keeping their hands off each other. I was also very intrigued by the secondary characters and and their lives. Will JoAnn’s brother be able to patch things up with his fiancée, will Harley fall in love some day (boy am I looking forward to seeing that)? This was a solid read and I enj [...]

    16. Very enjoyable read. Well written with great characters with tons of twists and turns in the plot. It's a great brother's best friend story with the H/h having great chemistry. Who wouldn't love Ray, ex military now sexy fireman. And Jo ex pro surfer who has faced huge betrayals in life. These two have known each other but no longer can they fight the attraction between them! I would definitely recommend this one.

    17. I always enjoy these types of stories, firemen, ex-military. Jo and Ray have great chemistry. My only issue was that it was a little long. I think the story could have been wrapped up a little sooner. The story didn't drag really but it was, after awhile, wearing on me that they would have sex in an abandoned fire station while being threatened by unknown gunmen. That is just one example. It will be interesting to read the next story.

    18. This book was really good! It has you hooked from the beginning. I completely fell in love with Ray and Jo. *sigh*. I would love to see a second book since there was no epilogue :-( "My only wish was to hold you, kiss you, and tell how much you mean to me. I’m in love with you, baby."

    19. wow i loved this book it was well written and had me hooked from the first page.I loved the characters Jo & Ray and felt i got to know them. It does what it says on the tin it was Hot as Blazes

    20. A hot read with surfing, firefighting, and dealing with a past mistakes. I love a good story where the characters fall in love with each other after years of friendship.

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