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Ο Πίτερ Παν πρέπει να πεθάνει

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  • Title: Ο Πίτερ Παν πρέπει να πεθάνει
  • Author: John Verdon Αύγουστος Κορτώ
  • ISBN: 9789603648215
  • Page: 361
  • Format: Paperback
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    • [PDF] ✓ Free Read ☆ Ο Πίτερ Παν πρέπει να πεθάνει : by John Verdon Αύγουστος Κορτώ ↠
      361 John Verdon Αύγουστος Κορτώ
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      Posted by:John Verdon Αύγουστος Κορτώ
      Published :2019-02-22T11:08:59+00:00

    1 thought on “Ο Πίτερ Παν πρέπει να πεθάνει

    1. Encima de la rosa, un ramillete posa, cenizas, cenizas, y todos caen.Es un libro descomunal. Mi caso favorito de mi detective favorito, David Gurney. Es sumamente enigmático y tiene un ritmo electrizante. Pistas, testimonios, hechos, secretos, y nada de eso concuerda; hasta se contradice. Me gustaría considerarme un buscador de la verdad, pero probablemente sólo soy un pescador de mentiras.Obviamente está presente lo que caracteriza a las novelas de Verdon, el factor imposible literal. Es ex [...]

    2. His first was 5 stars. Imaginative, puzzling, witty.His second was 4 stars. Entertaining, but not quite the puzzle.His third I gave 3 stars. Seemed like he'd put in at least 15K unnecessary words.Down to two on this one. Another rather tiresome-serial-killer tale including a "good guy" who f*&^ing can't speak more than four f*%^#ing words in a row without f(^$ing being f&%$#ing tediously profane.Endless recapping of grisly scenes and details. Constant inner dialogue rehashed and rehashed [...]

    3. Αυτοι που λένε οτι έγραψε περιπου 200 σελιδες παραπάνω από ότι χρειαζόταν έχουν δίκιο. Κατά τα άλλα το τέλος μου άρεσε!

    4. Πριν ξεκινήσω το συγκεκριμένο βιβλίο του Verdon,διάβαζα κάποια 'παράπονα' αναγνωστών για τον όγκο του,και πως άνετα θα μπορούσε να αφηγηθεί την ιστορία του ακόμα και με -2οο σελίδες.Τελειώνοντάς το όμως,έχω να πω πως προσωπικά το απόλαυσα. Η ιστορία ουσιαστικά αποτελείται από δ [...]

    5. Είναι το πρώτο βιβλίο του John Verdon που διαβάζω. Μου άρεσε αλλά δεν μπορώ να πω ότι ενθουσιάστηκα. Ενδιαφέρον είναι ότι ο συνταξιούχος ντετέκτιβ ξεκινάει από την αρχή να εξετάζει ένα φόνο που ήδη έχει εξιχνιαστεί. Επίσης, και η ιστορία του Πίτερ Παν είναι ενδιαφέρουσα, αλλά θεω [...]

    6. Dave Gurney #4 from one of my most anticipated authors, John Verdon.It's a good who-dun-it. BUT, that's not what I most liked about Verdon! For the same reasons others seem to think this is an improvement, I feel completely the opposite. It's 75% logistics and procedure "and then he said, and then they went" and just a figment of the psychological and obscure originality of the former Dave Gurney series. I enjoyed every one of those three more than this- at least to a 1 to 2 stars increase in bo [...]

    7. It's not a mystery book, not for me. I liked the first part of it, it was enjoyable read. The rest was painful and disappointed, too repetitive thoughts and dialogs.I don't think it's a page-turning book.It's good not great.

    8. ¡HOMBRE! ¡JOHN VERDON LO HIZO OTRA VEZ!Trataré de canalizar mi impacto en una reseña que demuestre lo importante que es que todo el que ame los libros de suspenso lea los de Dave El Genio Gurney.Empecé a leer este libro con la impresión de que era un caso un tantito aburrido. Quiero decir, me seguía gustando mucho cómo se manejaba la intriga y el personaje de Dave es estupendo, sobre todo con esos extras de humanidad que desde el primer libro ha estado reconociendo como parte de su bendi [...]

    9. While Verdon may never live up to the awesome promise of his debut, this was still a strong entry into the series, almost on par with book 2. It's all I want in my audio book (format for which my standards are lower than usual), a fun fast paced mystery thriller. Gurney, during what must be one of the most active retirements ever, is at it again when what starts off as a fairly simple inquiry to exculpate a convicted murderess quickly turns into something altogether more sinister and elaborate. [...]

    10. El mejor caso de la saga de Dave Gurney!!Tiene todo lo que me encanta de esta serie. Amo como Verdon alterna una historia de misterio con la vida personal del protagonista; ya en este punto leo esperando saber mas de la relación de Dave y Madeleine a los cuales amo.En este caso la historia es espectacular, el "villano" me dio escalofríos y la resolución impecable!!!.De todos los libros, el mejor que leí hasta ahora y el único que se gana las 5 estrellas.

    11. Άλλη μία ενδιαφέρουσα ιστορία του Verdon που κρατάει το ενδιαφέρον αμείωτο μέχρι τέλους. Όσο κι αν ακούγεται παράξενο για αστυνομική ιστορία, μου αρέσεουν πολύ οι περιγραφές των τοπίων που εξελίσσεται η ιστορία καθώς επίσης και το κτήμα που ζει ο Κεντρικός ήρωας με την γυναίκ [...]

    12. "No hay nada en la vida que importe, salvo el amor".Esta excelente frase de cierre da por concluido uno de los mejores libros que he leído, el primero al que me atrevo a dar la calificación de cinco estrellas. Este es el cuarto libro que leo de este autor. El primero de ellos Sé lo que estás pensando fue una grata sorpresa. Me encontré ante un autor que sabe como manejar el hilo narrativo, capaz de realizar ciertos saltos en el tiempo que, poco a poco van tomando forma y adquiriendo sentido [...]

    13. John Verdon vuelve a repetir la fórmula de los tres anteriores libros pero en esta ocasión se ha quedado más corto que otras veces. La fórmula es sencilla: asesinato imposible, asesino malvado y protagonista que sufre. Pero en esta ocasión ni el asesinato es tan imposible, ni el asesino transmite esa sensación de maldad, y ni el protagonista sufre tanto.La relación entre David Gurney y su mujer se ha quedado tan estancada que llevan cuatro libros repitiendo las mismas frases y solamente e [...]

    14. Προσωπικά πιστεύω ότι ήταν το πιο αδύναμο και σε πλοκή και σε θεματολογία, συγκριτικά με τα τρία προηγούμενα. Θα συμφωνήσω με πολλούς σχετικά με το μεγάλο όγκο του βιβλίου, το οποίο θα μπορούσε κάλλιστα να είναι εκατόν πενήντα σελίδες μικρότερο.Εννοείται θα διαβάσω και το ε [...]

    15. Book #4 in Dave Gurney series. Good book, but I did not like it as much as his others. This one did not have as much solving the "puzzle" as usual. Love the characters. Will definitely read more of the series. 3.5 stars

    16. Verdon injects more thrills and chills in his latest novel, sure to stir up the mind and leave the spine tingling for the foreseeable future. David Gurney, the ever retired-yet-not former NYPD detective is enjoying a quiet life, at least for a time. When asked to help with the investigation portion of a murder conviction appeal, Gurney's interest in definitely piqued. A woman is accused and convicted of shooting her husband while he attends his mother's funeral, all in an effort to secure his va [...]

    17. Too Little, Too Late For My Taste!While Peter Pan Must Die has some interesting "page turning" moments and its share of murders, these, unfortunately, not occur until well into the second half of this 448 page book. By this point, my interest had been steadily waning, and the subsequent suspense that did occur was not sufficient to rekindle my interest.For me, Verdon's plodding writing, his uninteresting interactions between the main character -- Dave Gurney, a retired NYPD detective -- and his [...]

    18. La fórmula empieza a agotarse. O Gurney se replantea volver al cuerpo de la policía o se cargan a su mujer, pero está claro que esto de tener que andar medio libro justificándose cada vez que quiere resolver un caso termina ralentizando la trama en exceso, especialmente en una serie que se supone uno debería leerse en un suspiro. Y yo he tardado tres meses, básicamente porque la idea de retomar la historia se me hacía muy pesada. Así que, amigo Verdon, tenemos un problema: la premisa est [...]

    19. Με αυτό το βιβλίο ο John Verdon κατάφερε να με ξανακερδίσει, μετά την απογοήτευση των δυο προηγούμενων βιβλίων με πρωταγωνιστή τον David Gurney (''Shut Your Eyes Tight'', ''Let the Devil Sleep''). Χωρίς να το διακρίνει η καινοτομία και η ριζοσπαστικότητα του -εξαιρετικού- ''Think of a Number'', το τέταρτο βιβλίο της σ [...]

    20. Damn, my theory that Madeline, the evil wife, is a figment of Dave Gurney's imagination is blown now. Someone else can see her. Hey ho. It wasn't one of my best attempts to work through such an inexplicable dislike. I kinda knew she was real. I've come up with a better explanation now: John Verdon isn't very good at writing female characters. It's possible. He's great at writing guys, and to a man they come over as the kind of guys I know and work with. Not so much the women. It's possible that [...]

    21. while I've read all of Verdon's books, I tried several times to get into to this one--I found it wordy and it never really hooked me---Madeline needs to be cooped up with her chickens

    22. Στην εξοχή και στη σύνταξη ζουν η Μάντλιν και ο Ντέιβ Γκάρνεϊ (με 3 κοτούλες και τον κόκορα Χόρας) όταν για μια φορά ακόμη ο Τζακ Χάρντγουικ έρχεται να ταράξει τα ήρεμα νερά τους (και τα σχέδιά τους για το κοτέτσι). Ο Τζακ για λόγους εκδίκησης θέλει να εξευτελίσει το Σώμα που το [...]

    23. John Verdon has just released Peter Pan Must Die, the fourth book in his Dave Gurney series. I've been a fan from Verdon's first release, Think of a Number. Dave Gurney is a retired NYPD homicide detective, who had one of the highest clear rates in the department. Now, he and his wife Madeleine have moved to the country. Madeleine has embraced the change, but Dave can't seem to let his past life go. He's been approached over the past few years to help solve the unsolvable. He can't seem to say n [...]

    24. The fairy-tale title of John Verdon's latest thriller is enough to intrigue most any thriller fan. PETER PAN MUST DIE is the fourth in Verdon's Dave Gurney series and the protagonist has purportedly been compared to classic sleuths like Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot.Regrettably, the catchy title ends up being the best thing about this book. Written in a very over-wrought and formulaic style, Verdon takes his time getting the plot going. Dave Gurney is a retired NYPD investigator currently l [...]

    25. In a wordh. This book simply did not appeal to me. May be it was because I had just finished two really interesting, well- written books that I found this one flaccid and formulaic. Of course as any reader of mystery and suspense novels knows there are only so many plots for a writer to explore. PETER PAN MUST DIE, uses the retired cop called back to solve a difficult case meme. The hero, NYPD famed for his cerebral attention to crime solving, and who is retired to an upstate farm is called on b [...]

    26. PETER PAN MUST DIE. (2014). John Verdon. ****.This is the third installment of the adventures of Dave Gurney, the ex-NYPD officer who has taken retirement and moved to upstate New York. One thing you have to say about Gurney is that he is a substantial hero, who, like Superman, believes in “Truth, Justice, and the American Way.” Gurney takes on cases as a favor to his friends in an effort to arrive at the truth behind a variety of evil acts – including murder. In this episode, he is approa [...]

    27. kahvedamlasi/2John Verdon;her zaman benim için farklı bir yazar olmuşturOnu ilk tanıdığım ''Aklından Bir Sayı Tut'' kitabı ile gözümde mükemmelliyetçi bir sırayı aldı ve son kitabı ile de bunu sürdürmeye devam ediyor.Kitabın kapağı klasik Koridor Yayınlarına ait siyah beyaz bir tonlama ve John Verdon'a özel şifrelerle dolu bi kapak tasarımı.Açıkçası merak ediyorum bir sonraki kitabın kapağı nasıl olur merak içindeyim.Kitabın konusuna gelince;Carl Spalter ç [...]

    28. Ein solider Thriller ohne große Überraschungen! Verdon versteht es langsam und fein gesponnen Spannung aufzubauen, die mich spätestens nach hundert Seiten und vor allem beim Showdown völlig packte. Die Handlung ist irgendwie bekannt: eine wegen Mordes zu Unrecht verurteilte Witwe, ein genialer Ex-Detective, der Kommunikationsschwierigkeiten mit Frau und Sohn und nebenbei noch zurückliegende traumatisierende Schicksalschläge zu verarbeiten hat UND natürlich ein charismatischer durchgeknall [...]

    29. Another awesome Detective Dave Gurney book!The "bad guy" in this one, Petros Panikos, aka Peter Pan, is definitely Verdon's best yet. Very twisted killer with an equally twisted past. Although the suspense and plot was a little slow-going, particularly in the first half of the book, the ending makes up for it. It is very exciting!The other thing I love about this book is the character development of Gurney. We finally learn why he insists on putting himself in dangerous situations with murderous [...]

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