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Fróði sóði

Fr i s i Fyrst kom Ojbara varstu a freta Fr i sem sl eftirminnilega gegn hj slenskum b rnum N sn r Fr i aftur jafnvel enn skemmtilegri b k En mun hann nokkurn t ma geta l ti af llum s num si um Hrikalega fyn

  • Title: Fróði sóði
  • Author: David Roberts Pétur Már Ólafsson
  • ISBN: 9789979789666
  • Page: 471
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Fyrst kom Ojbara, varstu a freta, Fr i sem sl eftirminnilega gegn hj slenskum b rnum N sn r Fr i aftur jafnvel enn skemmtilegri b k En mun hann nokkurn t ma geta l ti af llum s num si um Hrikalega fyndin b k sem s pa hefur a s r fj lda ver launa erlendis.

    • Free Read [Philosophy Book] ↠ Fróði sóði - by David Roberts Pétur Már Ólafsson ✓
      471 David Roberts Pétur Már Ólafsson
    • thumbnail Title: Free Read [Philosophy Book] ↠ Fróði sóði - by David Roberts Pétur Már Ólafsson ✓
      Posted by:David Roberts Pétur Már Ólafsson
      Published :2019-02-23T18:46:51+00:00

    1 thought on “Fróði sóði

    1. A risota que é lá em casa quando lemos este livro sobre os hábitos pouco recomendados deste menino que em português se chama João (nome do meu filho mais velho) sendo que o final é perfeitamente nojento!!!! Não encontrei a capa da versão portuguesa

    2. A really nice book for early readers, very good humoured. An easy reading with lots or repetitive language to empower those who lack confidence. Great use of the ordinary with a funny spin, the text is well laid out and the graphics are attractive. I will recommend this book in the future to any child from 3-10 with limited reading confidence or ability.

    3. Am I now adding children's books that I've read to my students because I'm extremely behind on my goal and starting to panic? You betcha!

    4. This book is hilarious and children love it! Bertie is a little boy with dirty habits, he eats sweets off the floor, he licks the dogs face and wees on the flowerbed! The pictures are very funny and the repetitive nature of the story means that the children can join in with 'no Bertie, that's dirty Bertie!' I found that this book engaged children that had difficulty listening and sitting nicely at circles times as the story is so funny! This is a good book to use with young children when thinkin [...]

    5. Such a funny book. Pupils loved this book because the pictures were so funny. Read as a class, Dirty Bertie is about a little boy who is just.dirty! I'm sure you will not be able to finish this book without laughing. It really shows small children what bad habits you should not have.A good addition to your book corner but beware, you will hear giggles!

    6. Just look at that cover. Just look at that face. Not particularly one that is endearing especially if what he is engaged in has anything to do with it. But the reality isds do all sorts of things that are kind of disgusting and yukky, but we as parents go ahead and love them anyway.love them unconditionally, and it is our job to teach them the rights and wrongs of life as we pass through it together. Bertie is a little guy who loves to explore, taste his world, copy-cat those around him and expe [...]

    7. Picture Book ProjectCategory: Picture Book Soak ("Cannot Wait to Use With Students")Source: Princess Anne Public LibraryDirty Bertie, written by David Roberts, describes the disgusting habits of little Bertie. This young boy loves to explore the world around him without the care of his personal hygiene. He picks up slugs and bugs, pees in a garden, eats food off the floor, and picks his nose – that is just the start of it. His family members and those around him are grossed out by his actions [...]

    8. Bertie is a dirty little boy who picks up sweets from the floor and eats them, eats dog food and licks his dog, all in all he has lots of bad habits! However he learns to curb most of his bad habits, when the sweets make him ill or he get a hairy tongue from the dog, but there is one disgusting habit he cant break! Im sure you can all guess what this is!This book is a great book for classroom interaction as it has lots of bright and vivid pictures of Bertie and his bad habits and lots of 'yuk' a [...]

    9. Dirty BertieA book which I find children thoroughly enjoy is “Dirty Bertie”. When reading this book to children, they love the idea of getting involved in the story. There is repetition throughout the book where the children get the opportunity to reply “No, Bertie! That’s dirty Bertie!”This book allows the reader to see all of Bertie’s dirty habits exposed. Some of them include Bertie picking his nose, Bertie eating candy off the floor and Bertie licking the dog. In response to all [...]

    10. Bertie has very horrible habits, He likes to pick is nose and eat it along with other disgusting habits! His family want him to stop these horrible habits and set out to teach him but will Bertie learn?An extremely funny story abut hygiene. This book was found in nursery and I used it as part of story time and the children thoroughly enjoyed it and wanted to hear it over and over. It has a great message for hygiene and can be related to all children of all ages.Pictures are very vibrant and have [...]

    11. Dirty Bertie can't get his fingers out of his nose, aside from a few other nasty habits. This has my little one in cackles too, perhaps because she identifies with some of the nasty habits. Dirty/clean is one of those opposite pairings that three year olds learn early, and there's nothing like this story to underscore just why it's so much more fun to be dirty!


    13. My boys loved this one, it was gross, they didn't pick the ending, which was even grosser. They laughed, joined in the chant and it was fun to read to them, especially since it rhymed alwsy good for kids books.

    14. We usually don't mind gross little boy books, but this one was too much for me. Piddling in a flower bed and the visual of a giant booger was just too much for my taste.

    15. My boys both think this book is hilarious. Probably because Bertie has a nose-picking habit that he can't get over. It's just okay for me. I don't think we'll check it out again.

    16. I read lots of kids books, but this one just grossed me out. I think I would of liked it better if he learned not to do all of them.

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