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Find Me From one of the most acclaimed crime writers in America comes her most astonishing novel a story of love loss death and discovery Over the course of eight novels Carol O Connell and her protagonist

  • Title: Find Me
  • Author: Carol O'Connell
  • ISBN: 9780399153952
  • Page: 422
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From one of the most acclaimed crime writers in America comes her most astonishing novel a story of love, loss, death and discovery Over the course of eight novels, Carol O Connell and her protagonist, New York detective Kathy Mallory, have carved out a unique place for themselves But all that has been prelude to the remarkable story told in Find Me A mutilated bodyFrom one of the most acclaimed crime writers in America comes her most astonishing novel a story of love, loss, death and discovery Over the course of eight novels, Carol O Connell and her protagonist, New York detective Kathy Mallory, have carved out a unique place for themselves But all that has been prelude to the remarkable story told in Find Me A mutilated body is found lying on the ground in Chicago, a dead hand pointing down Adams Street, also known as Route 66, a road of many names And now of many deaths A silent caravan of cars, dozens of them, drives down that road, each passenger bearing a photograph, but none of them the same They are the parents of missing children, some recently disappeared, some gone a decade or all brought together by word that childrens grave sites are being discovered along the Mother Road Kathy Mallory drives with them The child she seeks, though, is not like the others It is herself the feral child adopted off the streets, her father a blank, her mother dead and full of mysteries During the next few extraordinary days, Mallory will find herself hunting a killer like none she has ever known, and will undergo a series of revelations not only of stunning intensity but stunning effect.

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      422 Carol O'Connell
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    1 thought on “Find Me

    1. i think i'm being generous. i think this book could easily get two stars and it would be okay. yet i loved it for long stretches, and got turned off only towards the end. still, endings count. in the mystery genre, a book that weaves a very complex web but lets you down at the end is a seriously flawed bookis started losing me when the intricacies of the plot became so intricate that i started losing the ability to suspend disbelief. also, o'connell plays with red herrings and misleading/confusi [...]

    2. As posted in [amazon]:I got this book as a gift since it is known among my friends that I love Grafton's Kinsey Millhone and Cornwell's Kay Scarpetta. So, I thought I'd love Kathy Mallory. Not! I am aware that there is a series of Mallory's "adventures". I am aware that one needs to read a couple of other books of the series before rendering a verdict. However, this book alone was enough for me to decide that I won't be reading another book by Carol O'Connell. In this series, Mallory hits Route [...]

    3. For those of you who have read the previous 8 Mallory novels, you will love this one in particular for the new insights we get into Mallory's life and history. As far as the action goes, it does not disappoint. The story once again has so many twists and turns that you have no problem being just as confused as Charles Butler is when he can't figure out what's going on - and YOU get to hear ALL of the story and not just his segment!I can't praise these books enough. They are wonderful. Laugh-out- [...]

    4. Ninth in a series with Kathy Mallory NY detective, former homeless waif. I prefer to start at the beginning and I heard this wasn't one of the best. I will try again, Listened to it and found it fairly hard to follow, jumped around alot and had a lot of characters, may have been easier to follow in written form.Caravan of cars with parents of missing children drives along Route 66 where dead children are being dug up. Killer is part of caravan, psychiatric priest knows who he is but wont tell du [...]

    5. O’ Connell has set herself apart as one of the finest psychological crime writers ever.‘Love is the death of me.’Detective Riker reads the suicide note found next to Savannah’s corpse. The gunshot victim is lying in his partner, Detective Kathy Mallory’s apartment.Is it a suicide or a homicide? Mallory has disappeared.If you aren’t acquainted with Kathy Mallory, do yourself a favour and change that. There has never been a character like her in crime fiction.Mallory is the most beauti [...]

    6. Read this through one night, and remembered, a long time ago my Dad said you can get by with hardly any sleep as long as what kept you awake was a good time. I only regretted the lack of sleep a little. Mallory elevates her whackness (including chipped nail polish, begob), Butler's got his groove back, and Riker is just as entertaining and frumpy, with better skills displayed. Didn't care for the FBI, which I'm sure O'Connell is perfectly happy with. Wonder what the history is there? The parents [...]

    7. I enjoyed every moment of this ninth book in the series. Skillfully written and intricately plotted, the journey Kathy Mallory takes in this book was much more than a mere trip down the old Route 66, the search for a missing child was so much more than the search for one missing little girl. Highly recommend the series; the revelations about  Mallory continue to peel away the onion to reveal more and more of the character. The cat and mouse game is multi layered and keeps you on the edge of you [...]

    8. I am really bored with the trope in mystery/thriller of the damaged savant detective. This was the first Kathy Mallory I've read, and it'll be the last. Mallory is that damaged savant, and beautiful (she's described as possessing a "perfect" face, whatever that means), and she is so out of control that no respectable police force would hire her, promote her to detective, or put up with her. But she's nuthin to the FBI agent who is the true villain of the piece. Oh, puleez.The authorial manipulat [...]

    9. LOVED. A true mystery, jam packed with suspense. Deserves a 4.5 star rating really, but I am getting stingy with my 5 star ratings. For the first time EVER, this book is one that I would read again. Carol O'Connell will be added to my top 5 favorite authors and I can't wait to start at the beginning of this series and get caught up.This "who done it?" is also filled with historical trivia setting along Route 66. The female detective is the brilliant quiet, type that puts fear in everyone around. [...]

    10. I love this entire series but this one is a can't put down until you are finished book. I forced myself since I bought this one and have a bunch of library books to read and I am trying to maintain a home life. The main character, Mallory, is not your usual feminine detective. She is a ball breaking b__ch. The flaw in this book is the author allows her to do things Mallory would never do. The plot is her following her father's journey down Route 66.

    11. Mallory reminds me of a tamer version of the female lead in the Girl With the Dragon Tatoo. Mallory is a brilliant but haunted soul. She is looking down Route 66 following letters her late father had left in letters. She gets involved with a caravan of parents who have lost a (murdered) child. I liked it a lot but found it rather intense since I had read another book in this series immediately before this one.

    12. This is the first/only "Mallory" book that I have read and I found it to be quite good. Although a little long, it was worth the time to read it. I don't know where this numbers in the list of books, so I don't think I would backtrack, but I would read more of these. I'll have to try to find the next one in the series.

    13. I can't believe I actually finished this book. EVERY character was like a cartoon character. The story went on for ever, with implausible interactions between these cardboard characters. I think the only reason I finished it was I didn't have another book to read. I would never read another of her books.

    14. Thanks, April - now I have another series I HAVE to delve into. Mallory is an intriguing character and the writing is very good. This title is not the first of the series, but actually a goo jumping off point. I am going back to the first of the series now because my daughter just gifted me with a Kindle copy!

    15. fascinating storyline murder within murder within Mallory is one of the more unique characters in fictional detective works i have read but this one almost presumes you have read others. The adopted child who came from nowhere has biological parents and it is the search for them *along america's hghwy rt66 that shows a very twisted and convoluted serial murder plot line. i hate to give away those; lines when i review but the idea that the serial murder er can NEVER be identified in that it will [...]

    16. This origin story for the Mallory series is fascinating and satisfying. It easily lives up to the level of the previous books, and ads depth to the collective saga. I always recommend reading a series in order whenever possible, and think it also makes sense here.

    17. Decided to give this best-selling author a whirl. Oops! There I go again- best selling and my appreciation go together uncommonly. Plodding. Heavy handed. Hit you over the head stuff from my view. Incredible in a bad way.

    18. The Best One YetExcellent Read the series just gets better and better! Can't wait to see wait Ms OConnell comes up with next.

    19. An interesting and well written end to part of the backstory of Mallory, here we learn about her (biological) father.

    20. As a stand alone book, I'd give it 2 or 3 stars part of the series it's a solid 4, maybe even a 5. I enjoyed the route 66 descriptions very much.

    21. Sarebbe inutile riavviare la vecchia querelle riguardo al fatto se il genere “giallo” possa essere o no annoverato tra la vera letteratura o debba essere relegato nella “paralettaratura” (assieme alla fantascienza, al fantasy, al noir, ai thriller e via discorrendo). La mia opinione è, da sempre, che dipende da chi scrive. Esiste anche molta, normalissima letteratura, ossia non appartenente ai succitati generi, che l’unico posto in cui ti viene in mente di collocare è la pattumiera.P [...]

    22. I went looking for a new Mallory story from Carol O'Connell after reading Stieg Larson's The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo because it seemed to me that he'd created a character in homage to O'Connell's Mallory. I read the first few Mallory novels -- Mallory's Oracle to Stone Angel -- published in the US between 1995 and 1998 but stopped the series because I was burned out on crime fiction. Still, Kathleen Mallory was an unusual and unforgettable character -- abused as a child and a gifted computer [...]

    23. I registered a book at BookCrossing!BookCrossing/journal/12549018What a way to complicate an unlikely serial killer scenario! I have read far too many novels about serial killers that operate in such methodical ways that others can actually define what they are looking for and why. In real life it is rarely that straightforward and the killers are probably as confused as we are. Here we have another one - a killer who has killed young girls and strewn their graves along route 66, starting many y [...]

    24. An abrupt beginning, although this might be because I haven't read the previous books. Either a suicide or a murder in NY cop Mallory's apartment; she's left, so her partner can only guess, and follow. On the way she drives through the crime scene of another murder: a body with a hand missing, replaced by the bones of a child's hand pointing onward-- And she and the book suddenly plunge headlong into an hunt for a serial killer preying along Route 66.Mallory's a hard woman, we know because every [...]

    25. FIND ME (Suspense-US-Cont) – ExO’Connell, Carol – 10th bookPutnam, 2006- US Hardcover – ISBN 0399153950*** There is a dead woman in her apartment and NY detective Kathy Mallory has taken off in a VW Beetle with a Porche 911 engine to travel old Route 66. At the beginning of the highway, the intersection of Adams and Marshall in Chicago, lies a body with it’s hand pointing down the road. As Mallory is in search of her past, her friends Riker and Charles Butler, are after Mallory and joi [...]

    26. The protagonist was hard for me to care about; could be due to the fact that I haven't read previous Kathy Mallory novels though. I enjoyed the way she wrote about Rt. 66 you could tell she had done her research on the "Mother Road". Her search to find pieces of her father's life was okay, even though she kind of took off on a wild hair. The bones of the children showing up along Rt. 66 definitely kicked the book into a higher gear. It was so sad thinking about all the parents driving up and dow [...]

    27. I don't know which Mallory book this is and I have read several of them. This one is a good, solid read with a rather ambiguous endingKathy Mallory is truly a fascinating character and following her evolution over several novels is quite interesting. One of these days she may graduate to real humanity.The old Mother Road - Route 66 - is as much a character as it is the setting of this book. O'Connell pays nostalgic tribute to the past in following the old road, where it still exists. This was tr [...]

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