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7th Son: Destruction

th Son Destruction As day four in the th Son adventure begins John Alpha s quest for anarchy and genocide enters its final stage At every turn the global terrorist has been triumphant The world is reeling from a nucl

  • Title: 7th Son: Destruction
  • Author: J.C. Hutchins
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 335
  • Format: Podiobook
  • As day four in the 7th Son adventure begins, John Alpha s quest for anarchy and genocide enters its final stage.At every turn, the global terrorist has been triumphant The world is reeling from a nuclear attack An unprecedented energy crisis is upon us Alpha himself has exclusive access to the White House, and secret weapons primed to propel his conspiracy into the endgAs day four in the 7th Son adventure begins, John Alpha s quest for anarchy and genocide enters its final stage.At every turn, the global terrorist has been triumphant The world is reeling from a nuclear attack An unprecedented energy crisis is upon us Alpha himself has exclusive access to the White House, and secret weapons primed to propel his conspiracy into the endgame The goal planetary chaos.Amidst this turmoil, the 7th Son s four surviving Beta Clones John, Father Thomas, Kilroy2.0 and Jack must defy their creators and hunt Alpha on their terms Their mission to stop the greatest assassination plot in history The secrets John and his brothers discover will press them toward a final battle with their progenitor a battle in which the clones are outgunned, outnumbered and out of time.Alliances will be made Heroes will die The end is nigh.Destruction is the final novel in the J.C Hutchins 7th Son thriller trilogy.

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      335 J.C. Hutchins
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    1 thought on “7th Son: Destruction

    1. So it turns out -- and this is a major spoiler if you're planning on reading these books -- the whole things was Nazis.Seriously.I don't whether to feel cheated, disgusted, impressed or confused. I mean this is the stuff of the old choose-your-own-adventure books that I read as a kid. On the other hand it's kind of gutsy having Nazis as bad guys when they are such a cliche. On the other- other hand it is a cliche that has become so overused that even George Lucas did something different when he [...]

    2. We start with a feel of a calm before the storm. But when the storm hits Oh what a wicked, vicious storm it is. The destruction of so much, connected with the beta clones and beyond. Some live through, some don't. The depth of Alpha's doings and the conspiracy that is uncovered. Then! To cover the truth!This book combines all the tension, anxiety and action packed moments of the first two books. An amazing conclusion to the beta clones lives and troubles circling around from them.****FULL REVIEW [...]

    3. I preferred this book and the whole series when I was listening to the podcast. Reading it, there are too many holes in the plot and convenient deus ex machinas. The final twist was also disappointing. The scale of the whole thing got too large for me. It gets to be a little bit unbelievable that two people could take over the whole entire world. And the last twist is crudely inserted into the plot and actually derails a central premise of the book (which I will hide under spoiler tags):Alpha is [...]

    4. Sometimes you just don't want a story to end. This was one of them! I had become so attached to these characters. And now it is all over.I am happy with the way that the trilogy ended:Chaos at the UN. The President lives!! And more amazing new technology.Enter a new villain. The real villain.Resolved is the tension between our heroes and the villain - new and old.A fond - and emotional - farewell to fallen brothers.Then the conspiracy within the conspiracy within the conspiracy. :-[And our heroe [...]

    5. Fascinating and brilliantly written scifi/thriller by the relative newcomer, J. C. Hutchins. Packed with twists, turns and surprises, 7th Son follows the lives of seven men who are brought together by a secret government agency to stop a madman. The punchline of this is that the man they're trying to stop, is the man all seven men are cloned from, and that only the FIRST of many, many surprises throughout the 7th Son series.Action packed thrills might be the payoffs for several of the books' mom [...]

    6. 7th Son: Destruction was a fitting close to this trilogy. Personally, I think my favorite book was the second, but that's not to say I didn't enjoy Destruction. Believe me, I did. I was riveted, often literally on the edge of my seat while I listened to the book at work. Loose ends are tied up, everything is explained brilliantly, without any of that James Bond villain-esque monologuing. Hutchins worked his way around that splendidly.A little bit of a spoiler-- I could have done without the whol [...]

    7. I really liked this series. The third book picked up again (the second book was a little slow compared to #1 and #3) and wound an intricate and complex conspiracy that kept twisting and turning with each new chapter. I was kept engaged in the story, so much that I would listen to the story on my Ipod while I ate lunch at work, cooked dinner at home - anytime I could focus on the story while doing some other task, I did. This is one that I will likely go out and buy in hard copy and read again in [...]

    8. This is the final saga in the 7th Son trilogy, the story following a set of government created clones on a secret mission to save the world from their original and his cronies. Happily in this book the clones grow some stones and finally take control of their fate. They take some initiative in their quest to stop John Alpha even though this puts them in direct conflict with other government agents much of the time. Lots of death, destruction, and profanity ensue. As usual J.C. Hutchins gleefully [...]

    9. This was quite an enjoyable audiobook to listen to. The intensity of it seemed to be ramped down a little from the second volume of the trilogy. In this volume, the remaining Beta clones learn the details of John Alpha's plot to take over the world, and make their last-ditch effort to put a stop to his mad plan. I don't want to say too much, because the twists and turns are quite worth listening to it, and I wouldn't want to spoil anything. The story's strong, the performance is great, and it re [...]

    10. I think this may be one of the only times ever that I did not finish a book. I just didn't care anymore. I was so interested and invested in the story and then(view spoiler)[it turned out to be some Nazi scheme (hide spoiler)] Sigh. After that I just couldn't care anymore, and I don't care at all to finish it. I decided that when it sat on my iPod for months at a time with no desire to listen to the last bit of it, it was time to DNF. What a sad ending to a great series, ruined the whole momentu [...]

    11. It's not just any author who can say "here's the beginning of my book, it's set in New York City in the year 2007 and there are just pages and pages and pages of masturbatory description of international security post-9/11" and then switch gears mid-book and say "SURPRISE, BITCHES, THE ENTIRE SERIES HAS ACTUALLY BEEN ABOUT NAZIS!" My mind was blown.I don't even know, man. The Seventh Son series was not objectively good and was flawed in many, many ways, but the day after I finished the last book [...]

    12. I found this free podcast-serialized novel well-written and, as importantly, well-read. Enough so that I would recommend buying either the paperback version or a straight audiobook without all the cruft added to the beginning and end of each segment — that part got really annoying. But hey, it was free.The story is wonderfully over the top, and keeps the suspense and the tension at a steady boil throughout.

    13. A fitting finish to the series. Loved some of the twists and revelations, but others didn't work for me. A few chapters near the end were mostly unnecessary and killed the pace for me. But on the whole, a fun book and an excellent listening experience.

    14. Honestly I don't remember much about this series, but it was entertaining enough to listen to for free on iTunes. I would recommend it. Its not like some of the other free audiobooks that are poorly read and/or poorly written.

    15. I recommend these books for anyone that loves technology, the internet, government conspiracies, ect. It is in print now but also free on itunes "podiobooks" Anne if you liked "Deception Point" you will love this trilogy.So good.

    16. So excellent! I can't say enough good stuff about this series! I highly recommend it and will share with everyone, so I can spread the gospel of the seven! J.C fantastic job on the reading and thanks for the gripping storyline!

    17. An exciting conclusion to a pretty engaging series. There were twists and turns, and plenty of action. I enjoyed reading this with my coworkers and would recommend it to podiobook lovers who are searching for a good, quick read.

    18. I've enjoyed the series as a whole but the twist towards the end just killed all the dramatic tension for me and the later half of this book was one big wrap up. Very well performed by the author in the audio version.

    19. The final book ended with a solid ending which gave a lot of closure and a good send off to the characters living and dead.I will read/listen to these books again, because the 7th Son series was very enjoyable. I'll probably check out the prequel book first though.

    20. Re-reading on kindle - just as good!Podiobooks are my new weakness! The reading in this final installation is even better than the first book, and the story is just as thrilling. Couldn't stop listening!

    21. I cannot rate the whole trilogy highly enough.I listened to the podcasts and didn't want it to end. Well done JC.

    22. I am so glad with the way this book ended. I think Kilroy 2.0 and binaryfairy ended up being my favorite characters and I love so much that Kilroy is her father.

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