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On a Beam of Light

On a Beam of Light Five years to the day almost to the second after he disappeared form the Manhattan Psychiatric Institute leaving his host body in a catatonic state the being known as prot rhymes with goat has ret

  • Title: On a Beam of Light
  • Author: Gene Brewer
  • ISBN: 9780312982089
  • Page: 309
  • Format: Paperback
  • Five years to the day, almost to the second, after he disappeared form the Manhattan Psychiatric Institute, leaving his host body in a catatonic state, the being known as prot rhymes with goat has returned Now, in sixteen sessions with psychiatrist Gene Brewer, prot reveals that he has come back to escort a chosen few to his home planet, K PAX.K PAX is an idyllic pFive years to the day, almost to the second, after he disappeared form the Manhattan Psychiatric Institute, leaving his host body in a catatonic state, the being known as prot rhymes with goat has returned Now, in sixteen sessions with psychiatrist Gene Brewer, prot reveals that he has come back to escort a chosen few to his home planet, K PAX.K PAX is an idyllic planet free of the pain and suffering of earth Prot has incredible insights into how to cure that suffering, and his radical ideas have made him a celebrity Now, legions of people are longing to follow him home.But Dr Brewer has heard it before Five years ago, he discovered another person buried deep in prot s personality Robert Porter of Montana The mystery of Robert s illness and of prot s true origins lie deep within Robert s shattered psyche Now Dr Brewer must race against the clock to unlock the secrets of Robert s traumatic past and not only save his patient but maybe humanity.

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      309 Gene Brewer
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    1 thought on “On a Beam of Light

    1. I jumped right into this book after finishing K-Pax, anxious to find out what happened next at the Manhattan Psychiatric Institute with prot, Robert, and everyone else.This was both a good and bad decision on my part. Good because I was able to read 'the rest of the story' right away. Bad because sequels are rarely as captivating as first books. The reader has to get reminded of background details; sometimes the story tends to stumble along when you remember it zipping just a few hours ago in th [...]

    2. Weeell what was I expecting? You can't top a work as fine as K-Pax. Brewer tried his best, but didn't quite make it.In an effort to rekindle the magic of the first novel, Brewer is forced to rely on a growing cast of eccentric secondary characters, Dr Brewer's relationship with Rob, prot's schizophrenic alter-ego (or is it the other way round?), and a pair of sad gimmicks, Paul and Harry. prot himself is reduced to proselytism, answering fan-mail and TV show appearances, before simply (according [...]

    3. Maybe partly a bit too naive with it's "happy ending", where all the sort of loose ends get tied together rather nicely, but sometimes it can be even refreshing to read a book like this - what a positive change to all the tragic/dramatic storylines :PI must agree - Prot's ideas and suggestions to human kind are as accurate and important today as they were at the time this book was written. I like how the author provides us his concerns regarding human kind's lifestyle and unavoidable doom.And ju [...]

    4. The sequel to K Pax (/review/show/). It concentrates more on the doctor's idea that prot is the alter-ego of Robert, and trying to uncover the traumas that made Robert retreat (partly with hypnosis), but otherwise it doesn't add much to the story; reads like padding for the middle section of the first book. The balance of the first book is gone; although prot's extraordinary powers are noted and unexplained, the presumption is very much that prot is an alter ego of Robert's MPD.The trilogy concl [...]

    5. A brilliant second book in what so far is one of my most favourite series. Makes me wonder though. Why can we only see the problems of our world when they are pointed out from the perspective of an outsider? Perhaps because it is so effective, clear-cut and objective. I love books that make me think. This one has certainly achieved that.

    6. A quick, simple, enjoyable read. Not quite as good as it's predecessor, but still not bad. It lacks a really deep story, so there isn't a ton to seek your teeth in to, but that doesn't stop it from being interesting, especially if you like psychology.

    7. On a Beam of Light (K-PAX #2) by Gene Brewer (St. Martin's Paperbacks 2001)(Fiction - Science Fiction) is the second installment in the K-PAX series. Prot returns to his body at the hospital after a five year absence. This story just keeps getting better! My rating: 8.5/10, finished 2010.

    8. " Mental illness is often in the eye of the beholder. Too often on this planet, it refers to those who think and act differently from the majority. "Gotta love the perspective PROT gives about everyday human life.

    9. “Recycling is like putting a Band-Aid on a tumor, doc. And where are you going to plant a tree when there’s no place left to plant it?”Un deuxième volume dévoré d'une traite (dommage qu'il n'ait jamais été traduit d'ailleurs), tout aussi palpitant que le premier (ce qui est rare et à signaler donc), qui nous ramène Prot alors que Robert était plongé dans un état catatonique complet. Les séances défilent tandis que les mystères de la vie de Robert se délient, et que l'intrigue [...]

    10. I was pleased to find that my reading of On a Beam of Light was much more interesting than that of K-Pax (which had been 'ruined' by the watching of the movie, first, and therefore feeling the book was a just a repeat of well-known events.) Brewer is a very engaging writer. The narrative style he choses to employ is personal and retains a sort of light-hearted manner despite some severe topics. My only gripe is that he (Brewer) seems to introduce a lot of characters/details that never really see [...]

    11. Just like in my real life, I want to believe. I want to believe prot truly is an alien from K Pax and not just a person with Dissociative Identity Disorder. I want to believe prot has information that can save our planet from this barely tame species of animals on a collision course with doom from war, nuclear waste, GMO's, chemtrails, geoengineering, singularity, glyphosate and other Monsanto poisons. While I've had a LMOE fantasy as long as I can remember, I've also had a fantasy since the yea [...]

    12. Sequel to K-Pax also by Gene Brewer[return][return]It s been years since Prot was last at the Manhattan Psychiatric Institute, years in which Robert Porter was rigid and unresponsive to any outside stimuli. But now Prot is back, and Dr Brewer has only a short time to try and cure Robert, before Prot leaves again.[return][return]In many ways I enjoyed this book more than the first. Much of the magic of Prot is lost, as the author digs deeper into Robert Porter s psyche, and we meet his other pers [...]

    13. When prot left, he said he's be back in five years. It is now five years later and prot returns MPI. Few of the same patients remain although all the current patients seem to know him. While prot spends some time with various patients (more often than not helping them 'heal' themselves), he and Robert are being slowly pieced together through therapy and hypnotism. Are they one and the same person? Will prot return to K-Pax or is earth his real home?I was so pleased to find this book and reading [...]

    14. The first book, K-PAX, was clearly satire and poked at various aspects of the world today. But it was gentle satire, and a riveting story aside from its satirical points.This book tries to continue the story of Robert Porter, but it gets so bogged down in ramming its satirical -- and no longer remotely gentle -- points home that it loses sight of both plot and characters. We get it: the author is a militant atheist and vegan. I gave it two stars instead of one because the continued story of Robe [...]

    15. prot returns in this sequel to K-Pax. I liked this book in that it gave much better closure to Prot's human host Rob Porter. It was sad leaving him as a catatonic at the end of K-pax. The novel retains the ambiguity about whether Prot is actually an alien visitor or rather just one of Rob's multiple personalities, speaking of which, we meet more in this book.Life does not help maters any. The library shelves it in the science fiction section. But I first heard of K-pax from a list of the best fi [...]

    16. Un buen libro que resuelve muchas de las dudas del viaje y procedencia de prot. Buena continuación que se centra más en Rob y que nos muestra a un prot que quiere ayudar a Rob. Deja con ganas de más porque deja algunos interrogantes importantes ;).

    17. From what I remember of this story, it still flirts with the idea that Prot is a fantasy, I began to feel bored by this one and figured I'd stop with this one so as to not ruin the start of a nice fanciful possibility of an alien visiting a man on Earth.

    18. The sequel to "K-Pax".I haven't read the first book (just saw the movie which I love) although my husband has, and said the movie followed the book closely.This took up where that left off, with Prot and Robert.Not as intriguing, but still a fun easy read.

    19. I was enjoying this for about a hundred pages then I found it far too similar to the first novel which was excellent. Gave up on page 195 with about 30 pages left as I just figured 'life's too short'. If prot was real I doubt he wouldn't have cared less. I won't bother with part 3.

    20. Was not nearly as good as the first book. Lots of plot holes. Quick read, though, for those that loved the first book.

    21. This follow-up to K-PAX is actually better than the original. If you like prot, you owe it to yourself to read this.

    22. Right after the first book, I had to start immediately with the second of this trilogy! We learn a lot more about Robert, his childhood, but I have to say that prot is still the best part :)

    23. i know I read this book and waited forever for it. And I know that despite promises that the third one was going to be released in America, I looked for it and never found it. RIP K-PAX Series.

    24. Wish Brewer had left it after the first book. Tempting to want to find out what happened next but it was better as a single novel.

    25. Touching, funny, and rather ridiculous. It's definitely worth the read if you like K-PAX (and as a K-PAX fan I enjoyed it), but don't expect a masterpiece.

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