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The Shape of Voice vol. 1

The Shape of Voice vol Dulu aku membencinya Ishida Shoya adalah remaja cowok yang hidup dengan motto Ceria Seru Penuh petualangan Suatu hari kelasnya kedatangan gadis baru bernama Shoko Nishimiya yang adalah penyandang t

  • Title: The Shape of Voice vol. 1
  • Author: Yoshitoki Oima
  • ISBN: 9786022667865
  • Page: 422
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dulu aku membencinya Ishida Shoya, adalah remaja cowok yang hidup dengan motto Ceria Seru Penuh petualangan Suatu hari, kelasnya kedatangan gadis baru bernama Shoko Nishimiya, yang adalah penyandang tuna rungu.Pertemuan antara Shoya yang dinamis dan Nishimiya yang hidup dalam keheningan, menjadi awal dari perubahan besar yang akan terjadi di kelas, sekolah jug Dulu aku membencinya Ishida Shoya, adalah remaja cowok yang hidup dengan motto Ceria Seru Penuh petualangan Suatu hari, kelasnya kedatangan gadis baru bernama Shoko Nishimiya, yang adalah penyandang tuna rungu.Pertemuan antara Shoya yang dinamis dan Nishimiya yang hidup dalam keheningan, menjadi awal dari perubahan besar yang akan terjadi di kelas, sekolah juga kehidupan pribadi Shoya.

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      422 Yoshitoki Oima
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    1. UPDATE: 30/05/20177 AM: I'm giving the film 5 stars because my heart. hurts. Many thanks to Halima and Tweebs for the recommendation 😭---This was a really quick read but I just couldn't like any of the characters.A Silent Voice tackles the important issue of bullying in educational institutions. We have a 6th grader, deaf girl (Shoko) that was forced to transfer schools because the kids thought she was "alien". Shoko was mostly bullied (verbally and physically) by a 6th grade "daredevil", Sho [...]

    2. ► What you won't find in this review : This is the first manga I've ever read I know, I'm such a weirdo, therefore : ✘ I definitely cannot compare it to other existing mangas.✘ I have no freaking clue if the art is better/worst than it is elsewhere. I liked it : here's the only thing I can say about it. ✘ I cannot point if other stories deal with these issues in a different/better way. ► If what you are looking for is an enlightened review which analyses this book from a knowledgeable [...]

    3. Der Anfang bzw der Aufbau des Mangas war etwas konfus für mich - konnte mich aber relativ schnell daran gewöhnen. Mir scheint es, als wäre der erste Band nur die Einführung. Ich bin einfach mal gespannt, was der zweite Teil zu bieten hat =)

    4. i actually quite enjoyed this, it's neither overwhelmingly good or bad, just a nice, quick read. (although i did expect a little bit more tbh)it sends a really important message and i did get a little emotional by the end so that's a plusalthough i couldn't really connect with any of the characters, i really love that there's a deaf (main) character who's at the same time my fav bc she's REALLY CUTEi think i might continue this!!

    5. What was I doing this whole time??!! This manga is sooooooo good I can't stop reading it!! Usually, I don't got for mangas that aren't shoujo, but I pikced this one because of the upcoming movie. The theme is very thrilling and interesting, as it deals with bullying and being different. The characters are represented with all their flaws, and not as those perfect creatures the shoujo manga usually include in their stories. The guy goes from the bully to the victim to someone who changes complete [...]

    6. My very first manga! And it was awesome(I just love Nishimiya, the heroine), a little weird to read though but I'm on project:"Expand Your Horizons" and i'm trying all things new soo Vol. 2

    7. Era da tempo che non mi concedevo un manga. Questo però non è la solita storia, tutta sguardi, batticuore e amore. Questo affronta una tematica molto più reale e concreta, una tematica dolorosa e spinosa: il bullismo. Shoya è un bambino vivace e senza regole, sempre pronto a nuove avventure, a superare il limite. Cerca sempre nuove sfide per caricarsi di adrenalina e colmare il “vuoto” che sente dentro se stesso, un vuoto che il lettore deve tenere ben presente durate la lettura di quest [...]

    8. Ein ultra-wichtiges Thema, Mobbing, spannend verpackt. Band 1 hat noch etwas viel Backstory, hat aber auf jeden Fall Potenzial und setzt den Grundstein für die Folgebände. Der bisher beste Manga für mich!

    9. [Welcome to the jungle]I was not a bully. I mean, not really. Probably. There was that one neighbourhood kid in elementary school who I could be quietly mean to while other kids took care of the actual bullying. He was kind of a jerk and he stole stuff from me and I did pee on his bike once. And there was that one kid in high school who was definitely bullied (not by me!) and who I drew an unflattering comic of. He was also pretty much a jerk, but by then I could understand why, so I felt more c [...]

    10. This graphic novel series takes on a subject that's big in the educational community in the US today: bullying. The protagonist of our graphic novel is a former bully who wants to make amends with the girl he bullied in middle school -- a situation exacerbated because he was insecure and she was deaf. It's a really interesting and sensitive examination of both sides of the bullying conflict, with a lot of interesting guest characters who get involved in the situation.Also, the former middle scho [...]

    11. My first ever manga! I chose this one because 1) I was bullied as a kid, and 2) I am hearing impaired. So yeah, I can relate. Also there is a movie?? But I can’t find it in the US 😭

    12. I discover this beauty through scrolling down on my Facebook and encountering a video that talked about how they are turning this anime into a film and how it is one of the highest critically acclaimed Manga series. I have not touch a manga in months and wanted to invest myself in a brand new series after Dragon Ball Z. Whenever I find myself stuck in a reading slump or want to read something quick and get the sense of accomplishment from finishing a book I tend to read mangas between books.When [...]

    13. This is my review for the whole manga series.I've been a massive fan of this manga since I discovered it last April 8, 2014. I was only able to read the first two volumes back then because it was still ongoing that time. I don't want to read it piece by piece because I'm a wee bit of an impatient person. So, when all of the volumes are complete, I took that as my cue to re-read the series again. The story revolves around Nishimiya Shouko, an elementary school student who has impaired hearing. Sh [...]

    14. THIS HURT SO INCREDIBLY MUCH??? Like, I have no idea how any amount of heartwarming can balance the amount of hurt that was this entire volume, but ohmygod, such a brilliant manga.

    15. While I can see how this would be infuriating and frustrating for some readers, I found it intense and highly thought-provoking. It's so different from many subjects I've read lately in literature, not just manga, and I think more books should focus on an uncomfortable topic such as the ones explored in this series. The exploration and examination of a disability, such as being deaf, is not easy to accomplish. There are two sides to every situation, and sometimes being too afraid to stand up aga [...]

    16. This first one was really just backstory and setting up for the rest of the series, but I'm excited to continue reading. This particular book was very short so it was hard to really like any of the characters or get attached to them yet. It focuses a lot on bullying and I appreciate that it wasn't sugar-coated and it showed how it changes a person when Shoyo went from a bully to being bullied by his friends.

    17. Can we be friends?A heart-breaking story about a bully who changes, a girl who smiles but should get angry and a first friendship. ♡ The art style is amazing and the characters realistic.

    18. I was really looking forward to starting this series. It deals with the bullying of a deaf main character in middle school and is seen from the point of view of the bully. I know that after this first volume we see them as older characters meeting up again and he tries to make amends and stuff like that so I'm really interested to keep going with the series, but this volume wasn't my favourite thing ever. It was kind of hard to read because of how harsh the bullying was and I felt so bad for Sho [...]

    19. UmNói một chút về manga.Hồi mình học tiểu học, mình đã gần như là bị cuồng truyện tranh.Đủ thể loại truyện, cứ đi siêu thị hoặc nhà sách là mình gần như phát rồ, mất kiểm soát với truyện tranh.Rồi kéo dài đến cuối lớp 5, khi mẹ mình dọn hết truyện tranh của mình lên nhà bà để nhà mình xây lại nhà thì mình bắt đầu dời xa truyện tranh.Và chuyển sang đọc truyện chữ.Bẵng đi mộ [...]

    20. 4 Stars, Completed* April 11, 2017*Review based on the entire series (Volumes 1-7)A series about bullying told in the perspective of a bully?As the premise suggests, A Silent Voice tackles heavy topics related to growing up and maturing. It features a cast that is at first glance easy to hate, but as the plot unfolds these unlikable characters prove that they have redeemable qualities. And most importantly for a series like this, in many ways the story is realistic and honest. (Gosh, I can't tel [...]

    21. Manga about A Shoya, a boy bully in an elementary school who bullies new student Shoko, who also happens to be deaf. So you hate him all through this first volume, he's a complete jerk, though you know this will not continue, of course. Shoko is also aggravatingly passive about his and others' bullying. Doesn't seem angry, nor humiliated, so thus not quite real. So disappointing. But this is just the first volume, so you can see where this is going. Another book for young people about deaf kids [...]

    22. 3.75 / 5 StarsDid enjoy this, not as much as I wanted to. But I can see where it is leading up to and definitely want to read the next volumes of this!

    23. I decided to read A Silent Voice on a whim when I noticed it was on sale via comixology! I've been on a manga kick lately and I've been trying to find new series to enjoy. It's been a little tough, especially because I'm still trying to figure out what genre I most enjoy in manga format. I had been exploring with a few different genres when I came across A Silent Voice. It seemed like a cute manga that was maybe intended for a slightly younger teen audience which is a genre that I hadn't read in [...]

    24. Just when I thought that I was done with manga, I come across a gem like Koe no Katachi (A Silent Voice), which pulls me right back in. This manga is just so beautifully and realistically written and deals with some pretty serious issues (bullying, depression, suicide, etc) that you don’t necessarily see in a manga. I’ve become a HUGE fan of Yoshitoki Ooima and Koe no Katachi is her only published story (ensues crying, WHY!!!!!!!) :-(The story revolves around the main protagonists: Shoya and [...]

    25. I don't think this is the book for me.This is a book about bullying. One from the perspective of the bully. Who then becomes both a scapegoat and the one being bullied.The biggest problem I ran into was that I really couldn't relate to the characters. Nishimiya, the original victim, was hard to relate to for me, despite my having been bullied, because she didn't do anything about it. She rolled over and just let people be jerks to her. I found myself thinking, constantly, "Fight back, dang it! T [...]

    26. OMG! This story is really, really heartbreaking I just feel so bad for both Shoko and Shoya. I kinda like how one aspect of this series is the 'abuser becoming the victim.' It's very interesting to see a YA manga series explore a theme like that.I'M ALSO SUPER FUCKING HYPED FOR THE MOVIE!

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